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Sweden at War and in Censorship






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Wilhelm Wachtmeister served as Sweden’s Ambassador to USA for many years.  As such he must have known about its First Amendment, Article 1 of its BILL OF RIGHTS  stating to uphold unlimited censorship, not Limited Censorship as in Sweden.

        The Swedish corrupt politicians, like their Genocide Jewish compatriots, are specialists in double talk.  Out of their country they make it appear that Sweden follows Unlimited Censorship when in fact Sweden has so many Censorship laws that even an expert trained in their verbiage gets confused in its hopeless contradictions, which all serve well for the corruptors at work.


       This is the first time in the history of the Internet that it has been used in a grand scale to clear up a murder; a murder done on open street on a wintry 28 February 1986.

        In an astronomic short  time this page has been enabled and totally without tax money or political ax to grind. Million on million of money has been spent to supposedly find the killer of Olof Palme. Soon millions of pages will have been written, and we are soon closing in on Six Million useless words, as useless as this figure so often has been used for

        Whole staff of people have been involved, incredible to believe, yet nothing has come out of it. One commission after another has failed. Everything has been pure boondoggling and trying to save face before a questioning public.

       This page is also made to debunk those malicious people who have claimed Holocaust Survivor, and Peace Activator, Ditlieb Felderer, is the one to have killed Olof Palme or stood behind it.  Nothing could be further from the truth and this character assassination perpetually going on cannot be let unanswered.

       We thank all those who have participated and will participate. If your name is not mentioned on This Blog, please be patient, and it will. Or, perhaps a closer reading and you will find your name. 

        And for those not wanting to tell their name but boldly stand behind and deliver useful information, this is perfectly fine. It is worth to take precaution here lest the Genocide Jews and their vicious agents create another murder and then blame some innocent person for it.

       This Blog will of course be censored in all ways possible by those who have vested reasons to spread confusion and darkness over the crime.  The responsible men will never want that light shall come upon their dark works  and wicked deeds.  So be prepared for Censorship, it has already happened; of course, all done in the name of some fake excuse for indeed the truth has nothing to fear.

       There is another big reason why the responsible killers and  their agents don’t want the murderer of Olof Palme be found.  By keeping it unsolved, the Genocide Jews and  their hired agents, especially covert Mossad operations; they have in Sweden now full right to enter any home, take what they  want, do what they want, and use it as they want.

       And not only that: They do not need to identify themselves. That means that in Sweden anyone can just fake up to be police, enter any home under that guise, and do what they want, including raping your wife and children!  And there will be no one there to tell about it, as the doctrine of secrecy and corrupt media will hide anything they feel is damaging to their pocket and purse.

       They also have full right by keeping this murder unsolved to secretly throw any person in jail, mishandle him and Torture him, all in the name of that the murder of Olof Palme is unsolved and they are working on it.  It is the perfect excuse for a Totalitarian state, and is so used.

       Indeed through keeping the murder unsolved the corrupt politicians and their agents have the perfect excuse for all eternity to continue making Sweden into an Orwellian 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and Brave New World. People in Sweden today live in fear, talk in fear, sleep in fear, in fear of being the next target, fear of being demoted or sent to psychiatric ward, fear of having wife and children taken away from them.  Fear for their family and friends.  Bertrand Russell spoke of fear that religion brings, but this shows politic is equally used to spread fear and terror into the populace in order to obtain ruthless power.

        A Yogist works for to gain power over himself  and his mind, not that of other people for all such power is false and destructive.

        The truth shall make you free, Jesus is made to have said. In this quest we work, and we thank all those, who, mostly anonymous have helped us to bring the killer or killers of Olof Palme to light so that we may have peace, hope and joy, and not all has been lost through wanton Thought Terror acts, or any other vicious act  of which this murder has been excused of for being justifiable.    


Sweden had kidnapped and put Holocaust Survivor  Ditlieb Felderer under torture for supposedly having distributed ”illegal cartoons” and a few ”illegal words.”  The ”illegalities” are readily available today whereby people can see for themselves the sanity of such hoodlums using cruel tactics to persecute and silence him just to line ones own pockets and feather ones own nests.


      The person in charge of the kidnapping was Torsten Jonsson, a career thirsty agent who rapidly rose in grade after his illegal persecution and assistance in torturing Felderer.  While at the Taby police station, Felderer was hit on the head by the police, with the statement:  This is how we do it in Sweden.  


      In true Star Chamber Court way, Jonsson then concocted up his own personal accusation.  There were no Formal Charges made, so Jonsson simply made up what he felt was ”illegal criticism” of  the Zionist, Genocide cult. This is all the more astounding considering the long time the Swedish Witch Hunters had been on the case. One of his fabrication was so silly that he termed illegal a citation from the jewish encyclopedia, thereby showing he was totally ignorant of that fanatic religion. Before the foreign news he gave out that some Jewish organizations had made charges, but none of these charges have ever been found, and they were evidently all concocted up by Jonsson in person.  Felderer was put in isolation cell at Osteraker Concentration Camp, supposedly then run by a Jewish Commandant. and denied all contacts.  Not even a pencil was allowed, nor paper.  In front of a Jewish directed court, whose judges were all politicians, and against the views Felderer was accused of, he was then found guilty in typical Judicial Crime style. Especially two cartoons seemed to the Wise Men of Zion ”criminal.” A cartoon of a baldheaded man and a clown! The pseudo judge in charge, cosmetic Jew, Lennart Groll, was later operative to falsely judge Christer Pettersson as the murderer of Olof Palme. The Swedish courts are hot-beds of Masons and Genocide Jew infiltrators, and no one will proceed to higher position without their OK.


      The anti-Spinoza Jewish sources then handed as thanks to Jonsson a job as Prosecutor General (Riksaklagare RA), in 1989,  although he had no qualification for such a job except for that he had aided the Zionist Jews in their witch hunts for Felderer.  To make it look otherwise, Torsten Jonsson, prosecuted Lars Tingstrom, for bomb attacks, also involving Jonsson’s friend, Sigurd Dencker; who, believe it or not, in turn had sex relation with Lars Tingstrom‘s girl companion and who by that time apparently had left him; namely,  photo model and hospital worker, Anita, who in turn was involved with drugs, like most of the others. She was working in a hospital and accused for narcotic crime.  The man that would prosecute her was Sigurd Dencker.  Not surprisingly as to Swedish standards, she then landed in Sigurd Dencker’s bed and that solved her problem.  Her case as narcotic crime was dismissed!  It seems that Tingstrom was not behind these actual bombings, and he denied it to his death, dying in jail, either for natural or caused causes.  Was Lars Tingstrom created in order to make it appear that as thanks for having successfully persecuted and tortured Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer; it was for Tingstrom‘s conviction Torsten Jonsson suddenly, with surprise, got   promoted, and not for his kindnapping and mishandling Felderer?


What seems reliable, is, that Prosecutor Sigurd Dencker, must himself have been involved in dirty dealings and Tingrstrom was made up as the ”Bomb Man,” for financial convenience.  The daughter of Sigurd Dencker, Lena Dencker, was imprisoned for Narcotics. She drove around with her father’s car do distribute the narcotics.  Dencker’s house was bombed while the family was away on vacation at Oland. The daughter claimed it wasn’t Tingstrom at all who had done the bombing, but her boyfriend, Roger Hanell, who was planning to bomb a bank. Hanell was living in Dencker‘s house, having been invited there.   Sigurd Dencker would never have gotten financial help from the bank for the destruction of his home if it became known that Roger Hanell was the cause of the bombing. Moreover, that would have been yet another Swedish judiciary scandal.  As can be seen from this, by concentrating on the hunt of critics of Zionism, Sweden had let its guard down, and crime and confusion was rampant. In this field of confusion, Mossad could re-establish its operative infiltrations having lost some with their Lillehammer Murder.


Another dirty business case was the attacks on Rune Andersson.  He had written a book, RATTSSTAT I UPPLOSNING.  He appealed to Felderer to help him which he did by distributing his material.  He would paste his infomation around various places, identifying with photos those people whom he felt were criminals. They were what he felt were corrupt judges. Torsten Jonsson and Hans Stark now ganged up on Rune Andersson.  Felderer had warned Andersson this would happen, but he was apparently still in the blue heavens above thinking that Sweden was run by law and order, and not, as Felderer said, the opposite, and by intrigues.  Fictive accusations were now in usual Torsten Jonsson style concocted up , and as always, no statement as to what his supposed ”crime” was supposed to be.  It was the usual Torsten Jonsson scare tactics that were at work again.  Rune Andersson was interrogated and even denied, as is common in all such cases, to choose his own lawyer.  Finally, after realizing that what Felderer had told him about Sweden was right, Andersson,  then fled Sweden and landed in Denmark, where he held informative demonstrations before the Swedish Embassy about the criminal affairs of the Swedish bureaucracy and its corrupt judges.


Related to this was the butchering in Jack the Ripper style of an alleged prostitute, the Judith Jewess, Catrine da Costa.  Her body parts were discovered on 18 July and 8 August, some 1 kilometer apart. Surrounding this were people who had been involved with the murder of Olof Palme.  Intrigues were the norm here with complete confusion.  A self-proclaimed ”Jew,” specialist intrigue maker and Mossad front man, police infiltrator Jovan Rajs, now accused an autopsy doctor whom he was in a fight with for promotion, Teet Harm, to have been the ”Jack the Ripper.”  It ended with that Jovan Rajs got the job, and Teet Harm was out in regular Mossad fashion.

       One of the curious aspects in the Levitical Slaughter of da Costa, is, that parts o the plastic bags with her body were put at lumber depot of an industrialist who had in the Nazi time exported wood to Germany and made a fortune on it.  Some 40 percent of Sweden’s export to Germany consisted of wood, and most of the wood came from estates owned by the Swedish State Church.  The industrialists was now married for the third time and his wife had fallen in love with his son, who in turn, had managed to run the business down.  The same day after an interview the industrialists kills himself.  

        Putting the pieces together, it seems, that there are people involved who know certain historical events, such as being in some way involved with Nazi Germany, or even claiming that all evils put onto their lap, didn’t happen,  and these people by pitching up a hysterical Holocaust atmosphere are now using this confusion in order to amass power unto themselves.  In other words, typical Mossad operation of which intrigue making and power play the Bible is full of.  


Jonsson had left Felderer’s library in such helter- skelter confusion it took him one year to get things in order again.  At the second illegal entry, under the kidnapping of Agneta Isborn Lind, his home was simply taken over by the paramilitary police who then used it for their sex orgies, and eating up all his food, yes, even drinking up his cans of beer he had just bought.  Again things disappeared.  This time, amongst other things, the very musical instrument Felderer practiced on.  What does one not do for the Zionist cause, especially if it involves promotions! Ditlieb Felderer’s reporting about these crimes resulted as can be expected in ”don’t touch it.” 


In a secret letter, which we have obtained, Wachtmeister sent out a letter in which it stated that in treating and sentencing Holocaust Survivor  Ditlieb Felderer in this way, Sweden was fulfilling the United Nations rules.  They now twisted its Article 19  and related rules, to mean that torturing, kidnapping, and mishandling a person was supported by this, and other Articles. If this may sound like Bush’s Guantanamo, one comes closer to the truth and actual events. 


After this, Ditlieb Felderer, once he was released from his torture and fiendish guards inside the Concentration Camp he was put into, and other centers of torture, Felderer now begun to organize and distribute the very ”illegal” cartoons in the millions.  Sweden was now in a dilemma. 


Totally scatterbrained they now started to persecute Holocaust Survivor  Ahmed Rami of Radio Islam using the same arguments against him as they had done against Felderer.  Ahmed Rami was sentenced on the basis of a quote Karl Marx had made which his Radio Islam had cited. Involved was the anti-Spinoza Jewish Synagogue in Stockholm, lead by the Genocide Jew, Rabbi Morton Narrowe who secretly had helped in organizing several terrorist attacks, which included arson attempt, against Ditlieb Felderer.  

Involved was also Frank Hirschfeldt who through the SKOLOVERSTYRELSEN had organized vicious attacks against Felderer, his Philippine wife, and invalid mother. Frank Hirschfeldt was working as an Israeli front man at the Swedish Radio.  Under his direction and exhibition was made to counteract Ditlieb Felderer’s Bible Researcher.  A person working for the US foreign office infiltrated the meeting and reported that a pandemonium occurred when inside the meeting, organized by Skoloverstyrelsen, Ditlieb Felderer’s  ”evil and blasphemic” flyers were distributed.  Yes, even hanging on the very walls Frank Hirschfeldt had monopolisticly made out as his very own!  Evidently, the Devil himself was now in the midst of the very infiltrators themselves.


Other meetings were held.  At one meeting at the dope center of ABF in the middle of Stockholm, a supposed dark looking man destroyed yet another meeting against Ditlieb Felderer and his Bible Researcher.  Several ”learned and wise men” were railing against Ditlieb Felderer.  Groups of fanatic Scofieldites were present giving support on the Christian side.  The meeting turned out as yet another Government sponsored fiasco when questions from the audience were requested and to be answered by the ”learned and wise men” of the panel.  The colored man, after introducing the issue, and stating that the ”Jews” with their Israel were the very epitome of racism and Nazism itself, and then asked point blank if it wasn’t true that the Bible was a racist book.  Shouts of ”throw” that colored man out were heard in the audience.  The end result was that the panel were forced to agree due to the evidence,  the Bible and Israel were indeed racist, the other side of the Nazi coin. Curtain down! People were now asking why they were requested to attend a meeting against the ”evils” of Bible Researcher when it was admitted the accusers were now accusing themselves.


In now comes the Scots.  The Swedish Government along with anti-Spinoza Jews and their cadre of hooligans had published vicious, hateful attacks against the Scots of Sweden.  The Scots now wanted the racist, hateful culprits to be prosecuted.  But there was a problem.  A really messy problem for the Swedish corrupt politicians.


Involved in the vicious, hateful attacks against the Scots, was also the Jewish owned DAGENS NYHETER.   The very outlet which had helped in giving the bureaucrats and Men of Violence their jobs.  That would mean that the very outlets which had attacked Holocaust Survivors  Ditlieb Felderer and Ahmed Rami had now to be brought to court for doing the same things they accused Ditlieb Felderer and Ahmed Rami for.  THAT COULD NOT HAPPEN!


The Swedish corrupt politicians now  twisted the whole thing, stating that the law did not mean what they had said against Ahmed Rami and Ditlieb Felderer, but gave all sorts of excuses to let the culprits attacking the Scots free.


In the meantime Olof Palme had been murdered under suspicious circumstances on 28 February 1986. The very same people who had attacked Ditlieb Felderer now concocted up that he may have something to do with this murder, done on open street, very similar to the Norway Lillehammer Murder by Mossad of  Ahmed Bouchiki on 21 July 1973, while waiting for a bus with his wife.   The Vengeance of God, Mossad,  had mistaken him to be a Palestinian


Prior to that another street gangster Mossad killing was that of the Swedish Folke Bernadotte who was gunned down on open street in his car along with his French companion. Palme, and others had openly accused the Jewish terrorists to have done the murder. This was his mistake and became his death. How many people have been murdered in this way by Mossad is not known but  experts claim it to be substantial. What may appear as an innocent killing is often a work by this murderous Israeli  Sicarii killer gang.


In now comes Simon Wiesenthal, a former Nazi collaborator and Sonderkommando.  He had spread lies about Ditlieb Felderer in Spain, using the UNESCO as a front for his lies.  Before the Spanish media, the Wiesenthal Mafia now claimed that Ditlieb Felderer was selling things in how to  kill Islamists and others.  They never produced one shred of evidence for this. UNESCO later condemned the Wiesenthal Mafia for having lied so and used their name for their lies.

Felderer was now illegally expelled from Spain by corrupt politicians, all in there to line their own pockets and feather their own nests. At this instance, Felderer was put inside a Spanish Concentration Camp which turned out to be a place EC had given money to put in order, but which money was pocketed instead by the corrupt politicians. Felderer was able to take secret photos inside the indescribable filthy secret dump where colored people were treated like animals,  until an infiltrator  with a criminal record, used by the guards, reported the case. Suddenly in stormed some 70 Spanish Guardia Cevil meticulously searching through the whole place.  They found the camera inside the bed of one of Felderer’s colored friends. All happy, and while Felderer  behind his hiding place saw how they thanked their secret infiltrator, that dramatic story to save crooked politicians ended. What the Guardia Civil didn’t know, was, that Felderer had taken out the real film and put into the camera another.  Apparently by this time the utterly corrupt Concentration Camp were so scared that Felderer got evicted at once and put on a plane to Madrid at gun point just as had previously been done.

       While at Madrid, Spain’s Secret Service, then in charge by what later became the criminal corrupt, ex director general of Guardia Civil, Luis  Roldan, who had stolen millions of money and got a lengthy sentence, put out the news over their speakers, that at Madrid had landed a ”very dangerous journalist,” resulting in that Guardia Civil came to his cell, stating they just had to see with their own eyes how a ”very dangerous journalists” looked like, and they all started to laugh and have fun.  They told Felderer, that as soon he had landed in Holland, he should take the next plane back and wished him good luck.

They had had enough of the Jews, whom they said only caused them problems wherever they were found.


Secretly, the Simon Wiesenthal Mafia had contacts with the Swedish Foreign Office, discussing the various terrorist acts that could be used against Holocaust Survivor DitliebFelderer.  Simon Wiesenthal, apparently at Sweden’s cost, was invited to Sweden to organize the vicious, anti-Semitic race attacks against Ditlieb Felderer. Already, before corrupt prosecuctor Jonsson forced Felderer to torture and Concentration Camp, Wiesenthal had openly on the Swedish media demanded that, that man, Mr Felderer, must be stopped.  Little wonder seeing it came from a former Nazi collaborator and Sonderkommando man whose main interest was to cover up his own past.


It was decided that Holocaust Survivor  Ditlieb Felderer should be kidnapped and tortured to stop him from making further cartoons.  A pseudo-prosecutor, Agneta Isborn Lind, along with a pseudo-judge, the Jew Jan Levin, and with the help of paramilitary police, Svante Nordin and Lennart Selin, and the help of the Jewish Chancellor of Justice, Johan Hirschfeldt, of the same family clan as the Hirschfeldt above, now set in order a vicious activity.  The pseudo-prosecutor Lind, argued at secret hearings, conducted by the Jew, Jan Levin, that Holocaust Survivor Felderer was ”illegally” interpreting the word ”HOLOCAUST.”  As argument before the mobster Jan Levin, was used an ”expert opinion” concocted up by a pseudo-professor, Helmut Mussener, apparently a deranged person, like so many of the others, such as Mel Mermelstein, who had been flown in from USA to put additional Fahrenheit 451 flame to the Witch Trial.


Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer‘s home was now taken over by what some claim was a special paramilitary Death Squad.  Death Squad in a literal sense for one of  the supposed persons used was later charged for having murdered his Philippine female companion of which we have written about. The case would never have been taken up if it wasn’t for that the neighbours had complained of a racket going on, and after that, not seeing the woman again.  The supposed legalized Death Squad man only got a few years, being interestingly prosecuted by the same person who had illegally prosecuted Felderer, namely, Agneta Isborn Lind.  And no less of interest, the judge at court was the pseudo-judge, the Jew Jan Levin, who had been the same ”judge” who was to decide on Felderer’s ”criminal cartoons,” and who had decided Felderer should be jailed until and ”expert opinion” be made of the word HOLOCAUST.  This is the first time in the history of our earth, that a person has been jailed for lack of proper legal definition of a mere word.  But that is how far Sweden’s so called ”justice” had moved into the gutters just to appease their Jewish clients in the hope for power and promotion. 


The Death Squad man later confessed to the murder and said he had put the corpse of the Philippine woman in the Kolmarden woods.  Apparently Agneta Isborn Lind was aspiring, if not becoming Sweden’s new Justice Minister, then at least a hefty promotion, which she duly got. 


However, the ”learned” pseudo-professor needed much time for this difficult task, and so Felderer was brought to his torture chamber for further mistreatment and torture.  When finally the, possible senile and deranged, pseudo-professor  came with his ”expert opinion,” it was noted the payaso had lifted it directly from a German dictionary such as Duden, available at every kiosk selling cigarettes, condoms,  and alcohol! The payaso professor intimately worked together with yet another police infiltrator, Stephane Bruchfeldt, ending up at a special section set in order by Sweden’s Prime Minister, Goran Persson, to combat Ditlieb Felderer.  Remarkable indeed this was classified as intellectual exercise at equal terms.  Huge wages at tax payers expense are now payed to these Israeli propagandistic charlatans and scatterbrained Wise Men.

           And not only this.  At Uppsala the great con man, Goran Persson, set up a special section for the Genocide Jews, not learning about what is happening today in Palestine, right now—no, what is in true Martyrology style invented what happened ages ago! And of course hiding every aspect of how the Jewish Serial Killers, the Sonderkommando took on the duties of shepherding their own folks right into the Gas Chambers!  Interestingly enough, the leading star there is the poice informer and mole, Stephane Bruchfeldt of the Rabbi Morton Narrowe gang who are the main responsible for the terrorist attacks against Glad Tidings and God News Bearer, Ditlieb Felderer, his Philippine wife, and invalid mother.  And the Swedes are paying for it all!  Gladly! 


While all this crime against humanity  all in the name of Zionism took place, the corrupt ”prosecutor,” Agneta Isborn Lind, had contacts with representatives of the big anti-Spinoza Synagogue in Stockholm, led by the fanatic Genocide Jew, Morton Narrowe.  Paramilitary policemen Svante Nordin and Lennart Selin, who together with Lind did everything to please the Genocide Jews.  Thus, police infiltrator, Stephane Bruchfeld, sometimes spelled Bruchfeldt, was shown Felderer’s journalistic work: Things which were not even up for being ”criminal.” It is claimed that Bruchfeldt was very happy for this and could thus gladly report to the Synagogue about the terrrific cooperation Lind with her police were showing.  It is also claimed, that much of the research Ditlieb Felderer had done was given over by Agneta Isborn Lind to the Jewish Synagogue. She has never denied it.


Now it is, that the same Stephane Bruchfeldt was in cahoot with a Balkan State self-named”Jew,” police infiltrator, Jovan Rajs, of which is mentioned here and elsewhere.  Although the cooperation was much deeper than that, it was made out that Bruchfeldt‘s interest with Jew, Jovan Rajs, was, that the anti-Spinoza Jews were  searching for an answer to  smell and Ditlieb Felderer‘s claims that the Gas Chamber at Auschwitz was a hoax, that the chimney was a fake chimney, that new doors had been put there, walls torn down, and no gassings of people took place there, except for possible fumigation, which were made to buildings on regular basis for disinfection, and a host of other falsifications which were made by the Communists after the war. The issue of smell is of course significant here as inmates reported that the only smell they could smell was of the delicious food prepared inside the huge Auschwitz Kitchen.  The largest building inside the Relief Camp and having 12 real chimneys, and not like the fake chimney the Communists erected at their Hollywood Gas Chamber. It should be noted here that Felderer was never an anti-Communist.  His only interest was to find out what REALLY happened, and to find that out one had to discard all political, commercial, and religious preferences. As a matter of fact Felderer’s contact with Communism showed him that plenty of lies had been promulgated about them and it was a matter of pick and choose who was the worst.

        The Martyrologist-Exterminationist were  deadly in fear of Revisionism, and especially in fear of Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, whose eventual imprisonment and torture they demanded, although in circumvent ways. Ditlieb Felderer, in his turn has stated that all the evidence show, as far as he is concerned, that Olof Palme‘s death was yet another Mossad act, and that police infiltrator, Jovan Rajs had cleared all pertinent documents away concerning Olof Palme and likely also documents dealing on the Judith Jewess, prostitute Catrine da Costa, who had been cut up according to Jewish Rituals.  In other words, Felderer’s claim was that the murder of Olof Palme was but a continuation of obtaining full power over Europe after the Lillehmmer Murder Mossad debacle, and,  they did so by their propaganda of a so called ”Holocaust,” a term they thus used for propagandistic reasons; and that they were deliberately causing all this confusion to gain power.

      Moreover, the claim that the Jew Bruchfeldt‘s contact with the Jew Jovan Rajs was to find out about when the smell of Zyklon B finished is puerile nonsense for the simple reason Jovan Rajs would know nothing about it.  He was no chemist, but an ordinary police infiltrator and Jack the Ripper of legalized corpse cutting; vigorously condemned by the way in some Jewish sects.  Jovan Rajs had a special clan interest to make close contacts with the police: To control them! Somehow he landed a professor title, apparently after his great interest to have contacts with the police, the perfect excuse for finding out what the inner circle of that cadre were doing.

      Bruchfeldt, together with Helmut Mussener, Lind‘s ”expert opinion” pseudo-professor on the word ”Holocaust,” work together in State payed projects to combat Ditlieb Felderer.  As George Orwell stated, different strategies are used, depending on circumstances.  Terror, violence, torture, character assassination, persecution of person and family, all is on the list of the Sicarii hoodlums to obtain power over apathetic and ignorant man.  None other than Goran Persson had helped in focusing Sweden’s interest not on Olof Palme‘s death, but on a supposed ”Holocaust,” which REAL Holocaust has gone on in Palestine for now some fifty years and which one repeatedly covers up!  The Gaza war today is but a continuation of a long war against defenseless people done by religious fanatics steeped in the Old Testament Genocide tradition. Deflection is the working ingredient here.


      In order to, as Abraham Lincoln said, to fool one more time, they also invented the term ”Holocaust Denier,” making it out as if Ditlieb Felderer denies the horrible events that took place, when he in fact was the first to declare that great number of people died.  But it was through disease, and not intentional gassings to death by means of Zyklon B. Furthermore, the real Holocaust Deniers are they themselves. They do all to hide the fact that according to the Martyrologist-Extermination theory the organized killings were done by the Jewish Sonderkommando. Without the Jewish Sonderkommando, such gassings could never take place.  Felderer also has done more than anybody else to bring them to trial for their Serial Murders, but they get full protection from the anti-Spinoza Jews and their ready stooges. Whole books could be written on how these Jews are the foremost deniers themselves. 



After having been tortured and released, Felderer, started a world wide campaign to bring Sweden to court for their torture and anti-Semitic race hate.  This activity became so embarrassing for Sweden they now realized something  had to be done.  The ”forbidden” cartoons popped up all over.  In was now sent pseudo-prosecutor, Tora Holst,  and with the help of the Socialist Democrat’s new Justice Minister, Thomas Bodstrom, none other than the son of Lennart Bodstrom who was Foreign Minister at the time of Felderer’s torture, tried  once more conducting illegalities against Ahmed Rami, and get at Felderer that way.


It is pathetic to read the interrogation Tora Holst and paramilitary policeman, Reijo Bohman, held with Linda Reinolds, whose mother Larisa Reinolds, was present.  They are pleading with the Inquisitorial interrogators who used the opportunity to get at contacts, to inform what specific crime they had done.  At not one instance, as we can see, were they told of their specific crime.  It is all a matter of:  You have a legal car license. You have driven a car. That is it. Sweden brags about its ”most important right,” Freedom of Speech, yet when you use it in a way the Genocide Jews don’t like, you become a criminal and never told what specific words or pictures are ”criminal.” The echo is always:  You have driven a car. That is your crime, although you are encouraged to drive a car and then punished for it-for doing it.


It is no secret that Tora Holst was yet another puppet to be used by the Genocide Jew infiltrators to get information of their critics at the cost of the police and tax payers money. Knowing how they pester people at a Holocaustic pace, one can just imagine the agony Tora Holst went threw in pleasing these bloodthirsty vampires all with one aim in mind, to control you and make you a slave under their whip.  As George Orwell wrote:  It is their boot on your head.


In spite of eradicating all the Felderer’s blasphemous flyers in various forms, they

popped up though  all sorts of Fahrenheiters 451 tried to stop them.  Sweden’s situation now became unbearable.  Islamists had seen through Sweden’s ruse and its playing two fiddles at the same time: relentlessly persecuting everyone who spoke in favor of the Palestinians in a viable way internally, and while making themselves out externally, as the most freedom loving Society in the world where Freedom of Speech is the very essence of its being.  Their ruse became obvious, and reaction came accordingly.


Sweden was now in several fixes.  What could they now cook up?  Helping out the Jewish Genocide Mafia mob was getting very complicated and messy.  Nor could they admit that the real champions of Free Speech were Holocaust Survivors  Ditlieb Felderer and Ahmed Rami, the very persons they had persecuted and put under torture.


In now comes Ake Green of the PentecostalScofieldite Church.  A group of people who claim that all Palestinians should be exterminated and that so called ”Israel” is a sign of prophecy and God. In other words, the racist church number one. He was now used to get Sweden out of its dilemma.  


Before a group of his church fanatics, Ake Green,  now railed against the Homosexuals.  Interestingly enough the Pentecostals themselves were active against DitliebFelderer and Ahmed Rami and had helped in making the very law they now felt was abusing their rights in declaring Homosexuality a Sin.  Ake Green was never tortured nor put in custody for viciously attacking the Homosexuals which was done against Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer


Ake Green was now sentenced to some weeks in jail, which means he would never be in jail at all.  Sweden’s next ruse was to free him at the appeal.  In now comes Hans Danelius,  and pseudo-judge, and Johan Munck, both who had lied about Holocaust Survivor  DitliebFelderer.  Hans Danelius had argued before Strasbourg that Ditlieb Felderer‘s torture and Concentration Camp imprisonment were justified according to the Strasbourg Court.  Johan Munck in turn had supported the torture and Concentration Camp for Holocaust Survivor  Ditlieb Felderer.  He even concocted the lie that Felderer had no address, hence a vagabond. 


Jointly together they now concocted up a decision freeing Ake Green, claiming, and using laws, the same laws they used in justifying their vicious acts against Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer, that by these laws Åke Green should be freed.  And so it happened.  The court decision freeing Ake Green can be found on the Internet. 


The above should give us some insight in how rouges and slime balls use the laws for their own interest, their career and notoriety and power. To line ones own pockets and feather ones own nest, and of course ones friends, is, the name of the game here.


All those wanting to respond to the above have complete right as far as we are concerned.  None of us will Flag you here.  If you feel anything is wrong or you have been misrepresented, then by all means, respond with your own views.


GENERAL INDEX     The GENERAL INDEX  here follows the Scandinavian languages of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish, and hence, consist of more letters than the English alphabet. Names are usually indexed by last name and spelled according to Wikipedia and Chamber’s Biographical Dictionary of 1996.


ALERTS   Here are presented, in brief, significant, or curious happenings in connection with this Blog.

When news is first brought out of Olof Palme’s killing the news was mostly that a jogging person came running up and shot Palme in the chest and then run away.  The next bit of information, sparingly told, was that Palme was grabbed on his shoulder and Palme turned around.  What is crystal clear is: Palme, if he was shot from the front in the chest, then he must have been shot by a start pistol or something similar.  Palme was never shot from the front with  real bullets – not even by one real bullet.  He was shot in the back by a light calibre weapon and the bullet split up inside Palme’s body.  It did not escape out. Hence there are no bullet openings where the bullet went out on the front.  Palme was shot from the back.  And the only one at the back of Palme at this moment was Lisbet, his wife.  That means she is the only one who could have shot him, possibly carrying the light calibre weapon in her shoulder bag.  She refused to be checked  at the hospital in spite of that we are told she also was shot at. Here is an open conspiracy and the Swedish Government’s silence is obvious:  None dare starting to investigate Olof Palme’s wife, the most likely one to have killed Olof Palme.  Or, was it all planned beforehand? Could these facts, and in order to deflect away from this crime, be the reason why Sweden’s, then Prime Minister Goran Persson  starts amorizing and copulating with the Genocide Jews and their racist Apartheid, and that, in spite that Sweden forced back to Nazi Germany to certain death every German deserter entering the country?  And the first ones Sweden put inside Concentration Camps which they started to build during the war were Norwegians not in favour of Quisling!  And this con man now makes out as if Sweden was the main resister to Nazi Germany!  Certainly George Orwell, Sartre, Reagan, and others were right: The politicians are the biggest liars and a threat to the whole of Democracy! Let’s move on.  Palme was shot in the front but the weapon was just an ordinary start pistol or something similar.  Had he been shot in the front with a real bullet, such a bullet hole would be seen.  It is inconceivable that the person who shot him with a start pistol, or similar, and from the front,  also held a real gun in the same hand. That being so, as Palme turned, the only person at his back was his wife and only she could have shot him.  Someone may interject and state:  Well, OK, but Palme was shot from a house nearby, or something similar.  No.  The weapon was a fine calibre weapon and a wound such as Palme got had to be shot at close range, perhaps  20 or 30 centimeters.  We are now in the center of the Black Hole seeing that all what has been said of Palme’s death is pure poppycock if what they tell us is the way he was shot. The disinformation has been purposely made in order to cover  up the Democratic Socialist Party and have sucked in all cowards, who have been programmed not to answer questions, into the Democratic Socialist Party’s idiot hole.  And this now explains the next step we will deal with, that of how Goran Persson was so concerned of starting to copulate with the Genocide Jews, and his personal responsibility of the Genocide that so called Israel has done, not only lastly with Gaza, but now for 50 years.

Goran Persson’s party had kidnapped Ditlieb Felderer and humilated and tortured him at several occasions. This again shows they give a dam of Democracy or law and order.  For them it is all power. Of course they were not the only criminals around doing it.  The other parties also had a hand in it.  The purpose of the persecution of Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer was to deflect away the politicians’ constant involvements with a string of  criminal activities as arson, theft,  down to prostitution and drugs.  Whenever politicians are in trouble they cozy up to the Genocide Jews for the simple reason they feel secure there.  Whenever the Genocide Jews are in trouble they cozy up to the politicians, for the reason they feel secure there.  In fact, they always tell us what good contacts they have there, and of course also amongst the police, as do Stephane Bruchfeldt, Jovan Rajs and others,  indicating it is not  mere veiled threat to stop being investigated.  That means, the politicians give a dam about Free Speech, Democracy, Law and Justice.  It is only a theatrical play they perform before us that we may look the other way.  And as Orwell and others have stated, politic is lies and hate.  Now, seeing that Olof Palme apparently had become a burden to the Party, and perhaps having AIDS, being involved with tax evasions, and the selling of armaments, he was in a mess.  It certainly would have looked most strange if it was started to be known he was with terminal AIDS.  The Socialist Democratic Party then decides, in their ordinary way they perform their upper closet Democracy, that Palme must be gotten rid of.  And if Palme had AIDS, then he may be the first one who wanted to be gotten rid of himself.  Therefore, Goran Persson had no other choice as he saw it but to cozy up  to the Genocide Jews and start copulating with them and this explains his playacting which is totally senseless in view of Sweden’s close contact with Nazi Germany. Of course, if it was ventilated more, the Genocide Jews would demand a lot of money from Sweden for having been involved in persecuting them so and causing them to go up the chimney. So this explains the erratic behavior of Goran Persson and his close associates and their intercourse with the Genocide Jews. That is why they must keep the secret  lid on the murder of Olof Palme and protect his wife from being the target of scrutiny. She must remain the Sacred Cow, free from all snoopy eyes and be continued to be presented as the valiant wife who stood behind Palme to his last moment, and even being shot at and wounded.  And so, the obvious question about her own involvement must be relegated to the Black Hole where all memory, responsibilities and courage will be sucked in to forever be forgotten and mentioned.

DATES        Here are presented dates which have specific bearing on this Blog.

 Auschwitz is taken by the Soviet Communists 27 January 1945

Soviet Communists now intern Poles, Germans, Jews, Ukrainians, in the same camps Germans had put their opposers into.  That means, Auschwitz was now used by the Soviet Communists as the Germans, with exception, there reigns total confusion.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are asked to testify against Commandant Hoess and others.  They refuse, stating they couldn’t testify about something they never seen, heard, or smelt.

In order to fool the Poles and make Soviet Communism out as if it was their salvation, they now decide to make Auschwitz into a propaganda place. The difficulties are the local population.  One fabricates various witnesses, just as in the case Thugs Torsten Jonsson and Agneta Isborn Lind, fabricated their yarns against Holocaust Survivor and Good News Bringer, Ditlieb Felderer. One decided that the former Crematory at Auschwitz serves their propaganda best and it is altered around 1947 and onward to suit the propaganda. Holes are chiseled into the morgue roof, lids are prepared on top, 4 fake crematories are built inside, totally useless as they can’t function: they have no heat channel.  A huge fake chimney is built outside fooling people that it leads to the crematory inside.  False doors are put there, two with peepholes which are supposed to show the Jewish Sonderkommando were peeping through them to see what was happening inside.

Finding the former Auschwitz crematory a bad place, seeing whispers were going around town that people who, either were working inside the camp, or its surrounding stated that all these things didn’t happen, in other words, the Polish local people were the first real ”Holocaust Deniers,” one decides plans have to be changed.  One rigs up supposed former Jewish Sonderkommando people, with the veiled threat that unless they cooperate they will be prosecuted as collaborators with the Germans.  One of these is Miklos Nyiszli.

A new location is decided, namely Birkenau, the only place a bit of a distance from town where the locals had less possibilities to know what was happening. The only problem:  the farmers in that area.

Soviet Communist propagandists decide that more places have to be made. One starts chopping down trees, such as at Chelmno and Belzec.  One starts planting trees, having chopped down the old trees.  The intention is to gradually use the trees as proof of the ”Holocaust,” a term by then not at all used as it became invented first for such use around 1979.  Once the trees and other things look ”convincing,” Soviet Communists start opening the places, giving the trees as proof of mass extermination.

A great dilemma are the medical buildings and sport places around what was now made to be the new ”gas chambers” at Birkenau.  It simply didn’t make sense to lead people there and if asked about the buildings beside what they were, being perhaps forced to say they were hospital buildings set up to cure people.  The propaganda was, that people once at the Ramp, were Selected, and immediately gassed or forced to work.  Not even the delousings were gone into.  But here right before their very nose were hospital buildings for surgery and other things.  Simply said: Such a contradiction how hopefully one still would think people would swallow it had to be dealt with. One decides to burn the whole section down, perhaps with the help of Communist Jan Urbaniak, about the only faithful Communist in the whole of Auschwitz.  The buildings are deliberately burned down. Kazimierz Smolen, aspiring Director; Tadeusz Szymanski, aspiring Art Supervisor; and not the least the father to Danuta Czech, later Auschwitz Historian, perhaps their best and possible the first Revisionist without realizing it, must have know about these alterations. Czech’s father had helped in building the fake Auschwitz chimney and furnaces inside, along with other matters.

On 1 May 1969 a reactor at Agesta, south of Stockholm is having problem and if unsolved would have caused major fall out damage.  The Politicians manage to keep it secret.  Hence the secrecy game is well at work.

Early in the 1970’s Felderer starts his own publishing outlet, Bible Researcher, with its own paper by the same name (ISBN 91 85560) and ISSN 0347-2787).

In early 1970’s penetrates the English, Newspeak word ”Jew,” showing not only the mistranslation of that word but also the geographical confusion and the many diverse groups and individuals claiming to be ”Jews.” See: RH 3

After much research Felderer discovers an important early case of ”gassings of humans,” peculiarly expressed in Talmudic literature  (Seder Haddoroth, page 258).  See: RH 517

In the 1970’s Ditlieb Felderer publishes material showing it is technically impossible to gas people to death with Zyklon B the war Martyrology-Exterminationist propagandists maintain.

Ditlieb Felderer starts his AMNESTY with its publication Amnesty (ISSN 0281-9481) to inform the public that Amnesty International is deliberately, surreptitiously hiding under the guise of Freedom Of Speech, that this is a lie made up so that they can feather their own nest and line their own pocket.

In the 1970’s Ditlieb Felderer publishes his material showing it is technically impossible to cremate human beings the way Martyrology-Exterminationist propagandist claim.  

In the late 1970’s disguised Mossad agents, mainly activated at Stockhlm’s Grand Synagogue lead by Morton Narrowe, and mostly flamed by Mossad Informer, Frank Hirschfeldt, and his secret contacts with Sweden’s Skoloverstyrelse, start spreading the Anne Frank Drug Culture all over Sweden. Meetings are held against Felderer and his Bible Researcher often turning into fiasco due to counter-movements and people attacking Genocide Jews for spreading drug culture and mayhem in order to deflect their Genocide acts against the Plestinians.

Felderer notices the peculiar connection of narcotics and drugs of the Anne Frank hysteria being fomented up in reaction to his ANNE FRANK DIARY A HOAX:   Wherever the Anne Frank hysteria was peddled there seemed to be an urge for using drugs.  He then called it: THE ANNE FRANK DRUG CULTURE.

In 1979 Felderer publishes the Felderer Index, a new bibliographic method and indexing, greatly facilitating both readers and researchers by more accuracy and less changes of errors.

Ditlieb Felderer challenges 19 July 1980 Genocide Jew Professor, Yehuda Bauer of  pseudo ”Israel,” one of the world’s leading Martyrology-Exterminationist; to an open public debate in ”Israel,” and distributes his challenge worldwide.  Professor Yehuda Bauer chickens out and evidently believes that violence is the answer to an academic question.

In 1980 Ditlieb Felderer enters the board of Institute For Historical Review, USA, a non-government American outlet for historical research.

On 4 January 1982, Genocide Jew, Stefan Meisels, in cahoot with the Genocide Jewish Rabbi, Morton Narrowe, is claimed by the Socialist Democrat newspaper, Stockholms Tidningen, to have stated that for a long time the Genocide Jews have tried to stop Good News Bearer, and Peace Activator, Ditlieb Felderer, apparently by their terrorist attacks, and that, they also have reported time and time again to the police.  The facts are: there does not exist even ONE formal charge against Good News Bearer, Ditlieb Felderer, in all of Sweden’s police houses!  Everything is just made up, which makes one wonder if this article is a lie also.

On 28 June 1982, Rolf Machnow, dies in a similar way to Osmo Vallo, in Stockholm’s main police station which Felderer, while inside his Concentration Camp was told:  Now, just do as we say, for here things are done as you want.  He was at that moment inside the Death Quarter. Machnow is said to have died by getting in fight with a table. The truth is, that matters had gone so extreme in Stockholm, that the police felt it right to use violence if they felt you didn’t obey them sufficiently enough.  Two of the paramilitary police are later connected with Palme’s death, namely Thomas Piltz and Leif Tell, who also pop up in connection with being near the scene the day Palme was shot and the guarding of Palme’s house on Vasterlanggatan 21.

On 16 July 1982 prosecutor Sigurd Dencker’s house is blown up by a bomb while he is on vacation in Oland.  In order to look honorable in Swedish eyes, Dencker’s friend, pseudo-prosecutor, Torsten Jonsson, the same Thug who had kidnapped and persecuted Ditlieb Felderer, together with Dencker,  scheme up a plan accusing Lars Tingstrom to have planted the bomb although a much more reliable bomber is Roger Hanell, an emerging criminal, or, as Felderer has pointed out, someone like Mossad and their hirelings who have bomb threatened Felderer for years. Dencker’s daughter was imprisoned for narcotics.  She had used her dad’s car in transporting the drugs and Hanell was her boyfriend who apparently with Mr Dencker was allowed to stay in the house. Hanell was according to Mr Dencker’s daughter, planning to blow up a bank the next day. In typical Swedish judiciary style, Mr Dencker then ends up in bed with the girlfriend of the accused bomber, Lars Tingstrom.  Some even claim group sex took place between Jonsson, Dencker, and the girl, and perhaps others.  It seems feasible that Sweden had to be saved from yet another scandal, and so the two prsecutors, instead of picking youth criminal Hanell who was in the house, one simply grabbed Tingstrom and gave him the guilt. This should give one an insight of Swedish justice.

Holocaust Survivor, Peace Activator, and Good News Bearer, Ditlieb Felderer is brutally kidnapped and viciously treated inside Taby paramilitary police station.  Behind the kidnapping stand the Thought Terrorist, pseudo-prosecutor, Torsten Jonsson.  Felderer repeasts his numerous request, to be told what his crime is.  He gets a fist in his face.  Thug Jonsson gets his instructions from Apartheid Sweden’s Foreign Office, denying all non-whites from working there, and the Genocide Jewish Rabbi’s den of pension robbers. He is forced upon him con lawyers to ”defend” him but Felderer knowing the racist nature of the Swedish authorities and their bureaucratic un-democratic dictators, requests for a colored person.  The racist hate activities against him, his Philippine wife, and invalid mother has brought to his attention the race-hate of Sweden’s Apartheid Government.  Felderer’s simple request to be defended by a colored person is refused, stating to him that such are just dregs upon the earth and can’t be trusted.  The racial abuses and Antisemitic attacks against Peace Activator continues.  While he is inside Taby’s Abu Ghraib, he is struck on the head by white racists paramilitary police, with the snear:  That’s how we do it to foreigners in Sweden!  It was apparent to Felderer that here were ”democratic Swedish representatives” in good standing doing what they knew best:  Torturing innocent foreigners to soothe their vicious lust for blood and pain. 

On 21 February 1983, UN worker for the Palestinians, Issa Nakleh, reports in Spotlight, about the mishandling by Sweden of Peace Activator, Ditlieb Felderer. Nakhleh reveals the fantastic information that in spite of all the time Felderer had been persecuted, Inquisitor Torsten Jonsson still had not even one Formal Charge in his hand.  What Nakhleh didn’t know was that Sweden does not need Formal Charges as its courts are based on Star Chamber procedure, and hence charges are internally cooked up by the intrigue makers. 

On 13 April 1983, while Olof Palme had put Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer to be mishandled and tortured, Palme and Palestinian Arafat meet for a celebration meeting at Storkyrkan, an abode of Homosexual priests.  An incredible pandemonium is let lose, the first such in probably Europe’s history when a group of fanatical Genocide Jews from Rabbi Morton Narrowe’s Synagoge, scream and swing their arms, attacking Palme, doing Karate type movements against him. Imagine, that would happen in a Synagogue!  Then the whole world would  have to know about it, and the yells of Auschwitz, Six Million, Holocaust, Neonazi would ring out in a never ending flood. Palme retorted of the Palestinians, but you are of the sam race. Palme was ignorant not knowing the violent Jews he faced were mostly of East European origin and of Khazar lineage and hence never sat their foot in Palestine, not even being close to it for thousands of miles; even more reasons for that Palestine wasn’t their country.  Furthermore, Sweden, was the main culprit in handing the Genocide Jews their loot through the money launderer, Emil Sandstrom who had stolen money from Palestinians and secretly handed it over to the Rothschilds, and, was instrumental in creating the Partition Plan, which any thinking person would realize would never work, for the Genocide Jews, yes; for the Palestinians, no.

But the Genocide Jews had planned something much more extensive.  Their new haven of Palestine was ostensibly going to look as a Land Lost and Recovered.  In reality it was to establish a depot, a world center for Money Laundering and all its aspects; and not the least, a country Jews could run to in case the long hand of the law was after them for so called ”Israel” keeps its criminals safe and sound.  One only needs to see their present arguments of their repeated War Crimes.  They all agree, none of their War Criminals will be given over for prosecution.  Really and truly, here at last was their Milk And Honey Land, promised to them by Jehovah in the Bible at last an accomplished fact.      

Human Rights Internet (HRI) an Israeli-Mossad front, mails out a Memorandum, of May 1983, signed by the Genocide Jew, Laurie S. Wiseberg, calling those defending Free Speech as not only ”blind fools, but dangerous fools,” an euphemism for possible liquidation.

On 4 June 1983, Birmingham News, USA, reports of the Anne Frank Diary, that:  ”Another diary could also be a forgery,” referring to Anne Frank Diary. By that time Sweden was deep into the heroin Anne Frank Culture with drugs appearing all over, and used by all sectors of people.

