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What’s coming Up?

Work is being made on the real first edition of REVIVAL which you find at

Always  download as soon as you can even if it isn’t the latest to be sure to get it. REVIVAL needs editing with a variety of things, such as spelling, type errors (often caused by faulty hardware), and the eternal print devil.

So hang on. Are you in need of special pictures. Perhaps you have a school assignment and need some special topics, such as the ”doors” of Auschwitz Vomitorium. Or the ”chimney”, or ”kitchen”, or ”brothel”, of sports being conducted. Mail your requests for the moment to

Learn how to become an independent investigator. Challenge the world. Challenge your school. Challenge your teachers. Ditlieb was 13 years old when someone gave him 5 kronor for his article. He didn’t write for money, but wrote for fun. Then all things become natural. Like pure water in a brook, flowing down, dancing into a larger river below.

Take part of our material, or whole of it, and challenge your opponents. Ask them how it is possible to have an Olympic Swimming Pool inside what they tell you, because Stalin said so, that it was an Extermination Camp. How can an Extermination Camp at all have a Swimming Pool? Was it because Stalin didn’t know how to swim?

Make a blog something like: ”My youthful challenge”.  Challenge the world. Get in the swing. Be independent. Trust no one but yourself. But to do so you need information. We are here to help you, as we have helped millions around the world to no longer depend on others, but grow up, and stand on your own legs.

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