Cassettee 9012B Ditlieb Talk in German in exile

Cassettee tape 9012B, Sound: MP3, 46.3MB, Track Time: 50.38 minutes. Tape edited September 22, 1989. Ditlieb Felderer in exile from Sweden talks in German and plays music at some secret location. is for current, often instant news and information. It offers current information, twits, and pictures to the masses. The photos may all be used as wished as is all our material. Give a wide reach and let’s make this a place where questions can be asked on things generally frowned upon. Here you also find information about how to reach us and our project of coming films planned for.

Photography and provocative questions and pictures have been a passion all through my life. By this I have learned faster than all those others who were afraid to reach for the stars but decided to bury their heads in the sand, only for there to be eaten up by the maggots. Preview of “ditliebblogspot”_42