 The Anne Frank Drug Culture continues on an unabated pace, with police, politicians, religious leaders, bureaucrats, all involved in the mess.

On July-August 29, 1983, in NY JEWISH CURRENTS it is reported that pseudo-prosecutor Torsten Jonsson, he who got Felderer humiliated and tortured, that Jonsson had thanked Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL), a Israeli-Mossad front, for helping out in convicting Peace Activator, Ditlieb Felderer. It claims the conviction was made possible largely based on ADL  information,  supplied to Jonsson. Felderer was at that time severely mistreated and tortured by his bestial kidnappers.

On 22 December 1983, Christmas time, the Finn, Hannu Hyttinen dies being blown to pieces by a bomb. Previous to that, Roger Hanell dies, blown to pieced likely by his own bomb, on 16 July 1982.

In 1984 on 18 July the first parts of the Levitical,  cut up Mata Hari, in Jack the Ripper style body of the Jewish Judith prostitute, Catarine De Costa, is found in Solna, causing total confusion later by the accusations of various medics. The second body parts in plastic bag, is found on 8 August. The Mossad mole,  vagabond and Cagliostro-type, Jovan Rajs, enters the picture

In 1985 Palme hater Alf Enerstrom gets a visit from Admiral Captain (Kommendorkapten) Hans von Hofsten and Admiral Per Rudberg, to make a coup-de-etat against Olof Palme, in line with Pinochet of Chile, and Argentina. Sweden at that time was in hopeless mess with the Anne Frank Drug Culture. It was argued that all they needed were some 500 loyal men.  Some 250 would take over the Kanslihuset, and the rest Radiohuset, Swedish Radio.  Enerstrom stated this wasn’t necessary for all that was needed was the Harvard fiasco, and Olof Palme would have to go for his tax evasion.

On 18 January 1986, a mythomaniac and Martyrology-Exterminationist, Mel Mermelstein is awarded a multi million Libel sentence against Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer.  He claimed, before a Los Angeles court that he had gone mad, but thanks to Doctor Daniel Borenstein curing his madness, he got out of his madness. However, that deliverance from madness turned short, for then came those blasphemous flyers and reading the evil stuff, he then regressed to his former madness.  No question was asked why hen then read it, and perhaps his regression could also be blamed on the learned Doctor himself who thus was a lousy doctor. Or, as Good News Deliverer and Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer has suggested, that, maybe Mermelstein had an insurance covering madness, and Mermelstein then used it for his own advantage and getting hold of a doctor who would help him out in making false claims. Mermelstein had come to Sweden on his own or at  the request of the Swedish Foreign Office, to be at the trial.  He quickly got dubbed by the journalists, as ”the madman from Los Angeles.” Mermelstein then demanded from Sweden that Sweden should pay for his presence, a chutzpah which we don’t know if Sweden did.  Later, Felderer, becomes accused for being responsible for the Los Angeles riots, an accusation the authorities later apologized fro having mistakingly made due to false accusations. By then, just as in the case of Simon Wiesenthal’s false accusations against Felderer in Barcelona, Spain, the damage had already been made.

On a wintery 28 February 1986 Olof Palme gets shot.  The bullet enters from the back, shattering the principal vein, causing blood to enter his body. The weapon is of fine calibre and the bullet chatters inside his body without exiting. His wife claims also to have been shot at.  The whole thing becomes more an more mysterious as one delves into it.

Perhaps in not finding Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer to blame, one picks at Victor Gunnarsson connected to the LaRouche Movement of European Workers Party which has some interesting theories on the English Rotschild banks. The party has repeatedly been a vexation for the Social Democrats and participated in public discussions. They were firm believers in nuclear energy and seemingly oblivious to its dangers or impractical workings.

On 12 January 1987 Victor Gunnarsson is denied travel by Prosecutor Axel Morath.  On 20 January 1988 this is removed after Christer Pettersson was found guilty of the murder. 

The whole of 1970′ and 80’s, and after, the Anne Frank Drug Culture reigned supreme in Sweden with numerous suicides and deaths.

On 18 April 1993 La Provincia in Spain claims, not mentioning Felderer’s name and falsely with intention calls him German, that there is sold ”fascist” material. The origin of these falsifications was the Simon Wiesenthal Mafia gang, the real Fascists if there ever were some, who had landed in Barcelona, Spain, and immediately sought media attention in relation to an UNSESCO meeting making it out as if their presence was to deal with Felderer and get him stopped. The UNESCO meeting had nothing to do with Felderer and later UNESCO condemns the Simon Wiesenthal Mafia gang for misusing UNESCO.

On 10 May 1993 Olle Alsen hands over to RIKSPOLISSTYRELSEN material hinting to Olof Palme’s sexual extravagance and related material. Ebbe Carlsson, Palme’s close friend died of AIDS the year before, 1992.

On 28 November 1983 Felderer mails away a certified letter requesting Sweden’s Chancellor Justice, Bengt Hamdahl, the same person who humiliated and had Felderer tortured, requesting him to charge STOCKHOLMS TIDNINGEN of 26 November 1983 under the same charge he had falsely charged Felderer’s cartoons. Seeing Sweden had informed the world Felderer’s kidnapping and illegal detention was in order to save the civilized world, this cartoon against Islam and Palestinians ought under the rule of equality likewise be charged.  Zionist Bonnier stooge Bengt Hamdahl doesn’t even bother to acknowledge the letter.  See: RH 509. Bengt Hamdahl later gets implicated with the false accusations against Milan Valverius, virtually forcing him to suicide, which he does.  His wife follows him in the same way.  Inside Inquisitor Bengt Hamdahl’s office works Sweden’s REAL Fahrenheiter 451, namely Bertil Wennberg, a secret man behind the scenes and the Forger set in by the corrupt system to do the dirty works.

 On 15 January 1986, Extortioner and User, Mel Mermelstein, who has a long record of mental disorders, appears at the Kangaroo Superior Court trial against Felderer who had been  refused to appear there by the American Embassy in Stockholm. Mermelstein had previously made a Libel charge against Felderer. The mythomaniac Mermelstein  testifies about his , obviously invented, horrible sufferings that Felderer’s international Flyers had caused him and demands his pound of flesh money. The verdict, in all, nears 6 million dollar which Felderer is supposed to pay to him, and the Court. Professional Martyrology-Exterminationist Mermelstein, had in typical extortionist way demanded money from Sweden for his coming there for his playacting against Felderer in the Kangaroo Court Sodra Roslags Tingsratt in Stockholm Censorship trial.  Sweden apparently refuses to pay, causing Mermelstein further anger and ”mental suffering. On Friday 28 February 1986 Olof Palme is liquidated. At the trial Mermelstein claims he was mad but had been cured from his madness, but in reading Felderer’s Good News material he regressed to his former mad state.  So why didn’t he just throw the material causing him madness in the garbage?  It is as simple as that!

Bush Junior visits Auschwitz on 30 September 1987 as Governor of Texas. He later had another visit in 2003.

Riksradion on 1 March 1992 puts on a program, directed by Erik Fichtelius and Jan Mossander. Apparently Leif Bolling upset the apple cart when he informed that he had been together with Olof Palme in his office some hours, when Krigsmaterielinspektoren Carl Fredrik Algernon came into the room and conducted a heated discussion with Palme, of which Palme told Bolling, he should not mention. Palme had been involved with the brisk sale of weapons. Algernon was later pushed in front of the Subway Train. The first one to jump on Bolling stating that he was lying was the new leader of Palmegruppen, police Hans Olvebro, for which he was assisted with by the program directors, Erik Fichtelius and Jan Mossander. Later in the program JAMO, Klas Borgstrom, claims that the feeling that Olof Palme was killed by his wife as  ”pure nonsens” and ”struntprat.”

President Clinton visits Auschwitz in 1994.

On 7 May 1995 Ernst Zundel’s home in Toronto, Canada, is arsoned and burned down.  Little wonder as Genocide Jews were shouting outside: ”Burn the house down.” In the Bible Jews were ordered to burn cities, trees, and other things down, while Paul starts Fahrenheiting ”sorcery” material. Previous to that Arson was attempted to Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer. Arson is often used by Genocide Jews and others to obtain fake insurance money.  See:  ARSON;  Fire

On 20 June 1999 former Justice Minister, Lennart Geijer, dies at 89 years old. He had been declared a security risk for supposed involvement in prostitution and sex with young girls.

The Social Democrat newspaper, Arbetet of 12.12.1999, reports that the so called ”Palme Hater,” Alf Enerstrom, has separated from his wife Gio Petre after 25 years marriage.

Gunther Grass, who later told he had been in SS gets Nobel Prize in Literature.

On 22 February 2001 the World Jewish Congress called on Thursday for Lebanon to block what the group said was an anti-Semitic Holocaust meeting funded by Iran that will be held in Beirut next month. Lord Greville Janner, the WJC vice president, wrote to Swedish Prime Minister Goran Persson on 21 February, asking him to ”use your good office to call on the Lebanese government not to permit this polemic, anti-Semitic and hate-inspired conference to be held in their capital.”  That the Genocide Jews dare such Chutzpah shows the suspicion behind that it was Mossad who originally stood behind the murder of Olof Palme, and that, the Genocide Jews felt that Sweden was completely in their hands.

President Bush Junior visits Auschwitz for a 2nd time in 1 June 2003.  Apparently he is still not told about the fakes he has been shown and the Hollywood stage Museum altered after World War 2.

On 10 September 2003 Anna Lindh is severely wounded with a knife and dies shortly after on 11 September at hour 5:29. Numerous questions arise. At first a ”sure” murderer is found, for later to be replaced by a 25 year old Serb born in Sweden, after 6 supposed witnesses had pointed the Serb out. The Serb, Mijailo Mijailovic, denies the charge of murder for almost 4 months.

On 14 January 2004 the trial against supposed Anna Lindh murder, Mijailo Mijailovic starts lasting 4 days. Justice Minister, Thomas Bodstrom, whose faher put Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer illegally in jail for blasphemy charge is fully satisfied with the outcome. 

At the end of January 2009, Mel Mermelstein, suddenly pops up as FIRST in the Google Images, with his picture being sold by Corbis. Almost all other images by Felderer are removed, including those dealing on the Anne Frank Drug Culture which caused numerous deaths in the whole of Europe, not the least Sweden.  Felderer is considered as unquestionable Europe’s top investigative photographer.

Olof Palme is liquidated on Friday, the same day Folke Bernadotte was liquidated, 28 February 1986 at hour 23.21 European time.

Private investigator, Ingvar Heimer, gets liquidated 27 January 2000, by what seems to be an iron-feather-baton. Just before he had put on the net that Lisbet Palme and sons had lied about their matters in Olof Palme’s death.

Investigator Fritz G Pettersson gets liquidated 6 March 2001. Apparently with a similar instrument and under similar circumstances.


ABDULHADI  Mufid  Possible the first Palestinian in Sweden telling about the Palestinian side of the story.  He was a doctor and wanted to relate the Genocide and crimes the Genocide Jews had done to his people.  All the Swedish politicians along with the state owned, manipulated, and regulated Swedish media turned against him and all refused to publish his book.  He was told the best place for his book was in the garbage.  The arrogance of the Swedes was total.  He then published the book on his own, as PALESTINA MITT LAND.  The book had an influence on Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, who then begun to see the other side of the story and publish several material on his own despite violent terrorist attacks by the Swedish corrupt politicians, its equally corrupt clergy, its corrupt justice, and corrupt paramilitary police.


ABERG  Einar


ABF  Various discussions of mediocre type are kept here.  The building has various rooms, one is called Sandlersalen where amongst other things the evident murder of Osmo Vallo was discussed.  During Olof Palme’s time it was a fresquent nest for drug addiction. It is located some 400 meters from where Olof Palme was shot, apparently my his wife, Lisbet Palme.


ABOLITION  The rights given by Sweden’s corrupt politicians to kill a person without hinder.  The right is from Old Testament writings which then was taken over by the Christians.  It was implemented at the Bank holdup involving Janne Olsson and Clark Olofsson. 


ABRAHAMSSON  Marie   Wrote about the case of the Levitical Slaughter of  Mata Hari, Judith Jewess Prostitute, Catrine da Costa.




ACCUSED   There are three officially accused so far of having assassinated Olof Palme: 1.  The Kurds   2. Victor ”33-aringen”  Gunnarsson    3.  Christer Pettersson.

Evidently none of the responsible, which begs asking the question:  Why all these inventions?


ACOSTA Gabriel Uriel d’


ADELSOHN  Ulf   A Genocide Jew who became the head of Sweden’s Moderate Party who sat in on the condemnation and kidnapping  of Holocaust Survivor and Good News Bringer  Ditlieb Felderer.


ADL    See:  Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, an Israeli-Mossad front involved with numerous assassinations and violent acts.


ADOLF FREDRIKS KYRKOGARD    Cemetary in central Stockholm where Olof Palme is buried. The day he was buried, special dogs were prowling through the area, smelling for bombs.


AFP   Short form for American Free Press.  Reported about the mysterious circumstances of the assassination of Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Anna Lindh.

See: Christopher Bollyn.


AFTONBLADET  A former Swedish LO paper.


AGELL  Anders   Former Professor at Uppsala.  Declared the accused for having Jack the Ripper cut up, Judith Jewess, Prostitute Catrine da Costa, not to have done it.  But the Mafia belonging to Sweden’s Hogsta Domstol of course  refuse this.

All evidence show the accused were innocent and offer of yet another Swedish Witch Trial.


AHLENIUS  Inga-Britt  Worked to clear up the Palme murder but got fired as she wanted two revisorer to join the police in clearing up the case.


AHLMARK  Per    A fanatic political huckster and supporter of  the Genocide Jews;  who, with the aid of political power junkies seek to promote Israeli Apartheid and Racism.  It was his groups who to large extent stood behind the terrorists attacks and endless amount of bomb threats that were launched against Bearer of The Good News and Glad Tidings, Peace Activist, Ditlieb Felderer.  Because of his connection to the racist promoting Bonnier concern, the Swedish paramilitary police refused to investigate and halt  the threat calls and terrorist attacks.


AIDS    was rampant in Sweden and Olof Palme’s best friend, Ebbe Carlsson go it, possibly infecting Olof Palme with it.  Ebbe Carlsso died from it in 1992.

       A famous AIDS infector was Rabbi Abraham Mondrovitz who fled to Israel after having infected hundreds of young boys with it.  Had Palme been at more friendly foot with the Genocide Jews he cold have escaped there? Or was the body they brought to the hospital at the Palme shooting a fake body and Palme may have ended up there dying from AIDS?  Not much different from the past when well-to-do families secretly sent their out of wedlock pregnant daughters to the monasteries to deliver their children or die there.


ALBAN  Doctor


ALCALA  Jesus  Dagen’s Nyheter writer and Amnesty International  spokesman. He was accused for having squantered one million in SIDA aid money to Paraguay and was convicted with a sentence of one and a half year jail sentence.  In books by Bo Lindblom and Nina Jekander, he was denounced as a charlatan and mythomaniac.


ALDEHEIM  Roland  It is claimed that at the Genocide Jewish rag, Expressen, where he was working, he had gotten a call shortly after Olof Palme’s death, making it out that the Kurds stood behind the murder.  Through Hans Holmer and Ebbe Carlsson, this then became the Kurd Trail.


ALGERNON  Carl Fredrik  Krigsmaterielinspektor who had a heated discussion before Olof Palme died, and who was pushed before a train at T-Centralen in Stockholm. Algernon was in the military where he was involved with numerous activities, amongst them being the inventory of Bofors weapons to be sold abroad. Then, not long after Olof Palme was assassinated, on 15 January 1987, Algernon dies at Stockholm’s T-Subway, landing down the rails.  The official rendering was, that he was not pushed, but committed suicide.  Evidently, the raging of the Jewish Holocaust had brought the whole Sweden in such a grip that total confusion raged in every sector of the country. 

        Algernon is to have repeatedly tried to get in contact with Hans Holmer, but he never had time 


ALLEGRO   JOHN      starts publishing his important works: The Sacred Mushroom And The Cross (2914), and The End Of A Road (3358), alerting for the first time in books in English about the deliberate false translations of sexual meaning in the Bible.  The material helps in deciphering the world Holocaust, in Hebrew, Olah. It becomes evident that the Tabernacle Services and alleged Temple activities were nothing but sexual fertility rites which activities were obfuscated by false translations.  See: RH 679.


ALLGEMEINE  JUDISCHE  WOCHENZEITUNG    A Genocide Jewish, Supremacy Racist rag published in German and devoted to stop the peace activities of Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer.  It was used to spread fear into Germans and make them ready tools to pay out huge fraud pensions and supporting the stealing of Palestine from its rightful owners with the help of the West German Government.  See for instance this rag of  15 January 1982 edition.

        It was an active paper in demanding persecution and torture for Ditlieb Felderer.  It often featured hysterical Antisemitic and racist attacks from Nazi collaborator and Sonderkommando, Simon Wiesenthal.


ALLGEN  Lars-Goran  The father of Thomas Allgen, himself a medic, who defends his son against the accusations of the Levitical Slaughtered, Judith Jewess Prostitute, Catrine da Costa. People claim that civilized law does not exist in Sweden.  But think of it.

        When Holocaust Survivor and Bearer of Glad Tidings, Ditlieb Felderer, was persecuted and victimized, not one of those complaining today, complained then, but all were fearful over their career, job, family, prestige, money, and future.

         Of course his son is innocent, as is the other person, but how can you make a huge rolling snowball move back up once you have set in motion its smooth ride down? Corruption breeds corruption.  That’s as certain as it is certain the snowball will just keep rolling on. 




ALLGEN  Thomas   He is accused together with Teet Harm by mole and police infiltrator, the self-named ”Jew,” Jovan Rajs, to have murdered the Judith, Jewish Prostitute,  Catrine de Costa, and then cut her up in true Levitical style.  Allgen had a one and a half year old daughter who is supposed to have seen it!  And believe it or not:  Witnessed in court! The whole thing seems like a frame-up by Jovan Rajs, for him to get the job.  Not long after Jovan Rajs, is also involved with the Olof Palme murder.  See: Milan Valverius; Jovan Rajs; Teet Harm; Karolinska Institutet;


ALLMANLAKAREN     A term used by the Genocide Jewish rag, Expressen, to designate their condemnation upon an evident innocent person for having in Levitical Slaughter fashion cut up the body of Mata Hari, Judith Jewish Prostitute, Catrine da Costa, and put part of her body parts in plastic sacks, and then put parts of them, evidently intentionally, in the premise of a log selling business which anterior had conducted business in selling wood to Nazi Germany.


ALMBLAD  Jorgen   Prosecutor who helped in disinformation of the Palme death. According to Alf Enerstrom, he assisted him.


ALSEN, Olle   A Dagens Nyheter chat editor.  On 10 May 1993, he hands over to the Swedish National Police material pertaining to Palme’s private life, his connections, and possible infection with AIDS.

       Possible at orders of the Genocide Jews running the paper, Alsen, adds onto a poetry of Vietnam, Treblinka, which had nothing to do with the poetry.


ALTHIN  Peter   Like so many others in Sweden, sits on several horses at the same time, including as defense lawyer for Tony Olsson. Althin who is an Evangelical Pentecostal Scofieldite, later ”defends” alleged murderer of Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, who was knifed down at NK store on 10 September 2003, and dies the next day.


AMER  Gunilla   Mother to Stefan Amer.  Eye doctor at Visby.


AMER  Ingvar  Father to Stefan Amer.  Inherited the old Gotlandsgarden. Chief doctor at Visby Hospital.


AMER  Stefan  A certain amount of attention was brought onto him when it was discovered he was in the ambulance picking severely injured Anna Lindh up that stood ready within 50 seconds.  The spokeswoman for the Foreign Department, Nina Ersman, stated he had run over, but the Department is more than 3 minutes away from NK.

        Peculiar is, that Amer is trained in murder, where he was trained in the coast hunting for humans division, where killing Soviet infiltrators was a special game on the charter.  He then trained himself in medicine and became a legitimate doctor in 1999, and then ended up at Sweden’s Foreign Department as a ”political expert.”  It does not take mathematical knowledge of knowing that two plus two make four.  

         Evidently there is something fishy here, and thus it has been suggested that he had something to do in the special way of killing of Anna Lindh, as an ordinary person like Mijailo Mijailovic wouldn’t know it. 

         No less fishy is the fact, that just as in the case of Olof Palme, the autopsy certificate of Anna Lindh is still secret; meaning in fact that the authorities are still looking for the real killer, as they are in the case of Olof Palme, and hence; Mijailovic is just another scapegoat. 


AMERICAN FREE PRESS (AFP)   Christopher Bollyn writes about the mysterious circumstances dealing on the death of Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Anna Lindh.




AMNESTY  INTERNATIONAL  Its spokesman, Jesus Alcala, was accused of having squandered one and a half million in money aid to Paraguay and was convicted with a year and a half  jail sentence.


AMSA  Short of Aktionsgruppen mot svensk atombomb. A deflection  front set up by the inner circle politicians to divert attention away from that Sweden was manufacturing nuclear weapons.


ANC   Another splurge of Lisbet Palme with Doctor Alban  appearing before this group in declaring peace on earth to all men of good will, and in the next moment advertise for the Swedish JAS  fighter plane.  Maybe George Orwell was more right than we think.


ANDERSSON  Sten    A political intrigue specialist.  Foreign Secretary and Party Secretary of the Swedish Socialist Party.  Engaged his embodiment in such things as taking back the divorce proceedings twice of Lisbet Palme, the wife of Olof Palme.


ANER  Sven  The extended tentacle of Olof Palme and the Genocide Jewish Bonnier outlet writing about the horrors of Hiroshima and Sweden’s non participation in the nuclear arms race so that Israel instead should do it.


ANIMAL  FARM    Book written in fable form by George Orwell and an excellent source in getting the feel of our spell ridden superstitious religious and  political power junkies and their Machiavellian New World.                                                                                                                                          


ANITA   Anita was an attractive photo model and also worked in a hospital.  She had become the girlfriend of Lars Tingstrom, the man Thought Terrorist, Torsten Jonsson later, probably falsely accused as having bombed up prosecutor Sigurd Dencker’s house in which young man, emerging criminal, Roger Hanell, died. But she had left Lars Tingstrom before the bomb exploded.  She had become charged with narcotic crime resulting in the typical Anne Frank Sweden culture.  During her being interrogated, Sigurd Dencker, her prosecutor, fell in love with her, and they now ended up in bed. The strange situation was now this, that here was a prosecutor involved with sexing a person who in turn was Lars Tingstrom’s lover, the man who was accused for having planted the bomb.  Then there was the insurance claim of the bombed house.  Sigurd Dencker now, in good Hollywood style forgot about the charges against her.  It is not difficult to see, that in the midst of all this confusion, the Genocide Jews with their secret Sicarii Mossad were able to re-group after their fatal Lillehammer Murder, for which murder crime the responsible only got some weeks, for then to be shipped to Jehovah’s Chosen Land of Milk and Honey:  Israel.


ANNE FRANK  DAIRY    The Anne Frank Diary Cult brought in the drugs to the Swedish youth.  While the Swedish corrupt politicians held meetings and exhibits against Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, they were in the same places freely distributing drugs to the youth, and this always happened in surroundings of the Anne Frank Diary.  It is significant to note here, that Holland, where the Anne Frank cult started, is a haven of drugs all the way up to heroin. 

        In 1978 the famous book exposing the Anne Frank Diary as a fraud, and the Anne Frank Drug Culture an equal fraud, came out.  See: ISBN 95-85560-02-2. It has come out in other languages than English and in various editions. 

Go to:


ANNE  FRANK  DRUG  CULTURE    When getting involved with giving his irrefutable proof that the Anne Frank Diary is a hoax, a travesty upon the human mind, Ditlieb Felderer discovered to his shock that wherever the Anne Frank hysteria was flourishing there was also a wanton desire and use of free drugs but at the cost of much money.  The pot was smoked everywhere where Anne Frank was peddled.

        A Genocide Jew  and Mossad mole who had infiltrated the Swedish Radio, Frank Hirschfeldt was also known as Hashfeldt due to his view on drugs. Hirschfeldt was also the person who had secret sessions with Skoloverstyrelsen, planning in the murky dark  how to assault Holocaust Survivor and Good News declarer Ditlieb Felderer, which resulted in several terrorist attacks against him, his Philippine wife, and invalid mother.  And Hirschfeldt is still going strong. The latest is that he tried to get a hacker to hack into Radio Islam.  His son is now continuing his father’s work at the Swedish Radio.

         While they were peddling the Anne Frank hysteria, up popped the Anne Frank Drug Culture, with girls and boys liberally taking part in their use.  Reading this section alone will give you some insight in how bad it was.  Public toilets, parks, supermarkets, train stations; everywhere drug selling and its use was rampant.

           While  selling Anne Frank propaganda in Stockhlms Culture House you could at the same place buy drugs, any drugs.  Going into the toilets they were administrating needles through arms resulting in one run at risk going in there.

           One should therefore not be surprised that the home of the Anne Frank Drug Culture was Holland and this country was also the haven for drugs.  Indeed drugs and Anne Frank go hand in hand and the reason for this may be what Ditlieb Felderer has called the dreadful message the Anne Frank Diary brought across with families constant quarreling, shouting, and fighting. Anyone linked in with this chronic fighting lot would have to be infected, and like Anne herself, try to soothe the pain; the screams, yells, and fighting mouths with drugs.



ANTI-DEFAMATION  LEAGUE  A league specializing in defaming all but their own.

See next heading.


ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE OF B’NAI B’RITH   An Israeli-Mossad spy network set in for disinformation and behind the scene flamings of violence against peace activators and innocents.  They brag about having helped Sweden with most of the information, supplied to Torsten Jonsson, in convicting Peace Activator, Ditlieb Felderer in Sweden’s grand Kangaroo Censorship Trial against Felderer.  Felderer was gravely mishandled and tortured by the ready Abu Ghraib guards selected by the Swedish corrupt politicians to punish Felderer for being and independent writer and not following the commands set down by the little fanatical clique of Moses’ dictators.


APARTHEID    We are told that the last major statement before his assassination, Palme railed against Apartheid in South Africa, calling for sanctions against it. Here again like in Palmes’ peace talks while selling armaments all around him, Palme was the typical George Orwell identified con man.

        When Olof Palme put Holocaust Survivor and Peace Activator Ditlieb Felderer in Concentration Camp, Felderer requested that he be represented by a colored lawyer, and that the judging court should stop once and for all its Apartheid practise. But Palme’s fellow friends of torturers wanted nothing of that, and even in minor cases Swedes were told that could not be as foreigners could be spies!

         And the thing hasn’t stopped today.  Only Genocide Jews are allowed high functions, either it be Sweden’s paramilitary police, or its Courts, or its political scenery at the upper level. Apartheid is well and thriving in Sweden.  In the meantime they accuse people who are against Apartheid as blasphemous vermins whose very being will destroy whole civilizations! And we are now in 2009.  Not one thing has changed.  Palme could rail against Apartheid in South Africa to the applause of his whole party, while at home he was vigorously practising it.








ARTICLE  19 OF THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS   Germany, Sweden, and a host of other European countries surreptitiously signed and pledged themselves to follow it although they all knew that their own laws had Limited Censorship which throws this Article 19 out through the Window. The fraud was revealed by Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, who showed the signatories had signed so that they could fool Asia, the Orient, Latin America, Africa, the Islamic world and others in order to hypocritical look just and righteous.  Sweden for instance, while bragging about their adherence to the Article 19 externally, they at the same time bragged internally, that Holocaust Survivors Ditlieb Felderer  and Ahmed Rami should be persecuted and tortured.

       It reads: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold  opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.


ARVIDSSON  Lillemor  Landshovding on Gotland, a center where the Swedish corrupt politicians use to fabricate their intrigues.


ASA  She was a police who later got married to Hans Holmer.  Some say she was making love to a person from the Christer Pettersson and Sigge Cedergren’s sphere the night Palme got shot, and thus to have cheated on her husband, Hans Holmer.


ASHEDEN  Ann-Marie  She, along with Christina Jutterstrom, is to have made a deal in the back with Hans Holmer, to follow his daily routine for a lengthy time in finding Olof Palme’s murder  and possibly first publish it after the murderer was found.


ASHKENAZI     Member of one of the two great divisions of so called ”Jews,” but in fact Khazars who had adopted Talmudic Judaism, stemming from Eastern Europe. The other group is SEPHARDI.  This factual lineage must never be mentioned within Pentecostal Scofieldism as it destroys the very foundation of Dispensationalism which main thesis is, that ”Israel” today exist in fullfillment of Bible prophecy, hence, a work by God, and a such, must be fully supported and never criticized.  Dispensationalism stood much behind both of Bushes’ Iraq wars.

        If it is admitted Ashkenazi are of Khazar lineage, a group which adopted Mosaism, then obviously their offspring has nothing to do in Palestine seeing they never came from there.  This in turn would destroy the whole of Pentecostalism as their main ideology is built on the ”Return of the Jews.”


ASLING Nils G  Is to have helped his friend, ”Palme Hater Alf Enerstrom” out of custody after the family drama with Enerstrom’s wife, Gio Petre.


ASPLING  Sven  Former Social Democrat party secretary.


ASTROM  Sverker   A Swedish Foreign Department official who sought to make sense out of Sweden’s decadence and subversion of law, a thing that already was in full progress when Emil Sandstrom started his partition plan of Palestine for the Genocide Jews and money laundered Egyptian and Palestinian money for the Rothschilds.


ASSASSINATION   As you read this Blog, and this section, and find out about all the people being assassinated and injured in Sweden by Mossad, Sicarii agents, and Biblical and State fanatics, you may wonder:  “How do I escape of not being assassinated or Jack the Rippered in Sweden?”  

        Peace Activist and Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, who has survived numerous Genocide Jew attacks gives some basics how to make it more difficult for them to murder you.

1.  Find out who they are.  Their connection, their infra structure.  This can be done by going to such Blogs as this one, Radio Islam in Sweden, and a few other outlets. Just watch out so that the information received does not belong to yet another Sicarii and Zealot cut-throat group.

2.   Have as few friends and contacts as possible.  Investigate each contact the best way you can.  Avoid heavy contacts on the Internet and if need be, try to stand as anonymous as you can.

3.   Find out about your neighbour. To your surprise you may have the Mossad assassins just next door to you.

4.   Never partake of food with anyone you don’t know.  Not even coffee.  Without you seeing it he may put something in your drink.

5.    Try and be of the sporty type.  That helps you to be on the alert for the Jewish Genocide herd and their criminal elements who help them out.

6.    Never get into a dispute. Never shout or show yourself unruly, unless you are in danger and want to be observed. Never get angry.  Talk as little as possible.  Let the other talk and in this way you find out about him.

7.    Watch out on Swedish Subways. Try to cover your head with some protection as the Sicarii gang like to strike you on the head, usual with a feather iron baton. Never go near the rails.  First get close to the train once it has arrived and stopped.

8.    Mossad’s most liked tool was for a long time the telephone.  Through the telephone they would gather information and carry out threats.  Especially older people were attacked by them through this way. So use the telephone carefully, and if need be, tape their conversation, so should they murder you, you hopefully  still have some record.  Not that it may be of much comfort as the Swedish state of course in any case will absolve them.  But usually you don’t have to worry about it as they in the first place will keep it secret if they know it is the Genocide Jews who stand behind it. The Sicarii assassins only need to shout:  Auschwitz, Six Million, Holocaust, Antisemite, Neonazi, and the Swedish corrupt politician will come to their aid and absolve any terrorist act they do. They will neatly make it out that you are the assassin and troublemaker and they will have their Agneta Isborn Lind and Torsten Jonsson ready to prove before the rigged court you are the guilty.  So always be watchful.  Stay away from trouble.

9.   Avoid going out at nights.  If you have a dog with you this may give you some security.

10.  Never talk to the Swedish police.  They are either there to frame you or assist the killers. If they illegally accuse you for having said or written something blasphemic, Never, Never, speak to them. Not even a word. Be prepared they will kidnap you and you will be thrown in jail and be humiliated and tortured.  Try to grin and bear it, knowing their jails are full with Abu Ghraib workers who do anything the corrupt authorities ask them.  By torturing and abusing you they will obtain promotion with higher pay and good privileges. See more of this in how they manipulate, extract forced confessions, etc. under BERTIL WENNBERG; FORCED CONFESSIONS; POLICE-PARAMILITARY

11.  In Blasphemy cases never accept a Swedish lawyer.  They are all against you and only think of all the money and promotion they get by getting you found guilty. They will try and force a lawyer on you as they need him to make the ”kill” look Kosher, as they did with Peace Activist Felderer, forcing Genocide Jew stooge, Mats Bjorkenfeldt onto him.  Refuse to accept him.  Refuse to accept their play-actings through their Kangaroo Courts.  Don’t even walk.  Let them drag you to court.  Once there,  just hit the floor and stay there.  Read a good book if you wish while laying there such as George Orwell’s 1984.  That will bring you to reality of  the situation.  Should their cruel Abu Ghraib guards force you to stand up.  Refuse.  Don’t fight them.  If they lift you up, head for the floor again.  They will threaten they will torture and kill you.  Let them do whatever they have to do to get their wages and promotion.  You die only once. Should they start kicking you, perhaps by some signal of the cruel and corrupt ”judge,” then first start screaming as you never have in your life.  That is the only defense you got.  Don’t give them the enjoyment of poking that red-hot iron into your body. Don’t be so stupid as those people who excused their executioner by saying yes, when he asked those whom he should kill:  Will you excuse me?  Of course not. Each man is responsible on his own for his action. He is just a payed hireling, a Tormentor set in by the State to make their kill look Kosher.  You also know the judge or judges are all payed hirelings by the corrupt State.  Payed prostitutes who do anything to feather their own nest and line their own pockets.

12.  Know that every court you go through is a bogus court who go through the play-acting of impartiality.  The Swedish courts are riddled with Masonic cut-throats and their ready Mossad agents.  Each one is corrupt.  Most of them secretly act as agents for private firms.  The big shot judges are all Masons, secret clients for the Genocide Jews such as Bonnier and others, and career thirsty thugs walking over dead bodies to get there.  Be prepared that the verdict against you is guilty or so garbled concocted it is meaningless for you and only certifies their OK for terrorist acts.

13.   They will try to make an appearance of impartiality.  The only thing you need to say  before they start their Kangaroo Show Trial, is, that the court is partial. They then will run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to resettle the chairs on the deck. At their new Witch Trial Show they will ask you why you say the court is partial. Tell them you know,  and that is,  that if you would reveal the reasons they will either kill, torture,  or harass you for the rest of your life, and so you must stand silent.  You cannot incriminate yourself just so that they can continue on having their fancy dinners and plume up for their next night shows.

14.   Especially watch out for certain big shot courts where the Sicarii Thugs are freely operating, such those in Stockholm.  There for instance such hoodlums as Johan Hirschfeldt and Lennart Groll were playacting,  both certified Kosher boys who were involved with the humiliation and torture of Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer.  Its Supreme court is the same.  All serve as informers and act as clients for Bonnier and others.  Johan Munck was one who certified the humiliation and torture of Ditlieb Felderer.  There is not one honest person amongst them.  They are all frauds.  Partial hucksters who work by smearing you ”blasphemous” so that they can howl in that big money and privileges.

15.  When walking in Sweden never walk with your head down.  An umbrella with a sharp point can serve as a good deterrent against Sicarri muggers.  If you walk with your head down you miss in seeing your are being followed and hit in the back. That was Heimers, Pettersson, and others fault. Exercise you head every morning to move.  Up and down and sideways. At least 100 times in each direction.  When walking always look to all sides, even above as they may hide up on some roof, window, or tree to shoot you or throw chemicals or stones at you. By being awake and on the alert the Genocide Jews and their ready collaborators know you are on the alert. Know you are alone.  The police won’t  help you as they are all paramilitary police and stooges for the Genocide Jews.  So you must train yourself to always be awake when walking in Sweden, and know you are all alone amidst Bible thumping supporters of Biblical cruelties.  Expect to get mugged.  It’s the normal thing for peace loving people. 

16.  Absolutely never partake of alcohol outside your home in Sweden.  Even inside your home you are in danger as Sweden allows any mugger or bogus Mossad agent to enter your home.  Alcohol will stop you reaction and hinder clear thoughts.  Absolutely never take drugs, even those drugs dished out by pharmacies.  

17.   Don’t smoke.  You will be invited for a smoke. It may contain poison.  By not smoking, stating you get sick from it they miss out in getting you poisoned.  Furthermore, the Genocide Jews and their agents will ask you for a smoke in order to get close and slaughter you down.  By not smoking you can avert them this enjoyment for them to terrorize you.  Smoking is out if you want to live in Sweden and not end up in a casket and go up the chimney in a Swedish crematory.  The same goes for Drinking, and taking drugs.  Never, Never, and Just Never!

18.   Hashish, never use it.  Ruthless Mossad is expert in finding your week points. Any use of it will be your early grave and up the Mossad crematory chimney. Stay away from people using it.  Its use is a way for the System of Things to make you a slave for crooks and gangsters.  The best protection against Hashish or similar, is, by you not smoking, sniffing, or injecting any form of drugs.   Smoking is the introduction to all drugs.

19.   You stand a good chance of being hit on the head in Sweden.  Don’t take any chances.  If you defend yourself, then watch out.   The Genocide Jews and their agents will get hold of one of their pseudo-prosecutors, be that Helga Rossipal, Agneta Isborn Lind, Torsten Jonsson, Tora Holst, the country is filled with ready stooges for Zion, or some other Terrorist supporting pseudo-prosecutor just put there to defend legalized violence proscribed by the Chosen Race of God and their ever so ready hirelings. Best is to avoid any such situation, and by reading the above you can achieve some security though seeming hopeless in the violent society corrupt politicians have brought the country into.

19.   The Genocide Jews and their hirelings ever since the abortive Mossad vicious murder at open street in Lillehammer, Norway, of an innocent man, just waiting with his family to get home, are constantly tricksing up new tricks from their molded bags. Felderer who has often been attacked by these vicious Genocide Jews and their agents can give some hints, as these Sicarii killers now are a little more careful in using pistols, and have swung over, to stalk you, and then use some iron object, in most cases an iron-feather baton.  Under the heading  EYEGLASSES  and WIG you will get some good advise how to survive their vicious violent hate attacks.


Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer has survived numerous Genocide Jew attacks and their ready hirelings by applying the above simple precautions. Remember that these bloodsuckers will never tire out, so you must be constantly on the alert for them.  This is Sweden:  The Paradise for violent Genocide Jews, Mossad, Sicarii Thugs, and Blasphemy  screechers and muggers, all in there to shorten you life and make you go up in a Swedish chimney to the applause of their vicious, bloodhungry Chosen Race adepts and their faithful slaves.


ASSOR    R    A pen name used in Allgemine Judische Wochenzeitung to hurl Genocide Jew Supremacy abuses on, and,  demanding Governments should comply to the Jehovistic demands of the Genocide Supremacy Jews.


ATOM BOMB   Sweden was secretly developing nuclear bombs in order to lay flat the whole of Soviet Union.  Something to think about when the same country  at the same time travelled around the world declaring peace on earth to men of good will, while of course condemning editors to jail, degradation and torture for mere two cartoons.




AUSCHWITZ    If you just raped a young girl and you are caught in the act with the police ready to grab you, all you need to do is to shout Auschwitz!  Holocaust Survivor, Six Million, Victim of Hitler, Neonazi—and oh, don’t forget anti-Semite!, and the whole police corp along with the prosecutor and judges will tumble back for fear of getting that tag onto them. 

      Quicker than lightning the victim now becomes the young raped girl and the rescuer and honorable person the rapist Genocide Jew.  And why shouldn’t it?  The whole Christian Church is applauding when Jehovah God ordered the Chosen Race of People to get conquesting, rob the land,  assassinate all males and women, except for the young girls and babies who are selected out to be Gang Raped.  We have yet to hear one clergyman condemning all these cruelties and violence with terror done in the name of God.  Oh yes, the animals were also to be killed, trees destroyed, and city burned up.  

       Not once in the whole of the New Testament did Jesus Christ condemn this or speak against it.  So the Swedish authorities are only following well pathed old ways.  It is the perfect atmosphere for a cruel, power hungry master religion,  in there with its arsenal spy machinery, already cemented in the Bible, and operate just as they want.  

       Just take the case of Ditlieb Felderer.  There a totally innocent person was slaughtered down, humiliated and tortured, having all his home destroyed in wanton vandalism, and his work stolen by the state licensed hooligans, and no complains.  Instead you may hear of Scientologists accused of doing some silly thing, or some other group going beyond a bit.  

       You never hear of all the evils, race hate, and vicious activities which are caused by the Genocide Jews and their satellites of front groups all ready to move in with violence and terror when called.

       And if they are caught.  All they need to shout is Auschwitz! and faster than you can count to three in the Six of the six million concocted up killed Jews, the case is solved.  Try it out!  You will be astounded to see how easily it works.


AUSCHWITZ  EXIT   A book exposing the racket of Martyrology-Exterminationism that came out in Sweden in 1979.  See: ISBN 91-85560-15-4.  It is mostly in English, and the first real attempt to analyze the Martyrology Cult by material evidence. Some of it had been published prior though.  It brought a shock wave to the whole Martyrology-Exterminationism cult which were so thoroughly knocked out they still haven’t woken up today.


AUSONIUS  John Wolfgang Alexander    Lasermannen, or The Laser Man.  A Serial Killer who shot 11 people, killing one.  As such he must go into history as  the man  who shot most and killed only one.  He was extremely unhappy about immigrants all of them shot were such.  At an early start it was believed he may be the killer of Palme but he was in prison by that time.  

         He had also shot a da Costa and this got mixed up with the Jack the Ripper Levitical slaughter of  Judith, Jewess Prostitute, Catrine da Costa. 


AUTOPSY    After Milan Valverius had done Autopsy on Olof Palme on Saturday, he was taken off all further dealings with the case which now came in the hands of Caglistro self-named  Auschwitz  “Jew,” Jovan Rajs, and in good Kosher fashion, all papers concerning  Olof Palme disappeared.


AUTOPSY  ROOM  What sort of places are Swedish hospitals?  If we are to accept the general reasoning of the Levitical Slaughtered, Mata Hari, Judith Jewesss Prostitute Catrine da Costa, she was brought, apparently fully clothes to one of Sweden’s most modern hospitals, then passing through the various stages of getting registered in to the hospital, apparently brought by stretcher with the help of orderlies to the autopsy room.  Yet no one has a record of it, nor has come forward to witness such a body having brought there.

          No less astounding, is, that a young baby girl, some 1 1/2 years old is also inside the autopsy room, being one of the two medics now preparing the autopsy of the woman. Apprently both these medics feel it is perfectly normal to have a baby inside this place and both seem to be unworried about what happens if someone enters the room and sees the baby girl there.  This baby girl, is then used by the mother who was in a divorce case as ”evidence” that the two medics should have ritually slaughtered da Costa in a ritual action that would have taken quite some time.

         Two years later the mother of the young baby girl is to have had her daughter played in on a tape what happened to her while there where she is supposed to have seen two men chopping da Costa up.  However, since then the tape had disappeared, so she now verbally in court relates the contents of the tape.

         This whole thing, even if 10 percent true, certainly doesn’t give one much respect for Swedish hospitals where seemingly anyone can just walk in with a body from the street and start cutting it up for then to be put into plastic sacks for further distribution. And of course, take your kids with you to see the macabre session of Levitical Ritual Slaughter. 


AVSAN  Anti  Judge and policeman. Claimed to be a deranged policeman. He was involved with the  police force  bejsbollligan, and later was selected to be judge by Professor in criminal law, Christian Diessen, and came to work for Stockholms Tingsratt, the same place kidnapped Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer was brought by Thug Torsten Jonsson, and summary found guilty of blasphemy by the Mason and Genocide Jewish adept, Lennart Groll, who later also, falsely accused Christer Pettersson for having murdered Olof Palme. Olle Alsen had it to that he may be Palme’s killer, but at that time  Avsan evidently was at Helsingborg. It is claimed that two Finish girls saw him with a weapon that night Palme was murdered. 


AWAKE!   A magazine used by Jehovah’s Witnesses to spread the Anne Frank Drug Culture and Israeli terrorism.  In the 1960’s it became the World’s most massive magazine spreading lies about the Roman Catholic Church and Pius 12 in order to steal members from the Church.  It is one of the world’s leading magazines spreading Jewish Martyrology-Exterminationism, possible in fear of the Genocide Jews who have their center in USA there where they also are: Brooklyn, New York.

       Also see: Jehovah’s Witnesses; Jehovah; Holocaust; Olah; Watchtower


AXBERGER  Hans Gunnar    Yet another bureaucratic boondoggler set in by the Fahrenheit 451, Chancellor of Justice, Goran Lambertz, to clear up cases of people being unjustly in jail. Was involved with the evident paramilitary police murder of Osmo Vallo. Lambertz had come to a new reality that in Sweden the courts don’t worry much of putting innocents in jail.

        Like all Swedish bureaucrats he is set in to silence and ignore complaints.


BACKSTROM  Allan   A policeman who together with Jovan Rajs went to the slaughter house to find out how professionals cut up their meat. The great fabulist, Jovan Rajs, has gone through various stages of Levitical butchering of da Costa, such as butcher of cheep, kitchen maid, and expert doctor. There is no end in fantasy when it comes to the House of Zion.


BALDERSSON  Bo   Pen name used by Ebbe Carlsson.  Also see: Bo Phanderson.


BARLING  Jan   Used by Swedish SAPO to hunt innocent people who may reveal crimes of its paramilitary police.




BAHRTINE Annika   The ditched wife of Goran Persson.


BASEBALL-LIGAN   Name of a group of paramilitary police set in to combat the unruly Stockholm, named so for the cap they wore.  Anti Avsan belonged to it but later was promoted as Judge at Stockholms Tingsratt. Two known paramilitary police belonging to them were Thomas Piltz and Leif  Tell. 


BATON, SPRING BULLET    Ever since the clumsy assassination of of the ruthless and cruel Mossad in the Lillehammer murder when guns were used, the Genocide Jews have felt the risk of detection even though for that murder they only got a few weeks and then travelled  home first class to Israel and brag about it; and now sometimes switch to the use of Spring Bullet Baton;  a much liked weapon for murder due to its silence in execution.

        It consists of a handle, sometimes with a leather strap to pass your hand through and giving you a secure grip.  By making a quick twist an iron bullet fastened on spring, springs out which is then used by the Genocide Jews and their agents in striking people secretly on the head, which is done by stalking them. 

        The weapon virtually leaves no sound, nor the person who is struck hard by it. Nor does it leave an identifiable bullet and it is hard through autopsies to find out what weapon exactly was used.  Therefore it is a much liked weapon by the Sicarii Jews and their agents.

         The Sicarii death weapon is primarily used when the victim is alone.  It is virtually useless in the case of two Jewish Genocide victims as it requires some skill to smash two people on the head with it.

           In the 1960’s and onward it was mostly bought in Spain and then imported to Sweden where sometimes people wore them for hoping protection. Under WIG and HAIR information is given on how to protect oneself against the vicious Sicarii smashing for the sake of spreading  The House of Zion and Everlasting Peace on their terms in making Goyim the happy slave.


BECKEUS     Former husband of Anna-Greta Leijon


BEGIN  Menachem


BEJEROT  Nils    A medic and Professor of Autopsy. He was active when the full hysterical rage ravaged Sweden with the Anne Frank Drug Culture.  He got his house burned down at Bromma, apparently for not wanting free drugs. He seems to have believed Lisbet Palme shot her husband.


BERGENSTRAND  Klaes   The politicians have so little faith in its own people that they set in their own people, such as when they put in Bergenstrand on the Palmegruppen set in  to clear up Palme’s death but which worked as disinformation.  He became Riksaklagare, and was so in 2003 when he said that the quality of the police had to improve in order to prevent people from appealing, and for this he was put to work.  But his own failure with the Palmegruppen indicated to where it would lead.


BERGLING  Stig   The day before Olof Palme was killed, Bergling, a supposed spy, was given the freedom to flee, perhaps with the intention to accuse him for the murder of Palme, and then to kill him in order to cover up all traces of their crime. Instead of fleering, he came back to jail.  Berling was sitting in Norrkoping jail where he met Lars Tingstrom, who at that time believed he would be fred.  They talked over that they would meet at a famous restaurant at Beirut.


BERGLOW  Sture  Bus driver who drove bus 43 the night Palme was murdered. It was the bus where paramilitary police Thomas Piltz is supposed to have acted strange.  SAPO, Lars Borgnas and Olle Alsen had made him believe he would get the 50 millions who found the killer.  It ended up with that he lost his job, wife, and health. 


BERNADOTTE    Folke   He was viciously assassinated by the Genocide Jewish terrorist, Stern Gang, Itzchak Shamir and two others, on a Friday, the same day Olof Palme was assassinated, 17 September 1948, together with a well-known, French  intelligence officer, Col. Andre Pierre Serot.  Finding out how easy it was to get away with assassinating people on the street, Mossad, started to widely use this method of Sonderkommando killings.

         In 1946 Bernadotte became president of the Swedish Red Cross, and on 20 May 1948, he was appointed UN peace mediator in Palestine.  His work there was a disaster for not only Palestinians, but also the whole world as events have shown.

         The assassination of Bernadotte by the Genocide Jewish terrorists is all the more astounding, seeing Bernadotte actually belonged to that group of misguided individuals who opted for partition of Palestine.  Bernadotte was totally ignorant that the so called ”Jews” coming from Soviet Union, and which Stalin pushed out thinking they be useful as Fifth Columnists; that these bogus Jews had no prior connection to the land in question, but were of Khazar origin, a group of people in Russia who adopted Talmudic Judaism.  In other words:  Why was this seemingly beneficial victim for the Genocide Jews murdered? Did he not want the country partitioned, and so the bogus Jews, the Chosen Race of God,   had their Milk and Honey promised Jehovah land?

       Wrong.  The Genocide Jews wanted it all.  From the River Nile to Euphrates, Jehovah God, had promised them their land.  So, in fact, Bernadotte was a traitor to the terrorist Genocide Jews. His partition plan was ”blasphemous.” ”We want it all, or nothing,” was their Joshua terrorist camp song. 

        Another reason was, the terrorist Genocide Jews, had a room just opposite to where Bernadotte was living in Palestine.  They heard him saying, that what he had seen in Palestine, and the way the Genocide Jews were treating Palestinians, that was worse than anything he, as a Red Cross representative had seen in German Relief Camps.  That was the statement for his assassination.  After the terrorist Genocide Jews had assassinated him, a real huckster, very little spoken about took upon himself to split Palestine in two, namely the Mafioso Emil Sandstrom; who, he and his friends were out for grabbing Egyptian money belonging to poor peasants who had land.  The money launderer, Emil Sandstrom, succeeded in his scheme, and the stolen loot was then distributed in England between the Rothschilds and their friends.

        Although the murderers of Folke Bernadotte were well known and applauded all over Israel for their valiant assassination of the Swede and Frenchman, they were never charged, and travelled freely all over Europe, not as terrorists, but as heros.  Evidently, a terrorist is one whom the Genocide Jews have designated a terrorist.

         Up now comes the Simon Wiesenthal gang.  Wiesenthal, a former Nazi collaborator, and Jewish Sonderkommando, was now put in by the Israeli spy network to camouflage, and deflect Genocide Jewish terrorism and assassination. He now started to chase after, often fictive German victims to deflect the various Mossad operations in Europe.  The other side were the terrorists and assassins. Not them.

        Their criminal operations were so crazy that when the Wiesenthal Mafia Gang were invited by UNESCO to a meeting at Barcelona they at once on landing, held a meeting with the media, stating that in Spain lived a most dangerous person whose name was Ditlieb Felderer.  His crime?  He was selling material showing how to assassinate people, especially Islamists!  Hence, the Peace Activator, Ditlieb Felderer, was now twisted by the Wiesenthal Mafia as a ”terrorist”!   And what was the evidence?  Pure wind.

         UNESCO  was later contacted about this as the Wiesenthal terrorist Mafia had made it out that the UNESCO meeting was about Ditlieb Felderer.  In investigating the whole matter they found out that the meeting had nothing at all to do with Ditlieb Felderer and that the Wiesenthal Gang had invented the whole thing!

         So watch out! When a Genocide Jew is at work stating he is doing something important you can be sure he is up to some more of his dirty tricks and disinformation.

        Olof Palme would refer to the murder of Folke Bernadotte,  which the Genocide Jews hated him for.  By dividing the country into two equal parts, Bernadotte, certainly never believed that the Genocide Jews would never allow it.


BIBLE RESEARCHER   A publishing outlet created by Bearer of Good News and Glad Tidings, Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer  in the 1970’s.  It has the ISBN 91 85560.  The peace outlet was soon attacked by warmongering Mossad and Israeli agents who sought to stop it via bomb threats, terrorist attacks, and Witch Trials, of which, Peace Bringer Ditlieb Felderer got two against his anti-racist and peace bringing activities.  Behind these vicious racist Genocide Jewish attacks stood a constant barrage of religious and political power junkies, all in there to line their own pockets and feather their own nests at the cost of Felderer being thrown to Gulag, tortured and humiliated.                                                                                               


BICYCLE   Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, was likely the first person who seriously took up the claim that the mass murdering Jewish Sonderkommando Serial Killers were bicycling inside the Gas Chambers according to Martyrologist-Extermination testimonies,  to keep fit for the killing of their six million Jews, all in order to murder some more of their kins.


BILDT   Carl   He was Sweden’s Prime Minister when he put Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, under persecution and torture.  He was Prime Minister from  1991-4. While persecuting and torturing innocent victims at home, he travelled outside his country and demanded from the people to respect free speech, a thing which he at home in his own country denied.

        He, like the rest of the corrupt Swedish politicians have once again been reqeusted by Ditlieb Felderer to start investigating not only the terrorists acts done to him, his Philippine wife, and invalid mother, but also other acts of persecution and terror which Sweden’s corrupt politicians have let Felderer to go through.  Carl Bildt, has refused point- blank  to investigate, possible hoping that Felderer be assassinated and thus be spared the embarrassment to tell that his own party along with the Genocide Jews lead by Rabbi Morton Narrowe, stood behind these crimes of terror.

       Another interesting aspect with Carl Bildt is his disinterest in clearing up the Olof Palme murder.  For instance, when Jerry Martinger came to him he got rid of him because he was messing in the Palme murder.  Yet, when he got ears about the tax evasion from USA of Olof Palme, he wanted it published, and he went not to his own party newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet, but to the Liberal Party paper, Expressen, and they neither had any interest.  

        But should this be so strange?  Is not their hesitation based on being afraid that their own members would now be investigated who likely were involved with much bigger things than Palme, and so one declined?


BJORCK  Anders    A Freemason Swedish politician, like so many others. 


BJORKENFELDT  Mats   A pseudo-lawyer pushed onto Ditlieb Felderer by Sweden’s corrupt politicians at his second Witch Trial.  Felderer dismissed him as a stooge and impostor,  working on behalf of the Prosecution.  In spite of that he did virtually nothing, apart from picking his nose, he obtained an enormous sum of money from the State for being able to glue himself onto Felderer. He worked with an equal qualified stooge impostor, Ingemar Folke, who was supposed to defend Felderer at his first Witch Trial. Their  Kosher law firm is called Hjalmar Petris Advokatbyra.


BJORKLUND  Bertil  Cancer Professor and friend of Alf Enerstrom.


BLAIR   Tony  He had a vision from heaven to proceed on with he Iraq war. Perhaps he saw oil dripping into his back yard.


BLOCK 24    The house at Auschwitz Relief Camp where the Brothel was located for the inmates, and where Jewish prostitute volunteers worked.


BODSTROM   Lennart    He worked as Sweden’s Foreign Minister when he helped in forcing Holocaust Survivor and Good News Bringer Ditlieb Felderer into Concentration Camp to be humiliated and tortured.  To obfuscate these criminal activities, Bodstrom, decides to contact Amnesty International which by that time was embroiled in a power fight.  It was between the fat cats of Amnesty International and the lean cats.  The fat cats were the Amnesty International’s executives, like Bodstrom himself.  The fat cats demanded executive wages in order to impress upon the world that Amnesty International indeed now had attained to the civilized level.

        The lean cats were those demonstrating outside Amnesty International’s office in Stockholm, stating why should the fat cats have all these privileges, when they, the lean cats were slaving for nothing?  The fat cats won, and got their executive wages.  The lean cats went home, ate their fish and vanished inside the garbage containers.

        All this action resulted in that as far as we know, Amnesty International did not even one report about the humiliations and torture of Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer. There can be no doubt that Bodstrom’s Sweden’s Foreign Office partly stood behind the terrorist attacks against Ditlieb Felderer, his Philippine wife, and invalid mother, being inflamed to do so by Mossad and their agents of the Genocide Jewish main Synagogue Sicarii men.

        He owns a huge sector on the island of Faro, just close to Visby, where the corrupt Swedish politicians congregate like flies on manure to fabricate their next intrigue against innocent persons whom they can persecute to obtain extra notoriety in the Swedish corrupt media, all run by them.


BODSTROM   Thomas    In Sweden, as elsewhere, children of politicians, of ourse, must also enter into the picture.  And so in regular style, the son of  Lennart Bodstrom must also join the fat cats.  He is now made into Sweden’s Justice Minister and one of the first great achievements he does is to start persecuting Holocaust Survivor Ahmed Rami. Some say these illegal acts of Thomas Bodstrom got manufactured on the island of Gotland, where he and his father own a huge sector, and where Sweden’s corrupt politicians often meet to plan and construct their next intrigue.

        He sends a horde of the Swedish Death Squads, all covered up to disguise their former crime activities.  Through this racial hate attack, Ahmed Rami has to leave the place.  And this is the method of all Sweden’s corrupt politicians for what came out of this illegal raid engineered by Thomas Bodstrom?  Nothing, except for that Holocaust Survivor Ahmed had to flee.

        Can anyone doubt  that we are here confronted with hard-core political criminals who are all in there to line their own pockets and feather their own nests?  And to do so they find scapegoats whom they hope they can get away with it.


BOFORSAFFAREN  Olof Palme had just together with India’s Radjiv Gandhi talked to thousands of people about peace on earth, and in coming back from their public performance of peace on earth, signed an agreement of Bofors weapon sales of canons and nuclear material, giving India their atom bomb.


BOHMAN  Gosta   Formerly party leader of Moderaterna living on Ostermalmsgatan close to Lars-Eric Petersson of SKANDIA who got involved with criminal money laundering.


BOJERUD  Boje   Wrote a book about U-boat Ulven together with Hans von Hofsten.


BOK  Derek      Married to Jan Myrdal’s sister Sissela. He invited Olof Palme to hold a speech at Harvard for which money earned should go to pay Palme’s son, Joakim, who then got to live in Emma Rothschild’s house at Harvard; and which money Palme did not declare and he was found guilty of tax evasion.


BOK  Sissela   Sister of Jan Myrdal who was involved with the money Palme got for holding a discourse at Harvard, and which he did not declare involving him in a tax evasion affair for which he was found guilty.  Maybe a  big thing then, but today? Who cares?  All politicians do it.


BOLLING  Leif    Cousin of Olof Palme, who, prior to Palme’s death had heard him saying that he was threatened by police and felt it as to have ”att ha fatt loppor i palsen.” This seems to be the initial step of Polissparet. The curious point here, is, that the cousin suggested to Palme that it should be able to trace the call.  It seems that Palme did not know that the telephone had been infiltrated by Mossad and their agents and they knew what was going on in Palme’s house.


BOMB   Peace Activator and Good News Proclaimer, Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, received endless of bomb threats in Sweden.  Rather interesting fact seeing Sweden makes peace its propaganda.  The constructions of such bombs could be gotten from, The Anarchist Cookbook.  But every Civil Defense have plans and books on how to make bombs and are readily available to all.  Prosecutor Sigurd Dencker’s house was blown up and burned down  on 16 July 1982, with one emergent criminal, Roger Hanell dead, who may have been the maker of the bomb intended to bomb up a bank the next day.  He was living in the house, being invited to do so.  

       Many of he bomb threats Felderer received were traced from the Genocide Jewish Hillel Stchool, connected with Rabbi Morton Narrowe and other Gaza supporting massacre killers.

       Ernst Zundel received a mail bomb, but it gets detected and is destroyed by the Canadian police.  See: BOMB – MAIL




BOMB – MAIL    Under no circumstances should you accept mail of a certificate type.  Mossad is specialist in making it out the mail comes from someone else. If the certificate mail comes from the police, take note.  In Sweden anyone can make themselves out as police.  There is no control. A Judge is never involved with anything of vital cause. Many of its paramilitary police are totally corrupt. Someone may just get hold of police mail, and make it out it comes from them.

        Also, the mail may not contain a bomb but some chemical that will kill you. If you get hurt by a bomb or some chemical, and even if the culprit is found, and he starts shouting Auschwitz, Six Million, Holocaust Denier, Antisemite, and what have you, you will be the guilty one because you criticized them and according to Swedish law that is not allowed.  Best is therefore to ignore mail, no matter how certain it looks.  Look at Ernst Zundel.  Someone had mailed to him a letter bomb in Canada.  But Canada wasn’t interested in that.  Its corrupt politicians were only interested to please the Genocide Jews.  And so, Ernst Zundel, landed inside a Concentration Camp of torture. That’s reality.  And you have to learn that. The politicians are totally corrupt.  All their interest is to line their own pockets and feather their own nests.  So don’t take chances!


BOMBMANNEN   Tingstrom was so called when falsely accusing him to have planted a bomb at Skattehuset in Stockholm.  The Prosecutor set out to frame him was the same Prosecutor, Torsten Jonsson, who kidnapped Ditlieb Felderer.


BOOKBURNING    Sweden’s endless of gag laws have their origin in Bible law, as when Moses tolerated no opposition and rivalry, and such scripture proofs as Paul vigorously burned up books he in typical later Swedish fashion dubbed ”sorcery”.  See Acts 19:19,20.  Evidently reading this he earned money in his Fahrenheit 451 activities and thus perhaps made his living from burning books he deemed ”sorcery.”  Or, perhaps he just made it out he was burning them and secretly tucked them away for his own use, or sell them on the black market.

       In Sweden the main Bookburner, Mr Fahrenheit 451 is the Inquisitor, Chancellor of Justice.  However he is usually an ignorant illiterate, and as the laws are very confusing there is a Byrachef  who takes care of the actual Fahrenheit 451 acts.  For a long time the document forger was  Bertil  Wennberg who obtained an enormous amount of money manipulating and forging evidence and preparing the heating up of the fire by his aid in humiliating and torturing innocents for his own lust and cravings for money.


BORG   Arne   Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, has stated that he can thank Arne Borg a lot in training him in swimming for surviving the many terrorist acts perpetrated by the sadistic Genocide Jews and their agents.


BORGNAS   Lars  Accused in a series of TV programs that the two medics at Solna did the Levitical butchering of da Costa and used the term ”seriemordare” for them.


BORGSTROM  Klas  A lawyer working as a disinformer for the Olof Palme case. He is the brother of  Annette Kullenberg and wrote a book, PALME-RATTEGANGEN, in which he proposes the absurd claim that Christer Pettersson killed Olof Palme.


BORN  AGAIN   A doctrinal term within the Zionist cult of Pentecostalism, the Scoefieldites, who see ”Israel” is fulfilling Bible prophecies and who adore their cruelties and racial Supremacy, claiming they are justified by Jehovah’s command.  

        In actuality the term Born Again is a sex word meaning that a person stands ready for erection,  copulation and deliverance.  Also see: CIRCUMCISION, ERECTION, FORESKIN, GUILT, HOLOCAUST, PENIS,  SAVED, SIN


BOSTADSRATTSFORENING    It seems these groups ostensible the means of living quarters are involved with a lot more, such as keeping  up an ideological warfare against supposed ”blasphemous enemies of the State,” which means, not swallowing everything the State dishes out by means of its corrupt media.


BRA   Short for: Brtottsorebyggande Radet.




BRATT  Peter  Work on the revealing of the deception run by IB for FiB/Kulturfrontm, together with Jan Gillou and Hakan Isacsson.  He was charged for spying by the spies.




BRATTSTROM-WITT  Ebba  Was an initiator to GRUPP 8, a seemingly scatterbrained association of disgruntled lost in the wood females which also Lisbet Palme belonged to, perhaps joining by slipping on a banana peel. 


BRODERNA  MOZART  A film by Suzanne Osten which the Palme family saw at Grand when Olof Palme was shot to death.


BRODERSKAPSRORELSEN  A group of Christians for the Socialist Party who basically agree with the Scofieldite Pentecostals on the issue of Palestine; that is, that it is the Palestinians who are  the robbers of the land, not the Genocide Jews.


BROMMA   At Bromma Airport, Anna Lindh, secretly arranges for that two Egyptians are brought via USA airplane to Egypt to be tortured.


BROTHEL AT AUSCHWITZ    One would perhaps think that when the news got out about the Jack the Ripper cut up of  high society Jewish prostitute Catrine de Costa, now at least Sweden would be informed about the Auschwitz Brothel at Block 24 where Jewish volunteer prostitutes and others worked.  But Alas!  The Swedes weren’t even informed the cut up victim, Catrine de Costa, was a Jewess, a Judith, used by Mossad to infiltrate the High Society.  What crime against the Kosher Kahal rules had she made? Something like Spinoza?  Or worse?  Or, were they now getting a bit scary over her heroin need?  She could instead of being a benefit, being a squealer. A mole turning mole the other way around. Thus she had to go.  And when going, why not use it also to gain promotion?  So one could infiltrate the police corp?  And thus strike two flies in one swipe!


BRUCHFELDT   Stephane    Sometimes seen spelt Bruchfeld


BULLET    A thing which clearly shows the slight-of-hand methods of the Master of Ceremony Swedish paramilitary police, Hans Holmer, is the dishing out that Sweden sent away Lisbet Palme’s coat and two found bullets for technical investigation.

         When we heard this news we were lead to believe that Palme was shot at twice and that the bullets had penetrated his body, and so were found.  Again, as with all the disinformation dished out by the Power Junkies that be, that is not the case. 

         Those bullets do not belong to the calibre Palme was shot with, and no bullet penetrated his body.   One bullet entered his body from behind and split up once inside his body.  So the two bullets found had nothing to do with Palme and where and how they were discovered no one knows. They were not found by the police, and the how and whom has never been answered. Moreover, if we have two bullets, plus one inside Palme’s body, that makes three bullets, not two.  So were there then three shots.  But only two shots were heard.

         Obviously there is something radically wrong here. Two shots were heard. One bullet enters Palme. Two bullets are supposedly found. But these bullets have nothing to do with Palme.  None of them penetrated his body. Nor are they of the same calibre. Conclusion:  The bullets are  bogus bullets entering into the story in order to deflect and confuse people.  Also, one bullet from a light calibre weapon enters Palme.  That leaves one bullet which has not been found.

         The two bullets which were later found were not shown to Milan Valverius and their suspicious appearance brings in new qestions, especially so as they have nothing to do with the weapon Palme was shot with.  In full haste the bullets are sent to FBI and to Bundes Kriminal Amt in Wiesbaden, instead of to the Swedish KTL, Kriminaltekniska Laboratoriet i Linkoping, which could have prepared similar findings, and just as well.  How much money all this shipping around has cost Swedish taxpayers is still not told.

         There are three people playing in the field here. Olof Palme and his wife Lisbet. The third person is unknown. Could it be that the person approaching Palme seemingly to talk to him, had no pistol? That Lisbet had a pistol. She shoots off two bullets.  Her pistol is an ordinary start pistol.  The first bullet holder is like an ordinary start pistol.  The second one has been bored through. Two shots are heard.  The first shot coming from the ordinary hole of the pistol.  It makes nothing. The second one has its opening bored through, and this time Palme gets shot with a real bullet.

        Somewhere along these lines it must have happened unless we start surmising the whole thing was a show.  Palme was just faking it, in order to escape his tax, Aids, and other problems.  But that gets us in the mess of those people who shortly after attended Palme. Or, are we to assume these also were staged into the movie?

In this way someone can soon make out that Palme staged the whole thing just to get away and that he may  be still alive somewhere, just as some claim Hitler is on the South Pole.

         This leads us back to the reality track. The most likely one to have shot Palme was his wife who the next day anyway went on a theatre.  Seemingly the shock had left her rather quickly. And this being so obvious is the reason why none of the Swedish Power Junkies want to touch it. Here is a conspiracy either you want it or not and the only one to really profit out of it was Mossad with its Israel. The plot had been created long before.  For the plot to function confusion was necessary. They had found out about Palme’s movements and they acted accordingly. The thunderous Jehovah had stricken with his zealous anger.  Dead again was a man. Not in Lillehammer, or some other place.  No, but on Sveavagen in Stockholm a wintry 28 February 1986.

       See:  Smoking Gun


BUNDESKRIMINAL  AMT  WEISBADEN  One of the two places where the alleged found two bullets  and Lisbet’s alleged shot through coat were sent for analysis. In the book written by the Holocaust Survivor and Bringer of Good News and Glad Tidings Ditlieb Felderer, ANNE FRANK DIARY A HOAX, Felderer writes that tests should be made to the alleged writings of the alleged Diary in order to determine its authenticity, which later was done, showing corrections had been done in a ball point pen,  at that time not on the market first after 1951, which means the following:  Expert Opinions had been given that ALL the writings, of course including the corrections, belong to the same hand.  

          This now brought the Anne Frank Diary into a particular precarious position, seeing the corrections show a date of 1951, which means the Diary could not have been written at all, if even in existence, seeing Anne Frank died in 1945 of Spotted Fever. Hence, a ghost must have written the Diary and it could even by this maddening revelation be proven in court that what we see in front of us isn’t there.           This happens when a bunch of scam boys supporting Genocide Jewish Supremacy start running the show. See:



A racist Apartheid, Genocide Jewish front used by corrupt Gemany politicians to gain power over German youth heavily infiltrated by Mossad and its front groups. It consists of applying Germany’s Medieval Limited Censorship laws and forbid material it deems is against Scoefieldism: Jewish Supremacy doctrine.  It also enters into the visual media where it constantly dictates its morality rules to be obeyed.  It has a number of perverts working there who all obtain high salaries to keep quiet and helps in spreading the Anne Frank Drug Culture and its adjoined Suicide Mania. 

            If anything deems to be dangerous for the youth, that is, that the youth may awaken and see they are being bamboozled by a Mafia of Orwellian  1984 conmen, they will  through Police State methods  deny the businesses to carry such items. Only items Kosher to them and approved by ”Israel,” is allowed to be sold.

            It should not be confused with the Swedish group of the same name.


BURG  Josef  G    Actual name Gingsburg.   A remarkable Eastern Jew who testified for Ernzt Zundel at his Censororship trial.  Burg marvelously prevented the partial Judge to silence him.  As to so called ”Survival Witnesses” he stated on witness stand:  ”When these witnesses first were to go through the Jewish ritual oath, then would, 95 percent  of the witness created utterance  put and end to the lying!”

          It is evident he was aware that most of these ”testimonies” were fabricated up by the Genocide Jews and were lies.  But then, it would have been a bit more difficult to get all that pension money from Austria and Germany.


BUTZ  Arthur    the author of the Hoax of the Twentieth Century, a pioneer investigative work on Martyrology-Exterminationism which influenced many to take a second look at this Genocide Jewish cult.


CAGLIOSTRO, Count Alessandro di, Giuseppe Balsamo   A vagabond and one of the greatest gifted conman ever, able to fool the highest society, especially with his Freemasonic claims. According to investigator Ditlieb Felderer our universities, religions and business are replete with such conmen, and in Sweden one can mention ”professor” Jovan Rajs, a mole who has infiltrated the police and then got the ”professor” title after Olof Palme’s death.


CANON  TYPESTAR 3   The model  typewriter Holocaust Survivor and Glad Tidings Bearer, Ditlieb Felderer, used for many years in editing his material which came into millions.


CANTICLE O F CANTICLES  also called SONG OF SOLOMON.  A Bible sex book.


CASTRATE    Jesus and his Apostles may have been Castrated due to their views on women and thus have belonged to a sect of Castrates.


CARLSSON   Tryggve  Editor who published a book on the Levitical Slaughtered Catrine da Costa, written by Hanna Ohlsson.  Owned Carlssons Forlag. 


CARLSSON  Ebbe   Olof Palme’s perhaps closest friend.  He was a Homosexual, who also died from it on 4 August, 1992, at Huddinge Hospital, 44 years old.  Had an editorial job with the anti-Spinoza, Zionist Jewish outfit, Bonnier.  Such a job only a Kosher approved sweeper with a broom could get.  He worked together with the policeman, Hans Holmer, on the Olof Palme murder, claiming the Kurds stood behind it.  Also helped in smuggling in equipment to tap telephones. Some claim he infected Olof Palme with AIDS.

        He published several novels under Bonnier, using such pen names as Bo Baldersson and Bo Phandersson. The son of Palme, Marten Palme, worked with him when he was taken over from Tiden to the Zionist outfit, Bonnier.

        At the same time Christer Pettersson was falsely charged in court Ebbe Carlsson was in court with others for weapon smuggling and other infractions.

        Hans Holmer is to have had daily contact with him for 20 years.


CARLSSONS  FORLAG   Owned by Trygve Carlsson who published a deflection book on the Ritual Slaughter of Catrine da Costa by Habbag Ohlsson.


CARTOON    Ditlieb Felderer was the first person in Europe to be humiliated and tortured for a cartoon, and also put inside Concentration Camp for it.  Nazi Germany has no record of such a happening and not even the Roman Catholic Church ventured that far.



       Also see:  Thure Nassen; Oxen; Jewish Narcotic Dealer; Anne Frank Drug Culture; Narcotics;  Narcotic Dealer; Narkotikaspanare; Narkotikalangare


CENSORSHIP    A serious question that must be asked, is, the Genocide Jews like to attack Hitler for his Censorship, yet along with their Christian bed mates, the Pentecostals or Scofieldites are the foremost demanding and using Censorship. Evidently the Genocide Jews have learned very little from their persecution as they implement and demand Censorship against anyone they deem a threat.

           Another hidden aspect by whole of Europe, is, all of Europe has Limited Censorship, that which Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and others condemned as evil, and USA is the only country in the world with a  law on Unlimited Censorship.  The corrupt European politician, a totally ignorant person in every case, never mentions about this.  This that the whole of Europe continue to maintain Dark Ages laws which are totally at variance with modern technique.

           One of the big reasons why the death of Olof Palme has not been cleared up is because of Sweden’s Limited Censorship.  People just aren’t interested to delve into issues, or report, when they know they stand a good chance of being put in jail for some blasphemous thought or writing.  Why take the risk?  It’s better to just go along with the crowd, and with time all will forget about Olof Palme.

           Moreover, the European corrupt politician, really believes that Limited Censorship is Unlimited Censorship for he has never been told the difference. Limited Censorship is nothing but Voodooism, Superstition and Sorcery made into law.  It is a paper tiger for anyone can just photocopy the ”blasphemy” and then spread it without anyone knowing who did it. Hence, the law is just a cover-up like the donkey who put on a lion’s skin to look fearful.  It is impossible to stop ”blasphemy” today of any sort.  Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, has spread his blasphemy for some 40 years, and even with being put into Concentration Camps, he has continued.

              Those wanting to study up on Censorship and how it developed in the Christian-Jewish environment can turn to: Leonard V Levy, Blasphemy, a standard work on Censorship.

         See: Internet Provider; Spinoza, Limited Censorship; Law; Inquisition, Bookburning; Fahrenheit 451; Blasphemy; Totalitarianism;




CHIMNEY    The huge chimney outside  the faked ”Gas Chamber” at Auschwitz is a fake.  It has no heat cannel to the four furnaces inside.  Visitors are lied to believe the chimney is authentic.  

       Another case of a chimney, but this time a real chimney, yet showing the fraudulent claims of the Anne Frank ploy, is the chimney connected to the Anne Frank House at Amsterdam.  This chimney had to be swept clean often  and in order to get to it one had to go through the so called Secret Annex  and done so by the Chimney Sweeper and thereby nicely proving the Anne Frank Story to be a hoax, for then, it was no secret and instead known to all.  See:




CIRCUMAMBULATION    A Jewish rite to ritualistically circle on foot while sticking the Penis into the rectum of the person ahead, which was apparently also done in the dance around the Golden Calf;  at the cruel destruction of Jericho and other cities before he women were Gang Raped and their cities burned down, with all animals killed, and trees burned up. That the Bible therefore should be against Homosexuality is pure poppycock. See RH 679.


CLINTON  Bill    Former US President.  His sex affairs with the Judith-style, Monica Lewinsky, has a peculiar similarity with the affairs of Olof Palme and his Judith, Emma Rothschild.  Some 9 sex affairs are supposed to have taken place with this rock-bottom uggly Jewess,  Lewinsky, which may show the utter destitute the poor American Presidents are glued themselves onto. Knowing all they do is to excuse Israel for their perpetual Genocides, lastly,  this one again in Gaza, we aren’t surprised.


COAT   There are conflicting coats which Lisbet Palme arrived with at the hospital along with what vehicle she came with.


COLE   David    A Holocaust Survivor who did some very early material evidence investigations, and who, like Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, hunched there most be something radically wrong here.  His Video presentations seem to be the first done ever by someone just not wanting to make money out of it.  Hence, they are historical.  Ditlieb Felderer never used video, which in those early days was extremely cumbersome tool to carry. He only used photography and tape recordings.

        The mere fact of coming all over from USA to Poland and Auschwitz in Soviet Communism time, and that by a young man, marks him out as a unique historical person.  His videos are often filled with irony and have a freshness which was a pioneer trait.


CUMBERLAND  Melanie    A qack doctor of law employed by the Apartheid Racist German, Genocide Jew promoting politicians.  She prosecuted in true Dark Age method Fredrick Toben under the charge of having insulted the dead.  That supposedly modern people today derive their wages through such charlatanism by claiming they have some mystical contact with the dead telling her how they feel, only shows that we are here dealing with sorcery. 

          Not very much has altered here from the Dictator Moses in the Bible who tolerated no opposition and all those other precepts set  down in this superstitious book only shows that deluded man hasn’t changed much.  Of course, no one is capable to speak for the dead how they at that moment feel and anyone doing so is obviously a quack.

           The humbug has further its source from the Denial of the Trinity, or the diminishing of it, fierce battles unto death which the Christian world went through from its beginning until now. Clearly things haven’t changed and the State has vested interests to main the superstition for its own sake for power.  See: Fredrick Toben; Quack, Sorcery, Superstition; Heiko Klein, Andreas Grossman; Mannheim; Humbuc; Deception; Conman


CZECH   Danuta   Possibly the best investigator of Auschwitz Relief Camp during Soviet Communist times.  Some of her findings completely upset old theories, seemingly without most people noticing it.  She was however a great believer in Miklos Nyizsli of which worn book was one the table when Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, spoke to her.

      How she could harmonize all her contradiction is a mystery in itself.  It is soemthing like George Orwell when he stated that DOUBLETHINK is the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously and accepting both of them.


CON   One of the reasons why Sweden is in such a horrible mess is because people there from the cradle to up had explicit trust in Bureaucracy and the Bureaucrats. Most Swedes were meticulously honest at one time.  We could remember when children how the police would even do their upmost if a watch was stolen from a person on the beach.  In wintertime you could let your outer boots out on Birger Jarls Gatan.  Pay your visit, and after hours go out and they still were there! But with the chase after Hitler’s Penis all this has changed.  The Genocide Jews and their cohort of fickle skirt hangers, have changed the whole reality of life.  Now, you run a good risk of being murdered the more you reveal to the authorities, yes even the police.  As we have shown the Swedish paramilitary police, with their Prosecutors as Agneta Isborn Lind, Tora Holst, Torsten Jonsson, and slues of other System prostitutes, are willing to show all your personal affairs to the Genocide Jews, yes, even giving them all your material, as Lennart Selin did.  Hence there are two alternatives in Sweden not to get murdered.  One is to go into hiding, and for this you must be out of the country.  And even there watch out.  The man who was murdered by the Jewish Mossad at Lillehammer, Norway, was not Norwegian, and had gone away from his country, so he was cold blooded murdered outside his country.  The other step is never to talk to police, or anybody else, with what you are doing, or thinking.  Even your friends. Thought Terrorist Torsten Jonsson was right when he in court stated about Felderer: In Sweden we have Freedom of Speech.  Felderer is free to think and write what he wants as long as he does it for himself!  There was not one gasp in the filled room when Jonsson said that.  Not even the slightest comment in a newspaper.  Why should it?  They are all run and payed by the State, those who persecute and torture you.  Any opening of your mouth will lead to that some corrupt or naive bureaucrat will get hold of your information, and then you be next on the killer list.  Hence, because the police and its prosecutors are in constant contact with moles, such as Stephane Bruchfeldt,  Frank Hirschfeldt, Johan Hirschfeldt, Helmut Mussener, Morton Narrowe, Jovan Rajs, Jan Levin, Lennart Groll, Olle Wastberg, Per Wastberg,  and slues of others you can be sure of, that which you trust will be confidential will come into their hands.  Just recently Frank Hirschfeldt sought to get a hacker to hack into Ahmed Rami. And what will come out of this revelation?  Nothing!  Business as usual, the show must go on! Think of the case of police infiltrator, Jovan Rajs.  There all pertinent documents disappeared .

         Moreover,  Swedes are incredible naive, perhaps the most naive people in the world, even more than the Germans, and that ought to tell you where we are standing.  In fact, the main argument against Holocaust Survivor the Swedish corrupt politicians gave, was:  YOU MUST NOT DOUBT!  YOU MUST BELIEVE! To doubt, scrutiny, question, is a SIN.  And if you do so, and if you have children and obstinate in your doubts, the State will grab them from you and re-educate them according to the standards set down by the Genocide Jews. Can you live in a country going through all this Sicarii dagger methods, terrorism, and violence?  It was the American historian and educator, Henry Adams, who said:  YOU CAN TRUST NOBODY AND NOTHING.  But how can you do that in a country where you from the cradle have been induced with the lie, the opposite? 

        Hence, one can see from this, Sweden is the con Paradise on earth.  If you were to be murdered, the bureaucrats simply put it on ice, if for no other reason, they don’t want work and don’t want to get into trouble, or, be the next target. And if the murderer was to be duly found and sentenced, he will be the hero. You, you the person are at fault. You must believe what the State tells you. If you don’t and you get murdered, the fault is yours.  Don’t you see?  Had you done as we told you, you wouldn’t be murdered! Why don’t you get this simple thing?

            It is THE BRAVE NEW WORLD, FAHRENHEIT 451, and George Orwell’s 1984, all together in one.  The Paradise country has been turned into a Nightmare Country.  All due to a small clique of money and power crazed politicians and their bureaucrats, and a Sicarii gang of hoodlums of the God’s Chosen Race, all manics seeking power while making you their slave.


CONCENTRATION CAMP   First one at Oreryd in Smaland was built in a week and used to incarcerate Norwegian deserters and opposition members.


CONDOM    Condoms or contraceptives were sold at the Auschwitz canteen for the inmates.  At Block 24 there was located a Brothel for the inmates where Jewish volunteer prostitutes worked and others. 

       At the Ernst Zundel trial Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, was asked about the condom, to which he retorted such objects may be  used against AIDS.  A condom would well illustrate the activities going on at the famous Nazi Brothel for the inmates, frequented by so many of the Martyrology-Exterminationist survivors who later fraudulently  obtained huge pensions from Austria and Germany without telling about their visits to the Brothels.


COSTA   Catrine Da    A heroin using Mata Hari of the Anne Frank Drug Culture. A Judith, Jewish prostitute whose body parts were found butchered up in Levitical,  Jack the Ripper style in 1984, not long after Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer was released from Concentration Camp. The butchered up body parts were found on two occasions one kilometer apart, on 18 July, beneath a highway overpass in Solna, and 8 August. Her head, internal organs, genitalia, and one breast were never found.

          Make note here that she was found in the very district where the fraud doctor, Roger Rajs, was working, which means, the pending case would concern his very office.                        

             Numerous conflicting happenings involves her case, as two medics were accused for the Ritual Slaughter according to Levitical, Biblical style, at the behest of self-proclaimed ”Jew,” Jovan Rajs.  There does not exist one shred of evidence according to Ditlieb Felderer Rajs is a ”Jew,” nor that his family died at Auschwitz.  Felderer  has called the man a mythomaniac  and impostor and asked that his whole history be thoroughly investigated.  As far as Felderer is concerned, it may just as well be Jovan Rajs, himself  who performed the Ritual Slaughter, and why he has not come under suspicions is simply for the constant reminder of the Auschwitz ploy.  A person only needs to shout he is a Jew and has some connection to Auschwitz and he will be freed as he has been relegated to the higher caste where questions are prohibited to be asked.

        As far as Jews ritually slaughtering their own can be read in Judges 19 in the Bible when a Levite took for him a concubine but who became a prostitute, and why not an Informer; who then ended up being cut to pieces.  Has some rather eerie similarities to the Levitical type,  Ritual Slaughter of Catrine da Costa.  Her working as an Informer, for indeed no high-brow Jewish prostitute would not be an Informer, worked fine until she became too dangerous for use in the cause of Supremacy and so she was selected for elimination.

And when you do, why not use her until her very last blood is drained? Swap two flies in one stroke?  The crime of the Levite alleged concubine was simply she had fallen in love with someone else and turned renegade. Perhaps someone who cared more for her. She had to pay for her disloyalty with being chopped to piece.  A warning to other Jewish women: Now just mend your way, and you’ll know.  As when people are hit over the head and die. Let it serve as a warning to others not to snoop around for facts.  We are in power. The show has to go on.

        Now, if someone would have thought that the accuser himself of the Kosher slaughter, may be the real Jack the Ripper, namely Jovan Rajs – what then?  No one even dared to openly ask that questions.  Rajs was a ”Jew”.  And the mantra as always was, all Jews are just, pure and honest.  They have all been in Auschwitz.  Well, if not actually been there, their parents were.  And of curse died.  Died of what?  Suicide, epidemics, being killed by another Kapo Jew?  Being experimented on by Jewish Sonderkommando, Miklos Nyiszli?  No, by some mysterious gas at some mysterious place at some mysterious time and mysteriously went up the chimney at some mysterious location.  All is mystery.  And who wants to dig in mysteries?  You don’t get payed for doing that.  

        And then there was that easy smear-tactic, so easily conned over on the public always ready for new con men with new con tricks popping up from their bags. Surely by just thinking a Jew can do anything wrong is sure sign of that you are an anti-Semite, a Neonazi.  Now they have been called Holocaust Deniers, until Ditlieb Felderer showed that the greatest deniers are the Martyrology-Exterminationists themselves. So let’s see how long this mud will stick until they find out it is yet another smear-word-trick backfiring as they now all have to run for cover. Soon they be running out of words.  Think about it:  We must now start to work and think!  Things were so easy before.  I want back the good old times.

        The most notorious Jack the Ripper after this Bible story ”truth,” was without doubt the Autopsy specialist and Jewish Sonderkommando, Miklos Nyiszli, who, Holocaust Survivior, Ditlieb Felderer, sought to find in order to get his  tales preserved for posterity.  In spite of that he was far more known than any of Rajs family he was nowhere to be found, and that, although he was the most read authority by the then Auschwitz directors.  All that was able to be dug up about him at the time, was a card dealing on the book he is supposed to have written.  Nyiszli is supposed, considering the time he was employed, and the 4 million supposedly slaughtered at Auschwitz according to Soviet investigation; to have done Ritual Slaughter and Serial Killings to a great number of that 4 million. 

       The remarkable thing with Auschwitz, is, that you can be both villain and hero at the same time. At one time you read and hear about all those gruesome killings, all being done by the Jewish Sonderkommando, and everyone in the audience shudders hearing of the horrible crimes.  The next moment you have the Serial Murderer right in front of you, and everyone thinks he is the greatest man ever! Talk of schizophrenia  and religious quackery here.  Has anyone heard of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?  Could it be possible we have one standing just before us?

       One of the most grotesque accusation was, when the daughter of  17 months of Thomas Algell was used by the mother who was in divorce procedure, to accuse Algell and his companion to have been present and observed the two men cut up da Costa right before her eyes!  In good Swedish judiciary manner this sort of outlandish happening was duly put as a fact, seemingly without the slightest hesitation of the probability. 

       It has been argued that Lasermannen shot her in the head and her body then brought morgue for autopsy at Solna hospital and then cut up and thereafter her body parts were put in plastic bags to be placed around near the area.  But, can a body in such secrecy be brought to a morgue?  How?  In a private car and just tossed there?  The idea seems farfetched. The only one who could have gotten away with this in such a case, was no less than Jovan Rajs himself.

        The absurdity of the case of having  a one and a half years old daughter as witness evidence against the two accused doctors for having Levitial slaughtered up da Costa should be evident to any thinking person. The ”testimony” was supposed to have  been taped by the mother of the child but got lost.  The mother had also accused the father of ”incest,” as they were involved with divorce.  

HOLOCAUST  SHOCK   As far as we can see, no Swedish media reported that Costa was a Jewess and buried in a Jewish cemetery.  Strange?  In Sweden no.  Goran Persson and his friends wanted attention away from Palme’s murder, that was one aspect.  The other thing was Costa was both a drug user and a prostitute, and such a fact on a Jew simply didn’t fit in with Goran Persson’s idolizing the Jews, and in whose sacred program stood, NEVER FORGET AND NEVER FORGIVE. The fact that at Auschwitz there was a Brothel, mostly used by the Jews and also run by them, whose secretary in fact was none other than Hermann Langbein, is meticulously kept secret by the Persson media silencers.  And this is not all, most of the prostitute women there working were Jewesses! Was the case so, that Costa, cut up by a Jack the Ripper, had not been either a prostitute or a drug user, then the whole of Sweden and the rest of the world, would have heard she was a Jewess, and the drum of Auschwitz would have gone on 24 hours the whole year round, not the least so by the Jewish media, Expressen and Dagens Nyheter, and ah, of course by all the other Bonnier media all payed by the Swedish taxpayers to shut their mouths and see nothing. There is a sucker born every second!

         A curious aspect to take note of here, is, that, da Costa was seen alive after the date she was allegedly to have been cut up at Statens Rattslakarstation in Solna, at the Pentecost celebration. Sweden was in full hysteria and had is State stooges bringing their wood to the fire. 


DAGENS  NYHETER    A Genocide Jewish rag specializing in disinformation and glorifying the ever so innocent Aparthid Jew.  One of its bad of tricks, is, to hand out prizes, such as to Index On Censorship to prevent it from reporting genuine censorship violations.  

        It was the paper the Scots in Sweden wanted charged under the race hate law but seeing it also was the paper which persecuted Ahmed Rami an Ditlieb Felderer, and seeing that every employee  of high rang is dependent on its good approval, no charges were laid. 

        The paper had a large role in the disinformation of Olof Palme’s death.


DAHL  Birgitta


DAHLGREN  Hans  Statssekreterare. He was at Lisbet Palme’s home in Gamla Stan together with Morten Palme and Pressekreteraren Kjell Lindstrom the day Palme was shot dead.  Peculiarly enough she was not at Sabbatsberg’s Hospital to attend to her wounds, nor had a nurse at her home doing it. Evidently for the reason the wound is a fabrication so that doubts of her culpability should be lead astray.


DAHLGREN  Rolf    Car driver for Hans Holmer. Olof Palme’s death contains many curious aspects.  Dahlgren was called ”Dallas,” because when John F Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, he was undergoing police training there in 1963.  This seems peculiar if true, unless we are to suspect that USA’s FBI and Swedish SAPO had some special arrangement for this. He was driving around in central Stockholm with Hans Holmer the night Olof Palme was shot.

        To  sarbo, Vivianne, he is to have declared that he had State authority to liquidate troublesome people in Sweden and outside. What sort of course he went through while in USA can be asked?  To liquidate people?

        He, like Ebbe Carlsson died  ”after a long sickness” on 4 May 1994.  This could imply he either died of AIDS, alcohol problem, or some other cause. He had started as a military and taken a course in parachuting at Karlsborg where he got fired for bad temper and excess alcohol use. Via Skovde he came to the infamous Norrmalmspolisen.  There he was working with dogs but was taken off due to his alcolhol misuse and got pensioned. 






DANELIUS   Hans    A criminal hoodlum, masquerading as a judge who was much responsible for the humiliation and torture of Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer, and also that of his Philippine wife and invalid mother.

       People are totally unaware of that Sweden does not have bona fide courts.  Its courts go back mostly to the conflicts of Catholicism and Roman Catholicism and the fight of the Royalist factions resulting in that each faction sought to strangle the other, and thus produce its Star Chamber Court structure.  That means, that Formal Charges do not come from the people below, but charges are internally made up by intrigues and power works from the inside.  That also explains why there does not exist even one bona fide Formal Charge against Ditlieb Felderer. Everything was done by the Star Chamber Court insiders.

       The impostor judge served in two capacities.  Both as an accuser and as a judge.  He was also employed at the Masonic swindle outfit of Hogsta Domstolen where another impostor judge, Johan Munck, worked who had condemned Felderer to torture and humiliation.

       At Strasbourg, where Ditlieb Felderer, had single-handed brought his case, Thug Danelius now popped up as a judge, instead of the accuser he previously had acted, and condemned Felderer before the obvious phony Strasbourg court, claiming as in the scandalous verdict against his cartoons, that if Felderer’s cartoons were allowed, the whole Western civilization would fall to pieces.

       If that was the case, then obvious it wasn’t worth saving in the first place.  It is significant to note here that another famous criminal working for the Genocide Jews, in cahoot with the Danelius Mafia gangsters, was, Emil Sandstrom, who is responsible for the Palestinians losing their land and undergo licensed Genocide and terror from Danelius and Sandstrom’s good Genocide Jewish friends and their Masonic cult adepts.

          But Emil Sandstrom was involved with more.  He stole the money from the Egyptians and money laundered it then to English contacts and his friends. The money had been stolen from poor Egyptian peasants whose land was confiscated and others.

           Hans Danelius then suddenly once again pops up.  This time, not as a defender of Sweden’s Limited Censorship, but as a defender of supposed Free Speech,  together with another hooligan, fraud judge, Johan Munck.  The two now started to cook up their new bookkeeping  which was already prepared by their double bookkeeping, arguing that Pentecostal, Limited Censorship defender, Ake Green, should not be jailed for his attack on Homosexuals.

          Evidently when it came to the Genocide Jews, of whose client he was, then people should be humiliated and jailed, but when it comes to buddies supporting their corruption, then the law is interpreted in order to make them out as poor persecuted in need of protection.

           The verdict in which Hans Danelius is found is available in English.  It is a real eye-opener of the incredible deep corruption within Swedish judiciary: a little clique of violent supporting hooligans who amass huge wages onto themselves in persecuting, humiliating, and torturing innocent victims.


DANOWSKY  Peter  Handled  the case of Milan Valverius but never carried through on the case.


DEATH CERTIFICATE   Apparently the death certificate of Olof Palme was dictated by his forceful wife, Lisbet Palme, to Milan Valverius, who after being drawn into the Swedish  mud, got sick, and then committed suicide. She demanded that it should be written Palme was shot in the breast and that he was shot ”on the street by unknown perpetrator.”  In the autopsy conducted  however, Palme, was shot in the back. And the only person at Palme’s back at this moment was Palme’s wife, Lisbet. The bullet did not penetrate his body but disintegrated inside, a decidely peculiar thing seeing he was supposed to have been shot by the powerful Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum, an extremely loud weapon. Evidently the art of spreading disinformation is at work here.

       One also wonders how many such other doctored death certificates are made in Sweden in order to save face of some bureaucrat of political big wig?


DC3  Airplane shot down over Ostersjon.  Swedish politicians kept secret they were spying for USA and flew on missions for that purpose inside Soviet Union.




DENCKER  Lena   The daughter of prosecutor Sigurd Dencker.  She had used her father’s car in transporting drugs and was in jail for narcotic crimes.  After the bombing of her father’s house, she informed that the one planting the bomb, was not Lars Tingstrom, the man whom Thought Terrorist Jonsson prosecuted and and put in jail, but her boyfriend, Roger Hanell, who was in the house while the family was on vacation at Oland. If that would have come out it would be a scandal in the whole of Sweden.  The papers generally kept strangely silent of whom the person was who died in the explosion.  Roger Hanell was blown to pieces.  He was a young, emerging criminal, preparing for entering a bank through explosives, and while preparing so, he blew up. Jonsson now came to the rescue of his friend, Sigurd Dencker, and got Lars Tingstrom charged with the explosion and death. Lars Tingstrom on the one hand, was on the Mossad and Sapo hit list.  He was working with  spy hearing intricates and had contacts with such places as Syria. But it was not only for the scandal that would be caused if it was found out that the bombman was Hanell, not only to Dencker, but the entire corrupt prosecution corp.  So Jonsson came to the rescue and got Tingstrom charged.  Jonsson was also aspiring for promotion, which he then duly got, becoming Prosecutor General of Sweden. That without other qualifications but that of a Thought Terrorist working for the Genocide Jews and mishandling and torturing innocent Felderer, and for the phony charges against Lars Tingstrom.  And there was another good reason for helping Dencker out.  What about the insurance for the destroyed house?  Would the bank be as willing had they known it was the boyfriend of Lena Dencker who had blown himself up by mistake?  So Jonsson came to the aid of the party and Dencker got his million loan for the house. There is nothing like good Shoah business!


DENCKER   Sigurd     Yet another hopelessly messed up Swedish prosecutor whose house was bombed to pieces and burned up 16 July 1982.  Of his daughter, see Lena Dencker.  He was in cahoot with Thug Torsten Jonsson who had Peace Activator and Good News Bringer, Ditlieb Felderer, kidnapped, humiliated, and tortured for which wicked crimes he later became Prosecutor General of Sweden without any qualifications for such a job, except for having deliberately put another most likely innocent person in jail for life.  The reason of rescuing Dencker is not difficult to see.  In Denckers house at the time was a young up-coming criminal by the name of Stephane Bruchfeldt, who, was working on a bomb by which he planned to bomb a bank the next day.  The bomb exploded and killed him. 

        To get the insurance some scapegoat other than Bruchfeldt had to be found, and so Thug Torsten Jonsson rigged up Lars Tingstrom as the responsible.  Another equal important reason for Torsten Jonsson to aid Dencker, was, the scandal that would follow if it was found out that Dencker himself had invited Bruchfeldt to live there.  Bruchfeldt had been served by Dencker and was the boyfriend of Dencker’s daughter, Lena, who served in jail for narcotic which she distributed using her father’s car.

            As this mess moved on, Lars Tingstrom’s girlfriend, also her with drug problems being accused for its distribution ends up in Sigurd Dencker’s bed.  This is the reality world of Sweden and to survive in this  Mafia jungle one needs exceptional patience, stupidity, and longsuffering, plus the most important: prepared and willing to be yet another sucker.


DEOGAN  Tony  Sweden, like other countries have their football hooligans. Deogan got injured on 29 July 2003,   in one of these confrontations while police looked on.

He died on 4 August same year. 




DID SIX MILLION REALLY DIE?  Writing under the pen name of Richard Harwood, translated into many languages and available on the Internet.  This material was anonymously mailed to Holocaust Survivor, and Glad Tidings Bearer, Ditlieb Felderer. After translation it was published on his Bible Researcher.  This booklet did a lot to get Ditlieb Felderer more involved into examining Martyrology-Exterminationism. See: RICHARD HARWOOD


DIESSEN  Christian  Got a Professor title in law and taught at Stockholm’s University.  He attacked lawyer Bengt Nilsson for defending one of the medics accused in the Levitical Slaughter of Catrine da Costa.




DODSATTEST   If you plan to go to Sweden,  this Swedish word will become one of the most important Swedish words to know, especially if you are a doubter of power and authorities right to persecute you  for it.  It means Death Certificate.  If it is written out on you you will never see it.  Likely will anyone else.  If you end up going up the Genocide Jewish Chimney, it will be doctored to that you died of natural causes, and if you have been exceptional active in wanting to act as a man for peace, it will be doctored up that you died from suicide, or slipped on an egg shell, even if your head got smashed with the irons of  an Genocide Jewish Holocaust survivor and their agents.  So take out a good insurance before you go there.

       Apparently all details in Olof Palme’s Death Certificate are wrong. It claims he lived on Storkyrkobrinken. That he died in the hospital 28-2-86.  He was dead the moment he was shot on the street a few moments after 12. It does not give hour of death. That he was shot in the breast.  He was shot from the back. That he was shot by an unknown person. A fable apparently dictated by Lisbet Palme. That he died of complication of breathing blood into the lungs.  He never had chance to breath as he was dead at once.  It was evidently written at Lisbet’s command.


         Milan Valverius wrote one out on Olof Palme at the dictates of his wife.  All evidence indicate the death certificate was later doctored again according to Political wishes.

         See also: Obduktionsprotokoll


DRYSSELIUS  Harald   Office Chief at the Chancellor of Justice, the center of Sweden’s Fahrenheit 451.


DUKE  David    A Holocaust Survivor in his own right having survived numerous assaults by the Genocide Jews. Not long ago he showed how Jewish Genocide Supremacist Canadian leaders used the Internet in sending out false messages of racist type making them out it came from their opponents.  The messages were traced to their computers.  So be aware:  Think twice before you accept a message as genuine!


DUMDUMKULA   The bullet of fine calibre which Palme was shot with and exploded inside his body.


EAP   Europeiska Arbetarpartiet which got support from Alf Enerstrom.


EDENMAN   Ragnar  Landshovding and Spokesman for the third Palme commission and Spokesman for the Swedish corrupt Presstodsnamnden which means certain sabotage to clear the murder up.




EDQVIST  Stig   The first chief of the defunct Palmegruppen which specialized in disinformation.


EDWALL   Britt   In usual Swedish fashion, put some extra wood on the fire falsely accusing the two medics of the Ritual Slaughter of  Catrine da Costa. Worked for Riksradion.


EGLER Lars  Works on the music part of TV filming.  The body of Olof Palme had hardly cooled when at the hour of 7:20 Lisbet phones Egler asking for Arja Saijonmaa who had been together with Egler on political voting campaign, that she should sing at Palme’s funeral: ”For det ville Olle.” 


EGYPT   Freemason Swede, Emil Sandstrom, is put in by the Rotchschilds to split Palestine in two and grab the money from peasant Palestinians and Egyptians in general to be brought to England for money laundering.

       Under the OK’s of Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Anna Lindh, two Egyptians are taken to Bromma airport and via American airplane brought to Egypt for torture in 2001.


EKMAN  Lars   Yet another System conman lawyer.






ENERSTROM  Alf   Palme’s enemy number one.  Was involved with his ”DEN SOCIALDEMOKRATISKA OPPOSITIONEN,” with his wife, Gio Petre, who supported him financially and belonged to Olof Palme’s party until the free abort came in and she left the party. She was a movie star. On 28 February 2003, the same day as Palme’s death, a group of hooded men evicted him for not paying rent. His two children died in their seatbelts when the a sport plane directed by  him went down into the water, supported EAP, Europeiska Arbetarpartiet.

      In Arbetet of 12.12.1999, it reported that he had separated from his wife Gio Petre after 25 years of marriage and accused him for ”misshandel och olaga hot.”

Together they had a son, Johan, whom, he is to have beaten up because of coming hom with bad school marks.  One note says he committed suicide.  In any case, the family life is typical of Swedish society who many seem to go through the drama of Anne Frank Drug Culture and the constant bickering and fights between them.

         The police fully hooded and armed picked him up at Solje herrgard in Varmland,  and he was put in custody at Karlstad at the order of Prosecutor Staffan Soderberg.  Enerstrom is to have claimed that History Professor, Hans Willius, have said this was the worst misuse of power he had heard of, showing how things are effectively kept secret in Sweden. He was let out, he claimed thanks to getting in contact with Nils G Asling, Sven Ake Hjelmroth and Bertil Bjorklund. This makes one wonder how many are not let out in Sweden if you don’t have friends like these?


ENGBERDING-MONSSEN  Elke   A seemingly sexually distraught woman in need of Jehovah, the Long And Mighty One.  She is the Puta Madre,  Mama Superior of the Power Junky German scam, Bundesprufstelle, where her task is to ”protect” youth from getting besmirched with blasphemous thoughts not liked by the Apartheid  Racist Genocide Jews.  For this religious task she is heftily being payed by the Kosher German corrupt politicians who are totally impotent to help people in genuine need, but always ready to come to the aid of the party when Apartheid Israel demands.


ENGSTROM  Odd  Alf Enerstrom claimed he was murdered because he was under suspicion for having handed over money from Jan Stenbeck to Enerstrom.


ENGQVIST  Lars  Former Swedish Social Minister asked about the supposed Nazi interests of the Swedish paramilitary police.


ERECTION    The ”denial of the Holocaust” is in fact the denial of erection, or the denial that the Penis can be erected.  The Holocaust is the movement of the Penis moving up from a slack, dormant stage, to a strong erection, Jehovah state.  In other words, Holocaust is the moving up of the Penis for to at last proudly stand erect to perform the work it was made to do.  Try it out.  It works!


ERIKSSON  Karl-Erik   Landshovding and Spokesman for Grnaskningskommissionen specializing in disinformation. 


ERLANDER  Tage   Swedish Prime Minister especially skilled at hiding the cooperation between Sweden and Nazi Germany.  Deserters from the German army were to be sent back to Germany, meaning almost certain death.  Also successfully hid the Swedish Concentration Camps so all that people talked about were the Germans’ after the war.

      He also had some hand in the start of Sweden’s nuclear plan to build at least two bombs a year which were meant to bomb Soviet Union with, but which plans were altered by Olof Palme.  So while States are worried about a single Bombman gone amok with the State’s own teachings, one is perfectly at ease planning to hurl atom bombs across the border killing possible millions!

        To Tage Erlander’s cultural credits also goes his insight in seeing how the Machiavellian State is to run smoothly, and so he introduced his Secret department of SAPO, following the models of CIA, GESTAPO, AND KGB. The problem, they didn’t count on MOSSAD, whose home state they had themselves created through the money launderer and thief, Emil Sandstrom.  So today Swedes are left with the problem of naming:  Should they call SAPO, MOSSAD, or MOSSAD, SAPO?

       Erlander’s personal secretary was Olof Palme and together they placed a funeral replica before Kennedy’s grave. 




ERSMAN  Nina  Spokeswoman for the Swedish Government and who stated that Stefan Amer had run over and jumped into the ambulance which took the badly injured Anna Lindh to hospital where she died. The ambulance which no one knows who called it, was at place within 50 seconds with Stefan Amer inside it!

        Evidently something strange here.

        See:  Anna Lindh; Mijailo Mijailovic;


ETHNIC  CLEANSING   Invented by the Genocide Jews to Exterminate all, though having some fun at first by Gang Raping baby girls.  See: GANG RAPE.  One can freely say that the whole Bible is but a compendium on how to do it, of which Thomas Paine so freely spoke and wrote.


EUPHEMISM   Skyddsforskning




EUROPEAN WORKERS PARTY  EAP  Europeiska Arbetarpartiet. Victor Gunnarsson belong to this party of the LaRouche Movement.  He is falsely accused for killing Palme, possible because they couldn’t find Ditlieb Felderer. Supported by such as Alf Enerstrom.




EXPRESSEN   A Genocide Jewish rag fabricating stories from the winds south of Italy and the Sinai Desert.  It is owned by the Genocide Jewish Bonnier clan that has its tentacles everywhere, including your kitchen sink.  It made up all sorts of stories about Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, flaming racial hate and Anti-semitic fulminations against his Good News and peace-activating work. It was Roland Alderheim who worked for this paper who supposedly got a call from a Kurd man, making it out as if they stood behind Palme’s murder, which became the Kurd Trial of Hans Holmer. They also fabricated the Jack the Ripper butchering of Judith Jewess, Catrine de Costa’s death through Leif Brannstrom.  Two medics of autopsy were accused, mainly by the police infiltrator, Jovan Rajs, of having done the butchering of Costa, and were by this Genocide Jewish rag, designated as OBDUCENTEN and ALLMANLAKAREN. 


EYEGLASSES    Under WIG and other places you will find further information on how to protect yourself against Terrorist Genocide Jews and their agents, to avoid you from becoming yet another Swedish victim going up the crematory chimney for Holy Zion’s sake.

       Beside wearing a heavy protective wig, you should get yourself a set of big eyeglasses, such as Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, often has worn to survive Genocide Jewish terrorist attacks.  

        But the eyeglasses must not have glass in them, but plastic which means the terrorist Genocide Jewish blow will bounce back.  If you wear real glass, the glass may enter your eyes as the Genocide Jew strikes you down.  That could blind you for life, of which they be most happy for.  

        Another risk of using real glass, is, that in butchering you down, some of the glass my hit the Terrorist Genocide Jew or his agent.  That means he will now shout: Auschwitz, Neonazi, Six Million, Holocaust – and you will now faster than you can count to three in Six Million, be charged with injuring the Genocide Jew and hampering him in not being allowed to kill you. You will be accused for hindering the Genocide Jew’s right to self-defense in not having succeeded to murder you.

       There will be endless amount of Tora Holst, Torsten Jonsson, Agneta Isborn Lind, and other Terrorist
supporting prosecutors for the cause of Holy Zion, who all will rush in to defend the poor Genocide Jew for his valiant example of defending himself.  In defending his valiancy to kill or harm you for life, he stands ready promotion with huge pays for all of Sweden’s prosecutors.  A similar case, in fact, happened to Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer.

        Moreover, if the Terrorist Genocide Jew or his agent strikes you in your eyes, and the tool he holds in his hand to defend himself for striking you in the eyes, bounces back, and strikes the poor Terrorist Genocide Jew, and maybe he gets a bruise, or makes one up, you will be charged with huge indemnities in which you will have to pay huge sums of money to the poor Terrorist Genocide Jew who sought to murder you.  The whole of Sweden’s prosecutors will stand ready to help and defend the Righteous Man of Zion for having the right to kill you.  If you are so stupid to believe something the Swedish State does not approve of, you only have yourself to blame for being killed or injured for life, as Ditlieb Felderer was, when being struck in the head with iron by them.

         To prevent such indemnities whereby you have to sell your whole house to pay for the injury they caused you, never use eyeglasses with real glass. Some of the glass may come upon the pleasant body of the Genocide Jew, or it may be found 60 miles away, and his car run over it,  and destroyed his tire, or his whole car.  You will then be charged with causing the destruction and have to pay for it.  He will now   happily run around with his new Merzedes, pleasantly showing it to all the Swedish politicians, judges, and paramilitary police with their full appreciation and applause.


FALCK  Cats  Another mysterious death.


FALLDIN   Torbjorn    Took over mad house Sweden 1976 from Olof Palme.


FALTH  Gun   She became Chief of News for the Genocide Jewish Bonnier concern rag, DN, Dagens Nyheter, which had repeatedly lied about Holocaust Survivors Ditlieb Felderer and Ahmed Rami.  She was a former prosecutor.

         It seems she got framed Milan Valverius who had written out the death certificate of Olof Palme at the dictations of his authoritarian wife, Lisbet Palme. In an article in DN she made it out that she had gotten hold of the secret autopsy protocol of Olof Palme.  Perhaps in order to make DN as a very newsy and important paper.  Or, to frame Valverius, for he was later charged with the crime of giving out a secret document.  

         This possible lie, made it that the assistant autopsy medics Kari Ormstad, apparently a ”Jew” like Jovan Rajs who also assisted, wrote assistant Prosecutor, Axel Morath, to hand over the alleged disclosure to Chancelor of Justice, Bengt Hamdahl, the Thug who illegally helped in the kidnapping of Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, who in turn, gave it over to General Prosecutor, Torsten Jonsson, yet another Thug who had Felderer kidnapped several times and then forced him to appear in a famous Witch Trial against him of which he was the prosecutor of.

       But this was not the end of Valverius.  His colleges Kari Ormstad and Jovan Rajs then fabricated up that one of Valverius assistant doctor, had Jack the Rippered up the Jewess Judith Prostitute, Catrine de Costa at the very Solna Medic Center, who was chief of the autopsy department.  Pressure being put on Valverius finally casued him to take his life.  

        Investigator Ditlieb Felderer has requested that a thorough investigation by done to the Medics Kari Ormstad and Jovan Rajs. His own mother died under mysterious circumstances and it is about time that search light be put onto this, especially so as Jovan Rajs constantly reminds of Auschwitz, one of the deflectionary terms used to scare people from investigating reality around them.


FANTOMBILD    The mess surrounding this picture is difficult to explain in English.  A picture of Christer Pettersson was shown already on Tuesday, after Palme was murdered.  It was total fabrication in style with Biblical ghost appearances.  The only one who claims to have seen the murderer, was Lisbet Palme, but she was not allowed to see the picture.  


FAURISSON   Robert  A French Holocaust Survivor, Good News Declarer and Bringer of Glad Tidings and exposer of political supplied hate mongering orchestrated from Kahal enforced Jewish Supremacist Thought Terrorists.

         As is usual in dealings with the Genocide Jews you got to be the first one in using Newspeak at your opponent, or throw it back onto his lap, if you want to get anywhere with these bigots of racial Genocide Supremacy.

        In order to escape clear facts, the Genocide Jews used their usual scare tactic of character assassination and called Robert Faursisson an Antisemite.  And because Jan Myrdal didn’t fully buy the conning with words, he in turn became called an Antisemite.  So now there were two Antisemites, not one. 

         Faurisson had been involved with an investigation of the Anne Frank Diary and found it empty of reality. To double the calibre of hate naming, the Genocide Jews now added Holocaust Denier to Faurisson.  A rather absurd accusation seeing it was to large extent to Holocaust Survivors Ditlieb Felderer and Robert Faurisson that the mass deaths were discovered, something with the Genocide Jews had ignored.

         Furthermore, the real Holocaust Deniers in this case are the Genocide Jews who continue to deny the fact that the Sicarii Jewish Sonderkommando of Mass Murderers should be brought to trial, and instead protect them and aid in giving them huge German pensions.  There is nothing like Shoah business!


FBI   Two bullets and parts of a coat supposedly worn by Lisbet Palme, were sent here for analysis.  At the same time we are told they were sent to Germany.  How this seeming confusion is harmonized waits to be riddled out.


FELDERER  Ditlieb   Holocaust Survivor,  Peace Activator, and Good News Bearer and informer that six million Jews did not die.  He has survived, amongst other things, numerous terrorist attacks orchestrated mainly by the Genocide Jewish Synagogue in Sweden, lead by Rabbi Morton Narrowe. He has been frequently abused, tortured and victimized by Sweden’s corrupt politicians, judiciary, religious fanatics, and paramilitary police.


FELDERER AS SCAPEGOAT    Was the original intention to pin the Olof Palme murder on Bearer of the Good News, Ditlieb Felderer?  But because they couldn’t find him they now had to pick on someone else?


FELDREICH  Bengt  When Oppenheimer got the Nobel Prize he is to have stated to Feldreich about it what he thought, he is to have responded:  ”it worked!”


FELDT  Kjell-Olof




FISCHER  Thomas  Is to have loaned 1 million kronor to Ebbe Carlsson to set up a private police quarter at Renstiernas gata  south of Stockholm, with all the necessities, such as listening gadgets for spying. Anna-Greta Leijon was in with it which seemed the preceding work of a coup de etat. The whole lot Holmer had chosen for himself were criminal elements. One was caught for serious smuggling together with Ebbe Carlsson. Anther one, Per Jorlin, killed his girlfriend Haydee Sandberg, for which he got a mild sentence. Her body was never found.


FICHTELIUS  Erik  Directed 1 March 1992 a Riksradio program together with Jan Mossander about Palme’s death. 


FOLKE   Ingemar   A pathetic case of yet another supposed Swedish defense lawyer, but who in fact is nothing but a pitiful stooge for the corrupt politicians and waiting for an easy handout.  He ”defended” Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer, by showing no interest in the case, while his own Limited Censorship are so garbled they may be even worse than what already is going on and on paper. He hardly, if ever, visited Ditlieb Felderer in his torture chamber, no doubt as reporting about it would have made him person non grata. Or end up in jail himself.  He is the typical type who ”defended” the Swedish ”witches” before they were burned and killed.  Works together in the same firm as Mats Bjorkenfeldt of the Hjalmar Petris Advokatbyra; another camouflaged ”defender” but in fact a front for the corrupt politicians and Genocide Jews.  Both have made a fat living by helping in sentencing Holocaust Survivors such as Ditlieb Felderer and Ahmed Rami.  

       Later on he got somehow also involved with the racial and anti-Semitic attacks of Holocaust Survivor, Ahmed Rami, although he had been warned about the stooge.  As can be expected Ahmed Rami was also fraudulently found guilty by the Kangaroo, Lynch Mob court.


FOLKET I BILD/KULTURFRONT   In 1973  this paper founded by Jan Myrdal revealed  what Gustav Eriksson and others already knew.  There existed an organization that spied on all Swedes and which was so secret that even Sweden’s Riksdag knew nothing about it.  In fact, did not know, because they did not want to know. Olof Palme immediately in the land of ”Free Speech” clamped down on the responsible journalists, Peter Bratt and Jan Guillou, who in turn had gotten the info from the IB agent, Hakan  Isacsson, who had becamo an IB traitor.  The team was now accused of Sedition, for having revealed that the military had their own spy network, suspicious about all, especially the Social Democrats and Communists.

        The IB, called in cosmetic language for ”intelligence,” although being very little intelligent, came about that if Sweden was to cooperate with USA military they had to chase Communists.  In other words, a continuation of National Socialism, whose similar aim and problem was to chase after Communists. 

        The spying on Swedes, had a good continuation with Olof Palme, who by then still was in the Rightist sphere, for then to jump over to the Socialist field. As such, Olof Palme became the chief of the illegal spy network, whose main aim became to chase after political opponents, or imagined so. As with all spying, it soon ended up with that Olof Palme himself became a target for opposition by IB. Behind all this craze for domination over the mind of Swedes, was the wealthy House of Wallenberg. It must have become evident to Olof Palme that all in the power structure wanted to get rid of him, and therefore his death becomes all the more curious. In this quest for power and liquidation, all were involved: politicians, police, judiciary, religions, media.

        Tage Erlander had already begun the spy network on Swedish citizens as he was secretary of Gustaf Moller, the then Social Minister. Socialism was called outwardly in Newspeak language as a ”Folkrorelse,” Peoples’ Movement, but in fact was totally regulated and run top down.  

         In a book written by former TV 1 chief, Oloph Hansson, it came out how all on the Swedish Radio were carefully screened for their political leaning.  This resulted in time, that even Olof Palme got under suspicion, although he himself had been the one in charge to get the whole spy machinery going. In charge of the selection between the good and the evil, was Security Chief, Olof Wahlund, Sweden’s Himmler, who later got a leading IB post. The captain was a former organized Nazi in his hometown of Gothenborg. 

        There was thus rivalry between the different spy networks, all dedicated to spy on the Swedes under the umbrella of freedom and Democracy. IB was involved with hunting, not only Communists, but also Social Democrats.  SAPO on the other hand was organized by Olof Palme’s own loyal Social Democrats.  Ostensibly it may seem they hunted after Communists, and later Kurds, but their main aim was to hunt for people whom they considered were against the Social Democrats.  In other words, SAPO, was a spy machinery set in to liquidate political opponents.  Hence, we have two spy networks at war with each other.  One phalange set in to liquidate supposed ”Leftists,” the other one, set in to liquidate opposers  to the specific Social Democrats, who in turn chased after their own Leftists.  A land in total confusion and in total ideological mire. The left hand did not any longer know what the right did.

        By Olof Palme attacking FiB/Kulturfront he killed two flies with one swap. By stealing all the Fib documents he got to see an insight on how the Swedish military were secretly working while at the same time find out all the journalists who were now put onto the suspicious list depending on the danger level of the selectors. 

        In the beginning FiB/Kulturfront was a paper for free speech and against Imperialism.  Jan Myrdal then made the paper over to a Maoistic paper.  And thus sunk all the aspirations of Swedish journalists for a free paper.

        One of those involved in spreading his own form of disinformation was the Palme hater, Alf Enerstrom, and his wife, Gio Petre.  They spread the info that Olof Palme, on his way for a visit to Soviet Union, were planning to sell out Sweden. Enerstrom, in turn was befriended by a group of military who were planning to tumble Olof Palme, in a similar way of Pinochet of Chile.  Their aim was to take over the Swedish Radio and Kanslihuset, and in that way control Sweden for their own.

         It is claimed that all future investigations into this mess is futile as all the papers were burned up in a Fahrenheit 451 act.  But it is evident a lot of it ended up in the archives of US’s  CIA. And in this connection it is well to know that the Swedish IB and SAPO handed over material to the USA Embassy in Stockholm on ”dangerous individuals.” Thus, when Bosse Gustafsson, who was then working for the LO paper, Aftonbladet, was visiting the USA Embassy for his visit to USA on a mission of reporting, the Ambassador he spoke with had to leave for a moment the room.  Gustafsson being alone, then went over to his desk and discovered a file on information about him which SAPO or IB, or both had handed over to the Embassy.

       Evidently, one thing is certain.  We all are in good hands of those people playing with our lives in the behind, making us believe we  are faithful citizens for the ruling religion and politic.  We are all being manipulated from the behind from our cradle to our grave. 


FLAG   According to Holocaust Survivor the Genocide Jews and the Pentecostals, often called Evangelicals, are the two main religious-political groups flagging on the Internet.  The Pentecostals are told to Fahrenheit 451, burn all books and material not in line with their leaders. They use Acts 20:19 in support of the fire.

       Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, has however stated this goes far beyond, just flagging views they don’t like.  1.  They use fear to frighten the Internet owners of the supposed ”blasphemy” and ”witch.”   2.  The use the owners, go behind the back,  using veiled threats of harm, to make them silence, and ”select” ”dangerous” and ”not dangerous” thoughts.  3.  They put up the reason of revenues to silence their critics.  4.  Under guise of protecting the children, they use children as a shield for their own perverted ideology.  5.  They use workers within the Internet, to do their own censor work without the owner knowing it.  6.  They infiltrate the places, such a Google and others, claiming to be willing to work. They then learn how to filtrate thoughts and pictures not approved by their own bigoted leaders. 7.  They cave in to corrupt judges who claim that such and such is prohibited although it is patently clear the whole prohibition is humbug.  It cannot be implemented without violation to the own rules set down.  Just take the case of the German Government commanding Google to elide certain pictures which harm the right to criticize the Genocide Jews and their self-God-given right of Supremacy.              Who ever said Censorship is dead?  It’s all there living and working 24 hours a day without tiring out. And corrupt politicians with their equally corrupt judges are raking in millions on these violations of basic human rights.


FINNS  RATTVISAN   A  paper written by Tingstrom.


FOLKMANN  Adolf    A supposed circumcised Jew, who, along with others, according to Martyrologist Holocaust Survivor, put onto his cut Penis a fresh new Foreskin to avoid detection.  From where all this skin was taken from we do not know.  Reading the story and contact with Stefan Szende, the supposed author of these tales, makes one believe Adolf  Folkmann is none else than Stefan Szende himself.  The story is supposed to be Gospel Truth so we just can imagine all those men having their Foreskin cut off in the middle of the dark by Sicarii dagger men only to be put onto the Penises of Jews to make them Holocaust Survivors!  So what did all these men, now having lost their Foreskin for the sake of saving Jews do?  Go out in search for Foreskins to restore their Penis to original shape, lest they also be liquidated and go up the chimney?  The Szende yarns had an awful importance in certifying the ”truth” of Exterminationism until Ditlieb Felderer came out with his facts, exposing the whole racket.  You can read more about this in this Blog where pictures are presented illustrating the surgical difficulties with such operations.


FORALDRAFORENINGEN NARKOTIKAFRITT SAMHALLE   Milan Malverius worked with it for free.  It was in response to the Anne Frank Drug Cult permeating the whole of Sweden.  Malverius wife was engaged with mapping the drug sale on a global basis via data.


FORANLEDER INGEN ATGERD   No action will be taken.  A maxim used by the corrupt Swedish bureaucracy whenever a legitimate case against then are taken up. Being the great pretenders they are, they then use this term in order to skip all hard work, and just go back proclaiming over the nation of bamboozled slaves, ”All is Well!”


FORCED CONFESSIONS   are routine in Sweden.  One person sat in jail for 8 years when he finally stated he had made everything up, or rather, the confession was forced out of him.  Sweden has a multitude of such Forced Confessions. But if they are not forced, the paramilitary police and the prosecutor simply concoct them up on their own volition by using stealth and tricks.


FORESKIN   It is claimed by Martyrology-Exterminationists that Genocide Jews put onto their circumcised penises, fresh new Foreskins in order to avoid being detected by Gestapo and SS.  Throughout the years we have had this story repeated over and over again.

          One of the first to write about it was the Martyrologist, Stefan Szende, whose famous book on it came out in at least three languages, perhaps even more, as the German title wasn’t translated directly, such as the English edition. 

          In this book of Szende, a book which was tossed into our lap as ”proof” of the Martyrologist-Exterminationist dogma, the claim is made that Jews put on such Foreskins on their cut-off Foreskin Penis.  Where these Foreskins were taken from we are not told, and one is lead to believe they were taken from other persons, likely cut off in the dark, then to run away with it and get it put on.

         We are lead to believe that having a circumcised Penis meant death.  If this being the case, then the person who had his Foreskin cut off was now in risk of dying, which means, he now has to look for a Foreskin to put back onto his cut-off Penis Foreskin.  Which means a domino effect as everyone is snatching some other person’s Foreskin.

         Another question comes up is, how was it put on?  Glued on?  Hardly.  It means that some doctor, Mohel, or somebody had to be capable of performing such an operation, and also, make it work.  

        Then comes the problem of healing.  Even the Bible mentions that the healing process of having cut off ones Foreskin can be problematic.  Furthermore, this is not such an easy operation as one made to believe.  There are people dying from having their Foreskin removed.

         Although we have seen examples of Penises where such operations have been made, and people keep sending them to us, as far as we know, no independent group has certified them to be genuine. For fairly authentic Penises examples, turn to:  and others  

         In the Bible we are told that Saul demanded Foreskins to please himself.  For what he was to use them we are not told.  Was he also a Martyrology-Exterminationist Survivor?  David is set out to be the man to hunt for such Foreskins to please King Saul, and he happily returns with 200 Foreskins.  Some sources give a higher number of Foreskins. You may read about this in the Bible at 1 Samuel 18:25-7 and 2 Samuel 3:14.  Also see:CLITORIS, ERECTION, EROTICISM, GANG RAPE, HAIR, HOLOCAUST, JEHOVAH, OLAH, PENIS, SEX, TABERNACLE, TEMPLE


FORINTELSEN   The Swedish term for the Genocide Jewish scam of the, now un-liked term, Holocaust. The Levite Slaughter of Mata Hari, Judith Jewess Prostitute, Catrine da Costa, and the murder of Olof Palme, was but the extended arm in a process of Mossad to regain their position and power after their fiasco of the Lillehammer assassination of a wrong man.


FARO   Island just by Gotland where Swedish corrupt politicians chasing victims for their censorship Show Trials live, such as Lennart and Thomas Bodstrom.


FORSMARK        Also see: Tierp






FORSSTROM  Jan  Chief of Law for statsradsberedningen whose death on 7 January 1986 in his home is claimed to be an assassination as he had revealed the Harvardaffaren about Olof Palme.


FORTAL  Swedish for Libel. See: Libel.  In Sweden no one can denounce a paramilitary police by name as the State then moves in and creates a Show Trial where the accuser will have to pay a large sum of money.  In this way its police can do anything they wish, including legal murder.




FORUNDERSOKNING   A common Swedish euphemism for let’s pretend we are working on the case with the hope that people will forget it.  This ”preliminary investigation” of the Olof Palme case continues to this date without any seeming progress.  But the whole of Sweden has stagnated from the very start and obviously will continue so.

        But there is a good reason to keep it ”going,” for in this way the Swedish paramilitary police with its corrupt politicians have full right to enter any home, do whatever they want, steal whatever they want, and bring to custody and jail, whoever they want without the slightest criticism, or even notice of the case.  It is the ideal indirect law for a Totalitarian state and shows that Sweden has found the magic of Orwell’s 1984, to make the Big Brother system work in full harmony with everyone praising it for its superb justice and progress towards full civilization.


FRANCHELL  Eva  A Genocide Jewess of the Bonnier team and former spokeswoman and chief for the Bonnier propaganda tentacle TV4 which tentacles extend outside Sweden, especially the Baltic. Some 60 Bonnier members lead the Israeli front group TV4. Full confusion arise out of her contradictory testimony, the one she gave to police and the next one in court.  Nor has any sense been made out of her being with Anna Lindh for the sole purpose to buy an overcoat for her to satisfy the media team going to interview her.

        First she claimed that  Lindh were persecuted up the escalator; she now claims in court that both were located at level 2 and was there for a moment before the attack came. As no other witness was called her statement was not challenged. Interestingly enough and so typical of Swedish courts, no other witness was called although there were others who had described the scene. 


FRANK   Margot    The deliberately forgotten sister of Anne Frank.  Forgotten as it may reveal, either that she wrote a diary, that she wrote most of the alleged diary, that most of the ideas were hers.  Most people aren’t even aware of that she also must have lived in the house.  See:


FRANK   Otto   Was the father of Anne and Margot Frank and the main editor of the fake, Anne Frank Diary.  Holocaust Survivor, Peace Activator and Good News Bearer, Ditlieb Felderer, had contact with him, but when asked to give proof, Mr Frank refused all further contacts.  Evidently he din’t have eatable meal in his sack.

          He is reported to have worked as a Sonderkommando Serial Killer at Auschwitz, at the Brothel for inmates there, as an actor at the Auschwitz Theatre, a Kapo; official at the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, and a handler of tickets at the Auschwitz Cinema, and other functions, none of which he denied while alive.

         You can read of the Anne Frank haox at:

          He was hospitalized at Auschwitz, being brought back to life by Doctor Josef Mengele. Was put in charge to help in the running of the Relief Camp, until the Soviets came back.


FREIVALDS  Laila   She and Gun Hellsvik, according to Thomas Bodstrom, urged for harder jail sentences which evidently Thomas felt was wrong, until he himself became Justice Minister, and now pleaded for the same.  Typical political horse play here.


FRIEDMAN   Michel    He was intended to become Germany’s leading Genocide Jew, and was included by TIME as one of Europe’s leading personalities when it was discovered he dealt with prostitution and drugs and was then dumped into the garbage bin by other Genocide Jews.

       In Spanish ABC:81 of Wednesday, 21  February 2001 when his dope habits and prostitution still was kept secret he appeals to German Government demanding it to stop ”Neonazism” and ”Antisemitism,” terms which he and his Genocide Jew adepts have invented and propagandisticly use to hide their own Apartheid and Racism.


FUNCKE  Nils  Has dealt on the Ritual Slaughter of Mata Hari, Jewish Prostitute Catrine da Costa and consequences to the two medics falsely accused mainly due to the police infiltrator, Jovan Rajs.




GAL   Spanish for: Grupos Antiterroristas de Liberacion; an apart State Death Squad assassinating numerous people claimed to be ”terrorists,” buy most likely wrongly identified persons, active under Felipe Gonzalez reign.  The Death Squad was connected with Guardia Civil and Spain’s National Police. Two policemen were said  to be the killers, but there must have been more.

           Felipe Gonzalez played ignorant and escaped. Not so his former Interior Minister, Jose Barrionuevo, and, his former State Security Director, Rafael Vera, and in spite of the serious crime they obtained a mild sentence. 

          It was under such circumstances with a terrorist police force in full bloom, that the Simon Wiesenthal Mafia went to Barcelona and made their false accusations against Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer, showing that kidnapping hadn’t changed much since 1983.  Also see:  Felipe Gonzalez; Baltazar Garzon; Bombing; Death Squad; Police; GRAPO; CESID; GUSH EMUNIM; MOSSAD; LUIS ROLDAN;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

GALINSKI  Heinz   He took over the helm  as chairman of the Genocide Jewish community in Germany, after the embezzler, Werner Nachmann, suddenly died. He had embezzled some 100 million dollar in German reparation funds.

       He stated:  The Jewish life consists of one thing: to protest and extort money.




GOTLANDSGARDEN   See: Ingvar Amer. 


GAMLA  STAN   The district where Olof Palme lived on Vasterlanggatan 21 and where Minister of Finance, Gunnar Strang, brewed up his real estate speculations.  It is the main tourist site of Stockholm for walkers and has a special Christmas attraction each year.  Close to Olof Palme also lived, who some claim was his lover, the Jewess Emma Rothschild, of the Rothschild clan, the same clan which was involved with stealing the money from Egypt and other places.  The area was a hot-bed for spies such as Mossad and a constant trouble area for violence.


GANDHI  Rajiv   Buys canons from Sweden and on the deal gets nuclear bomb material.  Was assassinated 21 May 1991. His father in turn, Indira Gandhi was assassinated in 1984.


GIBBON  Edward


GEIJER   Lennart   Yet another of Sweden’s hopeless shipwrecked ”Justice Ministers” who landed in bed with prostitutes but was cleaned up under usual political ”let’s-hope-they-forget.”  He died at the age of 89 on 20 June 1999.


GELLER  Uri  An Israeli miracle mongering Jew who came to Sweden at the early time when Zionist Jews were building up their infra structure to gain power.  It was claimed that things were flying around, but evidently we have here nothing else but yet another Pentecostal type miracle monger.  Geller should be viewed as an Entertainer but like in all such cases, some made him out as God.


GESELLSCHAFT FUR CHRISTLICH-JUDISCHE ZUSAMMENARBEIT HEIDELBERG E.V.    An Israeli-Mossad front group agitating for political persecution of those not accepting the Scofieldite, Pentecostal Christian teachings, and whose basic racist teachings are that Palestinians are Philistines and must all be exterminated before Jesus Christ can return to earth and establish his Kingdom, having a rebuilt Temple as his sleeping quarters.  They were very active in supporting Bush’s fiasco war against Iraq, in which they applauded the tortures such as those at Abu Ghraib, and other centers.  They also supported the attacks against Olof Palme, lead by the fanatical Genocide Jews, at Storkyrkan.


GINSBURG   Alexander   Was secretary of Central Council of Jewish Communities in Germany under the Genocide Jewish embezzler, Werner Nachmann.  He, and Werner Nachmann were supposedly the only ones to have access to the millions of dollar in German reparation funds. Some 100 million dollar just disappeared to nowhere.  All this happened in 1988, the year the Show Trial was instituted against Holocaust Survivor, Ahmed Rami.

         Genocide Jewish members of Synagogues were also supposed to have been involved with this astronomical swindle of money.  Where all the money has gone no one knows and no politician, prosecutor, or police, in the whole of Europe have any interest to dig into it and find out. Who said Shoah business isn’t the best business in the world!




GMP  stands for Garningsmanna-Profil and refers to Christer Pettersson who prior to Olof Palme’s death evidently was chosen as the killer. Four days after Palme’s death a Phantom picture of Christer Pettersson is already distributed by an advertising agency taken from a Police photo.






GONZALEZ  Felipe     Became Spanish Prime Minister in 1982 which ought to be the first con because Spain is a Monarchy, and as such the head is the King, and the King has ministers, all are under him, with him being  the prime.

       It was under Gonzalez  that the crooked Guardia Civil head, Luis Roldan, illegally  incarcerated Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer inside the illegal Barranco Seco which secretly was used by the Guardia Civil and the Spanish Government to incarcerate ”dangerous people.”  Millions of money had been given to Spain to see to its material welfare, but the money was privately pocketed so Barranco Seco was kept as a veritable garbage dump for humans.  

         Under Gonzalez also functioned a paramilitary Death Squad, GAL, who secretly assassinated people, certainly with the approval of Gonzalez and Roldan who could not have been ignorant of it. Gonzalez regime eventually became another fiasco like Helmut Kohl’s as more and more people were found involved in politic who pocketed public money as their own. As Ronald Reagan said: The only way you can stop corruption is to give the politicians no money.  But would there then be any politicians at all?   Also see:  Gal; Spain; Barranco Seco; Guardia Civil; Simon Wiesenthal; UNESCO; Barcelona


GILLOU  Jan  Yet another Establishment Man who today is a millionaire. He was together with Peter Bratt and Hakan Isacsson in the FiB/Kulturfront revealing of the Swedish spy network, IB, and got charged for spying by the spies. His way to millionaire came when he started to attack Radio Islam.


GOOD NEWS   In the 1970’s when Good News Bearer, and Peace Activator declared the Good News that 6 million Jews were never gassed to death, he discovered to his astonishment, that, instead of being overjoyed by these glad tidings, the Genocide Jews became viciously angry, and started to attack Felderer, and also commit several terrorist attacks against him, his Philippine wife, and invalid mother.

       So he wondered what strange reaction this was to being declared the Good News of that 6 million were not gassed to death, and instead many had the enjoyment in visiting the Auschwitz Brothel, swim in the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, go to the Auschwitz Cinema, perform Sports, play music, dance, go to the Auschwitz Theatre, and other such healthful bodily activities.

         Soon he discovered why all this racist and Antisemitic vicious hate was  heaped upon a Good News Bearer and Peace Activist.  It was for money!  Through this scheme Genocide Jews raked in millions of dollar in fraud pensions, Germany handed freely over to them millions of equipment and dollars in helping them to exterminate the Palestinians. Germany even gave them free U-boats.  Sweden in turn handed over to them free material for their Atom Bombs and detailed description on how to hurl Atom Bombs away onto their critics for Genocide. Norway was in there, handing them Heavy Water for their Atom Bombs, and so much more.

         Felderer now begun to see why all this vicious hate was heaped upon his peace activities and Good News Bearer of information liberating mankind from lies and superstition.  He found out, War, Religion and Money was stronger than peace and Good News.


GOTBLAD  Carin   Lanspolismastare.


GOTHE  Erik    During the racist Antisemitic attacks against Holocaust Survivor Ahmed Rami by the Genocide Jew Rabbi, Morton Narrowe, and his Fahrenheit 451 Congregation of pension fraudsters, Erik Gothe, seems to be the only one who did not fall headlong on his nose in Sweden before the Swedish Limited Censorship Cult but stood for Unlimted Censorship of Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine.


GOTLAND  Name of a Swedish war ship rented out to USA to cooperate with its war against Iraq based upon the lie of Massdestructive Weapons.




GRAND   The cinema Lisbet Palme and Olof Palme visited along with their son, Joakim Palme, on Friday night, 28 February 1986  when Olof Palme was shot to death, possible by his wife. The film they saw was Broderna Mozart by Suzanne Osten which has certain similarities to Palme’s death.


GRANSKINGSKOMMISSIONEN   Set up by the State to investigate the death of Olof Palme and the investigation of the 15-man PU or Polis-utredningen.  In spite of that all evidence lead to Lisbet Palme, who in someway, is responsible, either by deliberately shooting her husband, or by error, they put their finger on a Police made suspect, Christer Pettersson.  Instead of investigating, they interpreted their work to be to obfuscate and silence all investigation.


GRANSKNINGSKOMMISSIONENS BETANKANDE 1999:88: Brottsutredningen efter morded pa statsminister Olof Palme.  A thick, some 1000 pages on nothing.




GREEN   Ake   The payaso set in by Sweden’s corrupt politicians and judicial hucksters to smokescreen the affair of the terrorist attacks against Ditlieb Felderer, his Philippine wife, and invalid mother, and to cover up the tortures and illegal censorship Lynch Mob trials set against Felderer.

         Green, whose church was located at Borgholm, on the island of Oland, a place not far from Gotland where the Swedish intriguing political elite congregate like flies on manure; had given a sermon with the obvious intention to get prosecuted under Sweden’s ”hets mot folkgrupp” act. Green is a state-of-the-art Pentecostal, thus of that religion and ideological calibre in which Censorship is must religion and which religious adepts themselves voted for Censorship.  So, how is it that this person, himself representing Mr Gag Law in person, turns out in hocus-pocus Swedish trickster way to become Sweden’s foremost champion of Free Speech?  Well, the corrupt Swedish Media and its gangster politicians had illegally persecuted innocent Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, for years.  No Formal Charge was ever made against him and in true Star Chamber Court way, censorship charges were fabricated. After several kidnappings by the Swedish State he was then hurled into Concentration Camp to be tortured, and where he was denied even the most basics of civilized law. The first kidnapping and torture ended up at Strasbourg, where both judge and accuser, Hans Danelius, directed the court to find Felderer guilty of thinking for himself, Sweden’s most reprehensible crime, especially so if you think the Bible is a Jewish invention and the Supremacy Chosen People is humbug.  They were now hoping these acts of violence, torture and threats would silence Felderer for all times.  Instead, to their utter shock they now saw emerged an even greater avalanche of ”blasphemic utterances” sprout forth and the Supremacy Chosen Race now screamed even louder, resulting in a second Lynch Mob,  censorship trial against Felderer, as hysterical as the first.  Again being kidnapped and tortured and found ”guilty of thinking for himself,” the Kangaroo Court with their cadre of votive Holocaust adepts of the Chosen Race,  felt certain this would end the blasphemic plague for all times. But Alas!  The very opposite happened.  The material was no global and becoming a global pain in the neck for Sweden’s corrupt politicians.

        In the meantime the world got to find out about Sweden playing two fiddles at the same time.  Inside, they were rigorously persecuting innocent victims using threats and violence, outside, they not only made out they indeed were the most free Society in the world, scolding and condemning other nations for not applying Free Speech, that which Sweden was so famous around the world for.

       No longer being able to hold this mask fastened onto their hypocritical glorious shining face, they now realized they had to come up with a solution as Yogists, Islamists, and others were realizing they were here being conned by slime balls of the first degree.

       So they invented their rescuer, Ake Green.  He was not rigged up to play the Sweden Hero, the man, who like Jesus Christ, delivered the people from the Sin of thinking for themselves.  Although Green had himself been part of persecuting others for applying Free Speech, he now became the Christ who rescued Sweden out of its dilemma of riding on two horses at the same time. 

       Ake Green was of course found guilty of transgressing ”permitted” sayings, getting a mild jail sentence of some weeks, which meant he would never be in jail at all.  The whole spectacular show ended up with acquittal. How?  Yes, Hans Danelius, and Johan Munck, the same persons who had stated that Felderer’s cartoons were so dangerous our whole civilization would fall to pieces if they were not burned up and hunted down in true Fahrenheit 451 fashion; these charlatans now had seen New Light, and so they re-interpreted the very same laws which they before had interpreted to justify the sentences against Felderer. 

       Lesson here?  Well Thomas More was right in stating law is but the abode where charlatans play.  It is the place where the rich and in power make their intrigues, for to then call them law!


GRENNARD   A Mossad front man used for telephoning people up and fish for information, while giving a morsel of information himself.


GRIFTEFRIDEN  The two falsely accused medics of having Ritual Slaughtered, Mata Hari, Judith Jewess Prostitute, Catrine da Costa, where charged to break this Swedish law.


GROSSMAN  Andreas  A fake prosecutor promoting Israeli Apartheid and Jewish Supremacy, of the Anne Frank Drug Culture, trying to enforce his ultra racist hate attacks upon Europe and reintroducing the Inquistition.

       He has become the darling of racist Scofieldites who find him a useful stooge to line their own pockets and feather their own nests.  Upholding Nazi laws he seeks to alter Europe back to its Medieval Age of Church authoritarianism and ultra Limited Censorship, centering on persecution of other opinions but those of his clients.  The Quack Doctor of claiming to get sorcery messages from the dead telling him what they feel about historical bickering shows clearly we are here dealing with sorcery and quacks being payed so by the State.  The State  will charge certain types of quackery which it deems financial profitable for it, having its origin in Mosaic superstitious laws criticizing Moses who tolerated no opposition, and the past Trinitarian controversy, and others in which you were accused of denigrating the God Head, Virgin Mary, Holy Trinity, etc.

        His dogma has helped the Genocide Jewish Supremacists greatly in their last Genocide attack in Gaza.  His Mannheim Mafia had a lot to do with the terrorist attacks against Good News Bringer and Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife; and may also stand behind the possible assassination of his invalid mother.  See: Ernst Zundel; Sorcery; Quack; Superstition; Law;


GRUPP 8  A brew of confused females starting their own type of Masonic lodge, complaining in Freudian style about their impotency.  Ebba Witt-Brattstrom belonged  to it as did Lisbet Palme.





GUICCIARDINI  Francesco   An Italian investigator  and historian.  He discovered that Worldly Authority, the guardian of civility’s values, was not innocent of crime and terror:  ”considering its origin carefully,” he wrote in about 1525, ”all political power is rooted in violence.” The same conclusion which Orwell, Huxley, Reagan, Marx, Jefferson, Sartre, Nietzsche, Shelley, Yeast, Hemingway, London, Spencer, Mill, Milton, Russell, Bakunin, Kropotkin, and endless of others have come to.  Yet in a remarkable way it subsists.

         Hence the usual attack on such material as Protocol of Zion is silly as others have stated the same long before and after. Even the New Testament states:  the whole world is laying in the power of the wicked one!









GULLNÄS  Ingvar   He was Sweden’s Chancellor of Justice between 1973-1980, and possible the best one they ever had.  After he had fred Ditlieb Felderer’s exposure, ANNE FRANK DIARY A HOAX from prosecution the Jews got furious with him, and he was quickly taken off his job.  Gullnas was an Unlimited Censorship adherent, a Jefferson type, but this clashed with the Swedish Limited Censorship which the Jews and Masons had brought into Sweden,  the latest gimmick strangely enough from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, and which in mysterious ways came into Sweden’s law book as hets mot folkgrupp, apparently without votation  or even discussion.  In other words, some at the helm had just put it in there while the rest slept.


GUNNARSSON  Victor   Is the first to be accused for murdering Palme.  He belonged to the LaRouche Movement and their European Workers Party.  Already their first flop is made, soon to be followed by more. Possible he was picked because they couldn’t find Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, who apparently was pre-arranged by the utterly corrupt Hans Holmer to be picked first.

         At the end of 2003  it is reported that Gunnarsson now  has moved to USA. In the beginning of 2004 it is reported that Gunnarsson in turn was found shot to death in North Carolina.  He is supposed to have been shot to death in a case of jealousness of a policeman.  One shot destroyed his watch. The other shot through his throat.  The next shot through his forehead.  The court case was followed by the Swede sent there, Hans Olvebro, although  Gunnarsson was no longer on the list as a suspect.


GUNNMO  Gunno  Used by Polisforbundet to prosecute anyone daring ligitemately complain about Swedish paramilitary police and openly write their names.  A Libel Show Trial will then be set against such a person, or threatened with it.  This assures the Swedish corrupt paramilitary police never to get charged for killing or some other infraction. The corrupt Swedish politicians can then go out in the world and boast about having the best and most honest police in the world! He took over the position of Hans Holmer.


GUNTHER  Christian   Swedish Foreign Minister, who like the Bigamist, Per Albin Hansson enjoyed gambling.


GURION  David Ben


GUSTAFSSON  Bosse  Worked for the then LO paper, Aftonbladet.  On his way to USA for a journalist work he had a prior talk inside the American Embassy at Stockholm.  As the Ambassador had to leave, Gustafsson went up to his desk and discovered a file about him which either SAPO  or IB had handed over.


GW  A short form by which Leif GW Persson is named.



HAGERSTROM  Axel Uppsala Philosoph who wrote thesis, TILL FRAGAN OM DEN OBJEKTIVA RATTENS BEGREPP.  He seems to have come to the conclusion that all this is relative and hence, anything to do with the State can in no way be objective, as it itself is part of the guilty.


HAGNELL  Hans   Rebellious leader within the Socialist Democratic Party. Became Landshovding.


HAMDAHL  Bengt O  A Thought Terrorist, a liar,  and specialist in manipulation like all indoctrinated Swedish bureaucrats.  He was the criminal in charge persecuting and prosecuting Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer. In 1987 his job was taken over by Hans Starck.


HAMDAHL  Pontius




HANELL   Roger    A young criminal and likely the one planting the bomb at Prosecutor Denker’s home to which he had been invited by Denker’s narcotic crime charged daughter, and apparently with the agreement of the father himself.  He was blown to bits and his connection to the house has been kept as silent as possible.  One would think that this very fact would pin Hanell is being the one causing the bombing. Instead the blame was put onto Lars Tingstrom.  Felderer can remember that when a youth, perhaps, 11 or 12 years old, there were a couple of ”bomb experts”  blowing up things not much older than him.  He was astounded over  their skill.  Big stones were blown up. He was told that at the local pharmacy you could get the stuff to make it work.  Luckily he was poor and more interested in other things, and thus never lost a finger or lost his head.  Another Private Detective found murdered was Fritz G Pettersson, who died 6 March 2001.

       There is another alternative here, but we would call it less likely than our first one.  The possibility is, that Mossad planted the bomb at the house, and so when Hanell touched it or came near to it it blew up.  Through police and judges infiltration and their planted moles they knew about Hanell and Dencker, and thus took the opportunity to cause further confusion in a State gone amok in crime.


HANSEGARD  Lars    Faithful Orwellian worker of Swedish TV and promoter of the Anne Frank Drug Culture.


HANSSON  Oloph  On 3  December 1998  he came out with a book showing how the Swedish spy network was organized in which Olof Wahlund, Sweden’s Chief of Security, operated to select the worthy ones to work for the Swedish Radio. Olof Wahlund in turn was a former member of the Nazi phalange in Gothenborg.  Hence, admirable adept in handling the old Nazi-Communist squabble machinery. 


HANSSON  Per  Albin   A Bigamist with children of both partners and a former Swedish Prime Minister.  Also a good gambler.




HARE KRISHNA    A religious, often chanting group, which operated in Sweden a lot around Palme’s death but never charged of anything in his connection.


HARM  Teet   A worker with autopsies together with self-proclaimed ”Jew,” Jovan Rajs.  He got messed in with the Jack the Ripper butchering of the Judith Jewess prostitute, Catrine de Costa.  It is the mole and police infiltrator, Jovan Rajs, who accuses Harm and Thomas Allgen to have been the Jack the Ripper butchers.  See: Milan Valverius; Jovan Rajs; Thomas Allgen.


HARVARD-AFFAREN   Is the Swedish for the case against Olof Palme when he was found guilty of tax evasion due to money he did not account for when he gave a speech at Harvard.  His son, Joakim, was then with his family living in Emma Rotchschild’s house at Harvard which she had given them.  The Rothschild clan were involved with money laundering Palestinian and Egyptian money via the help of the Swede, Emil Sandstrom, who decided that Palestine should be made into two parts.


HARVARD  UNIVERSITY    Derek Bok, married to Jan Myrdal’s sister, Sissela, invites Palme to hold a speech at the University for which money Palme does not declare in his income tax.  A political opponent finds out and reports Palme for tax evasion, resulting in Palme was found guilty of tax evasion for not having declared it.  Palme’s son Joakim, attended the University. Having been denied stipend twice from Sveriges Amerikastiftelse,  the money gotten from the speech was to pay for his attendance at Harvard.  Joakim was living in a house at Harvard,  given to him by Emma Rothschild.  She is of the same clan who money laundered with the help of Emil Sandstrom, money belonging to Egyptians and Palestinians and put the money into the Rotschild banks in England.


HARWOOD  Richard    A pen name for Did Six Million Really Die? translated and published in numerous languages and available on the Internet.  Swedish title is: Dog Verkligen Sex Miljoner? Sanningen Till Sist; ISBN 91 85560 50 2, and published by Bible Researcher, 1977.  See: DID SIX MILLION REALLY DIE.


HASHISH   A drug like cigarettes which flourishes in the Swedish Anne Frank Drug Culture and deeply involved in the Palme murder.  It has an pleasant odor but should never be taken if you want to live a bit longer.  Possible at the Auschwitz Museum, some of the hair seen may be Hashish or Hemp, and not at all human hair as made out.  Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer requested from Tadeusz Szymanski to be allowed to get some of it, planning to get it analyzed.  Szymanski promised but never followed through. See: Hair; Wig




HEIMER  Ingvar   Private detective engaged with trying to clear the Olof Palme murder up, and the case surrounding the death of Fritz G Pettersson, another assassinated investigator.  He was discovered dead at Varberg Subway Station at Stockholm, 27 January 2000, with horrible skull fractions, something similar that was attempted with Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer.  His death certificate came, when he on his home page, declared that the wife of Olof Palme, Lisbet Palme, and sons, had openly lied about what they were doing the night Olof Palme was shot to death. At first Heimer was a typical Establishment Man, but begun to get his doubts, and then it had to happen.

        For seeming strange reasons he was taken from Huddinge Hospital to Karolinska Hospital without having regained consciousness.  Why he was taken from Huddinge which has all the required necessities to Karolinska is not clear.

       Mossad had tapped onto him and Per Lindeberg’s book, DODEN AR EN MAN, dealing on the Ritual Slaughter of Mata Hari, Judith Jewess Prostitute, Catrine da Costa, was found inside a plastic bag underneath Heimer’s head when he was discovered severely injured at Varberg T-banestation at perrongen.

       He was apparently given 400,000 as a prepayment in inheritance from his mother. Where the money went is not clear. 


HELIN   Anders  A prosecutor in the Jack the Ripper butchering of Judith Jewess, Catrine de Costa, and later, Christer Pettersson; both ending up as fraud accusations.  Some claim he also had to do with the terrorist attacks against Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer.

         He was present at the 50th birthday celebration of Sigurd Dencker together with Liljeros, Torsten Jonsson, and others.


HELLSTROM  Mats   Landshovding


HELLSVIK  Gun   A political hag demanding along with Laila Freivalds harsher jail sentences, supposedly for the sole interest to keep blasphemy victims longer in jail to please the Genocide Jews.


HELSINKI WATCH – Human Rights Watch, USA.   A Limited Censorship outlet liberally run and used by the Genocide Jews in whitewashing Genocide against Palestinians and others.


HERMLIN   Stephan    Yet another fraudulent Holocaust Survivor claiming to having been incarcerated into German Relief Camp.  There are at least six criterions to go by to know if a person has sat there.  The usual trick of show a tattoo means nothing as many of these were put on after the war to obtain sympathy and money. Hermlin fabricated also other lies. Hermlin was Vice President of West German PEN, east.  Many persons, such as Mel Mermelstein, Rudolf Vrba, and slue of others never passed even the basic tests.  Hermlin was just one of the many cases who got away with it because no one bothered to investigate.  See German WAZ, 7 October 1996. 

        See: Witnesses, False;








HILL  Joe  real name Joel Hagglund, changed 1902 in America to  Josef  Hillstrom,  and then in 1910 to Joe Hill.  American union organizer and poet of Swedish extraction.  He was accused of murder and executed.  Before he died he wrote to his friend: Don’t waste any time in mourning. Organize. A Swede of the old strong extraction. At Palme’s  funeral placards were seen with the above text slightly changed, in Swedish: Sorj inte, organisera. He was one of Palme’s favorites. 


HILLEL SCHOOL OF STOCKHOLM    Nybrogatan 19-21,  connected with Rabbi Morton Narrowe and his Great Synagogue of Stockholm. From this center emanated many of the bomb threat calls received by Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, and Bible Researcher.  It is significant, that although the Swedish authorities knew about the bomb threats, they never spent one moment, to either stop them or clear them up.  It was evident that any indulgent into the matter would harm their work as clients.

       Calling bomb threats on phones is of course just that.  For some 50 years, Genocide Jews and their Holy Israel, have thrown real bombs, massacring         thousands of people and destroying thousands of homes belonging to the Palestinians.  And which are the countries helping them with the weapons?  USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Spain, and a host of others.  And which are the countries helping them in their terrorist ideology?  The same!


HINDMARSH   Brigitte    An Informer and agitator for the Israeli-Mossad front: Gesellschaft fur christlich-judische Zusammenarbeit Heidelberg.  The front group acts in agitating against peace activators acccording to Scofieldite and Pentecostal Ideology that the mass extermination of Palestinians is the solution for the  Genocide Jews in Israel.  After Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, penetrated her nest, exposing her informing activities she left the group.  See: Rh 495 where complete excerpts of her secret letters to the Swedish corrupt politicians are produced. Produced there is also the complete Flyer, pseudo-prosecutor and Kidnapper Torsten Jonsson had charged Felderer with, namely HR 468. She demanded that Felderer be ”politically persecuted” by the Swedish Government.


HIROSHIMA    Palme visited it and it changes his mind.


HJALMAR PETRIS ADVOKATBYRA    A quack lawyers office where Government stooges, Mats Bjorkenfeldt and Ingemar Folke worked.  Mats Bjorkenfeldt was reported for misuse of office, but the Martyrologist Genocide Jews saved his skin by handing him their coat with hidden dagger inside.


HJELMROTH  Sven Ake  Helped his friend, ”Palme Hater Alf Enerstrom” out of custody at his family squabble and separation.


HJELTE  Roland   Chief for a while for TV2 and a faithful agent of Swedish political Totalitarianism.


HOCHHUTH   Rolf    A supporter of Martyrology-Exterminationism, one of the princial fiction writers responsible for Israel’s latest Gaza war and all the others too.  

        His fictional documentary drama, The Representative (Der Stellvertreter, 1963), The Deputy, accusing Pope Pius XII for not stopping the so called Nazi persecution of the Jews, became the main subject of the Jehovah’s Witnesses to attack the Roman Catholic Church.  Millions of Awake! and other material was distributed from house to house, causing numerous Roman Catholics to leave their Church and become Jehovah’s Witnesses. But how could the Pope stop something that never happened?  The Jehovah’s Witnesses were working smack inside Commandant Hoess’ house, worked in his garden, and the garden around preparing flowers for the camp.  They taught the Hoess family music. They were working daily around the later alleged ”Gas Chamber.” Inside the building they cleaned it up and put fresh flowers every day!

        After the war they were tried to witness against Commandant Hoess, but all refused, stating they couldn’t witness for something they never seen, smelt, or heard, for they were daily there at the place.

       The amazing part about this whole thing is, that the Jehovah’s Witnesses to large extent also attacked the Jews, but never the Genocide Jews, for they, like them believe these acts of Genocide were commanded by Jehovah God.

        Historically one can say that this play brought Jehovah’s Witnesses into Martyrology-Exterminationism, and once in there they couldn’t leave it or their own religion, or sect, were just another Church. It is indeed interesting to see here that it was Fiction which brought the Martyrology-Extermiationist cult to life, and there it has stayed ever since. See:  JEHVAH’S WITNESSES



HOFFMAN  Michael  A   After the world-famous Ernst Zundel trial when Martyrologist-Exterminationism was proved to be a money swindle and a hoax, Hoffman came quickly out with his THE GREAT HOLOCAUST TRIAL, 1985 (book 2826). He maintains a special site on the Internet of great importance in these days when the Genocide Jews with their ”Holocaust” splurge is exposed wide open for the racket it truly is.


HOFMANN  Harold   A Nazi acting German Ambassador  in Sweden, requesting for the persecution and torture of Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer. His Nazi sympathies were further expressed when he applauded the tortures Agneta Isborn Lind had conducted against slaughtered down Felderer.


HOFSTEN  Greta  At the IB Censorship trial for spying against Peter Bratt and others, she was the one who was actually the responsible editor of the paper being charged, but due to her status would never have been set in order.


HOFSTEN  Hans von     Kommendorkapten 


HOGSTA  DOMSTOLEN   A  Masonic and Genocide Jew front,  camouflaged as Sweden’s Supreme Court.  Misfits, mental vagabonds, derelics, analphabetics, Sicarii dagger cloak people, thieves, and hooligans, all grace the corridors of this Apartheid cloak infested pesudo-court. One of its boondoglers and social parasites was Hans Danelius who acted as both judge and accusser against Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer at Strasbourg when his case was taken up.  This he did in order to hide the terrorist attacks he  himself had sponsored against peace-activator, Ditlieb Felderer.  He in turn was but a continuation of Money Launderer, Emil Sandstrom, who rigged up that the Palestinians should now be the slaves of Genocide Jews, while at the same time running away with Egyptian money which now got money laundered inside British banks for the enjoyment of Sandstrom and his friends.  It was through the criminal work of Emil Sandstrom that the Palestinians lost their land and was handed over to the Genocide Jews.  Like most Swedes operating here, Emil Sandstrom was the the total idot and Napoleon of George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM, in one. 

       The Mason, Johan Munck, who became the Chairman of the so called Sweden’s Supreme Court, had been involved with exonerating the terrorist attacks against Ditlieb Felderer when it was declared it was understandable in view of the views Felderer held.  In his last involved Witch Trial against Ditlieb Felderer he gave out the false news that Felderer had no address, although Felderer had likely lived under an address longer than con man Johan Munck had.  This was deliberately done so that people would believe Felderer was a vagabond, not a vagabond of the Johan Munck type who secretly engaged themselves in making money from Genocide Jewish clients and other Masonic and skirt holding Masonics, more money in fact than they were making from Government wages.  When Felderer brought this piece of information out about the Swedish Supreme Court corruption there was rampant  pandemonium, and orders were made to re-stack the chairs on the deck. Their latest scheme, where Ake Green acted as their actor, is, that Sweden adheres to Unlimited Censorship, yet another lie  on their part as Swedish law clearly states its very basics are built on the Genocide, Mosaic Limited Censorship.  You are allowed to say and write what you want, but hell to you if you go against potentate Moses. For women it means death through their genitals, for men, much the same. At such events as the bogus Nobel Prize, the prima donnas and boot lickers of violence, strut royalty around showing their plumage to the vehement applause of all the willing slaves who depend on them for promotion and their luxurious life.  Whole books could be written about the perpetual corruption of this scam court.


HOLOCAUST   Striving to find an adequate term for their fictive persecution and massacres, the Genocide Jews came upon the word Holocaust.  In Scandinavia the term in early days was exemplified of US A’s dropping of two Atom bombs, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  But the Genocide Jews were in a real fix.  Their own Bible commanded them not only to murder all inhabitants of the cities God’s Chosen Race in conquest of the Land of Milk and Honey, burn down the cities, kill all the animals, destroy all trees; and as good measure for all this unspeakable horrific murder, getting as compensation from their Jehovah God, the right to spare all babies and virgins, in order to Gang Rape them, and then kill them.  ”Peace-loving” Moses and his dagger friends were to administrate by Law all these unspeakable crimes done in the name of Jehovah, their God. So the Genocide Jews now had to find a word, while at the same time hide their own crimes of which the Bible so openly speak about, and, with not even Jesus Christ condemning once.  Up came the word Holocaust and trying to see if it would work. For the Genocide Jews are master in using words to attack and thus spare them from any intellectual discussion of their own cruel religion.  But in the quest of hastily plotting a word, they forgot its origin.  Holocaust is neither English, German, or Scandinavian. The origin is Greek and refers to Greek Phallic Sex Cults by which the male Penis is used to actually display the real function of fertility, of bringing produce to the earth for mankind.  Thus, Holocaust refers to the actual step movements whereby the Penis moves up into a full erection, and from there spread its sperm, Messiah, over the earth to fructify it and make it fertile and grow produce.  Hence, the word has absolutely nothing to do with Massacring people, much less ”Jews,” but instead refers to life, bring life, joy and plenty to Mother Earth. Being embarrassed by this fact, and finding about their own Jewish Olah worship, the Genocide Jews now want another term.  For some time they have suggested SHOAH, with their typical falseness, that SHOAH is Hebrew for Holocaust, which it isn’t.  The Hebrew word for Holocaust is OLAH, and not Shoah, which anyone can discover himself by turning to the Septuagint Bible where Jewish translators, translate the Hebrew word, Olah, with Holocaust.  Moreover, Shoah, refers to the Jews massacring the Gentiles as we have described above.  But they want to make it out that it is the Gentiles who massacrate them! It is a matter to twist words for ones own destruction as the Bible says.

      In order to maintain the illegal incarceration, humiliation, and torture of Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, Thought Terrorist, Agneta Isborn Lind, argued before the camouflage Jewish Judge, that Felderer had criminally defined the word Holocaust.  To certify the correct definition of the Jewish Trigger Word, she needed an expert opinion which a certain ”professor” would give. This ”professor” turned out to be no other than the Jewish Front Man, a possible deranged pseudo-professor by the name of Helmut Mussener who was working directly with the Genocide Jewish Synagogues and who secretly was clients for them.  However, the scatter-brained, ”professor”, possible also suffering under either real, or self-inflicted Alzheimer, needed plenty of time to obtain such a skilled definition.  The pseudo-judge, Jewish Genocide promoting, Jan Levin, agreed, and Felderer was sent back to be tortured inside the Concentration Camp made for peace-activators.  When the ”learned professor” finally came up with his expert opinion, it was discovered he had lifted it directly, apparently from an ordinary Duden lexicon available at any store selling condoms, alcohol, and cigarettes!  Thought Terrorist Agneta Isborn Lind then discarded the whole reason for which she had pleaded so earnestly for, and Helmut Mussener was not mentioned again. The ruse, with the help of the Jewish pseudo-judge had worked. Both the Thought Terrorist Inquisitor and pseudo-judge were later jointly to appear in a case of their own Death Squad paramilitary police man who had murdered his Philippine girl friend, Haydee Sandstrom,  and thrown her dead body in some bush. Reluctantly they were forced to take up the case when neighbors complained of having heard huge noises of screams and movements in the apartment of the accused murderer.  Thus, the paramilitary police, reluctant to take up a murder case of their own, were now forced to do it.  Some claim the murderer was one of those Agneta Isborn Lind had given Felderer’s apartment over to.  More of this elsewhere.


HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR  Sweden and Europe’s most famous Holocaust Survivors are Ditlieb Felderer and Ahmed Rami.  Both have survived numerous terrorist attacks stemming from Genocide Jews, who apparently are practicing their terror in order to be fit for their terror acts in Palestine and Gaza should they move there, and of course, obtain money from  the Swedish Government for doing so.


HOLMBERG   Bo    The murdered Anna Lindh’s husband. This so typical Anne Frank Drug Cult marriage had its ups and downs.




HOLMER   Hans    A police who became a sucker for the Genocide Jews by being lured into believing that the Kurds stood behind the murder of Olof Palme.  The Zionist rag, Expressen, was the first one breaking the ”news” that the Kurds stood behind it, and thus once again was the agent used by Bonnier and their Israel to throw smokescreen around in order to focus attention on idiotism.  Holmer worked closely with Ebbe Carlsson who was another one pushing the Kurd fantasy.  He in turn had worked for the Expressen Bonnier hooligans who in turn published fabrications and lies about Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer. One of Holmer’s body guards, was Per Jorlin, who later confessed to having murdered a Philippine woman and thrown her body in the forest.  Holmer had his team visiting Ditlieb Felderer, who told him that some 3000 people had identified Ditlieb Felderer, if not having killed Olof Palme, then stood behind it.  And who were those accusers, one wonders?  It couldn’t  be the same team of hooligans who stood behind, Rabbi Morton Narrowe, could it? Or, was it all made up?  Holmer died of suicide 4 October 2002, at 8 pm.  Or, did he also become another one on the hit list? Accusing himself for having failed clearing the Palme murder up, he is to have stated that if it was discovered he would kill himself.

        Both Ingvar Carlsson and Justice Minister at the time, Sten Wickbom, declined to honor his death. In their place stepped in Ann-Marie Asheden, who was to follow him for the subsequent write up together with Christina Jutterstrom.

       At the night of the Palme murder, Holmer had declaret he was together with a sweetheart in a hotel at Borlange. But supposedly he was driving around by his driver, paramilitary police, Rolf Dahlgren who was working extra as a driver.

       From the first moment he gave out his information to the public, which BBC already had reported, he gave out lies.  The first news of Palme’s death in Sweden came out on TT at 1.10 am. It gave out that Palme had died in the hospital at hour 6 minutes past midnight, 1 March.  Both were wrong, for Palme died at once on the street at hour 23:21, 28 February, 1996.

 He married a police woman, Asa, and there some say she was together close with another man the day Palme was shot, and thus cheated on Holmer.  Another information is that some other person than Rolf Dahlgren drove Holmer around that night from hour 15 to 24.  Holmer had lied about this.  

       A group of his gang got caught for weapon smuggling and other infractions, resulting in that five chiefs of police had to go along with Anna-Greta Leijon who had arranged for a private police place.

       He was chosen the Man of the Year for Sweden for 1986. At the end of his life he had, with Asa, bought Garden Vastra Alstad outside Anderslov in Skane, and also wrote detective books.


HOLST   Tora    A Genocide Jew supporting pseudo-prosecutor who was supposed also to take up the peace-activating Ditlieb Felderer torture, which persecution and torture activities then were handed over to Thought Terrorist, Agneta Isborn Lind. She violently persecuted Ahmed Rami, with the result he had to flee from his home.  The fraudulent Holst also did the illegal interrogation of Linda Reynolds. She also delivered endless of personal information over to the Genocide Jews who requested her for them.  A specialist in harassing innocents she fabricated accusations against Ahmed Rami, claiming he, because of his racial background, hand no right to Free Speech.  Her notorious anti-Semitism was of course extremely appreciated by the racist Genocide Jews who today hold her in high esteem for her valiant work in prosecuting ”evil thoughts.”  She also had part in the Olof Palme murder affair which she doctored up according the likings of the the Genocide Jews.


HOSPITAL   See:  Sabbatsbergs sjukhus  where the body of Olof Palme was brought.


HUBBARD  Ron L    The creator of Scientology. He disappears the same year Olof Palme was shot, in 1986, supposedly with his money.   For a while, in order to deflect the vicious treatments against Ditlieb Felderer, he was made out as the most dangerous enemy of Sweden.  All kinds warning examples about their ”infiltration” all over Sweden were invented.  

       But alas!  All for deflection  purposes.  For what the Scientologists were accused for could be equally be pinned on Evangelicals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Masons, Mormons, Pentecostals, Roman Catholics, and what have you, and not the least the Genocide Jews who supersede all of them, and that to such remarkable extent that their victims all deem them to be God’s Chosen People, and for that hand over to them a whole country.  Talk of not seeing further than your nose!

         And of the State wanting power for its own self-existence?  Well,  read up on George Orwell, Max Stirner, Nietzsche, Marx, Mencken, Bertrand Russell, Emma Goldman, Rosa Luxemburg, Ronald Reagan, Huxley, Henry Adams, Max Weber, Kenneth Galbraith, John Stuart Mill, William Godwin, Thomas Jefferson, Machiavelli, Sartre, Guicciardini, and a host of others, and not the least our Bible.  And no one is complaining.  So why pick at the gnats when you swollow the camel?

        And the fact of them making money.  Which Church doesn’t?  In Mormonism it is 20 percent of your wages.  By the time you spent active life in Jehovah’s Witnesses you have spent more money than in any Scientology Church, and if you invested your money into Pentecostal and Roman Catholic banks, they all went bust.  So the only gainers out of all this mess, remains the Genocide Jews.  When will they ever learn?


HULTMAN  Kristina   Interviewer of vagabond, Mythomaniac and Cagliostro-type, Jovan Rajs.  She accepts Raj’s version of that his coworkers were guilty of the Jack the Ripper slaughtered, Jewish Judith, prostitute Catrine de Costa.  Raj’s in typical Cagliostro deflection reminds of his ”Jewishness” and his family in Auschwitz.  There is no evidence, Rajs is a ”Jew,” nor any evidence his family was at Auschwitz. She is obsessed with Feniminism but seems to have missed the Holy Bible, Israel, and the Genocide Jews. None in Sweden so far have come upon the idea to start investigating the accuser, Jovan Rajs, himself.  Also see: Catrine de Costa; Hanna Olsson; Prostitution; Jovan Rajs;


HYTTINEN  Hannu   A supposed Scientolog adept involved with civil defense and who may be the real ”Bombman.” He blew himself up when he was fiddling around with one of his bombs. Or, was this bomb also planted by Mossad? He was killed at Christmas time, 22 December 1983, in his apartment.  Lars Tingstrom had been working for him.  Tingstrom had been charged for mailing a letter bomb.  Having served time, his next prison sentence was, when he was charged in the case of the bombing and burning down of Sigurd Dencker’s house.  There were a number of bombings going on in, and around Stockholm, and Tingstrom got blamed for them all.  Hyttinen had been put into closed psychiatric ward for mishandling his girlfriend.  In other words, a violent type. Hyttinen was also actively working for the civil defense where the making of bombs is part of the work, and apparently Huttinen was intrigued in the art of bomb making until he finally died by one. But the one who got the blame was Lars Tingstrom, ”Bombmannen,” as he was called and that perhaps as save the face scapegoat. It wouldn’t look good for Dencker, nor for Jonsson.


IB   Both SAPO and IB hunted Communists, but IB also hunted Social Democrats. That was perhaps the difference.


ICE  CREAM      Ice cream was served at Auschwitz to the inmates.


IFEX Clearing House, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A Limited Censorship outlet.


IFJ    See: International Federation of Journalists, a Limited Censorship outlet.


INDEX  ON  CENSORSHIP    Genocide Jew, Olle Wastberg,  supposed half a ”Jew,” gets published in Index On Censorship a letter published there in its number of 1984-2, page 2,  at the behest of the Genocide Jewish, Bonnier owned Dagens Nyheter, which has been condemned for racial hate and agitation against Scots, and Antisemtic and racist diatribe against Holocaust Survivor and Peace Bearer, Ditlieb Felderer, fabricating all sorts of innuendo in order to uphold the racist pseudo state calling itself pretentiously for ”Israel.”

       Apparently the Dagens Nyheter and Wastberg thugs have tricked Index On Censorship in accepting a prize Dagens Nyheter gave them, not realizing the paper is one of the world’s leading rags championing Censorship and supporting the torture and persecution of dissenters.  

        Also, the court Ditlieb Felderer was charged in and run by the Jewish pseudo-judge, Lennart Groll, who later falsely also charged Christer Pettersson to life imprisonment for having killed Olof Palme, has been universally declared as an illegal court.   This Kangaroo Court was already before Felderer was falsely condemned as illegal.  It is a typical Apartheid, racist Star Chamber Court,  lead by a political mob in opposition to the condemned.  According to information, Per Wastberg never visited Felderer in his torture center, he didn’t even make a phone call to the torture center to find out if he was there, and of course did not ask about his treatment.




INTERNATIONALEN  An Establishment paper by them designated Leftist.


INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF JOURNALISTS (IFJ), Brussels   Yet another Israeli run journalist group, which outwardly makes it out as supporting Free Speech, but instead is the opposite and supports imprisonment of independent journalists.



Yet another of the endless of outlets pretending to be for Free Speech, but are the opposite.  The Federation is but another one steered from Zion and fraudulently seeks support under the guise of toleration and Free Speech.


INTERNATIONAL  SOCIETY  FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, Germany   Another of the so called ”international” human rights group fraudulently informing people outside of Germany to apply Free Speech, while inside Germany supports, and spreads Censorship and imprisonment of people with different opinions.


INTERNET PROVIDERS   The Genocide Jews are the masters in using corrupt politicians for their religious and political cause, all with the intention to rule and use power.  Hence, when Ahmed Rami, presented his excellent Index of prominent persons on the Net, they at once demanded Tora Holst to forbid it as it would show their tentacles for all they do, they do in groups.  There does not exist one independent worker amongst them, and if so he would be executed like Spinoza, Uriel Acosta, and others.

         Using Sweden as a camouflaged vehicle for Censorship is particularly deceptive here, for, people in general have a warped idea that Sweden is a haven for Free Speech, having no Censorship.  What they are not told, and don’t know, is, that Sweden has Limited Censorship and one of the worst kind of Censorship going.  Through its Censorship the police has a right to not only take and burn what you have, without any record of it, but, also occupy your whole home, eat your food, steal your items, and invite friends to sex orgies there. In this way those using Sweden as a Trojan Horse for their Censorship can use it, for none thinks that here is being used against-censorship for pro-censorship.

           Sweden may also be one of the few countries in the world where the whole Media has Censorship as a Holy Cow.  They all outdo one another in yelling for Censorship as soon as they think their purse and power may get hurt. We don’t know of one paper ever defending Unlimited Censorship.  It itself would be up for blasphemy in suggesting such.  That means, that of course no politician will speak for it.  Then he loses his well-payed money and a lot less pension.

         Limited Censorship is the perfect tool for Totalitarianism.  The fact why the Palme assassination has not been cleared up, is, because people are afraid to talk and to investigate. If you stand a good chance of being imprisoned for your thoughts or writings, people aren’t going to risk getting involved. What about your friends?  Your family?  Your work?  Forget it! 

         The Flag use is implemented vigorously by these fanatical groups, but the Genecode Jew prefers the back door way.  He will try to smooch into the owner and those in charge of the Internet and then make claims of the bad ways it causes to his business by allowing such and such on the net.  Often he will use veiled threats, sometimes violence, as we have seen in the case of Olof Palme and Ditlieb Felderer.

          For a long time the Genocide Jew has used such terms as Antisemite, Neonazi, Auschwitz, Six Million, Holocaust, to get the Internet Provider to see the threat he himself has made up.  Now when these smear words used in character assassination are getting worn out, and even looking foolish, much die  to the work of Holocuast Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, and others, the Genocide Jew is getting into a fix, for now he has to start to try and make reason and sense, and thus he is stuck. The Genocide Jew with his Christian adepts have created a scaffold made of wood and it is now burning up in its own Fahrenheit 451 fire.

          People are getting fed up to be chaperoned around by a bunch of religious political rouges doing it for their own money sake and power.  Facts not frankly faced will sooner or later stab in the back.  More and more Internet Providers are getting fed up of being pushed around by primitive nitwits who are all out of tune with our modern world.

             And come to think of it:  If anyone should deserve a Nobel Peace Prize it is them.  For with all their limitations and hypocrisy, they are the first ones in the history of mankind who have been able to put the brakes on Limited Censorship. Limited Censorship is the root of all Terrorism.  Thus they have done more than anyone to stop Terrorism and they have done so without a war!  Maybe Bush and his friends should have thought of that before starting the war?


IRAQ   Sweden rents out its war ship Gotland to assist  USA’s war against Iraq for its Mass Destructive Weapons, all invented by Bush and his Genocide Jewish friends.


IRGUN   Yet another Genocide Jewish terrorist group involved with numerous cruelties and terrorist attacks.


IRVING   David   A Holocaust Survivor who has survived numerous vicious attacks from Genocide Jews and their hooligans in arm.  He has written many books throwing light on the Second World War.  His great mistake was when a Libel prosecution was done against a Holocaust Denier,  Deborah Lipstadt.  This was duplicity.  You can’t defend Free Speech and next moment bring Libel suits which are nothing but part of Free Speech.  There are better ways to defend your position.

       A similar case is when Holocaust Denier, Mel Mermelstein, brought a Libel suit against Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer.  USA, although having Unlimited Free Speech, still have a Libel Suit lest people start Dueling which was the usual way to clear up the mess before. The Kangaroo Court as Felderer was denied to participate although being the victim of the Long Knife attack, of course was found guilty and asked to almost pay in all, some six million dollar to Holocaust Denier, Merl Mermelstein.  

         Holocaust Denier, Mel Mermelstein never got a penny from Felderer!  He also tried to blackmail Sweden out of money for his abortive trip to Sweden for the Kangaroo Trial against Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, and where  the journalists called him: ”The madman from California.”  Sweden apparently, finally coming to their senses begun to realize that the man, possibly, really must be mad, and from them he neither got a penny as far as we know. This may be the first time in modern Genocide Jewish history where they never got a penny!  Usually they are experts in extortion, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they try similar tricks against Google and others as soon as someone demands some proof of all their yapping, and just not incoherent outbursts of hate and Jewish Supremacy threats.


ISAKSSON  Anders  He like Ditlieb Felderer, has termed the Swedish spy network to go under the cloak of ”folkrorelse,” a Peoples’ Movement.


ISAKSSON  Hakan  A worker with the Swedish IB spy network who then jumped off and together with Peter Bratt and Jan Gillou revealed the secrets about the IB resulting in that the spies then charged him for spying.  The pot tells the kettle black.  


ISLAM  AND  THEIR  VIRGINS    In order to gang up on Islam the two bedmates: Christians and Jews, invent ready nonsense to deflect and whitewash themselves. One is the ploy of Islam’s 70 virgins.  They do so in order to sound spick span clean and modern.  What is the evidence?  We will be brief about it here and show how especially the Christians are hiding facts from you.

         How many today have Bibles in their homes?  Very few.  This  Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, discovered when he was working for the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  If people had anything in their home it was usually some prayer book, or some aid to the Bible.  But the Bible itself?  Few.  For this reason, the Christian and their Jewish bed mates can fabricate any yarn they wish.  So what should you say, if we now tell you that you can have 32,000 virgins, mostly baby girls all for your own?  Not 70, but 32,000!  And they are all given to you for free to enjoy having sex with.  And most of them must have been baby girls.  Oh, you gasp, that can’t be possible. I have heard about 70 virgins, but 32,000 virgins I never heard of.

        So why are the Christians and Jews so silent about that?  Well, then their ploy of the Islam 70 virgins would seem pittance to theirs.  Moreover, in Islam it concerns heavenly brides,  in Christianity and Jewry it concerns virgins right here on earth to be Gang Raped. And what then?  Killed, butchered, massacred right before your eyes! And Jesus never spoke against it?  Answer: No.  There is not one place in the New Testament where these horrendous Gang Rapes are condemned.  

         And where do I find proof of that?  Simple.  Get a Bible.  Turn now to Numbers 31.  Read the whole chapter because it is a real eye opened of Genocide Jewish gangsterism and God commanded terrorism.  You will see, the reading of God commanding women to be speared through their genitals for disobeying Moses. And if you go to verse 35 you will read about the 32,000 virgins to be Gang Raped. And what happened after their Gang Raping?  Did the Jewish terrorist soldiers now occupy themselves with treating their wounds?  Start being baby  sitters for them? Putting diapers onto them?  Obviously not.  They were all butchered, massacred, human offerings for the Mighty Penis in the Sky God, Jehovah.

          You read it, and you ask: ”why has no one shown me this?”  For the simple reason the trick is to camouflage ones own ”evils” and blame them on someone else.  Hence the ruse of the Islam 70 virgins.

           But let us not stop here.  Did you know that Jehovah also has lovers, virgins to enjoy in blissful happy sunshine.  Have they ever told you this?  Well, perhaps if you happen to be one of those not sleeping in Church, you may have, but in a different way.

           The text of Jehovah’s happy virgins to be partaken of by Jehovah and his Chosen Race, in blissful sunshine is found at Judges 5:31, in connection with committing Genocide against the lawful inhabitants of the land.  ”Let all your enemies perish,” the happy song is sung in poetical Jewish beauty.  So how do Christians now twist themselves out of this one? Jesus himself is made to make a similar statement in Matthew 13:43.

          Although it is crystal clear that Judges 5:31 relates to something that has happened on earth, and not heaven, the Christians now claim that the ”lovers” are the Kingdom heirs, christians who die and go to heaven and rule with Christ.  In other words, once up there they have a huge House of Prostitution, with millions and millions of virgins whom they now can partake of in blissful sunshine atmosphere!

         And so Christians and Jews concentrate their attention on Islam’s 70 virgins. You may rightly use Jesus’ words here:  It is a matter of straining out the gnat and gulp down the camel!


”ISRAEL”    At the Stockholm conference on Genocide in January 2004 where Terrorism was discussed the only unquestionable Terrorist was Israel’s Ambassador to Sweden, Zvi Mazel, who physically attacked an artistic work.






JARRING  Gunnar    While working as Ambassador for Sweden in Soviet Union, Jarring apparently got surprised when he saw Olof Palme go before throngs of people declaring peace on earth together with Radjiv Gandhi, for in the next moment in getting in signed the Bofors business which included delivery of Sweden’s atomic material which now was abandoned, resulting in that India, instead of Sweden, got the atomic bomb.


JDL    See Jewish Defence League


JEHOVAH   The name of the Sex God, of the Genocide Jews.  The name consists of four letters: YHWH, and means The Mighty Erect Penis in the Sky. He was a Phallic Sex God, fighting with all the other Sex God, much like dogs fight when the strive to sex a female dog in heat.

        The Fertility, Phallic Jehovah, was involved in numerous sex rituals where female prostitutes, the past Judiths of Catrene da Costa, were used in the Tabernacle and primitive Temple rituals.   One important ritual, was the OLAH RITUAL, or THE HOLOCAUST RITUAL, consisting of masturbating the penises of he Leviticals, especially the higher priests, raising it up into a proud erect position, being resurrected, and once proudly up there standing in full lofty glory, spread their semen over the tabernacle.  

         Christian Genocide Jewish supporters, as the Pentecostals, continuously seek to hide this by making references to alleged prohibition of Homosexuality, while giving their full support of the Gang Rapes of baby girls as clearly demonstrated in the Bible.

        He was of course also a Sex War God, and this explains the continuous manic desire of the Pentecostals and others to engage in bloody warfare, and in this way spreading their intolerance and hate of mankind throughout the world.



JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES   Jehovah’s Witnesses leadership at Brooklyn, New York, have played a major role in the hoax of the six million jews and their Holocaust fiction.  But let’s start by looking it at the leadership standpoint.

        As you know JW preach from door to door, or spread their material in this way.  Their big office is situated smack in the middle of where most so called ”Jews” live, outside of their fictive ”Israel.”  So JW knocked at the doors of the people around their headquarters.  The Jews now responded more and more to use violence, even causing JW to seek medical help. Now how could this be?  JW were thrown into Auschwitz just for preaching.  They were not even politicly involved as so many Jews were. At Auschwitz there were also Jews.  And now these Jews start throwing JW down the stairs, severely injuring them.  The people who were complaining about Auschwitz and demanding compensation were now violently attacking JW in order to stop them.

        But the violence signal also was deliberately done by the Jews to warn their own members to stay away from JW or they will be treated the same way.  A bit similar which Sweden did by violently attacking doubters of  Zion.  It is a signal just as much to the rest of the herd to stay in line.  Don’ rock our boat. Go steady for our goal of duping those who after all ask for it.

       The Jews now came up with another bag of trick.  That of getting money.  Look how easily Austria and Germany payed out.  Look at the huge pensions Jews got out of it. And they don’t even have to pay taxes for it.  And some even picket up pensions under three different names, or more – and got away wit it.  Look how much nice property in Brooklyn Jehovah’s Witnesses own.  It sure would be nice to have.

             So they came upon the idea that JW also were guilty of their persecution and Auschwitz was just as much their fault.  With this threat over their head, to have to pay Jews millions of dollars, the Brooklyn leadership fell in line.  But what was the price, their Sin Offering to be given to the Levitical Priesthood of the Genocide Supremacy Race?

        That they should agree on the definition of the Holocaust as proscribed by the crafty Jews. And so JW fell in line with the Holocaust ploy.  That was the leadership.  As for the slave workers at lower level, things were like before. Very much like the slave workers of George Orwell’s, Animal Farm. JW had worked in and around the very area where the alleged ”gassings” took place, yet, never heard, seen, or smelt, anything unusual, and they were picking flowers from the garden nearby for the camp house, for Commandant Hoess, and the others.  Yes, you could even buy them for cheap money.

        That is why the Jehovah’s Witnesses continue to be a pain in the neck for Martyrology-Exterminationists. They refused to testify against Commandant Hoess for the simple reason that what they were told to say didn’t happen when they were there.  And what is so unbearable nasty about this whole thing for Martyrology-Exterminationists, is, they are not like Olof Palme’s endless of involved characters: political involved.  And when you are not political involved and have no gripes seeing it is all a matter of the pot telling the kettle black , the JW continue to be a vexation amongst Martyrology-Exterminationists. And now when it has been revealed that the main responsible for the mass Serial Killings was the Jewish Sonderkommando – should we now ask compensation from the Jews?  From Israel who has confiscated our money through their bag of tricks?


JERKANDER  Nina  Wrote a book about Amnesty International spokesman, Jesus Alcala, describing him as a charlatan and mythomaniac.


JERSILD  P C   Author.






JEWISH  INFORMATION    A peace bringing information created by Good News and Glad Tidings Bearer  Ditlieb Felderer in  the 19970′. It helped in bringing information to millions of people about the war activities and Ethnic Cleansings  of the racist Genocide Jews and their ceaseless ambitions to dictate people on what to accept and believe. Its Good News and Glad Tidings activities continue to this day.




JISANDER  Thomas  Condemned to 5 years jail, but got fred. 


JOANSON  Owe   Chief of Swedish Radio when Palme died.  He ordered no mention should be made of his death when it happened.


JONSSON  Lars  For a while assistant chief for the group of twelve men ”clearing” up the Palme murder.


JONSSON   Torsten   Was present at 50th birthday celebration of Sigurd Dencker together with Helin, Liljeros and others, where one could easily see ”karandan bland juristerna ar enorma.”

        Jonsson was Lansaklagare when he ordered that the source for Dagens Nyheter, Milan Valverius case be investigated, a clearly illegal matter.


JORLIN  Per   A body guard for Hans Holmer who lived at Surbrunnsgatan at Norrtull and who killed his companion, Philippine  Hedy Sandstrom.


JOSEFSSON  Janne  Made a reconstruction for TV of the apparent paramilitary police murder of Osmo Vallo.






JUTTERSTROM   Christina   Former Chief Editor and disinformer of the Genocide Jewish rag, Dagens Nyheter.  She would censor anything that criticized that the police were not doing their job in finding Palme’s murder.


KAHAL   The Governing Body, like the Twelve Apostles, of the Genocide Jews and their localized communities.  All organized terror stems from the Kahal who hold secret meetings deciding whom to strike and whom to kill.


KALLENVALLA  Mikael   An actor.  While making a film having a hunting scene at Arbra, the district where Jovan Rajs lives, Rajs who belonged in the hunting party, shows to the team how one cuts a moose, evidently in reference to his own cutting.




KARNSJUKHUSET   The hospital Tingstrom came to before dying of cancer.


KAROLINSKA INSTITUTET  in Solna  The place where mole and police infiltrator, the self-named ”Jew,” Jovan Rajs worked, and also Milan Valverius and others involved in the Olof Palme drama.  Jovan Rajs secretly goes to the Chancellor of Justice where Harald Drysselius is office chief and accuse Teet Harm and Thomas Allgen to be involved with the Ritual, Levitical Slaughter of Judith, Jewess Prostitute Catrine da Costa.  He later works in a similar way against Milan Valverius who was chief of Autopsy there, and gets him indirectly dismissed by accusing Valverius of having given out confidential material. The Genocide Jewish rag, Dagens Nyheter, is involved through Gun Falth. Having gotten rid of his competitors he then takes over as chief, and then gets a Professor title.


KAROLINSKA SJUKHUSET  The hospital where Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Anna Lindh, was brought and who died there after being cut down with a knife.




KEGO  Walter   Illegally set in by SAPO Operative Chief, P G  Nass, to spy on media people suspicious of spreading ”blasphemy,” and interested in the inter connections of the Genocide Jews to amass power in Sweden.


KENNEDY  John F   USA president supposedly killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, who in turn was killed by the Genocide Jew, Jack Ruby, also called Jacob Rubenstein. In 1979 the House Assassination’s Committee dcided that Kennedy  ”was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.”  Was Olof Palme also killed as a result of a conspiracy. Palme held him as an ideal.  Since then information has been brought out Kennedy was not only a swinger boy, but his family was deeply involved with the black whisky trade and other shady works.




KHAZAR    and  KHAZARIA    Ancient region of SE Russia, inhabited 6th-10th centuries. A.D.  by the Khazars or Chozars, claimed to be Turkish origin.  At first their hom was in the Caucasus but later they controlled the lands between the  Caucasus Mountains and the Volga and Don Rivers and even beyond the Dnieper River and Crimea, and organized the trade routes between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, in 8th century, the aristocracy embraced Judaism.  Conquered by the Russians in 10th and 11th centuries. 

        Most of the Genocide Jews stem from these group of people and hence have nothing to do with Palestine except for religion. Something like the Nordics being forced to accept Roman Catholicism, yet have no right to claim of Italian land due to their faith.

         This knowledge brings havoc into Dispensationalism, Scoefieldism, of which the various Pentecostal religions have as basics and therefore they never discuss it as they claim the Twelve Tribes are returning back to their former homeland. This would make the Khazars move to so called ”Israel” as invaders, usurpers of the land condemned by the very prophecies Pentecostals claim to prove them right.

         Holocaust Survivor and Good News Bringer, Ditlieb Felderer, was the first in Scandinavia to bring attention to this fact.


KING  Martin Luther  Milan Valverius assisted in the autopsy of King.


KLARSFELD  Beate   A German scatterbrained soul who married a Genocide Jew in order to get over her sinfulness of guilt complex.  She was in secret contact with the Genocide Jewish Synagogue, lead by disinformer, Rabbi Morton Narrowe, at Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer’s first kidnapping by the corrupt Swedish politicians.

        Just before the kidnapping of Ditlieb Felderer when he was put in custody for a lengthy time, she phoned up Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer, evidently for then to call the paramilitary police.


KLERING  Ingrid  One of Marten Palme’s girlfriends whose overcoat may be that Lisbet Palme carried, on arriving at  the hospital at Palme’s death.


KNUTBY   See:  Kristi brud; Pentecostals;








KONSTITUTIONSUTSKOTTET  (KU)  A sort of a public hearing in imitation of USA. At the 1988 show, some leading people had to go in order to continue on with the show of  ”Business as Usual.” Ingvar Carlsson did not have to go.


KOORTI  Kerstin  She had to play as the typical Swedish underdog in defending the two doctors accused for the Levitical Ritual Slaughter of Catrine da Costa. She informed that the accused medics had requested that a thorough search be made of the plastic bags wherein the various cut ligaments were inside. The fingerprints came up here.  The Prosecutor then retorted in what ought to be typical Swedish jurisprudence that that seeing the medics had been fred, there was no longer any need of investigating the case further.  One would think the opposite.


KOSHER    Sanctioned by Jewish law; selling or serving food ritually fit according to Jewish law.  The audacity of the Genocide Jews is, that they put a tax on every item having this sign going to the Rabbi.  Thus in fact the so much ado over separation of state and religion in USA is a farce.  Every citizen there are in fact the willing or unwilling slave of the  Genocide Jews.




KRIMINALTEKNISKA LABORATORIET  I LINKOPING,  KTL  Two bullets were found AFTER Palme was shot dead.  None of the bullets had anything to do with the weapon Palme was shot with.  These apparent discovered bullets brought forth for disinformation, along with parts of alleged coat a bullet was to strike, and supposedly Lisbet Palme wore, were not sent here for analysis  but to FBI and Bundes Kriminal Amt in Wiesbaden, Germany.


KRIMINOLOGI   Free Speech persecutor, Thomas Bodstrom, organized a small Nobel Prize on one million on Kriminologi.


KRISTI BRUD  See: Pentecostals; Knutby  


KRISTALLNACHT     Night of Broken Glass 9-10 November 1938.  Peace Activator and Good News Bearer, Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, survived numerous breaking of glass of which the Swedish corrupt politicians ignored for the simple reason, they, and their buddies of the Genocide Jews were responsible for them.

       On top of the broken glass  assaults arson was used.  Ernst Zundel had his whole house burned down in arson, and prior to that a bomb was mailed to him. And of course, in Palestine, millions of glass has not only been destroyed by the Genocide Jews, but whole houses.  Thousands of them!  And no one in the West complains for the simple reason they to large extent stay behind it.

       It is also significant that Peace Activator has frequently been told by Genocide Jews he deserves the broken glass.  Evidently, in such a case they haven’t learned very much, and not only that, they stand behind it.  So maybe the Kistallnacht was an act done by themselves to attain world attention, just as they have done with their Holocaust ploy.


KTL    See: Kriminaltekniska Laboratoriet  i Linkoping.


KU      Stands for Konstitutionsutskottet.


KULLENBERG  Anette  Sister to Lawyer Klas Borgstrom, and an activator of the Israeli front, Publicistklubben.


KULTURHUSET    Stockholm.  Located at Sargels Torg.  One of Sweden’s center in spreading the Anne Frank Drug Culture.  Drugs are often openly sold and used there.  It was from here that Skoloverstyrelsen held inflammatory meetings against Glad Tiding Bearer and Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer, operated under the Israeli mole, Frank Hirschfeldt.  Frequently used in propaganda against Palestinians under the guise of anti-Hitlerism.


KUNGLIGA BIBLIOTEKET   At the famous Swedish Witch Trial against peace activator, Ditlieb Felderer, Thought Terrorist, Torsten Jonsson, used the director of Kungliga Biblioteket, one of Sweden’s main, and best libraries, to get at Felderer. The Director testified that Felderer had been seen at the library, just as if this was a criminal offense. Some claimed evil and blasphemic stuff purporting to be similar to Felderer’s Bible Researcher were found inside the Sacred Shrine Library.  An especial criminal offense if it was right, especially as seeing this library is one of the libraries in Sweden which one is legally bound to forward whatever is published in the country!  Jonsson then presented a photo, apparently taken from the back of Ditlieb Felderer –  this photo indeed proved the evil blasphemic works of Felderer.  Felderer retorted in front of the Kangaroo Court, that if this photo proved anything, it proved how innocent people were secretly spied upon in Sweden and photographed inside a public library. And as far as Felderer was concerned, Jonsson himself could have been the person planting the ”blasphemic evil stuff” just to get at him for his peace-activating and Good News informative work.

Curtain down!


KURD  TRAIL    So how did the lie about that the Kurds should have murdered Olof Palme start?  It was started by the Genocide Jew run EXPRESSEN whose fanatic adepts had for years harassed Felderer’s telephone and home.  A certain anonymous man is to have phoned up Roland Aldeheim at Expressen and mentioned the Kurd political party, PKK, stating the Kurds had killed Olof Palme, ending with: Long Live Kurdistan! 

       Now it was mainly Expressen and Dagens Nyheter which  begun the hate campaigns against Ditlieb Felderer.  But if Expressen got this telephone conversation, was it taped?  If so, can we rely on its authenticity today if it still is available?  Further information seems to bear out that the starter of the Kurd Trail smokescreen begun with Homosexual, Ebbe Carlsson, who claimed as proof a Source A, which  turned out to be a Kurd journalist working for the Kurd editorial at the Swedish Radio.  It then continued that he was involved with narcotic smuggling, was fired from the Swedish Radio, and got expelled from Sweden.  Now it is so that Ebbe Carlsson was an adept of the Genocide Jew outlet Bonnier, of which Expressen actually is owned.

       Ditlieb Felderer has another theory.  The Genocide Jews were regrouping and establishing power points in Sweden. Sweden was an important ideological center for its propaganda, partly due to its professed neutrality.  In this, the Anne Frank drug culture,  was an excellent fertile atmosphere whereby such cementing of ideological pillars could be structured.  The Expressen media splurge was but another trick of the many in obfuscating realities.  It was to eliminate all opposers.  One of these was felt to be Ditlieb Felderer.  Expressen had hold a constant barrage of attacks.  It culminated in several terrorist attacks against Ditlieb Felderer, including attempts of arson and violence by striking Felderer over the head with an iron bar.  The whole of the Swedish media kept quiet of these terrorist attacks, as did the bureaucrats. Had Ditlieb Felderer in any way been involved with violence, the yell would have been that he stood behind Palme’s murder. Now, it was done more discreetly. Nevertheless, it was rumored that some 3000 people have pointed Ditlieb Felderer as a possible instigator of the murder.

       The claim that Olof Palme’s wife is to have murdered her husband seems farfetched, even when admitting she had lied. Lying, as George Orwell, Sartre, Reagan, and others have pointed out is the very ingredients of politicians and their politic. Sure Lisbet Palme and her son had lied, but that is the basics of their work.  That does not mean Lisbet Palme killed her husband.  When they lied, she lied for other reasons than for having shot her husband.

       All evidence point to that the real culprits behind this was the Genocide Jews and that this was but another of their Sicarii killings of which they have a long history in being experts of performing.  Olof Palme was simply not wanted in the plan to bring the whole of Europe under their feet with the help of their Holocaust propaganda, shouting out Never Again and Never Forget, and using these stratagems to make people look the other way so that they can carry out their own Nazi atrocities with the Palestinians and get away with it.

         And let’s not forget all the free pensions they got through this ruse, pensions which often were gotten under three different names and picked up in different countries, and in most cases never declared.  Why attack Olof Palme for not having declared money supposedly received in USA when millions of so called Holocaust Survivors have gotten away with it, not declaring?  This is the height of hypocrisy and shows the gutter level of Swedish journalism. 

       And this is not all, in Sweden Jews fervently were working with sick leave frauds and other frauds.  It was jokingly said: No sick leave, no Israel flights, meaning the whole of Israel’s flight industry depended on sick leave frauds whereby the fraudulent ”sick” could take a trip to their Chosen Land of Milk and Honey stolen under the command of their Jehovah God.

       And there is more.  An Austrian Jew, was put in charge to take up claims for pensions that the Austrian Government was giving out for the Holocaust ruse.  He got furious when he found out that a claimant did not ideologically belong to his Mosaic cult.  The man was so bombastic and authoritarian he even got people in favor of the Jew cult angry.  But he succeeded in his fraud, and so all were left out except for his own choice.  And very likely, should any claimant get into his hand he would duly destroy it, just as easily as all the documents have disappeared concerning so many vital issues in Sweden.  Those who got the pension never declared it.  Nor were they asked.  So why should Olof Palme get attacked for a minor case of accepting money for a speech? This is hypocrisy at its top.  Can anyone make sense out of this? The claim that the Palme family should be behind the murder of the husband and father just don’t make sense considering that those proposing this are straining out the gnat and swallowing the camel. If you want to pick at a minor issue for proof you lose your credibility by hiding and silencing much more greater reasons.

             Furthermore, why has no one stated in dealing with this issue, that Swedish court has decided if you violate a young girl and state you have been inside a Nazi  jail, you get exonerated on the basis that the blame is not you, but the fact you were put in jail.  And that for fraudulent money dealings or tax evasions! Instead of saying that this experience should have taught him a lesson not to rape, he gets exonerated.  Not much different from all the Nazi atrocities Genocide Jews perform in Palestine today.  This is excused on the Holocaust, Anne Frank Diary, and what have you.  It doesn’t become evident to people that some smart thugs are just using these tactics to line their own pockets and feather their own nests. 

            The mere fact of Palme stating that the Jews stood behind Folke Bernadotte’s death was sufficient for them to turn frothy, and thus ”marked” Olof Palme, the same way they told Ditlieb Felderer that he was a ”marked man” for refusing to throw himself headlong before their lofty statue and thank them for their boot on his head.

        It is also significant, that no Swede has dared to come with the suggestion that possibly Israel with its Mossad stood behind the murder, although there is no terrorist group in the world with a more bloody history than theirs.


KVINNOR  KAN   A modern Swedish form of the women’s movements, but, who before rarely mentioned rapes and beatings, but mostly the wage differences.  This seemed especially cruel as some women whose husbands, unmarried state, or death were now struggling on their own and  although having the same job,  and perhaps working more than their male partners, still, earned less.  Meaning, women with child or children, were working as double slaves.


LAMBERTZ  Goran   Swedish Chancellor of  Justice since 10 October, 2001, who stated the police lies.  That there exist a culture within the police force to lie to protect each other. Evidently the statement that the Swedish police is the worst in the world is not an understatement, and Ditlieb Felderer, claims Sweden hasn’t even got a police, but a paramilitary police where the police only serve as agents for the Prosecutor, who in turn, acts as agent for politicians and their Genocide Jews,  and they are not there for to clear cases up but to please certain political ideologies.

       He was born at Kisa and went through the ordinary acts of a Swedish bureaucrat in the making.  Like all the rest of such bureaucrats in Sweden he is but another stooge of the State and its corrupt politicians.


LANGE  Vincent  Chief of Norrmalmspolisens technical department who reacted over that Olof Palme had two sawn cuts on his chest before he went for autopsy. 

Supposedly the cuts were made for heart massage, an impossibility at that stage as Palme had been dead for about half an hour.




LAROUCHE  MOVEMENT    Victor Gunnarsson who belongs to this movement is falsely accused for having shot Olof Palme.  He is released and soon another victim takes his place.  European Workers Party belongs to it.

       See:  Victor Gunnarsson;


LARSMO   Ola   A warmongering distraught soul working for he Israeli Ethnic Cleansing rag, Dagens Nyheter, a rag specializing in copulation with Power Junkies and their manic quest to line their own pockets and feather their own nests.  The Thought Terrorist, Larsmo, sought to stop Holocaust Survivor, Ahmed Rami and his Free Speech work, wanting to chain him with Mosaic intolerance and vicious thought control.  His mission to spread the Brave New World and the Anne Frank Drug Culture to Ahmed Rami by violence failed.


LASER MAN, THE    See: John Wolfgang Alexander Ausonius.


LASERMANNEN   THE LASER MAN   See: John Wolfgang Alexander Ausonius. For a while one of his shot victims who also had the name Costa got mixed up with the Judith Jewess Prostitute Catrine da Costa. See: Catrine da Costa


LAW    Mosaic swindle by which Moses became the Dictator supreme tolerating no rivalry.  The science to swindle poor people and make them obedient slaves for rouges.  Thomas More:  ”a conspiracy of the rich who call their intrigues law.” 

       The State makes citizens by law and the immolation of the individual upon the altar of the State.  Religion  makes adepts by fabrication of divine grace and the death of the natural man in God. Both strive to transform men, the one into a  saint, the other into a citizen.  Both have and use the doctrine of the natural wickedness of man.  See:  SIN


LEIJON  Anna-Greta    Her husband Beckeus living at Lidingo.  She had to leave the Government after it came out she had assisted in weapon smuggling and other infractions together with Ebbe Carlsson where one had opened a private police house on Renstiernas gata.


LEVI   Primo    Genocide Jew and Martyrolog-Exterminationist: To speak of Holocaust is getting more and more difficult.


LEVIN  Jan   A corrupt Jewish pseudo-judge manipulator,  working for the notorious swindle outfit, Sodra Roslags Tingsratt. It was this scam boy who took from him the mishandling and torture of Ditlieb Felderer in typical Swedish Witch Trial way. Later on he also grabbed up the case of their own paramilitary police murderer, Per Jorlin, where interestingly not only Levin figures as a so called ”judge,” but also Agneta Isborn Lind. Probably they didn’t want to charge Jorlin for the murder, but what could they do?  Everybody had heard screams and noises, and the murdered women was gone.

       Thug Levin manipulated the kidnapping case of Ditlieb Felderer to secret hours when everyone was going for home. Evidently together with Agneta Isborn Lind.  He is little doubt the first ”judge” in history, ever, to keep a person in custody under the claim that an interpretation has to be found of a word, this being he Genocide Jewish created, Holocaust.

        Although Felderer pleaded with the Thug to halt the torture, the criminal hoodlum, Jan Levin, refused.  Only when it was clear to him that he would have to take a case with the victim slaughtered down and laying on the floor before him, did the Thug Levin decide to dismiss himself for partiality and prepared a letter to this effect which is an eye opener of how Swedish corrupt law truly works.

        Another contribution to judicial history of the world, he requested pseudo-medic,  bully boy Lars Naimell, incarcerated inside a mental ward for eternity. Only when Felderer stood his case and said he would see to it to get Naimell reported for his criminal acts to American medical societies, and sudden fear was seen in Naimell’s eyes, did Naimell back down. That this Thug  and pseudo-judge has been able to operate so long, only goes to show the hopeless state the whole of Sweden’s legal system is in.


LEWINSKY  Monica   Bill Clinton’s own little Jewess Judith which whom he allegedly had some 9 sex affairs with.  This has a most curious similarity with the planting of the Judith, Jewess Emma Rotschild, who was just living by Olof Palme’s home at Vasterlanggatan 21 at Gamla Stan in Stockholm.  It must be an incident, yes or no?


LIDBERG  Lars  A medic of law connected to Uppsala who invented garninsmanna-profilen to prove Christer Pettersson did the killing.




LILJEROS    Was present at 50th birthday celebration of Sigurd Dencker together with Helin, Torsten Jonsson, and others.


LILLEHAMMER    Norwegian town where Lillehammer Murder of Ahmed Bouchiki took place by the Genocide ruthless Mossad.  They were caught but Norway sent them back to Israel on first class ail-line with luxury beds and food.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


LILLEHAMMER  MURDER   A famous July 21, 1973, murderous assassination in Lillehammer, Norway, by Mossad of a person they had mistakingly believed to be a Palestinian.  He was in typical Jewish Genocide way, cowardly gunned down by the bloodthirsty Genocide Jews connected with the main Synagogue in Oslo, and the Sicarii group of Rabbi Morton Narrowe, in Stockholm.

         The Sicarii assassins and Genocide Jew Zealot murdered  Ahmed Bouchiki as he and his wife were waiting for the buss ending up with the assassins were caught.  But in shouting their usual diatribe of:  Auschwitz,  Six Million, Antisemite, Neonazi, the cold blooded assassins were let go by the Norwegian Government, which in fact was responsible in most ways by the pushing of the rouge State, pretentiously naming itself for ”Israel,” although its people have no connection to it, mostly coming from Soviet Union.  By the antics of Trygve Lie, who became Secretary General of the United Nations, the Norwegian Government  who had helped in giving Israel its heavy water for their atom bombs, the land was stolen from the Palestinians, resulting in that Norway let the Mossad assassins free.  The police who handled the case then got a high position in Interpol.

       Mossad had built up a whole nest of front groups, using infiltrators and spies, but this got messed up through the boggling of yet another of their many assassinations, often on open street.  Folke Bernadotte had also been assassinated in a similar way along with his French companion while driving on a street in Palestine.  Israel made the assassins heros of the country.  

        The fact that Olof Palme, possible the only politician in Europe daring to mention these assassinations, and, terrorist Genocide Jew gangs as Stern, he became a ”marked” man by them, meaning he had to be liquidated.  While at Storkyrkan in Stockholm, vicious Genocide Jews connected with the Synagogue and Hillel School, were shouting out Olof Palme was a ”marked” man.  Palme was foolish enough not to take this murderous fanatic crowd serious.


LIMITED CENSORSHIP      See:  CENSORSHIP, LIMITED  All of Europe follows Limited Censorship obtained from the Old Testament of Moses not tolerating any opposition or rivalry, then taken over by the Christians to persecute and kill heretics, opponents, blasphermers, and people in general considered dangerous. There is no attempts in any European country to scrap it and instead introduce USA’s Unlimited Censorship from Bill of Rights and First Amendment. 

          Wilhelm Wachtmeister falsely made it out throughout his life that Sweden has Unlimited Censorship.  They never had, and never will unless a miracle appears. See: Article One; Bill of Rights; First Amendment


LINDBOM  Bo  Wrote a book  about Amnesty International spokesman, Jesus Alcala, pointing him out as a charlatan and mythomaniac.  Alcala had squandered SIDA foreign aid money.


LINDEBERG  Per  Wrote a book about the Levitical Slaughtering of Mata Hari, Judith Jewess Prostitute, Catrine da Costa,  DODEN AR EN MAN. The book mentions of 20 years of appeals and passed courts 13 times without considering the appeals.  For the books he got a stipend from Brottsforebyggande Radet where Leig G W Persson was employed in studying the publicity of the Levital Slaughter and who aided Lindberg in his book.  The books avoids touching on the subject of whom was responsible for the Levitical Slaughter.


LINDH  Anna   She was a Swedish politician murdered in a famous store in Stockholm, Sweden, on 11 September 2003 by a supposedly deranged person, of which Sweden is filled with due to the Martyrology-Exterminationist plague pestering the whole atmosphere and throwing the country headlong into despair and apathy.  She is yet another of the Swedish politicians who actively supported the terrorist acts against Ditlieb Felderer, his Philippine wife, and invalid mother, and yet another one who under mysterious circumstances ended up dead.  Some people call this the Karma striking those who do injustice to the innocents.

       Some claim she was a Scientolog,   often bringing this up with another claimed Scientolog who got killed in blowing himself up experimenting with a bomb. But if religious culprits need to be found, certainly such groups as the Pentecostals are high up on the list.  But then they are 100 percent Israel Genocide supporters and that clears them from all attacks.

       The night after Olof Palme was assassinated she and Lisbet Palme, visit Stockholms Stadsteater to see Danton, directed by Suzanne Osten where Torsten Wahlund was the chief actor.  In spite of this seeming curious fact, Lisbet Palme, is claimed to suffer under shock and therefore can not testify in court.

        She was cut down inside NK by a knife which entrance each time cut her liver, which some claim is the work of a professional, and could unlikely be done by a deranged person such as Mijailo Mijailovic even thought he had knifed his own father.  Some claim the murder was arranged by 4 to 5 people who all dressed alike.


LINDHOLM  Ernst   A treater of the Olof Palme murder.




LINDSTROM  Jan  He was present when Olof Palme gave his speech at Harvard and which developed into a tax evasion case for which Palme was found guilty. 


LINDSTROM  Kjell  Pressekreterare who was together with Lisbet Palme, Marten Palme, and Hans Dahlgren at Lisbet’s home in Gamla Stan the day Olof Palme was shot dead.


LINDSTROM  Tommy   Chief of Riksriminalen which had no interest to read the autopsy documents of Olof Palme. He put Ebbe Carlsson on to clear up the private life of Olof Palme.  One of the cover up men in the Olof Palme murder case.


LONNROTH  Claes-Goran   A medic and school companion of  ”Allmanlakaren,” evidently falsely accused for having  helped in the Ritual Slaughter of Jewess, Mata Hari Judith, Catrine da Costa.  He later published a letter to Karin, the daughter of Allmanlakaren, Thomas; who is supposed to have witnessed the Slaughter at a year and a half. In the letter he entreats Karin to get in contact with her father.  The couple had separated and Karin was in care of her mother.


LORENZ  Michael   Owner of the the security firm in charge of NK at the time when Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Anna Lindh, was stabbed to death. According to the OBSERVER, security was practical nil at NK.


LUST     Lust is essential in order to have creative Sex.  Without Lust the Olah up, the Holocaust upswing of the Penis is impossible.  The more Lust the better and the stronger the Jehovah becomes.  Lust is in Holocaust and in the Jehovah stage. Prudish Bible translators have refused translating many parts in the Bible correctly by refusing the term Lust making it as  a dirty word.  But Jehovah is Lust and without Lust there is no Erection and no moistening of the female pussy.


LYNCH MOB TRIAL    Sweden is notoriously known world wide for its Lynch Mob Trials against dissenters and innocents.  They are always done in utter secrecy by some pseudo-judge, as Jan Levin, and very short in duration.  Very similar  to KGB trials of the past.

       Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer, was slaughtered down and brought in on a stretcher, and thrown to such a Swedish Lynch Mob Trial twice,  where he speedily after the Show Trial was brought back for humiliation and torture to the cruel Abu Ghraib guards selected for administrating the torture.


LYREVIK  Thomas   Former Chief of Riksteatern. Known for to have phoned up Inga-Britt Ahlenius under the Minister of Finance, Bo Ringholm, where he told her she had been fired.  It was common practice of Genocide Jews to share and take parts in phoning people on their list up with threatening, or veiled calls to inject fear and uncertainty into the people.


MACHNOWAFFAREN   See: Rolf Machnow.


MACHNOW  Rolf   A drug addict who was brought to Stockholm’s Central Police Station and was apparently killed there while Thomas Pilz and Leif Tell were looking on.  It became known as the MACHNOAFFAREN.  In Sweden all its paramilitary police has to do is to bring legal suit against anyone writing their name.  Possible paramilitary police killings are never brought to light and of course not prosecuted. 


MACLAINE  Shirley  A multi-actress who came to visit Ditlieb Felderer due to her esoteric interests.  It is claimed she had an affair with Olof Palme. She is quoted of having said of Olof Palme’s relation with his wife that it ”isn’t passion but acceptable,”  ”Det ar inte passionerat men det ar acceptabelt.”

         She writes that one day she wanted to listen to her loved one and heard him go strongly against a political opponent, calling him half a human being. After that she asked Olof Palme what that half a human being would say if he found out about all the telephone calls around the world he had made to her. If this is correct it does reveal some less known aspects of Olof Palme which may shed light on his killing.



MAFIA   Mafia got power in Italy after American troops stepped in and helped them against the Fascists.  Palermo got a Mafia chief as Mayor. They became chief of police and casino owners.  But fights between the clans continued, and has continued up to this day.


MAGNUMREVOLVER   A pistol type Olof Palme is falsely claimed to have been shot with apparently to make out that he could, or had been shot at a long distance.  But Palme was shot at close range, some 20-30 centimeter, in the back, with a light calibre weapon. The bullet does not get out but disintegrates in Palme’s body.




MALMSKILLNADSGATAN    A street and area in Stockholm where Judith, Mata Hari, Jewess Prostitute, Catrine de Costa operated and many others.  Drugs of course also were always ready in this Anne Frank Drug Culture center.


MARJASIN  Sigvard     Worked together wth Inga-Britt Ahlenius of Riksrevisionsverket, to clear up the murder,  but, apparently being too involved, both got fired, or jumped off the train. Marjasin jumped off when informed about that Hans Holmer had lied about his whereabouts the night Palme was killed. Holmer had declared he was together with a sweetheart in a hotel that night at Borlange.  He was Landshovding in Orebro but had to go due to tax evasion. Worked for the Swedish LO and the Social Democratic Party. He was in charge of the third commission to clear Palme’s death up but had to go.


MARJASINKOMMISSIONEN  The third State commission set up to clear up the Olof Palme killing, and which of course, failed.


MARKVARDSGATAN   A start pistol is found in a window sill on this street. 


MANDELBAUM  Henryk   A Serial Murderer belonging to the famous Jewish Sonderkommando meticulously engaged with murdering six million Jews for which he got greatly compensated.  Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer,  learned that the monster killer still lived in Poland and sought to find him and let him tell about his Serial Killings before the camera and tape recording.  When it was discovered that Felderer wanted to preserve to past generations about his killings lest we forgive and forget; and as we never must Forgive or Forget, the request was refused. 

        Under Soviet Communism, mass murderer Mandelbaum was always in fear that some day he will be prosecuted for his past crimes and so lived in seclusion. With the fall of Soviet Communism he now emerged as a VICTIM and not as the very agent of helping in murdereing six million Jews.  His testimony now got changed, and he was much appreciated by the new political brooms who took over after Communism, and even appeared as the poor victim before public splurges at Auschwitz.  

         Even, after his change from a perpetrator of mass murder crimes, to a victim, he never allowed contact with an investigator who wanted to document his past history. Considering the number of years he operated as a Serial Killer, the amount of victims on his record, like those of Filip Muller, and Miklos Nyiszli,  must be substantial.


MALM   Dag    A Swedish Ambassador in Wien whom Nazi collaborator and Sonderkommando, Simon Wiesenthal,  demanded that Holocaust Ditlieb Felderer be persecuted and tortured.  It seems that Dag Malm considered Wiesenthal a madman and therefore had not complied to his Jehovistic commands.


MANNHEIM    City in Germany in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg. Capital for spreading the Anne Frank Drug Culture in Germany and Sweden.  Center of the Evangelical Lutheran, Martyrology-Exterminationist Mafia, using its ”Mannheim-Justiz” in  acts of terror.  Invited and protected Mass Murderer, Serial Killer, Jewish Sonderkommando, Filip Muller to live there under their protection.

       Scofieldite, pseudo-judge, Barbara Just-Dahlmann worked there and she was involved with the humiliation and torture of Glad News Bearer, Ditlieb Felderer. Her accusations against Felderer was, his use of Bundesprufstelle, totally legal, and a false charge he had falsified a stamp. The illegal case was taken up by Thought Terrorist, Agneta Isborn Lind who had Felderer tortured. 

        It is the main center in Europe, promulgation the Genocide Jews and their doctrine of Master Race.  Jumping off the Hitler super race, they now cling to the Jewish Super Race.  The last barbaric war of pseudo state Israel, in Gaza, is much the result of propaganda coming from this center of Evangelical Lutheran fanatics using the guise of ”justice” to line their own pockets and feather their own nests.                Racist hooligans as Andreas Grossman, Ulrich Meinerzhagen, and other Thought Terrorists use their personal Christian Scofieldite religion to amass wealth and reputation  as a ”public service.”


MARTINGER  Jerry    A Moderat party member belonging to Riksdagen and a public prosecutor involved with shady acts. 


MASTURBATION    According to Good News Bringer, Ditlieb Felderer, having been introduced to Masturbation by his Pentecostal Sunday School female teachers and maids, Masturbation is good and healthy for you and should be viewed as the Holy Spirit or Ghost entering into your body.  Getting some help from your Sunday School teacher will bring you to even higher realms as when Paul entered into the Higher Heavens while masturbating himself. A lack of Masturbation clogs up the mind and makes your spiritual mind impotent.


MATTSSON  Peter   Got 2 years jail but fred.


MAZEL  Zvi  ”Israel’s” Ambassador to Sweden who turned out to be the only Terrorist  at the Genocide meeting at Stockholm, Sweden in January 2004, when the Genocide Jew Mazel physically attacked a public artistic work.


MEDBORGARRATTSRORELSEN   An active person in that group was Gustaf Petren, who sought to find some historical origin of the decadence and subversion of Swedish law and police. He died suddenly at Kalmar when giving a speech about it for Rotary. Had support from Alf Enerstrom.




MEIR  Golda


MEISEL  Stefan    A Thought Terrorist (TT) involved with the violent terrorist attacks against Peace-Activator, Ditlieb Felderer, who works under the Genocide Jewish Rabbi, Morton Narrowe.  Meisel fraudulently claims that his Genocide Jewish gangster center has reported Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, over and over again to the police?  For what?  Did he kill someone?  Did he rob someone? Did he, in contradistinction to these Sicarii Dagger Thugs, give fraudulent sicknesses in order to travel to ”Israel”? Did he sell narcotics like many of them did, and do?  Or support the Genocide of Palestinians? Or fraudulently obtain German and Austrian pension for fictional harm? Or rape young girls with the claim he had to do so because he was inside a German Relief Camp?  

        The facts are, that there does not exist even ONE formal charge which this Mafia outlet has made against Felderer.  All is just fabrication, mere blowing of the wind.  We are now in the year of 2009.  They have been requested to produce their formal charges.  We still haven’t got even one!

        In the Social Democrat newspaper, Stockholms Tidningen, of 4 January 1982, Stefan Meisels is presented in making a verbal attack on Good News Bearer, and Peace Activator, Ditlieb Felderer, and the article claims that the Genocide Jews, lead by the Genocide Jewish Rabbi, Morton Narrowe, have reported Felderer time and time again to the police.  There does not even exist one such report in all of Sweden’s police houses.  Everything is just lies and fabrications.  If such a Formal Charge exist, let’s have it so the public will see and know! 


MERMELSTEIN  Mel    A professional Martyrologist Holocaust Survivor liar.  He came to Sweden for the Thought Terrorist, Torsten Jonsson’s Show Triala against Ditlieb Felderer, agitating for his fraudulent cause for which he demanded the Swedish State to pay him for. Later on he concocted up another ”spectacular” trial against Felderer in USA, claiming Felderer should pay him millions because by reading alleged material coming from him, he, having formerly being treated for madness, turned mad again.  Evidently his psychiatry didn’t do a very good job.  The USA Embassy refused to let Felderer come to the trial, claiming the Swedish Government had found a printing press in his place. Apparently the Ambassador then was a Mormon, and Felderer had published material about the Mormons which they didn’t like. Thus, the Patriot Act has been in existent long before, and the most ”dangerous” person in the arsenal of USA’s foreign office, was the Revisionist. The case is seen elsewhere on this Blog, where also newspaper articles about it can be found.


METRO   A newspaper given free.


MIHAILOVIC  Mijailo  A 25  year old Serb born in Sweden is accused after some 6 supposed witnesses pointed him out of the assassination of Foreign Minister Anna Lindh on 10 September 2003 in NK Store at Stockholm. She dies the next day in the morning at hour 5:29.  Who called for the ambulance with Stefan Amer inside is still kept secret. Pertinent documents are ordered secret. Prior to him, another man was claimed to be the ”certain” killer.  For almost 4 months in isolation cell, Mijailovic admits. He is supposed to have taken 15 to 20 different types of medicine administrated by 6 different doctors for his mental ailment at the time of his supposed killing. Paramilitary police, Ulf Goransson, handles his case.  He is pushed on a Scofieldite, Eveangelical Pentecostal lawyer, to supposedly defend him, Peter Althin, who not surprisingly does an awful job in ”defending” him. 

       One reason given for his killing was the support of NATO against Serbia. We  told he heard voices, such as Jesus telling him things. He is judges guilty by Judge Per Samuelsson. Sweden prepares a huge splurge for Orthodox Holocaust Propaganda as rendered by anti-Spinoza, Genocide Jews. 




MOGEN  DAVID    The present religious-political symbol of six pointed star.  It is actually a pagan sex symbol according to the Bible and outside;  and condemned by it, yet Genocide Jews have adopted it as their symbol.

         The six pointed star has been found in many cultures and originated outside Jewry to be adopted by them.


MOHEL    A Jewish professional circumciser trained in fiddling around with your sex organs as if they were his tools.


MOLLER Gustaf  Former Swedish Social Minister for whose office Tage Erlander worked as Secretary and started to organize in true George Orwell, Animal Farm way, the Swedish spy network, taking as their image the GESTAPO, FBI, and what became the CIA.




MONDROVITZ  Abraham   A Genocide Jewish Rabbi having AIDS who fled to Israel after infesting some 100 boys in USA with it.  USA wanted him back, but Israel refused.  Israel is a haven for gangsters of all types and merely used by its clans as a ”refuge city” for hooligans of all types; Money Laundering, the worst in the world, and a whole range of serious crimes.  They never extradite any of their own, yet go ahead and Kidnap others to forcibly be brought there.


MONEY  LAUNDERING    Israel is the world’s center for Money Laundering being helped with this by Europe’s corrupt politicians.  If a Genocide Jew is in fear of being caught, he heads for Israel for protection.  Internally, each politician accuse the other for Money Laundering, and each one is right.  It is here also where pension frauds have their center, mostly stolen from Austria and Germany.


MORATH  Axel  Prosecutor who handled the Victor Gunnarsson case who was the first one to be accused of having shot Olof Palme to death.  One would expect that the autopsy document of Olof Palme would be the most logical thing to be an open document for all, but through the manipulations of Lisbet Palme, this official document now becomes more secret than all the secrets of the Vatican or of Mossad.  

        Not only that.  Through the manipulations of Dagens Nyheter, Milan Valverius, the person who conducted Olof Palme’s autopsy, now gets reported by the police infiltrator and Cagliostro self-made Jew, Jovan Rajs, who claims to have lost his whole family at Auschwitz, without one speck of proof, that, his boss, Milan Valverius had given out the ”secret document” of the autopsy of Palme which Valverius had made. 

          The deputy General Prosecutor of Sweden, Axel Morath, now goes to the Chancellor of Justice, requesting him to investigate the matter of the supposed revealing of a ”secret document.”  Behind this whole intrigue play stands one person in focus, the mole and police infiltrator, Jovan Rajs.


MORMONS      A sect having numerous splinter groups, the largest centered at Salt Lake City, Utah. It supported the Iraq war fully, and practically any other crazy war corrupt USA politicians have found necessary, not the least Vietnam. They were strong Hitler supporters due to their tense nationalism.

        It holds some curious ideas such as that American Indians stem from the Twelve Tribes, having landed there by boat from Palestine. Some groups maintain Polygamy and often get in trouble for it. They may also be responsible for helping in hindering Ditlieb Felderer getting visa to USA.  He had written a treatise on them before.


MOSSANDER  Jan  Directed together with Erik Fichtelius on 1 March 1992 a Riksradio program dealing on the death of Olof Palme.


MOTIVE   A motive of clarity is seen with the assassination of Olof Palme.  It could not be accepted by the System that Olof Palme was set off as Prime Minister, that he had AIDS, that he had been convicted for tax evasion, etc. For a System  all in there for its own self-preservation, what choices are left?  Airplane accident?  Car accident?  Slipping on a banana peel? It was therefore decided he would depart as a hero, shot by an unknown person at the Royal  Stockholm in the center of the town.


MULLER   Filip    After Jewish Sonderkommando man Miklos Nyiszli, Filip Muller is the most important of the Serial Killers.  Like Nyiszli, Muller worked for years in his Serial Killings chaperoning not only Jews but Jehovah’s Witnesses, Poles, Germans, Dutch, Russians, Gypsies, and others to their death to be gassed. How he could endure all these killings is a mystery in itself.

           Holocaust Survivor and Good News Bringer Ditlieb Felderer set out to trackthis Serial Murder down and get him to relate his story about it.  After a lot of work he found him.  And lo and behold where?  At the very center where Scofieldites were preparing their fanatical propaganda, such as Barbara Just-Dahlmann and others.  There they were protecting the greatest murderer, all in secret, while Heiko Klein, and other State Inquisitors were chasing for innocent old senile men to be charged for horrible crimes they never did, nor admitted to have done.  But here was a person who admitted to the crime and was fully protected, living with a huge pension in a luxury area with all the State German conveniences given to a king.

           Ditlieb Felderer was able to track Filip Muller down at Mannheim where he was living at Ulmenweg 25, 68167 Mannheim, with the telephone number 

0621 30  37 25.  So while Germany was helping Simon Wiesenthal and others in the chase of War Criminals, and the whole world through the Genocide Jewish propaganda were screaming about their ”Holocaust” they themselves kept secret and out of reach one of the largest Serial Murderers of all times, the Jewish Sonderkommando man, Filip Muller.  And that right at Mannheim!

         See: Mannheim; Miklos Nyiszli; Sonderkommando; Barbara Just-Dahlmann; Heiko Klein; Ulrich Meinerzhagen;  Andreas Grossman; Sicarii; Zealot;


MURDER    See:  Christer Pettersson; Victor Gunnarsson; Sonderkommando; Zealot; Sicarii; Levitical Ritual Slaughter; Levitical Slaughter


MYKLE  Agnar  Author of alleged pornographic book, SANGEN OM DEN RODA RUBINEN.  


MYRDAL  Alva   She and her husband Gunnar, start SIPRI which specialize in the study of weapon production around the world. She was in favor of Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer was kidnapped, degraded, humilated and tortured. Her son, Jan Myrdal, may be one of the few sane people left in Sweden, at least for up to some years ago.




NACHMANN   Aviva   The wife of the Genocide Jew embezzler and leader of Germany’s Jews, Werner Nachmann.  She was a former Israeli citizen.  Asked about the stolen money, she said she didn’t know.  She took up the job as a clerk in Karlsruhe, Germany, because, as she claimed, the husband hadn’t left her any money.  See: Werner Nachmann.


NACHMANN   Werner   Chairman of the Central Council of Jewish Communities and an accomplished embezzlement con man in typical Genocide Jewish style. He was succeeded by Heinz Galinski.  He died suddenly after it was discovered he had stolen, some figures given as high as $100 million dollar, from the German Reparation fund, supposed to be given to “Holocaust Survivors.” The whole criminal scam got publicly discovered around June-August 1988. Another figure given is $20 million dollar.

         At his side was Alexander Ginsburg, whose problem was solved by simply quitting. First it was, that Thief and leader of the German Genocide Jews, Nachmann, had only done it for himself, but when the immense money lost was discovered, it was claimed he must have had accomplices, of which Galinski, was a probability.

           Some of the money landed in Sweden, and there, Genocide Jews were equally at work in swindling the pension money from Germany given in so called ”reparation of Jewish victims of Nazism.”  The Genocide Jews decided that in order to proceed with the theft a trial against Holocaust Survivor, Ahmed Rami, would be fine and serve as deflection of their banditry.  In fact, the Kangaroo Trial against Ahmed Rami was only a camouflage of their active swindles in various pension funds. 

           The wife of Werner Nachmann, Aviva Nachmann, who might know, or even have part of the money, was then discovered to work as an ordinary clerk due to that her husband had not left her a penny.

            Where all this millions of dollars have gone is still not known and the Swedish Genocide Jews of course do their best not to talk about it.

             The Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, has stated that ”when they Genocide Jew goes after you, go after his purse,” meaning, you can be sure he is using it for camouflage purposes for some dirty business scheme he is involved in. That admonition has so far been shown right in every respect. So get involved and find out about his business deals for there is the answer to the riddle.

             Consult: The Canadian Jewish News, 8 September 1988, etc.




NAIMELL   Lars   A pseudo medic used by Sweden’s corrupt politicians to illegally incarcerate innocents in mental institutions.  The Thug peseudo-Judge, Jewish Jan Levin, had forced Felderer to this monster who informed Felderer he had the right to permanently put him inside a mental institution.  When Felderer answered, if so he better watch out going to USA, for that would be illegal there.  How many people have illegally been put into mental institutions in KGB fashion is not known as it is kept totally secret in Sweden and its corrupt media never indulges into any investigation of the matter. Also see:  Marianne Kristiansson, Karin Ohnell, Mikael Strom, Richard J Tuck.






NAKLEH   Issa   A Palestinian who engaged himself in exposing the fraudulent Genocide Jews.  He also exposed, the Swedish Thug, Torsten Jonsson, by revealing that in incarcerating Felderer he was in fact a criminal, as he had made no Formal Charges against peace-activator Felderer.  The phony Jonsson had in fact, in spite of all his time, not made a proper charge, nor did he have any formal charges against Felderer. The fraudulent Mafia Thug, Jonsson, then proceeded in true Star Chamber Court way to fabricate them on his own, and in doing so, even giving as ”criminal” a direct section of the jewish encyclopedia!

      Nakhleh was also a good help in exposing the tortures Felderer was going through at the hands of cruel Abu Grahib type bloodthirsty guards.


NARCONON  A Scientology program to solve drug problems.  As far as we know their record of success isn’t worse than the Governments, and may even have better result than theirs.


NARCOTIC  DEALER    Swedish:  Narkotikaleverantor or Narkotikalangare.  Also see:  Anne Frank Drug Culture; Hashish; Drug;


NARCOTICS    At the time Mossad was trying to re-group after their Norway Lillehammer Murder, Sweden suddenly got invaded by an avalanche of narcotics. While Frank Hirschfeldt, nick-named Hashfeldt by some for his seeming promotion of it, held his ”informative” exhibits and talks against Felderer, narcotics were all over.   The very Skoloverstyrelsen which Narrowe’s Synagogue had been in contact with to stop Felderer, was infected by this plague.  While meetings were held about the danger of Felderer in the Stockholm Culture House, there was brisk distribution and use of drugs in the same building.  On the top floor they were selling books of Anne Frank and her drug culture, and just inside, and below, you could get injected with narcotics if you wanted.  The same was with such Socialist outfits as ABF.  The matter became so horrible you no longer could get into public toilets as these also were used for drugs.  At Stockholm’s main train station they even took away all the chairs, stating drug infested people were using them and alcoholics.  Now people, if  they wanted to sit down, either had to go to the  multi toilets, where in turn drugs were distributed, or sit down at a cafeteria, or just on the floor.  While all this was crystal clear, the authorities did everything to silence the plague for the simple reason their own departments were riddled with it.  Walking in town you run the risk of being violently hit.  In the meantime, Sweden’s most wanted criminal, was peace-activator and Good News proclaimer, Ditlieb Felderer. A State run amok in its own hopeless task of solving problems all man created, and especially so by its corrupt politicians.

         Investigator Ditlieb Felderer found out early the ready use of Narcotics of the Holocaust peddlers.  It seemed like the two went hand in hand: The spreading and use of material narcotics and the spreading and use of the Holocaust mental narcotics.   



NARKOTIKALANGARE   Swedish for Narcotic Dealer.  Also see: ANNE FRANK DRUG CULTURE.


NARKOTIKALEVERANTOR   Swedish for Narcotic Dealer.  See: Sigge Cedergren, Thure Nassen; Lisbet Palme, Christer Pettersson, NARCOTIC DEALER


NASS  P G   Operative Chief of SAPO.  Later became Chief of Police at Uppsala and claimed to stand behind the illegal and secret entries of  Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer, seemingly through the entreaties of the heavily Genocide Jewish media at Uppsala. He was also Chief over Walter Kego who was set in to illegally  spy on media people.  SAPO was set in by the Government to find out to what extent the police were involved with Palme’s death, at whose head then became Nass.  The whole thing turned out another fiasco.  Under him he had Kego and Barling, who in turn had under them Holmer’s narcotic spies and ”antiterrorister,” called ”holsterganget.” Lower down were police men Sundstrom and Forsman.


NASSEN   Thure    While Holocaust Survivor and Peace Activator Ditlieb Felderer was incarcerated, mishandled, and tortured inside the Concentration Camp set up for cartoonists and dissenters he came across a colored man.  He was in jail for supposedly having smuggled hashish to Sweden. 

       ”If I had been a Jew, I wouldn’t have been charges!” he stated  to Felderer. What did he mean by that?  Well the facts are that if you claim to be a Jew  and you done some crooked business, well perhaps even murdered your mother, you case will either be swept under the carpet,  in case of a trial it will be very mild – all you have to state is Auschwitz, six million Jews, Holocaust, Antisemite to your critics and you can dance through the courts. Or you get a ridiculous low sentence. Most likely you get freed. The old Chutzpah does work.

         The colored man had worked for a ”Jew” and said he knew what he was talking about.  As an example of this, treating so called Jews as special preferential in a Society Mr Nassen comes in.  Curiously enough he was also the person who is supposed to have been the most adamant in getting Christer Pettersson charged for the murder of Palme and was working for the Palmegruppen set up to find Palme’s murderer.

        He turns out to be an interesting person in another aspect also, precisely in the aspect the colored man said, that had he been a ”Jew” he wouldn’t have been sentenced. Nassen had warned a narcotic handler beforehand that the police were on their way. For this he was denounced. His chief, Tommy Lindstrom, have the case to a prosecutor who put the whole thing on ice. For this Lindstrom was reprimanded, while Nassen got nothing.

         The narcotic dealer had a drug fabric on Linnegatan in Stockholm, where he lived in a huge apartment together with his Russian Jewish mother. The Society protected him and belonged like so many of these crooks to a political party, the Social Democrat Society. It is said he also was connected to a painting theft in Djursholm’s house. The house was prior owned by his former uncle.

          Genocide Jewish paper Expressen of 25 June 2000, presents the lies and fabrications Nassen makes. Two bullets have been found, but they have nothing to do with Olof Palme as they were never used against him.  He was shot once in the back by a fine calibre weapon, and the bullet split or exploded inside his body. 

            The next Expressen fabrication is that weapons had been found of type Magnum, a pistol not used in Palme’s case. Why all this interest to get Christer Petterson as being the one killing Palme? Was it deliberately for deflection purposes?  This leads one to ask:  Why does Thure Nassen and Expressen so outrageously lie, and the curious connection of  Genocide Jewish interests which once again are seen here, and the fact that it is generally known, especially by newcomers to Sweden, that if you are a “Jew” you have free reign in Sweden and can get away with seemingly all. Evidently in Sweden it pays off  to have the right connection and be sure you don’t have a cartoonist editor poking fun over Jewish Supremacy.

        The plan to get at Christer Pettersson and falsely accuse him for Palme’s murder, was, that an old friend of  Pettersson, Sigge Cedergren, owner of gambling casino, Oxen,  should say in court that he had seen Pettersson with a Smith Wesson; the type of gun which it was claimed Palme was shot dead with.  

        Nassen interrogated Cedergren over 30 times, until one got him to confess that he indeed had seen Pettersson with such a gun.  It should be taken note of here, that Palme was never shot with such a gun. The idea was then, that Thure Nassen, and the Jewish Narcotic Dealer living on Linnegatan, fell apart, for when in court Cedergren took back everything he had ”confessed” to Nassen.  And so exploded that false accusation.

        The next day in court, Lisbet Palme, was to testify, but she never came.  In spite of all these irregularities and obvious false confessions, Lennart Groll, the same man who helped in humiliating and torturing Holocaust Ditlieb Felderer, now finds Christer Pettersson guilty.  No wonder, in view of the Kangaroo Court having done so already in the case of innocent Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer.

           The more you look into this matter the more it smells rotten fish.

            For further information of Police corruption, go to POLICE.


NATUREI  KARTA    A Jewish group rejecting Zionism.  After they had been invited to Iran for their Freedom of Speech conference their Synagogue in USA was arsoned.  Arson is a typical reaction to those criticizing Israel and Zionism.  The same was done to Ditlieb Felderer, Ernst Zundel, and hosts of other.  Considering the Bible commands Jews to arson the places they conquered, arson is indeed a very old qualification of the Chosen Race.


NEWSPEAK     George Orwell in his 1984:  Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.—pt. 1, ch.5

          The closest to do this are the Genocide Jews  who enabled corrupt politicians and their servants to adapt this chutzpah method.  And Sweden likely takes the Newspeak record, when Thought Terrorist, pseudo-prosecutor, Agneta Isborn Lind,  argued before the Genocide Jew, pseudo-judge, Jan Levin, that Glad Tiding bringer, Ditlieb Felderer, should be continued to be humiliated and tortured due to the demands of Genocide Jews and waiting of a document defining the Newspeak word, Holocaust, by pseudo-professor, Helmut Mussener.   

         This is apparently the first time in Europe when a prosecutor has asked the State to keep a person in jail for lack of definition, or for words in general!


NIELSEN       One of the Masonic Insider Man used by Strasbourg for disinformation and manipulation of court cases exposing their racket.  In the case of Ditlieb Felderer he was a contact man with Leif Berg.




NILSSON  Bengt  Defended one of the medics accused in the Levitical Ritual Slaughter of Catrine da Costa.


NIXON  Richard   US President. He called Olof Palme ”that Swedish asshole.”


NILSSON  Edvard   A corrupt,  pseudo Swedish Supreme Court judge involved in manipulating the tortures and illegal trial of Ditlieb Felderer.


NK    The large shopping center where Anna Lindh was assassinated.


NORDIN  Svante A paramilitary policeman and a forger of documents who worked together with Lennart Selin under the criminal, pseudo-prosecutor, Agneta Isborn Lind.  He helped in stealing thousands of books and documents and destroying Felderer’s home, including using it for sex orgies and eating up his food while Felderer  was tortured inside the Osteraker Concentration Camp for dissenters, and other places for humiliation and torture. He was promoted for his criminal act.


NORRMALMSTORG   In 1973  a bank  drama is set in pace in which Olof Palme participated.  Also Justice Minister,  Lennart Geijer, participated, apparently taking time off from his Brothel visits.


NORRSKENSFLAMMAN   An Establishment paper dubbed by them as Leftist.


NORRTULL  Here on Surbrunnsgatan lived one of Hans Homer’s body guards, Per Jorlin, who murdered his female companion. 


NORSTEDT   Anders    A mail man whom corrupt pseudo-prosecutor, Agneta Isborn Lind, dragged to court while Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, laid slaughtered, outstretched on the floor.  Illegally she forced him to state, not about mail Felderer sent out, but mail coming to him.  Now matters had gone so rock bottom into the gutter, that State thugs could demand from mail men to testify of the AMOUNT  of mail the innocent victim has obtained, just as if this had anything to do with the Swedish, con Freedom of the Press Act, which is no freedom at all. This may be the first time in European history where such travesty of basic human rights were again tossed through the window to the applause of the Genocide Jews and the State run and manipulated media.


NORWAY   A haven for physical and mental Holocaust Narcotics and the spread of the Anne Frank Drug Culture.  It was in Lillehammer where the Mossad terrorist activities went wrong, but felt to be just another cheerful, happy Israeli activity for the murderers were at once sent home to ”Israel,” first class, and with plenty of pocket money.  See: Lillehammer. 




NYBOFJALL    Here in Vansbro Community the Palme family mysteriously bought a house of which Palme’s son Marten denied.




NYISZLI   Miklos    A famous Jewish Serial Murder Sonderkommando monster, who like the police infiltrator, Jovan Rajs, worked with Autopsy, supposedly at Auschwitz.  Felderer tried to get in contact with him to hear about his activities inside the Jewish Sonderkommando and about his butcherings and Serial Murders.


NYLEN  Lars   A paramilitary police who has assisted in throwing smoke around the Olof Palme killing.




OBDUCENTEN   A term used by the Genocide Jewish rag, Expressen, for the invention of their victim accusatory having cut up in Levitical Slaughter fashion, Mata Hari, Judith Jewess, Prostitute Catrine da Costa, putting her cut up body into plastic bags, for then to, evidently intentionally so, putting some of them at the location of a log factory whose owner had a history of having previously sold wood to Nazi Germany.




OBDUKTIONSPROTOKOLL     Swedish for: Obituary  Certificate. The wife of Olof Palme, Lisbet Palme, consistently denied the secrecy of her husband’s Obituary Certificate to be taken off the document.

        See also: Dodsattest




OBSERVATORIEKULLEN   Lisbet Palme has a secret apartment there.


OHLSSON  Hanna    Sometimes spelled: Olsson.  Wrote: Catrine Och Rattvisan, in which she follows  police infiltrator Jovan Rajs’s  version of putting the blame on two other workers of his staff; when in fact, the most logical one to either be behind it, or having done it, is Jovan Rajs himself.  Mata Hari, Judith Jewess Prostitute Catrine da Costa was Levitical slaughtered and parts of her body found at two different places.


OLOF PALME INTERNATIONAL CENTER    Sveavagen 89, Box 808, 101 08 Stockholm;   Email:  A center created to obfuscate Olof Palme’s death and to keep secret the humiliations and torturing conducted under Olof Palme’s regime and others of Holocaust Survivor and good news Bearer, Ditlieb Felderer. 


OLSSON   Hanna    A believer in Jovan Rajs’ version that the two medics at the station cut up, Jewish Judith, prostitute Catrine de Costa.  For the Levitical butchering of da Costa, see: Levitical Slaughter of Humans.  Also see: Catrine de Costa; Kristina Hultmann;


OLSSON  Tony  Convict defended by Peter Althin.


OLVEBRO  Hans   Belonged to Palmegruppen, evidently as a disinformer. He took over the Olof Palme murder search in March 1988.  He was sent to cover the assassination by a policeman of Victor Gunnarsson in North Carolina, USA.


ORERYD     First Concentration Camp built in one week in Smaland to incarcerate Norwegian deserters and opposition members.


ORMSTAD   Kari   An unscrupulous medic agitator and intrigue maker who worked together with Stefan Szende type, self-proclaimed Jew, Jovan Rajs, a vagabond from Yugoslavia who then mysteriously was made professor after one had helped in fabricating the death of Olof Palme.  This kitchen sink made ”professor” was then made instructor to the paramilitary police.

          She, together with self-proclaimed Jew, Jovan Rajs, attacked Milan Valverius, in charge of Solna Autopsy station, forcing him to leave after which documents and everything regarding the Olof Palme death just disappeared. 

         She also was involved with the Jack the Ripper discovered corpse of the Judith, Jewess, Catrine de Costa together with the self-made ”Jew,” Jovan Rajs.

         She was invited by Milan Valverius to investigate the alleged shooting wound of Lisbet Palme, but Lisbet declined.




OSTEN  Suzanne  The Palme family saw the film Broderna Mozart at Grand by this director the day Olof Palme died.


OSTERBERG  Eric  A law doctor also involved with the evident paramilitary police murder of Osmo Vallo.


OSWALD   Lee Harvey   Alleged killer of John F Kennedy having similarities with alleged killer of Olof Palme, Christer Pettersson. He was shot dead at close range from the front by the Genocide Jewish racketeer, Jack Ruby, at least so far in the Kennedy murder all agree. Oswald like Pettersson denied guilt.


PACIFISM    Good News Bringer, Ditlieb Felderer, was dragged into the Jehovah’s Witness movement under the belief they stood for Pacifism, opposition to war or violence as a means of settling disputes.

       In re-examining the whole Bible he discovered this was an impossibility as the Bible represents the most warmongering, cruel, and violent book ever composed. Moreover, while Jehovah’s Witnesses are against war, and they were brutally assassinated under National Socialism, yet they firmly uphold the Conquest of Canaan in which the Genocide Jews were to murder all men, women, and children, except for virgin baby girls, who were to be Gang Raped and then killed by Jehovah’s Chosen People Race.  If Jehovah’s Witness were to renegade on this, their religion would be gone.




PALME   Joakim    Was with Olof Palme and Lisbet Palme at Grand Cinema the same night Palme was shot dead. It has been surmised that it was he who shot Palme from the front with a start pistol, and then turning him round by the shoulder at which Lisbet Palme shot Olof from the back.  Palme was never shot by a real bullet from the front.  He was shot from the back by a light calibre weapon. The bullet split up in his body and never penetrated to come out.

       After Palme’s death and some time, Goran Persson takes up the helm of a totally confused party and begins his deflection manauvre works smooching up to the Genocide Jews and their gimmick of  ”Holocaust,” whereby such police infiltrators as Stephane Bruchfeldt and others obtain huge amount of tax payers money and continue on Rabbi Morton Narrowe’s work to combat Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer.


PALME  Lisbet    Maiden name, Beck-Fries. Wife of Olof Palme said to belong to a high rang married to the low rang, Olof Palme. Had three children.  Numerous lies and smokescreenings of the death of her husband are put into her lap, amongst them being she apparently is the main responsible for keeping important documents secret.  Or, perhaps they have all been stolen by now, or falsified, and they just don’t want to tell us?  She is said to have tried to divorce Olof twice but was denied by the Socialist Party Secretary, Sten Andersson this right.  Who said that Politicians only have fun? Although she loves to engage herself in Human Rights, she has never even once bothered about the persecutions and tortures of Holocaust Survivors, Ditlieb Felderer and Ahmed Rami. All she has done is helping in keeping it secret.  So perhaps all this secrecy of hers,  she has infected herself from her political cronies?

       It is claimed that she secretly holds inherited money in a Swiss bank account.

       In a video confrontation with supposed suspect, 9 well trained paramilitary police appeared, and a big stomach alcoholic appeared. She had been told by the Prosecutor Jorgen Almblad that they had caught an alcoholic and Lisbet then picked Christer Pettersson out as the killer. At an earlier confrontation she picket out a police. At different hearings with her she first  said that she had not seen a muderer at the scene of Palme’s death.  After that she expanded on her knowledge with more and more details, as ”white upper lips,” ”staring eyes.” All along it was evidently she who fired the bullet at her husband.

HOLOCAUST SHOCK  Different coats have emerged supposedly worn by Mrs Palme.  She was claimed to also have been shot.  It is also claimed that on one of these coats a deliberately hole was made in order to appear that she was shot. Possible Solution: The Socialist Party, and the rest of Swedish political brooms had to make a dramatic show business out of the whole thing and spicing it up, they simply invented that poor Lisbet also got shot. And that explains the coats plus the continued secrecy put upon the coat or coats.

       HOLOCAUST WOUND:  It is claimed at times that Lisebet also got shot at and from that a wound appeared.  However, this note comes in first 10 months after when a nurse aid, got in contact verbally face to face or via telephone, who is supposed to have helped Lisbet off with her clothes and a wound of some kind was seen.  But the whole thing seems a fabrication put into the report later on by someone for Lisbet refused any nurse to check her over and see her wounds.


PALME  KILL HER HUSBAND OLOF  PALME?    When people first herd of the Palme assassination the story run something like this:

        Olof Palme and his wife were walking home later at night from a movie. A man runs up from the back, faces Olof Palme, and shoots him with a heavy calibre weapon in the breast. He falls over and dies.

         But this is completely wrong for several reasons.  The man running up from the back is nowhere.  There was no man running up from he back.  Palme if he was shot from the front, then it was a bogus shot, because there is no entry hole of a bullet from that side. So no matter how heavy calibre gun it was, it shot no bullet killing Palme.  Palme was shot from the back, not from a heavy calibre pistol, but a light calibre weapon.  The bullet did not exit out from the body. There are no bullet signs showing it had left the body.  The bullet disintegrates inside Palme’s body cutting off the big heart vein, resulting in that blood enters his chest and mouth.

         This being the case leaves us with several questions. The only one present was Mrs Palme and she is the only one who stood at the back of Mr Palme when he was shot from that side.  Another person is to have shot him from the front at near distance, but that was only a bogus shot.  There was no bullet entering the body from the chest.

For this reason some explanation has to be given, and one of the following is:

         Joakim Palme, the son of Olof Palme, shoots his father with a bogus weapon from the front and grabs hold of his father’s shoulder with one hand, turning him. At this moment Mrs Palme takes up a weapon from her shoulder bag, and shoots her husband in the back.

         To make the whole thing look dramatic, she starts to hysterically scream, and her behavior makes it only more certain her husband would die.  She then invents the story that she also had been shot at and that a bullet entered her coat and she was injured by it.  But this was a lie.  She had never been shot at, and the coat they send away for examination was another coat into which an opening was made to make it appear she was shot at.

          After the supposed shooting of  Mrs Palme she refuses to be attended to and just gets away on her own. Evidently Mrs Palme had never been shot at and the story of her shooting was made by herself and her political compatriots.

         Someone may ask:  Well can such a thing happen?  Certainly.  Jealous women, and if power is added are capable of anything and things can turn out in the most unusual ways. Take the wife of Helmut  Kohl.  After he had helped in the persecution of Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer, and later on was kicked out for money laundering and other criminal activities for which he was never charged due to his political position, his wife commits suicide?  Why?  Likely because she was a jealous woman and seeing her husband had so humiliatingly failed, she could not bear it, and so killed herself.  Had Mr Kohl been in a similar position as Olof Palme, she may have shot him too.

         History has loads of cases in which women shoot their husbands, or friends for power and jealous reasons, or, some other reason.  Therefore one should not be surprised that Mrs Palme may have shot her husband, possible for some back in the corner Mossad desire.  It is difficult to find another explanation and the news given out to the world from the start was gross disinformation, likely caused by those standing behind the murder of Olof Palme.


PALME LISBET’S WITNESSING   Her testimony is totally confused. At her first confrontation with 33-year old, first accused, Victor Gunnarsson, she pointed out two policemen; that she at earlier police questioning stated she did not see the light of the murderer, and even less give details about him.  In good time she was informed the police had found an alcoholic, and onthe words: ”One can well see on a person who is an alcoholic,” and on those simple words, Christer Pettersson became the official killer. 


PALME  Mårten   One of Olof Palme’s sons accused of having lied in the affair of the death of his father.  He denied the purchase of the house at Nybofjall in Vansbro. He hands over a book on the killing of President Kennedy to Hans Holmer before the death of Palme.

       When the homosexual Ebbe Carlsson went over from the publishing outlet Tiden to the Zionist outfit Bonnier, he employed Marten with him for Prisma, the non-fiction outlet of Bonnier.


PALME  Mathias  A third son of Olof Palme.  


PALME   Olof   Palme died 28 February 1986 at hour 23.21, on Sveavagen, Stockholm, coming from a movie together with his wife, Lisbet, who has been accused be some to have shot her husband to death.  This seems absurd to us and on this Blog, we tell why.  There were much larger contenders for wanting to kill Olof Palme, in spite of what has been known since about Palme.  One thing that is consistently hidden, is, that SAPO, Sweden’s Secret Service, set up according to CIA and GESTAPO fashion by former Socialist leader, Tage Erlander, and others, had made it possible for Mossad to tap onto Palme’s telephones at Gamla Stan, on Vasterlanggatan 21 where he lived, apparently getting the apartment through Gunnar Strang, once Sweden’s finance minister who was engaged with Real Estate for his own personal gain.  So in fact, they knew everything Palme did.  At that time the houses in Gamla Stan had mysterious foreign people of high rang, some of which got in contact with Ditlieb Felderer. Palme whose political personality out shined anything Sweden’s dreadful politicians have mustered up since, had simply become careless.  Being naive, he became unaware of those intentional seeking to get rid of him for not complying to the norms set down by Kahal rulers of the Kingdom.

      His autopsy is supposed to have been continiously photographed by an alcoholic women which makes one again wonder about the Swedish hospitals and the state of sanity. Palme’s spine was separated from the body for possible future indentification, and thus, he was not buried with it. 

      Olof Palme lived on Vasterlanggatan 21, in Gamla Stan, Stockholm,  close to what was said to be his lover, Emma Rothschild.




PALME’S DEATH – SCENARIOS   Scenario 1 is found under  under BULLET.

       SCENARIO 2   The plot is set beforehand.  Up comes a man.  He shoots Palme from the front with something. It may not even be a weapon. But Palme is not being shot by a really bullet, but by a fake one.  The importance is the sound.  He is in there to create deflection, making people think he is the one who shot. 

        Palme is grabbed on the should at the same time to be turned around.  Lisbet Palme his wife shoots him from  the back. The man walks away who shot a bogus something, but it was no bullet, not even a gun.  He moves away.  Should he be found he has no gun. Nothing to  show he shot Palme with anything at all. The real shooter was Lisbet.

           In this way all the attention is put on the mystical person who came from behind.  No one thinks for a moment to suspect Lisbet as being the real killer. One is now looking for this mystical person al over, and perhaps one had him already picked.  Why not Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer, as one had made him already a shooting duck for the Genocide Jews and their compatriots.

          One has already created the fake coat and the claim that Lisbet was also shot at, but escaped.  This would make her part in the drama appear as the brave woman who valiantly stood by her husband to the end.  One has also prepared two bullets, used to draw attention away and confuse the case.  It is made out that Palme was shot, not by some weak weapon but by some super powerful weapon. A real Wild West weapon. The drama was now in full swing.

         SCENARIO  3  THE MOSSAD PLOT    Palme is terminal sick with AIDS. He has trouble with taxes and other matters. Leaders decide something has to be done. They set up a bogus confrontation with shooting. One decides someone will play the part of coming from behind who will shoot Palme from the front, but only for pretension to distract. Lisbet is told to play the act of shooting Palme from the back with a bogus pistol.

          But the creators did not know that in the midst of them was a Mossad agent.

He knows that the gun Lisbet hold has one bullet hole for a start pistol, the other one for real. The idea is  to fake the whole thing in order that Palme,  is looked at as being shot, and afterward is secretly brought somewhere to die in peace for his ailments.  What Lisbet doesn’t know, is, that her gun does hold a real bullet.  She is the one shooting, not the man coming up from  the back.  She lets go of one shot, but it is only a start shot.  Then by mistake, or for real she shoots the second shot not knowing it has a real bullet and kills her husband. The Mossad agent had tampered with the revolver, and the whole plot is now  in a mess.

         SCENARIO 4   JOVAN RAJS  PLOT   Vagabond Jovan Rajs is continuing on playing the story telling art.  This time the David ploy.  When David in the Bible is looked at as sleeping in bed, but isn’t.  Jovan Rajs wants his competitor out of the way.  He knows Sweden is in a real mess.  There reigns total confusion.  The Judith Jewess, Catrine de Costa, working for Mossad as a mole, has turned traitor.  Her use of drugs make here now a risk.  She has to be eliminated for The House of Zion to be built. Rajs cuts her body up.  In true Bible way the mutilated body is then taken to be found, all except her head. Rajs now accuses one or two of his coworkers to have cut her up.  Instead it is he.  They get sacked from their job, and it is declared they cut up the body right where they worked.  Later Valverius gets into another mess when Jovan Rajs accused Valverius  to have given away to the Genocide Jew Bonier rag, Dagens Nyheter, personal documents which is a lie. Valverus is now once more is a messy situation  which Rajs now take advantage of.  Rajs now gets the job he has been aspiring of and  clears out all pertinent documents concerning Palme’s death that Valverius had done. Costa’s Jack the Ripper cut up body was discovered in 1984.  Her head was never found.  The Palme murder is but a continuation of the plot to gain total control over Sweden  by confusion as when the Chosen People caused havoc in Egypt in the Bible through involving the Egyptians in numerous plagues.

        SCENARIO 5   Lisbet Palme carries a pistol in her shoulder bag.  A man comes up, perhaps someone they know, and they talk.  He takes up a weapon and shoots once.  But it is only a start pistol or something similar.  He grabs hold of Olof Palme’s shoulder and turns him around.  Lisbet, in self defense has picket up her pistol in her shoulder bag, and in the confusion, by mistake, shoots her husband in the back so he dies.

         SCENARIO 6  In this scenario the supposed man coming up to Palme does not shoot or fire of anything.  Lisbet sees a threat and has taken out her pistol from her shoulder bag. She shoots once, but her start pistol has only one real opening for a bullet.  By mistake, and in haste she fires off another shot and kills her husband. This time the bullet is for real.

         SCENARIO 7   Olof Palme had been threatened on the telephone by a police. He and his wife Lisbet, decide that she should carry a light weapon for defense which she does and on the night Palme died, she shot him dead by mistake in the confusion.

          SCENARIO 8  Mossad and its agents had thoroughly infiltrated the Swedish telephone system.  Olof Palme gets a threatening phone call from what he believes to be the police. This may have happened more than once. He tells his wife Lisbet about it. They decide that for safety sake she carries a light pistol, one that is not only light in weight but also won’t cause overly damage unless shot at close range.

           After the movie they get accosted by a man who acts threatening. He takes hold of Olof’s shoulder to swing him.  Around this moment, Lisbet, picks up her pistol and in the confusion of it all, shoots her husband by mistake.  The following events which happen can be easily explained. Lisbet is in a quandary. By accident she had just shot her husband to death.  She now starts inventing that she also had been shot at.  The following sequences that happen speak for themselves.


PALME’S  SECRET  HOUSE   Shortly before his death, the family Palme, mysteriously bought a house in Nybofjäll in community of Vansbro.  Palme’s son, Marten, had denied this purchase.  Why?


PALMSTIERNA  Hans   Political green.  Committed suicide when he saw a bleak feature and a wife that was leaving him.


PANOUSSIS  Zenon   A disgruntled Egyptian who became Swedish citizen and involved with Scientology and got so brainwashed in Sweden that he forgot to keep up his guard, if he ever had one, and started to attack Scientology for his own mistakes.

       He became the media darling for a while, cementing the false veneer that Sweden was the most free country in the world and where Free Speech was as natural as drinking your daily coffee.  He had gotten hold of a book which he felt was showing the evils of Scientology.  Well, he could have done the same thing with our Holy Bible. Or why not the Protocols of Zion? Or the dire warning of Pentecostalists?  We just have gotten one this very moment: If you don’t do as they demand, you will burn forever in hellfire.  Do you get it? Forever!  Not only here on earth you are doomed, but awaiting you when dying is indescribable. While you are tortured forever in hellfire, they are up in heaven singing songs to Jehovah their God, thanking them for his love and justice? Perversion?  Apperently no one seems to think such ideas are utterly dangerous to man.

         He was then brought to court under the Copyright law for very good reasons, that if you sign that, it is likely you will be asked to abide by it. The argument sought to excuse him is in the same category that you should be allowed to drive every car on the street just because it has four wheels. That handbook was the Chruch’s handbook as much as a design on each car belongs to the manufacturer.

          He was just another strawman put up to deflect what was really going on. The problems of the Scientologists was one of the least ones.


PARAMILITARY  POLICE   In Sweden as soon as one of its paramilitary police are suggested with name for having been involved in a crime a victim is found and then brought before one of its Kangaroo Courts on the accusation that such mentioning of name is hindering the career of the paramilitary police.  But in each case such persons have been promoted.  Thomas Piltz and Leif Tell are examples of this.




PATTERNS  OF  PREJUDICE   An English rag stitched together helter-skelter by a group of seemingly deranged Genocide Jews.  It did its best to hurl racist and Antisemitic offensive speech against Holocaust Survivor and Glad Bearer of Good  News Tidings, Ditlieb Felderer.  All their racist and Antisemitic mouthings were promptly answered by Bible Researcher, Jewish Information, and other Good News media bringers.


PAVLOV’S DOG or PAVLOVIAN  DOG   The total slave, the happy slave, the long suffering slave.  Well depicted in George Orwell’s  1984 and his Animal Farm. 


PEN, London  International Association of Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists, and Novelists    One of the most fraudulent groups pretending to be for Free Speech but the opposite.  It liberally persecutes independent writers, and supports imprisonment of them.  It is heavily infiltrated by Genocide Jews and their long hand of tentacles.  Olle Wastberg, the persecutor of Ditlieb Felderer is a PEN member.


PENIS   The male Penis, Holocaust slack, or Holcausting up into full strong erection, is the main ingredients of  the Holucaust cult.  The word Holocaust is Greek, and refers to the Holocaust Fertility Sex Cult of the past whereby thanks were offered for plenty of fruitage to our earth. 

     The act of Holocausting the Penis is the motion of the Penis when it moves up, goes up from its slack, dormant, un-resurrected dormant stand to perform the job it was meant to do.  Hence, Holocaust means life not death as Genocide Jews have imprisoned the Penis with. Once the Penis has Holocausted up, it moves into the Jehovah stage, the Mighty Penis in the Sky.

       The famous Holocaust Yoga group is celebrating this event with actual displays of erection and erotic activities every January 27. You may join these pleasant events by contacting us about your wish to participate.

        Martyrology-Exterminationist, Stefan Szende, claims in his famous book, that Genocide Jews had put onto their Penis new Foreskins in order not to be detected by the Gestapo and SS.  While people have shown us pictures of such supposed restored Penises and people continue mailing pictures of alleged Penises with new Foreskins, as far as we know, no independent group has been set up to authenticate such Penises with fresh new Foreskins.  For fairly authentic pictures of Penises, Circumcision, and Foreskins, turn to:

Also see:  Bible, Circumcision, Erection, Eroticism,  Hair, Holocaust, Jehovah, Mohel,  Olah, Synagogue, Szende, Tabernacle, Temple


PERSSON  Carl   Chief of Rikspolis at the kidnap bank drama at Norrmalmstorg 1973.



PERSSON   Leif  G W   A  police seemingly with a nose in everything, including writing detective stories. He lived close to Gosta Bohman, former party leader of Moderaterna, at Ostermalmsgatan. Worked for  Brottsforebyggande Radet to find out about the Media and the Levitical Slaughter of Mata Hari, Judith Jewess Prostitute, Catrine da Costa. He became Professor at Polishogskolan. Has alcohol problems and does not always appear sober.

         He was present at court and in private session between breaks with the accused murderer, Per Jorlin, of  the Philippine woman who got 3 1/2 years for the murder, well to consider when we remember Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer go a whole year for merely publishing two cartoons satirizing Martyrology-Exterinationism.


PETERSON  Lars-Eric  Accused of ekobrott for the sale of shares. Worked for SKADIA,  formerly  THULE.


PETREN  Gustaf   Of Medborgarrattsrorelsen.  One of the few in Sweden who saw there was something radically going wrong in the country, especially its law and police. While giving a talk about it for Rotary at Kalmar he just fell down dead.  Take a warning with all such State supported groups as Rotary and be very cautious.  They are filled with infiltrators. One little speck in your coffee without you seeing it and your funeral is next.  The gradual decadence and subversion of Swedish law started just after World War 2, when mystical forces set in giving preferential treatments to the Genocide Jews, and started prosecution of Einar Aberg, and others; and keeping on secret terror activities against people unknown.


PETRI  Gustaf


PETTERSSON  Christer    Supposed murderer at first of Olof Palme.  Several curious aspects are involved here.  The police force set in by the Socialist Party, lead by Hans Holmer, who later is supposed to have committed suicide, put out a phantom picture looking like Christer Petterson.  Petterson, a chronic alcoholic, was found guilty, curiously led by the same judge who had claimed in Ditlieb Felderer’s Witch Trial that his cartoons would cause the entire world to fall to pieces if they were permitted, namely, pseudo-judge Lennart Groll.  The case was totally absurd and it seemed like Olof Palme’s wife, Lisbet Palme, did her best to pin the death on this vagabond. Much later, High Court, Chief Justice, Johan Munck, made it out that Ditlieb Felderer, was like Christer Petterson, a vagabond.  At a higher court Petterson was acquitted. 

         He is another one who died under suspicious circumstances as before his death he had declared he wanted to reveal something. Some claim, he himself, was murdered, to make it appear he was the real killer of Palme, and this for all eternity.


PENTECOSTALISM    The Pentecostal Church is without a doubt the most crooked and criminal of all the Christian Protestant cults today.  They explicitly support Israel in their Genocide wars and even claim to be the ones that gave Bush power.   Hence they gave Bush his full support with the Iraq war.

       In Sweden they have helped in the persecution of Ahmed Rami and Ditlieb Felderer.  The Church supporting all sorts of cruelties as long as their mentors the Genocide Jews approve involve themselves with constant money rackets, such as banks, or mailing your hard-earned money for scam causes for Israel.  All their banks have gone bust and the money for Israel has all disappeared when Jews run away with it.

       Through bogus miracles, such as snake handling, miraculously obtaining gold teeth and precious bracelets, rings, etc., they dupe the poor people to hand in their money for the dupe artists and Church.  

       Book burning is another sport they engage themselves in along with flagging people whom they don’t approve of, making them possible the largest flaggers on the Internet.  The behavior for this primitive action they defend from the Bible, such as taking Acts 20:19, to justify the assaults and Fahrenheiting 451 that which they feel to be blasphemous.  

       They come extremely convenient when corrupt politicians are in trouble.  Thus Pentecostal Ake Green was used to get Sweden out of the duplicity Limited Censorship mess, making censorship enforcing Ake Green to be a champion of Free Speech, and as he was the one who is supposed to have introduced Free Speech into Sweden.  Green had attacked the Homosexuals, claiming the Bible is against Homosexuality, using various obscure Bible texts to prove this. The censor active group is also called Scofieldites from Mr. Scofield who considered that the Jews would return to their former land and then peace would usher in upon our earth and similar absurd ideas, none which in fact have occurred.  And those people returning are not Jews, but Khazars from former Soviet Union who adopted the Jewish faith.

       The Pentecostals seek to enforce their preferential Censorship throughout the earth by State legislation and was one of the Christian groups that introduced stringent gag laws into Sweden. They have been involved with numerous terrorist and violent acts all through the globe, and are always the first Christian cult in USA to support any crazy war its President seems fit to undertake.


PETRE Gio  Movie star and wife of ”Palme hater,” Alf Enerstrom, who spoke at Palme’s political meetings until she discovered free abort were to be introduced and she left.  She supported financially her husband’s campaigns with advertisements against the Social Democrats.  Her twin children lost their life in a fire of their attached house.    



PETTERSSON  Fritz G  Private detective engaged with the Olof Palme murder case who died 6 March 2001, apparently struck by blunt object, possible a steel-feather-baton.  Before him, another Private Detective was found dead also investigating the Olof Palme murder, Ingvar Heimer. Long before Ditlieb Felderer was struck over the head with an iron bar.  When the case finally came up, the pseudo-judge, Helga Rossipal, stated in the verdict of which she was in charge, that all was Felderer’s fault.  If you have wrong views in Sweden, the blame is yours.  So now you know what this State of Right means by Law. BRAVE NEW WORLD in full bloom!  And it happened before the Olof Palme murder.

      Pettersson was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment  for MORDET PA OLOF PALME and FORSOK TILL MORD PA LISBET PALME by the same pseudo-judge, Lennart Groll, who had sentenced Holucaust Survivor and Bearer of Good News to all Nations, Ditlieb Felderer.


PHANDERSON  Bo   A pen name used by Ebbe Carlsson. He also used Bo Baldersson.


PHILIPPINE   There are two principal Philippens involved with Olof Palme, and the violent terrorist attacks of Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer.

       The first is Felicidad Felderer, the wife of Ditlieb Felderer, whom the Genocide Jews and their agents sought to assassinate, including being almost hit by a huge stone.  Although the paramilitary police knew about it, they and their political henchmen, only laughed, and instead made it out Ditlieb Felderer was persecuting the Genocide Jews for not being allowed to assassinate her.  It should be noted here, that Felicidad had good contacts with the American Embassy and the Canadian Embassy, but that didn’t seem to help her.

       The second is, Haydee Sandstrom, married to a Sweden who had two children. She was murdered (or is this also made up in true Zionist-Swedish manner?), by Per Jorlin, a paramilitary policeman  who dumped her dead body in the woods. You may read more about it under PER JORLIN;  HAYDEE SANDSTROM, and elsewhere.


PILTZ  Thomas   Paramilitary police messed in with the Death Squad of Per Jorlin and Leif Tell, and who may be one of the operative agents used in the terror activities against Ditlieb Felderer and Ahmed Rami, and occupied Felderer’s home at the behest of racial agitator and persecutor of innocent people,  Agneta Isborn Lind.

       He became known in connection with the death of Rolf Machnow on 28 June 1982, who was taken from Sergels torg and brougt to a cell at the Central Stockholm Police where he supposedly died in fight with a table.

       Before Hans Holmer, Lisbet Palme, stated that he and Leif Tell had stood guard outside Palme’s home on Vasterlanggatan 21 for some time.


PIPER  Franciszek   An investigator of some note, yet must be classified as a charlatan due to his camouflage of Auschwitz Relief Camp.  He well knows about the false doors at Crematory One, of the falsity of fooling ignorant people in making them believe it was a building for gassing peole to death, of the false lids on top of its roof, of the false door inside, at least one of them, of the fake furnaces, of the fake Chimey just outside, and so much more.  During Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer’s visit to the camp, he worked under Soviet Communism as a keeper of the artifacts. Later he became Senior Curator and Director of Archives of Auschwitz State Museum.  What once was a German State Museum, located at Block 25, now has become a Polish State Museum.  Will there be a next one taking over? 

        Not wanting to be recognized as the perfect puppet of Soviet Communism, he then changed his face, and grew a beard.  He was the only one working at the time with some knowledge of English.  Some of the others could master German, so at least those who had been in the camp, had learned something.  The fairy tales came afterwards.


PKK   A Kurdish party accused at first for standing behind the murder of Olof Palme.


POLISENS LABORATORIUM  Evidently here the openings were made on Lisbet Palme’s overcoat by the paramilitary police themselves to make it appear  she had been shot at.


POLISHUSET  A massive structure at which Hans Holmer had his special office for ”clearing up” the Olof Palme murder together with Ebbe Carlsson.


POLISSPARET  The theory that the police stood behind the assassination of Olof Palme.  It evidently was started by Palme himself when he had uttered to his cousin, Leif Bolling, that he was rung up by a threatening police.


POLISSTAT   Swedish for Police State.  The facts are that Sweden does not have a bona fide police.  Only a paramilitary police.  That means that the police in Sweden have full right to act totally on their own.  Even apart from the corrupt politicians who set them in.  They are a Mafia within a Mafia, doing whatever they feel right for the moment, including using violence and killing.  A police who uses such methods will never  be accounted for.  The corrupt politicians, the State owned and manipulated Media, the immense bureaucracy, the equally corrupt Judiciary, all work hand in hand  not only to protect any terror seeming fit, but also ready to absolve whatever terrorist act is implemented in the name of the State and benefit of the power junkies. It is a true George Orwell 1984; Huxley’s Brave New World; and Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. Through fear power becomes total.

         They can take over your home at any time.  Use it for whatever they wish, including inviting their companions for sex orgies.  They steal, forge documents and lie on a never ending production line basis.  Any cartoon you make, any poetry you create, any painting you produce, any music you compose, isn’t yours, but theirs and there will be no lawyer who will even pretend to take interest in  your case unless he knows you are fully submissive to the power junkies.


POLIS-UTREDNINGEN  or PU  A group of 15 bewildered men set in to clear up the death of Olof Palme.  It might be the most expensive group of people ever payed to ”clear up” a murder, and, who, instead, have done everything opposite. This group has to today total legality to enter any home under the pretext of  ”clearing up,” use the home for their own enjoyment, do with the victims inside as they wish, and bring mayhem and confusion into the citizens.  

         Through schemes like these, the Swedish corrupt State, maintains total control of its own crimes all done by its physical bureaucrats and is the perfect tool of Totalitarianism.  Little wonder none has any interest to clear the Olof Palme murder up.


POLLIS   Merle   A Cleveland Genocide Jew reporter working for the radio.  On 23 September 1982, Ditlieb Felderer, had a battle with him on he radio.  This, often hilarious confrontation, was likely the first time Exterminationism was openly discussed on the radio. See Tape 8000.






PREPUCE    Latin for Foreskin.  Martyrology-Exterminationists, Stefan Szende, and others have claimed they put onto their Circumcised Penis a bautiful fresh new Foreskin in order to avoid detection.


PRESSTODNAMNDEN  A corrupt Swedish group where its corrupt politicians freely hand out tax payers’ money to rouges to keep their mouths shut.


PRETERISM   The teaching that the Genocide Jews are not fulfilling Bible prophecy by their claim of going back to Palestine because Jehovah God has chosen to bring them back. This teaching goes smack against Scofieldism of the Pentecostals who upheld Bush’s Iraq war in the belief that Jesus would come back to earth and re-establish the Jewish domination over mankind.


PRISMA   The non-fiction outlet of the Zionist Bonnier.  Ebbe Carlsson got Olof Palme’s son, Marten to be its chief.


PROLETAREN   A supposed leftist paper edited by Christian ”Likskandarn” Diessen which did some writing on the murder of Palme. Any connection with this paper, and you be put at once on the Swedish SAPO and other spy network lists. On 25 April 1989 there was a censorship trial against it, to which also Hans Homer witnesses, and where he was asked why he had stated he knew who the murder of Palme was, to which he answered, he had not said he knew who was the killer, only that he had meaning of whom it was.  He was not then asked what his meaning was. Nor does any Swedish media seem t have asked the question.


PU or POLIS-UTREDNING   A group of 15 men set apart to investigate the death of Olof Palme.  It is probably the most expensive group of men set in to, not to investigate, but confuse, in the history of mankind in paying to clear up a murder.


PUBLICISTKLUBBEN   Yet another Genocide Jewish supporting disinformation group of scatterbrained individuals now knowing how to spend their time apart from praying ovations to Israel.

        At one time they held a meeting in Stockholm entitled HAR VI BEHANDLAT LISBET PALME MED SILKESVANTAR?  ”Have we treated Lisbet Palme with silk gloves.”  At the meeting was the ”Crimologue” Leif G W Persson with a wine glass in hand whose purpose is to train Sweden’s paramilitary police in becoming licensed thieves and how to chase innocents without the media getting interested about it.

        That Persson might be wrapped up in a Torah scroll came visible when the question came up why the autopsy certificate of Palme’s death is secret at which he stated in order to prevent pornography, making one wonder how this fits in with the certificate.




RABBI    In past Judaism was the leader who administrated the Gang Rapes of babies and girls before assassinating them according to Biblical command by Jehovah. They were commanded not to feel sorry for such vicious crimes.—Deuteronomy 7:16. A similar clan is the Mafia but of a much milder type. Functions as a leader in charge of organizing a particular traffic, the Holocaust traffic. Extorting money such as pension frauds and the robbing of real estate by the use of false claims and propaganda.  Using the Bible, they claim such robberies are commanded by their God Jehovah.




RADIO  ISLAM    Started off as an Apologetic radio station in Stockholm, Sweden. When the Genocide Jews saw the station did not constantly peddle how good the Genocide Jews were, they got angry and started to viciously attack it, even throwing its editor, Holocaust Survivor, Ahmed Rami, in court after having in Six Million ways persecuted him.

         Through corrupt pseudo-judges, Holocaust Survivor, Ahmed Rami, was then humiliated and tortured by Sweden’s corrupt politicians who all are in there to line their own pockets and feather their own nests. The crony empire of the world!

         Whereas the Roman Catholic Church, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Adventists, Mennonites, Islamists, Baptists, Greek Orthodoxs, Anglicans, Presbyterians, Pentecostals, Mormons, and what have you, have all their own Apologetics, in Sweden the Apologetics for the Genocide Jews are the corrupt politicians, corrupt judges, corrupt prosecutors, corrupt paramilitary police.  Oh, some have it so easy!  And yes, the Swedish taxpayers are paying for it all!  And gladly approve!  Or,  are they so tired of hearing manic Genocide Jew propaganda they no longer have the strength to think? Or, can it be as we have been told: the Genocide Jews are screeching so loud and monotonous, Swedish Bureaucrats, just to get rid of them, do as they are told by them?

          You can go to Holocaust Survivor, Ahmed Rami, and his Radio Islam:



RAINER   Ove    Served as Justice Minister for Olof Palme at the first Witch Trial against Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer.  He was later accused for financial crimes, and died under mysterious circumstances of a rare infection.  Maybe another casualty engineered by the powers above.  Felderer requested him to halt the torture, but he never responded.  Perhaps they held the letters away from him.


RAJS   Jovan    A professional mythomaniac and previous vagabond, who, under mysterious circumstances became not only head of an autopsy department but also obtained a Professor title after the bungling up and disinformation of Olof Palme’s death. Apparently he got the Professor title after he had helped in obfuscating the Levitical Jack the Ripper cut up body of the Mata Hari, Judith, Jewess Prostitute, Catrine de Costa who had turned into using drugs.  Such behavior would never be tolerated within any of the various Genocide Jewish congregations.

       He claims to be a Yugoslavian ”Jew,” having come to Sweden under mysterious circumstances.  He showed a special interest to get close contact with the Swedish paramilitary police.  At this instance documents pertaining to the death of Olof Plme and other matters mysteriously disappeared.

       Another person equally interested to infiltrate the Swedish paramilitary police, was Stephane Bruchfeldt who was assistant to paramilitary police, Lennart Selin, and pseudo-prosecutor, Agneta Isborn Lind and their good helper. Good News Bearer and Peace Activator, Ditlieb Felderer, was then once again kidnapped and sent to Concentration camp to be humiliated and tortured by vicious Abu Ghraib type guards.

       Ditlieb Felderer has openly stated there are more reasons for that former vagabond, Jovan Rajs, is the Jack the Ripper of  Judith, Jewess prostitute, Catrine de Costa who simply was put away after she became a threat instead of a service to Mossad activities, and that, the person Rajs accused was most likely innocent. We are only now waiting for that Jovan Rajs gets the Nobel Prize for Medicine, or the Peace Prize like Elie Wiesel.

      Both Jovan Rajs and Stephane Bruchfeldt have an obsessed interest to infiltrate the police and to make intimate contacts with them.

      There is absolutely no proof that Jovan Rajs, who apparently is uncircumcized, is a ”Jew.” According to Ditlieb Felderer he is just another mythomaniac gone wild, a former vagabond making great tales, and through intrigues landed the title as a Professor.  A charlatan in style with Uri Geller, Cagliostro, and others who were able to dupe the ignorants by making great tales.

       Moreover, cutting up people is looked upon as a criminal offense by Jewish sects unless necessity requires it such as the Levitical Slaughter Of The Woman as recorded in the Bible.  Do we here have to deal with another Stefan Szende adventurer who told great tales for political and selft-interests?


RAMI  Ahmed   Holocaust Survivor.  A strenuous peace worker for Radio Islam, Sweden, where he has survived numerous hateful, vicious and anti-Semitic attacks from the war mongering Genocide Jews, once again now tossing their most beloved items, bombs in Gaza. Both his books and his Radio Islam can be found on Internet, where one also can get Ditlieb Felderer’s, ANNE FRANK DIARY A HOAX,   Many of the names on this list are also involved with Ahmed Rami and his peace awakening Radio Islam throwing much light on the Genocide Jews and approved massacres by all corrupt politicians.


RASSINIER  Paul   A school teacher involved with politic and interred in Relief Camps and a pillar in bringing some balance to Martyrology-Exterminationism. His writings have influenced numerous people, such as Bringer of Glad Tidings and Good News, Ditlieb Felderer, Robert Faurisson, and others.  

       The first time Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer heard about him was in connection with Richard Harwood’s writings.  No one can escape a study of  the cult of Martyrology-Exterminationism without having read Paul Rassinier, a true Holocaust Survivor of the original type.




RATTSAMHALLET   A term used by Sweden’s corrupt politicians to induce its faithful adepts to believe State law is equivalent of justice when in fact it is the very opposite, or as George Orwell put it:  War Is Peace.

           Moreover, a State which brags about its Limited Censorship laws, can not even claim to by anything near it for Free Speech is the very fundament that such a Soceity can work. Its many gag laws make it that it isn’t even on paper except by bald-faced lies and contradictions.


RATTSMEDICINALVERKET  (RMV)  A State organ used to cover up Sweden’s paramilitary police brutalities, including murders.


RATTSPSYKIATRISKA  KLINIKEN   in Huddinge   A pseudo-medicine outlet where dissenters are forced to partake of the antics of pseudo doctors who get an enormous money for victimizing their objects by dehumanizing them. The Apartheid nest of hooligans then write out inventive papers in victimizing the person for life.  At Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, last forced incarceration it was lead by pseudo-doctor Lars Naimell, a brutal individual threatening him he could put Felderer  inside his hole for  the rest of his life.

         While in there he met Sodermannen, who was alleged to have committed some 20 rapes, and then fled. According to Felderer who studied the pseudo-doctors closely; he stated it was difficult to say who was worst, the rapists and murderers they put in there or the pseudo-doctors.  See: Lars Naimell.




RAU   Johannes    An ignoramus German Power Junky working to spread Ethnic Cleansing by the Genocide Jews for the then discovered money launderer, Helmut  Kohl.


REAGAN  Ronald   A movie star and American President.  He made some remarkable confession about politic, such as that it seems to have similarities to the world’s oldest profession, and that politic in itself the problem, not politicians, and that the only way to stop corruption is to give politicians no money. Ditlieb Felderer wrote an open letter to him exposing Exterminationism wide open.  Apparently politicians never learn for after him, Iraq War Bush number two, fell into the same trap.


RECKNER  Nils  Chief Prosecutor engaged in sweeping clean Government crimes.


RED  CROSS    When Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, requested Red Cross to help in stopping the torture he was getting, the Swedish Leadership responded with, that, that would mean they wouldn’t get any money from the State, and so they couldn’t help in stopping it.   The Red Cross is often used for torturing people and frequently involved with money scandals where workers have run away with all  their money. Such happenings are mostly kept quiet lest people wouldn’t hand out their hard earned money.


REINFELDT  Fredrik  Present Swedish Prime Minister if you can call him that, seeing Sweden is a Monarchy. It is claimed in some circles he was one of the face-covered individuals illegally storming Ahmed Rami’s home. He has never denied it and Sweden continues to put the secret blanket on those men who illegally stormed the place. It is also claimed that his companions helped in the various terrorist attacks against Ditlieb Felderer which Sweden has decided to keep secret and under the carpet. One person belonging to his party appeared in the famous Witch Trial against Ditlieb Felderer at Svea Hovratt, where the person signed the OK  to Felderer’s torture, abuse, and mishandling.  Seeing all the smiling faces surrounding his Holiness in the media while using Sicarii dagger methods behind he back, it is evident we have here yet another George Orwell Big Brother con man, dedicating his life to destroy the life of innocent people to gain power and line his own pocket and feather his own nest.


REINOLDS   Larisa   Mother of Linda Reinolds.  Both were illegally dragged to the paramilitary police station to be interrogated about their ”thought crime.” Conducting the illegal interrogation was the pseudo-prosecutor, Tora Holst, accompanied by a bully paramilitary cop named, Reijo Bohman. They were never told what this ”thought crime” was supposed to be.


REINOLDS  Linda   She and her mother were illegally dragged to a paramilitary police station and forced to answer questions about their ”thought crime” without being told what this ”thought crime” was supposed to be.  The Inquisitors were pseudo-prosecutor, Tora Holst, who also had a part in the Olof Palme murder, and her bully paramilitary cop, Reijo Bohman.  Until today the world still doesn’t know what this ”thought crime” was supposed to be.

          Reading through the interrogation one sees clearly why one should never speak to a Swedish Prosecutor nor its police, as all they do is fishing for friends and contacts.  One should also refuse to go to the police station when requested on Censorship charge.  If they want they can come and get you, and once there, continue to say nothing.


RENSTIERNAS GATA   Street south of Stockholm where Ebbe Carlsson and others create a private police station which Jan Stenbeck invests one million but it goes bust. While sitting in the car, Ebbe’s companions who had been in England tried to smuggle in equipment  for telephone spying, with supposed Scotland Yard connection, but they get caught.  The whole things becomes yet another scandal with Anna-Greta Leijon involved who had signed a paper of authority for the purchase.


REPORTERS  SANS  FRONTIERES (RSF), Paris     It claims itself to be borderless but that is because the Heavenly Israel of Above has no border and that is what governs this group.  Logically it supports Censorship and imprisonment of writers.


RIKSAKLAGARE   Swedish for Prosecutor General


RIKSRADION   On 1 March 1992 a big program was put  on about the death of Olof Palme.  See above on dates.


RIKS  POLIS  STYRELSEN (RPS) (SWEDISH NATIONAL POLICE BOARD)  They came out with a document, stating that Olof Palme was infected with the AIDS virus; that he was under suspicion for tax evasion, that his meddling in the powerful multi-billion dollar Swedish arms industry had become a liability to the government and the Social Democratic party which he led.

       Sweden was working on building its own nuclear weapons on a project which ended in 1974, after the Harrisburg accident and Palme attempted to hald all nuclear power development and started the Five Continents Initiative for their limitation and eventual dismantling of all he world’s nuclear arsenals. This proved yet another political pipe dream and instead more countries developed the weapon.

        The document bears the classified seal and the code Ai.447-93.  Was Olof Palme another Serial Adulterer, or a bigamist? Was he infected with the AIDS virus as a result of  sexual encounter with Ebbe Carlsson, a shadowy figure working with the Bonnier concern who later died of AIDS? Was Stockholm’s former police chief, Hans Holmer, involved with covering up the dirty dealings around Olof Palme?

         Our quest here is not to blame Olof Palme for whatever sexual involvements he had.  Our question is only if Olof Palme was bisexual, infected with AIDS, for if so, this obviously have some bearing on Palme’s death.

          The huge center is located at Polhemsgatan at Kungsholmen in Stockholm, where Palmegruppen is located on the 5th floor, and where still a hand full of paramilitary police work to throw smoke around Olof Palme’s death. Close to them the Swedish SAPO is located, and here also, Hans Holmer had his own special made room with special bomb proof glass, microphone, and all; put there and directed by the Swedish ruling party. For a while the Palmegruppen had to be sent to Tallberg in Dalarna to try and regain their strength from all the confusion.


RINDO   An island outside Vaxholm where Swedish Coast Artillery were training to kill Spetznas.  See: Stefan Amer.


RINGHOLM  Bo  Swedish Minister of Finance whose voice the Genocide Jew, Thomas Lyrevik, used to frighten Inga-Britt Ahlenius.


RMV   Short for Rattsmedicinalverket.


RADELIUS  Maja-Lena  Worked for free newspaper Metro.


ROLDAN   Luis   Ex-director General of Spain’s Guardia Civil.  It was under him that Peace Activator and Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, was illegally detained and put into one of Spain’s Abu Ghraib centers, Barranco Seco. 

          He has stolen millions of public money, still not found. On 8 April 1994, the scandal of his and Felipe Gonzalez breaks out and Roldan is finally detained 1995. Under him also worked the Guardia Civil Death Squad, GAL.


ROMANDER  Holger  Former Rikspolis chief.  


ROMANUS  Gabriel


ROPEN SKALLA, GIFTERO AT ALLA    Slogan for Swedish feminists.


ROSEN  Bjarne  Assistant Prosecutor at the time stating that the case of the Levitical Ritual Slaughter of Catrine da Costa no longer had any interest to find out who was or were the guilty ones. This information was apparently given to the lawyer for the accused, Kerstin Koorti. 


ROSENBAD   The prime office for Sweden’s politicians.



ROSSIPAL  Helga   Worked at Sodra Roslags Tingsratt in a Show Trial whereby she exonerated a group of terrorists on the basis that terrorist acts are understandable when the victim holds views which are not approved by the Government.


ROST  Ake   Works for Rikskrim as the juridical chief and the one who arranged for the secrecy order on the autopsy of Olof Palme’s death, at the order of Palme’s wife, Lisbet Palme.

        The significant thing here is that neither the Prosecution, nor Defense, nor the Court, had demanded the autopsy certificate, something which ought to be basic in every civilized court case.




ROTHSCHILD   Emma    Shirley MacLaine who had a close personal relationship with Olof Palme which relationship Palme told Shirley his wife found ”intolerable.”  But an affair is not a ”second marriage,” or ”two marriages” which Ebbe Carlsson is said to have said that Palme had.  Shirley says in a book that Palme had ”othe” relationships.  Who was it?

         The first time we heard about this was when the time when Shirley MacLaine came to visit us.  The only one in serious question is Professor Emma Rothschild a member of the famous banking family who also aided in money laundering the money Emil Sandstrom extracted from the Egyptians, including real estate money from properties stolen from Palestinians.

           Palme had hired her as secretary for his internationally known commission on disarmament, The Palme Commission. She was also a neighbor of the Palme family who lived in the ”Old Town” of Stockholm and had bought a house there.  Emma had a home in England, and one in Cambridge, Massachusets, the home of Harvard’s university, where Palme’s son, Joakim lived Rotchschild’s house while attending the university. For understandable reasons, it has been speculated if Emma Rothschild was the ”second wife” of Palme referred to by Ebbe Carlsson.  In these connections it is absolutely certain Mossad had a hand in it, and through her, not the least the tapping of Palme’s telephones they knew everything the Palme family were doing.

          As this Blog shows such sexual activities are normal amongst politicians but they can strain certain marriages and this could be a motive for getting rid of  Olof Palme.  Willy Brandt was famous for his multiple adulteries, and so have many others since. Let’s not forget Bill Clinton, virtual all the German politicians, and the various French ministers.


RPS    Short for: Riks Polis Styrelsen


RSF     See: Reporters Sans Frontieres, a Limited Censorship outlet.


RUBY   Jack  L  originally Jacob Rubenstein.  A Genocide Jew linked in with racketeering, gambling and crimes, and insurance frauds.  Assassinated alleged killer of John F Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald.


RUDBERG  Per   Admiral. Was together with Kommendorkapten, Hans von Hofsten visiting Palme hater Alf Enerstrom in 1985, with the aim to topple Olof Palme in a coup-de-etat.


RUSHDIE   Salman   An extraordinary slime ball and Cagliostro type conman, who, because he could not write, started to invent, and push for that his writing garbage should be attacked and thus he would get media attention. 

         Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer may be the only person on earth who tortured himself at least once to read his dreadful garbage, Satanic Verses. When talking to others who had gotten his rag, Felderer discovered that people who got the book, only after reading a few pages let it down.  It does however show how to get popular in the Genocide Jewish world ruled by the Anne Frank Drug Culture.

         Not the least interesting is to see the conduct of the Ethnic Cleansing, Israeli supporting Power Junkies.  While they persecuted and prosecuted Ditlieb Felderer for his ”blasphemous cartoons,” calling their distribution would cause the whole world to sink into the mire of a Black Hole, they all defended Salman Rushdie for his academic freedom to write what he wants.  Call this hypocrisy, or what?


SABBATSBERGS  SJUKHUS   The hospital Olof Palme was brought when dead and where Mole and Police Infiltrator, the self-made ”Jew,” Cagliostro, Jovan Rajs was operating.




SAJONMA  Arja  A singer who sung at Palme’s funeral have been requested to do so by Lisbet Palme.


SAMUELSSON   Per  Judge who sentenced Anna Lindh’s alleged murderer, Mijailo Mujailovic to life imprisonment.


SANDBERG  Bo  A ”tax spy” planned to clear up the Palme murder with Maj Solversdotter, but never came to anything. 


SANDSTROM  Haydee  A Philippine woman supposedly murdered by Swedish Death Squad policeman, Per Jorlin. He had also functioned as Life Guard to police man, Hans Holmer, who was supposed to clear up the death of Olof Palme, but instead turned out to obfuscate the whole thing.  One of  Holmer’s crazy thing was to go after he Kurds, obviously because they were an easy target to strike at. Hans Holmer died 4 October 2002 of suicide. Or, did someone kill him also?  Or, could it be so, that the blame was actually to be pushed on Ditlieb Felderer, but as he had gone underground and could not be found, this couldn’t be done?  Some claim either Sapo or Mossad had deliberately planted Haydee Sandstrom  in Jorlin’s hand as Felderer had been married to a Philippine, and it was thought that through this scheme, information about peace-activator would be gotten; and, as she had a printing outlet it was surmised that Felder had used it for his million distribution of flyers.  However, as so often in such dirty dealings and dagger actions in secret, something went wrong. Jorlin denied all the charges, finding ready excuses for all.  Curiously enough, conducting the prosecution and judge in service were no other than the smokescreen rags, Agneta Isborn Lind and the Jewish agitator pseudo-judge,  Jan Levin.  As expected, the supposed murderer, Per Jorlin, only got a few years.  Felderer had gotten one whole year for two cartoons by the same people!

       After vigorous denial of having murdered the Philippine woman, Jorlin, once in jail, said that he had indeed murdered her and thrown her body in Kolmarden forest.  He had confessed, he claimed, thinking about her two children.  She had namely prior been married to a Swede with whom she had two children.

       Sweden had made it ready, that should anyone of the Death Squad get in trouble, in would come special judge and prosecutor to help the situation up.  This may explain the short sentence of Per Jorlin.




SANGEN OM DEN RODA RUBINEN  A book written by Norwegian, Agnar Myrkle, who was prosecuted for its supposed pornographic contents.


SAVED     In effect in Pentecostal, Scofieldite dogmatic term that you are saved by accepting the Genocide Jews’ Thought Terrorism and Totalitarianism, and thus be under their protection freed from all criticism and terrorist acts. Hence you are saved right here on earth as long as you adhere to their domination.




SCHLAUG  Birger  The Environment Party’s former spokes man who appealed at Riksdag three times that the Autopsy document of Olof Palme be made public, but to no avail. Lisbet Palme had requested it to be kept secret. He then left Riksdagen and politic, perhaps having gotten full taste of reality in action.


SCHOEPS  Julius    A German pseudo-professor preparing Martyrology-Exterminationists’ victims for abuse and torture.


SCHYMAN  Gudrun   Politician of the Left, Communist phalange in Sweden.  It is significant to realize, if true, that this party was totally ignorant of Sweden’s plan to hurl nuclear bombs at Soviet Union, perhaps indicating, that as soon as the State pays and provide for you, it is garbage in and garbage out. She was called DODATFAMILJEN Schyman, meaning the destruction of the family, which in turn would mean that the State becomes the sole owner of the child. 




SCIENTOLOGY   they invent enemies, and toss these created ”devils” before the unsuspecting public.  Thus they create Lyndon LaRouche, Ditlieb Felderer, Ahmed Rami, Einar Aberg, Carlberg, Gustav Eriksson;  on and on we can go, and so they created Scientology.

         Suddenly, after we are told Communism is bad because there you couldn’t make any money, now, in the case of Scientology the  argument is used: they are bad because it costs and they are making money.  Which church doesn’t cost money?  And the Swedish Church is the main landholder in Sweden, owning endless amount of property, many times in such ways that the public has no knowledge about it. Their churches are filled with stolen goods from the Roman Catholics.

         The Scientology is a pittance to what they own and make in money. And there are hardly any complaints. And take yet another case.  The most krocked  Protestant Church is without a doubt the Pentecostals.  In Scandinavia this Church so totally in the hands of the Genocide Jews get away with one thing after the other. Only occasionally, such as their murders of women in Uppsala, Sweden, do they get criticized. 

         One bank after the other has failed which they set up to lure huge money from people.  This concerns millions of kronor, something which the Scientologist Church don’t even come close.  All your money, all your family’s money, all is gone in the Pentecostal Churches constant money racket business.  Nothing happens. Why?  Because they are the darlings of the Genocide Jews and so nothing happens to them.  They still are fat, driving around in fancy cars and having fancy houses. And all are waiting to create new banks and schemes by which they lure your money from.


SEGERMAN  Roland  A Swedish paramilitary police, who together with Lennart Thorin, got evidently innocent, Lars Tingstrom, found guilty of bomb deaths.  They were buddies of the bogus prosector, Torsten Jonnson.  Power Junky supporting  boy employed in fabricating false accusations. He was with the Solna paramilitary police, and then joined the Palmegruppen.  



SELIN  Lennart    A paramilitary police working with the Martyrologist Genocide Jews. A forger of documents.   He was used by pseudo-prosecutor Agneta Isborn Lind to steal, eat, and destroy Felderer’s home, including stealing all his work he had done for 30 years.  For this ”brave” cause he became duly promoted.  A document falsifier he helped in presenting falsified documents, primarily doctored by Bertil Wennberg and Agneta Isborn Lind.  He was in charge when Felderer’s home was used for sex orgies while he was tortured inside various Concentration Camps.  At the time he and Svante Nordin worked for the kidnapping paramilitary police outlet, Taby police,  where Ditlieb Felderer had been tortured and hit over the head and other crimes of terror. The paramilitary police strikers sneered at him:  This is how we do it in Sweden. The strikers were also duly promoted. Selin and his companions destroyed Felderer’s home so effectively it took him more than a year to get things partly in order.  He also stole family photographs, camera equipment, and other belongings to Felderer.  Six of his musical instruments disappeared, amongst one being an instrument Felderer used to train music with.  At his side, Lennart Selin, had Stephane Bruchfeldt, a notorious swindler for the main Genocide Jews in Stockholm, lead by the fanatic Genocide Jew, Morton Narrowe, whose companions in turn were behind numerous terrorist attacks against Ditlieb Felderer, his Philippine wife and invalid mother.  At one time Felderer was hit with an iron bar over the head to the applaud of the whole corrupt Swedish Politicians and their corrupt media; and which Genocide Jews openly have stated, he deserved,  due to his anti-Zionist views. The paramilitary police also applauded as they refused to investigate the terrorist acts.


SERIEMORDARE   Serial Murderer, term used by Lars Borgnas for the falsely accused in the case of Levitical Slaughtered Catrine da Costa. The truly Serial Murderers are the Jewish Sicarii Sonderkommando who all received a haven in Europe, including Sweden.


SEX   The reader who has read this particular Blog is immediately struck by the frequency of sex.  If the reader turns to our other Blogs, he will find more.  The truth is, that unless you involve yourself with this issue, you are living in a dream world. Sex is main drive of people, and often, as can be seen here, it is used for dark purposes to get at someone else to whitewash oneself and make oneself virtuous, honorable and pure from corruption.  You couldn’t be deceived more as this Blog shows.  

      Furthermore, sex is often used as a smokescreen for fanaticism, violence and disrespect of other opinions or way of life and culture.  Also, as can be seen many of our words are nothing but past words used in various types of sex rituals which with time through mostly clergy manipulation have changed to be adapted to the wanted standards in order to control and rule people.  The much words used as Messiah, meaning sperm, and Holocaust, meaning the activity, the motion of the Penis moving up into an erection are typical.  

       It is also for this reason why race agitator and anti-Semitic fomenter had to stop Felderer from explaining and using the word Holocaust in its original intended way, for what would people think if they were to know that the Genocide Jewish concocted ”Holocaust” in fact meant the Penis moving up into erection?  Obviously that would mean the glorious fall of the Sacred Cow, and that is non-permissable of those who make their living in conning and pleasing the God’s Chosen People.

      The first time Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer was accosted with the issue of real sex, was when he as a very young boy saw goings on by Sweden’s highest officials and honored people.  They were in fact not only having sex by running into the various rooms of the maids and workers of  the Salens  Hogfjallshotel where he was living at the time, but right before your eyes.  Felderer thought they were hitting each other, until his mother or sister pulled him away, for they were not hitting each other: They were having sex right before your very eyes.  One couldn’t avoid it once one had left the room.  It was reality right in front of your eyes.


SIDA  Through it foreign aid money is given out, often squandered, as when Amnesty International’s spokesman, Jesus Alcala, was sentenced with one and a half year jail for having squandered one and a half million in aid to Paraguay.




SIPRI   Stockholms Internationella  Fredsinstitut


SITUATIONEN  A monthly paper which can be soled by the homeless for double the sum.




SJONANDER  Bengt  Swedish lawyer.


SJOWALL  Einar  Medic who was present when the dead bodies of U-boat Ulven were brought out.


SKANDIA   An insurance company formerly named Thule of  which Lars-Eric Petersson was involved with cases of financial crime.


SKARINDER  Bo  Prosecutor




SKL  Statens kriminaltekniska laboratorium


SKOGSKYRKOGARDEN   At a Jewish Cemetary located here, the Levitical slaughtered parts of Mata Hari, Judith Jewess Prostitute, Catrine da Costa was buried here.  The reason why Genocide Jews have cemitaries apart from Goyim Gentiles, is, that no uncircumcised body is allowed to be buried there.  If a men is suspect buried theire not circumcised, the corpse either gets circumcised or is removed, mostly secretly removed.


SKOTTSKADOR  Wounds from shooting in Swedish, and were falsely declared by Lisbet Palme, who evidently never had a bullet shot at her, and for that very reason refused to get checked  up for possible wound, even if it was done by a female doctor.


SKOTTHAL  Holes from bullet in Swedish and were claimed to exist on Lisbet Palme’s coat she wore when Olof Palme was shot.  It is evident pure invention as no bullet ever struck her, and the holes were simply fabricated by Sweden’s corrupt paramilitary police force to dramatize the event and make it appear she wasn’t the one who shot.


SMITH  Bradley     A Holocaust Survivor and one of the first in using cartoons and illustrations to decipher Martyrology-Exterminationism.




SMOLEN   Kazimierz    Former Director of the Auschwitz Relief Camp under Soviet Communism.  He then turned Nazi collaborator and its ardent student.  Once Soviet Communism took over, he now became a Soviet Communist.  Once Soviet Communism fell, he now transmuted himself into an ardent Capitalist.  In other words, the perfect political conman.


SOCIALISM   Hans-Magnus Enzensberger, a German author, brought out that Sweden was far from Socialism.  Only 30 percent is owned by the State, and only 10 percent belongs to corporations.




SODERBERG  Marie  Works for Sveriges Radio.   


SODERSTROM  Gosta    Police kommissarie.  Made a formal declaration of murder in the case of Ingvar Heimer.


SODERSTROM  Herbert  Journalist praising Sigvard Marjasin as the absolute most honest person of the Trade Union, doing so in the Socialist paper, ARBETET.  Short after that Marjasin was in for various financial baddies. 




SOLJE HERRGARD  Home of Alf Enerstrom and Gio Petre until they separated.


SOLVERSDOTTER   Maj  A ”spy” intended to, with Bo Sandberg, to look into the Palme death on the basis of taxation leads. Apparently it never came to that.


SOU  1999-88  This is Granskningskomissionens betankande with 1004 pages of trvivialities  and conjectures as facts. 


SPENDER  Sir Stephen  English poet and critic who let his Index on Censorship be hijacked by the Genocide Jews by starting to admit prizes, such as the one given out by the racist, Genocide Jew Bonnier run Dagens Nyheter, and where his Index on Censorship carried racist attacks against Ditlieb Felderer, written by the Genocide Bonnier Jew, Olle Westberg who lied in telling the readers that Felderer never had as good in his Concentration Camp.

       When Spender was asked to cover the case of  Holocaust Survivor, Ahmed Rami, he refused, apparently afraid of being forced to give back prizes he had gotten through his hypocrisy.  Sartre put it right: the road to corruption is the acceptance of prizes.


SPETZNAS  Name for a Soviet Union coast military trained in infiltration. Swedish propaganda, in continuation of the Red Scare, had it that they were all around the Swedish coast.  See: Stefan Amer.


STADSBIBLIOTEKET   A haven for Genocide Jewish propaganda often being administrated by them who do their upmost to Fahrenheit 451 out any blasphemous thoughts.




STATENS KARNKRAFTS INSPEKTION  (SKI)  Since October  1945 Sweden was to secretly produce 10 nuclear bombs a year to be dropped on Soviet Union, apparently via air planes.  The secret plan was euphemistically in Orwellian way designated SKYDDSFORSKNING. The ruling clique, the weapon industry, and military were able to keep whole of Sweden, its Riksdag and media in total ignorance of the project, where skyddsforskning was used to cover over it.

         Sweden had signed the non-spreading of such weapon but in secret kept building on it all the way up to 1974 when Palme since a visit to Hiroshima got against it.  The work was now handed over to Radjiv Gandhi of India along with Swedish canons and so India got the bomb instead.




STATENS RATTSLAKARSATION I SOLNA  So called when Milan Valverius was Chief Autopsy doctor there.


STATISTISKA  CENTRALBYRAN  Another place where the Dodsattest to Olof Palme exists.


STENBECK  Jan He invests a million in the private police station at Renstiernas gata run by Ebbe Carlsson and his friends.  The business goes bust with scandals of Anna-Greta Leijon coming to light. Alf Enerstrom claimed Odd Engstrom was murdered because he was under suspicion of handing  over money from Stenbeck to him.


STENIUS  Ursa  Employed for Aftonbladet.




STOCKHLMS  STADSTEATER   The next day after Olof Palme’s  death Anna Lindh and Lisbet Plme go to see  DANTON play at the theatre.  Obviously the death of her husband didn’t affect her much.  Curiously enough, Anna Lindh, is herself assassinated in Stockholm. Did her friends also visit the theatre the next day after she died?

       In spite of this, Lisbet Palme declares herself unable to witness in court due to her shock.  Evidently her next-day after the murder visit to the theatre didn’t help her.


STOCKHOLMSSYNDROMET   A claim that the kidnap drama at a bank at Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm, the cashiers had sex with the kidnappers inside the bank, apparently set in vogue by Nils Bejerot.


STOCKHOLMS  TIDNINGEN    A Swedish Socialist paper promulgating Swedish and Israeli Apartheid, and strong defenders of Genocide Jewish Racist Supremacy. They had articles against Good News Bringer Ditlieb Felderer and a driving force in his dehumanization and torture.

         The paper later went bankrupt, but by then bunkruption had already entered  their mental mind joining oppression.


STORKYRKAN   The place where Olof Palme’s  Dodsattest exist where the brother of Lisbet’s mother worked as clergyman  and father to Leif Bolling.


STRAND  Dieter    Another Swedish media mogul and disinformer set in to attack those in favor of Unlimited Free Speech.  He started off in the Socialist Party youth group, ostensible against nuclear build up, but evidently knew nothing about that Sweden from 1945 forward, was working on preparing 10 nuclear bombs each year, to be used against Soviet Union, seemingly dropped there via air planes.


STROMSTEDT  Bo   Editor for the Genocide Jewish propaganda rag, Expressen, connected with the so called Liberal Party.


STYCKMORD  See: Ritual Slaughter and Levitical Ritual Slaughter.  Done on Jewish Judith, Mata Hari Prostitute, Catrine da Costa.  Two medics were falsely accused. The absurdity of Sweden’s so called Justice can be seen that a girl, one and a half years old is supposed to have seen the Ritual Slaughter, as one of the butchers was her father.  When she was three years old she is to have told her mother what she had seen. The mother of the girl claimed she recorded her daughter’s supposed experience at the main hospital where the Ritual Slaughter was done.  However the tape disappeared, and so she told the authorities what she remembered.



SUCKSDORFF  Arne   Swedish film director.  The Genocide Jewish run rag, Expressen, cooks up a story that a gun was stolen from his house and may be implicated in the murder of Olof Palme. This story is told by supposed Narcotic Inspector, Thure Nassen, who was the main person to falsely get Christer Pettersson accused for Palme’s murder.


SUICIDE  Suicidium is Latin for Suicide, in Swedish Sjalvspilling which then became Sjalvmord.  It was illegal to do so until 1864, but the person was dead so why?  Could he be jailed for it?  In Roman Catholic countries, suicide victims were burried outside the fence of the Church. In 1894 all restrictions were taken away in Sweden about burial.  Genocide Jews prohibit uncircumcised Jews to be buried at their cemetery, and he must be a ”Jew.” Curiously enough, Mata Hari, Judith Jewess Prostitute, Catrine da Costa was buried in a Jewish Cemetery. How all this can be reconciled is difficult to comprehend by outsiders.


SURBRUNNSGATAN   Norrtull where Per Jorlin lived together with Hedy Sandstrom whom he killed.




SVEGFORS   Mats  Investigated the case of the peculiar death of Osmo Vallo.


SVENNING  Olle  Author of  Alska Makten of 1985.


SYSTEMBOLAGET  Sweden’s State Liquor Board.  All things turn into corruption, and this business also got involved with it.


SVARTSJO   Place where Lena Dencker was quartered for her drug crime. She had found out that there was a judicial Mafia who all stuck together like glue, right or wrong.    


SVEA HOVRATT   A nest serving as a center of hooligans defending Genocide Jewish racist ideology.  The pseudo-court is totally racist.  Only Genocide Jews, such as Johan Hirschfeldt who had put Ditlieb Felderer under torture are allowed to serve in this Apartheid nest of violent men demanding that innocents should be brought to torture for doubting or having un-Kosher views of so called ”Israel.” Many are Masons and the ignorance of the workers here is simply incredible.  For this they all receive super high wages which may describe more than anything why thugs of this nature would work there.

     The whole International Community has condemned this fraudulent racist court and have asked to give restitution to its tortured victims and that the thugs involved in persecution innocents be brought to lawful trial.  Svea Hovratt has so far decided to keep silent, apparently hoping people will forget so they can re-kindle their Fahreheits 451, and return to Business as Usual in attacking their Witches.


SVEAVAGEN   One of Stockholms main roads and where Olof Palme was murdered.  It was here where much of the drugs circulated.  At the crossing was Tunnelgata, renamed today Olof Palmes Gata. The crossing of Sveavagen and Tunnelgata was a traditional meeting place for homosexuals in Stockholm.


SVELIN  Jan   A paramilitary police connected  with the Rikskrim and the Palme case from start.  Married to a paramilitary police woman with one daughter.


SVENSKA KANOTFORBUNDET at Reymersholme. In 1982 Ebbe Carlsson was spokesman for the Club to which Olof Palme also belonged.


SVENSK  DAMTIDNING   Takes up the case of the relationship of Anna Lindh’s marriage, which seemed to have its problems.  Just let’s face it.  Bringing up a family with kids and being a politicians just don’t fit very well.


SVENSKA JOURNALISTFORBUNDET   An Israeli-Mossad front dedicated to spread disinformation and to keep a tight grip on Sweden’s subservient agents of Totalitarianism, all payed by the State to shut their eyes and close their mouths. For a while Christina Jutterstrom of the Genocide Jew rag, Dagens Nyheter, was its chief.  They have been designated by Holocaust Survivor and Bringer of Glad Tidings, Ditlieb Felderer, as the ”Journalist Prostitute Fahrenheiters 451 of Malmskillnadsgatan,” referring to the Anne Frank Drug Culture running Sweden.




SVENSSON  Jorn   The only one of the politicians who reacted against that the autopsy certificate be kept secret, kept so at the order of Lisbet Palme. He later got a work with EU and together with Margareta Winberg seems to have lost interest.

Claimed to belong to the Left.  Ended up at Brazil where he and Winberg make the best out of selling JAS fighter bomber.




SVENSSON   Pelle   An Establishment defense lawyer and hence, like all the rest  of the herd, payed to play the tune accordingly.  Involved with ”defending” the ”Bombman” Lars Tingstrom with the result this, probably innocent man, landed in jail with strict isolation, which in turn resulted in death, deliberately or otherwise.


SVERIGE AMERIKA  STIFTELSEN  The son of Palme, Joakim, is refused twice from here to get a stipend for his Harvard education.


SVERIGES  RIKSDAG   This political center has similar problems to the big Churches: they either can’t get younger members or they jump off even though they get huge money with huge benefits.




SWEDISH  ASSHOLE, THAT    Richard Nixon calls Olof Palme, ”that Swedish asshole.”


SWIMMINGPOOL   The Auschwitz Swimming  Pool for the inmates was located behind Block 6, at the Birch Alley. There inmates played Water Polo and other sports, and it was used to rehabilitate patients from the hospitals surrounding the area. It can be seen filled with water from aerial photos.


SYNAGOGUE  OF  STOCKHOLM    There are at least three Syngagogues in Stockholm.  The Great Synagogue is the largest and oldest and located on Wahrendorffsgatan.  From here and Hillel School,  emanated numerous terrorist attacks against Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, his Philippine wife, and invalid mother, with the assistance of Sweden’s Foreign Office,  Bonnier Concern, Skoloverstyrelsen, and corrupt Swedish politicians; where amongst other things, its paramilitary police participated, kidnapping Felderer several times.  Felderer has now for some 40 years requested Sweden to investigate the matter, but they refuse point blank  to move even a finger, evidently knowing quite well who stood behind them and that they profited politically by these acts of terror. The Rabbi serving there was Morton Narrowe who later orchestrated a Kangaroo Censorship trial against Holocaust Survivor, Ahmed Rami.  All these bogus trials have cost the Swedish taxpayers endless of money.  They Synagogue received millions in grants and its members are without doubt those who obtain most money from various schemes set in order by Politicians to obtain power and carry feathers in their hat.


SZENDE  Stefan   About Szende is written a lot on this Blog.  There is also a special Blog on him.  He constitutes one of the pillars in Martyrologist Holocaust Survivor lore.  His book was early translated into at least three languages, which was unusual at that time. The English title becomes, The Promise Hitler Kept.  Promising you new Foreskins or what? He was a friend of the Serial Adulterer, alcoholist, and chain smoker, political professional, Willy Brandt.  His books had a strong influence on cementing the Martyrology-Holocaust lore onto an unsuspecting public and it was the main book we were told to consider in our early time of investigating the alleged massacres of Jews.  Szende claims contact with people.  One of them was an Adolf Folkmann, but it is evident this Folkmann is none than Szende himself. The book claims to be the ”Gospel Truth.” One of Szende’s ”Gospel Truths” was that Jews put onto their Circumcised Penis, a fresh new Penis in order to survive detection from the Gestapo, SS, and gloating individuals.  Supposedly this is to explain the numerous ”Holocaust Survivors” that we have today.  Even women we are told donned onto themselves complete Foreskinned Penises to survive! That such operations were done those days, and in wartime at that, is highly questionable regardless of all of Szende’s  Gospel Truths.  Moreover, as we have shown and written, it is not an easy thing to just knock someone over the head and steal his Foreskin and then put it onto ones own Circumcised Penis. In spite of all this, people continue to tell us about its truths so we only have to grin and bear it until some ”Jew” shows us his dick and we can get confirmed the real MacCoy and all be happy.  In the Bible we read how King Saul wanted a lot of Foreskins to be happy.  And he got them.  But for what?  Was he also a Holocaust Survival victim in need of  a Foreskin?

        Stephan Szende played a tremendous important role for many of us to accept Martyrology-Exterminationism.  We were lead to believe that the ”Gas Chambers” at Auschwitz were super-huge buildings, which Reitlinger, Schirer, Nyiszli, and others leaned upon.  We were shocked in coming to Auschwitz for the first time to see how ridiculously tiny the alleged gas chamber was, and when we found out that walls had been torn down to make it look larger, the fake became abhorrent.

        It is essential to delve into this superstitious theory that one also delves into Stefan Szende, not the least for his claim of donning fresh new foreskins on penises to escape detection.  Also turn to: and FORESKIN, JEHOVAH, OLAH, PENIS




TALLBERG  in Dalarna with view over Siljan.  Here the Palmegruppen was sent for therapy to regain their mental and physical strength.


TALMUD   Is a set of Bible commentaries worked on for many years by Jewish scholars.  Christians in attacking Genocide Jews often like to cite potions of it as proof of the wickedness of the Genocide Jews.  But the Talmud is but commentaries on the Bible, the very book Christians freely spread an feel our salvation is depended upon. Christians are forced to use this tactic because it would otherwise show that the cruelties and wickedness of the Bible, of which Thomas Paine, and others, spoke of.

        The Genocide Jews in their turn are forced to use the Talmud, as it otherwise would show the wickedness and evils of the Bible.  So, in reality it is a real merry go round.  Each one using it for obfuscation and their own existence, while both parties indulge in condemning each other, both out of selfpreservation. In other words, both attack each other, each one being right when listening to them, resulting in that in the final verdict both  are wrong.


TANTOLUNDEN   The place where Hans Holmer lived for a while.


TARKOVSKIJ  Andrej   Died in Paris 1987.  Six months before Palme’s death he made sequences of his film, Offer, at the same place Palme died, in which Erland Josephson was the main mail actor. 


TAX  CRIME    Olof Palme was accused for it and found guilty. He then ordered all pertinent documents to be destroyed.


TAXIL  Leon    Real name:  Gabriel Antoine Jogand-Pages.  A conman who has similarities with Cagliostro, but of the humorous type.  He may be the first one, in any langugage, to publish a book on the Bible with funny caricatures.


TEL  AVIV  Sweden for some unknown reason has a Military Attache there.


TELL   Leif   Paramilitary police linked in with the Death Squad linked in with confessed murderer, Per Jorlin, and companion Thomas Piltz.  He may also be involved with the illegal occupation of Felderer’s home and the thefts there, along with the terrorist attack on Ahmed Rami, and other dirty dealings.

        Some claim Sweden has some thousands of shelved cases of police murders. When people are brought to the police,  or inside their station and die, the matter is never investigated.  So far no Swedish paramilitary police has been brought to trial, and probably never will, and if such murders are felt, such as in the case of helping Genocide Jews from a fix they themselves have caused, the Swedish police will obtain promotion.

       Before Hans Holmer, Lisbet Palme, stated that he and Thomas Piltz, had stood guard outside Palme’s house at Vasterlanggatan 21 in Gamla Stan.


TERRORGRUPP  2  It is claimed Scientology had such a group in Sweden 


TERRORIST – FIRST   Was it Samson in the Bible?  Or was it Moses in the Bible? Or was it Abraham in the Bible?  Or was it Noah in the Bible?  Or was it God himself in the Bible?  Take your pick.


TETRAGRAMMATON   A word used to designate Jehovah, of the Hebrew, YHWH, signifying The Mighty Penis in the Sky. It has a close connection to OLAH, in Greek Holocaust, which means the Mighty Penis in the Sky has revolved to his slack state, waiting to arise, resurrect, go up, move up, into a strong Mighty Penis in the Sky position.  Hence, when people say the believe in the Holocaust, who can deny it?  Not us.  It is moving up all the time, thank Jehovah!


THIRTEENTH TRIBE,  THE    A book by Arthur KOESTLER exposing the racist cult of Pentecostalism, Zionism, and Israel.


THORIN   Lennart    A paramilitary police in cahoot with fraud prosecutor, Torsten Jonsson and who evidently fabricated lies in order to get Lars Tingstrom convicted. His fellow companion in arms for disinformation, was, Roland Segerman.  All evidence show that Tingstrom was innocent and the incessant itch to convict him was to line ones own pockes and feather ones own nests.


THULE   Insurance company located at Olof Palme’s death place later called Skandia.


TIDEN   A publishing outlet for Sweden’s  Social Democratic Party.




TINGSTROM   Lars          or BOMBMANNEN.  An evident innocent person accused by Torsten Jonsson, the same hooligan who illegally kidnapped and orchestrated the torture of Holocaust Survivor and Good News Bringer, Ditlieb Felderer. He sat as an innocent victim under hard surveillance and without right to leave for 9 years in jail and was picked as the guilty in order to help out another Prosecutor,  Denker, to get a new home on the insurance which had been burned down. Tingstrom wrote while in jail FINNS RATTVISAN?  Does Justice Exist? While in jail he got cancer of the pancreas and died. The one who had plated the bomb in Skattehuset in Stockholm was evidently the Scientology Hannu Hyttinen who did so as they were working on taxing the Church. 


TöBEN   Fredrick   Australian Holocaust Survivor who has survived numerous attacks by the Genocide Jews and their Thought Terrorists in arm.  In 1999 he was illegally put in jail by Thoght Terrrorist, pseudo-prosecutor Heiko Klein of the Apartheid racist  Mannheim Justiz. There the Antisemite and racist hooligan, Klein, held him illegally incarcerated on a rediculous claim that he was ”defaming the dead” as if this superstitious payaso had some special contacts with the dead knowing what they felt. This sort of fanatic religious quackerism permeates the whole of German Apartheid Racist Justice.

        On 1 October 2008 he was arrested on Heathrow Airport on flight from America, on his way to Dubai.  Easy-money-to-get, Melanie Cumberland, put the Thought Terrorist charges against him moonshining for Apartheid Racist Germany.  The accusations were so insane that even in a wild session to get him in jail to deflect from the upcoming and planned Israeli terror attacks the judge had to skip it or it would have dragged the whole judiciary into the Black hole of Zion and so he was released on 30 October 2008 pending on bail.

         Hitherto he had edited Truth Missions and other material.


TOMAN  Martina  An Austrian nurse who happened to be in Sweden at NK when Anna Lindh was murdered and who went before Austrian TV, stating she saw a man running wearing a red jacket.  In such a case the person identified on the police picture is causing problems as he is wearing a gray jacket with a hod. 


TREBLINKA    Possible at the order of the Genocide Jews running the Zionist paper, Dagens Nyheter, Olle Alsen, puts into a poetry about Vietnam, Treblinka, which had nothing to do with the poetry.


TUNNELBANAN   If you use Stockholm’s tunnelbana, its Subway trains, you are advised to use protective head covering and stay away from getting close to the ramp. Stay close the the opposite wall, and move onto the train first when it has stopped.  Ingvar Heimer was struck on the head at Varberg Subway station, and died.  And there are others also.  He had just put on the net that Lisbet Palme and her son Morten Palme had lied. Ditlieb Felderer was likewise hit over the head with steel iron — and whole of Sweden applauded.  And in this case, they know who did it, and they do nothing but protect them lest it be shown that the trail of crime origin leads directly to Stockholm’s main Genocide Jew Synagogue. Are you still in the high cuckoo land thinking Sweden does not have its Death Squad of assassins who are ready to go to work when called?


TUNNELGATA   It was at the crossing of Tunnelgata and Sveavagen that Olof Palme was shot.  Tunnelgata was renamed to Olof Palmes Gata after Palme’s death. This street was a traditional meeting place of homosexuals in Stockholm.


TV  Swedish shortening for Television.  Curiously, at the same moment Olof Palme was shot in the back with a fine calibre weapon which bullet exploded inside his body, a film of the death of Ernst Rohm, was shown.  Rohm was in rivalry with Hitler who had him shot by others.






ULVEN     A U-Boat that was destroyed with all men aboard under secret held circumstances in Marstrand in April 1943 where 33 of its crew died by suicide. It was claimed it exploded by a mine, bit no mine destroyed it.  It seems rather they died after the Swedish marine had abandoned and refused to help them. People who participated in a TV show to shed light on the drama were violently persecuted. One got his home burned down while a business man faced violence he had to leave town and business.


UNDEN  Osten


UNESCO SOS  Media, Paris    A Limited Censorship outlet liberally used by Genocide Jews.






UTRIKESSEKRETESS   A term that comes handy for Swedish politicians when they want to hold the gab between themselves.  One can be sure it always has some dirty involvement.  And yes, as soon as a secret is shared between two people it is no longer a secret.

        Ditlieb Felderer used to say:  If you really want to get at a document, for a trained investigator none can stop him.


VAERNO  Oscar   The morning of Friday, his last breakfast on 28 September 1986, Olof Palme was together with Norway’s Embassador, Oscar Vaerno, at Rosenbad.  Vaerno reports that Palme was exceptional happy and content.


VALLO  Osmo    A  colored person being beaten to death in Karlstad by the Swedish paramilitary police. Some 17 cases more of death beatings later came up, none ever dealt with.  It seems clear that the cases are a lot more, and the 17 are only a tip of the iceberg. Hence there was a lot of truth in when Felderer was told while illegally inside Osteraker Concentration Camp that such a group existed. Possible police murder in Sweden never gets investigated beyond a dot in the protocol.




VALVERIUS   Milan   An autopsy medic who wrote Olof Palme’s death certificate which got put on the national secret list by Palme’s wife, Lisbet Palme.  By Kari Ormstad and Jovan Rajs we was accused of leaking material, and got put on the cold.  What has come out is the strange thing of the strange statements, such as Lisbet Palme’s alleged shot in  ”her furcoat.” A strange thing seeing the bullets did not penetrate Palme’s body, that is, if he was shot twice. 

        Considering Felderer has experienced with Swedish justice falsifying ”evidence,” it seems more likely that Valverius’  certificate was later doctored, trimmed up to adhere to SAPO and the power politicians interests, including Lisbet Palme.  Going through the Judaic-Christian Swedish Purgatory, Valverius ended up sick, to finally commit suicide, with his wife doing the same thing after him. So if you want to survive the Judaic-Christian Swedish Purgatory you either do as 99.99 of its population does: don’t think and don’t get involved or you end up those chimneys!

       Milan Valverius made out the Death Certificate of Olof Palme as to the dictations of Lisbet Palme, the wife of Olof Palme.  She demanded that it should be written he was shot on the street in the breast by some unknown person.  Palme was shot in the back whereby the main vein burst and filled him with blood. Also he is supposed to have been shot with  a Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum, a weapon giving out a tremendous sound.  How is it that she did not know he was shot in the back?  Even she was supposed to have been touched by a bullet, and an overcoat is supposed to have a hole in it, but there seems to be two overcoats.  Was the one sent in for analyze a doctored overcoat?  Was the hole made afterward? It was claimed she was injured by the bullet but she never got any treatment and walked home alone with no after effect.

      Valverius was involved in Sweden’s Anne Frank Drug Society on free basis to aid Foraldraforeningen Narkotikafritt Samhalle. His wife worked on mapping the global sale of narcotic to enter the data.  Only this, but them in clash with the Anne Frank Drug Cult. 


VARBERG TUNNELBANESTATION  Varberg Subway Station.  It was here inspector Ingvar Heimer died, apparently hit by a blunt object on the head.  This happened shortly after he had put on the data about that Lisbet Palme and her son Marten Palme had lied.  About the dangers of Stockholm’s Subways, see TUNNELBANAN.


VASTERLANGGATAN 21      in Gamla Stan, Stockholm, was the street that Olof Palme lived at, not long from what was said to be his lover, Emma Rothschild.


VAXHOLM  The Island Rindo is located there containing the coastal artillery and where Stefan Amer was trining to kill Spetznas.  Perhaps a continuation of the old Red Scare?




VICTORIA   The name the Swedish Queen in its political con of Democracy and Monarchy is called by the people.




VISBY  Main city on the island of Gotland where Swedish corrupt politicians often congregate to manufacture their next censorship and other show trials against innocent victims.


VISIONS   The murderer of the Penecostal Church at Uppsala with his Kristi brud, had visions as did Jovan Rajs who sees in the Levitical Ritual Slaughter of Mata Hari, Judith Jewess Prostitute, Catrine da Costa, as a chicken being cut up by a woman:  Wings first!  If he did it, or helped in doing it, he should know.


VIVIANNE   A sarbo of Rolf Dahlgren who is reported to have heard from him that he was on a State mission and had the authority to murder nasty people inside and outside Sweden.  She is also reported to have seen the stately Mata Harri, Jewess Jewish Prostitute, Catrine da Costa, whom she lived closed to, purchasing at ICA and elegantly walking on the street.




WAHLUND  Olof  A captain and former Chief of Security who then got a top job for the Swedish spy network, IB.  He was in charge to select the worthy ones to work for the Swedish Radio, who in turn got thoroughly infiltrated by the Genocide Jews.  Wahlund was a former memeber of the Swedish Nazi phalange in Gothenborg.  




WALDHEIM  Kurt   He was yet another smokescreen the Genocide Jews pushed forward in order to hide their own Nazi collaborators of Kapos and Jewish Sonderkommando Serial Killers.




WALLQVIST  Orjan    Chief of Channel TV2 whose main task was to promote Censorship and disinformation, payed to do so by the State, fully immersed in the Anne  Frank  Drug Culture.


WAR  At the 30-year war Swedish soldiers used to fill their victims with ale and then jump on top of them to kill them.  This custom, not far from, has with slight variation been adopted by  Sweden’s paramilitary police.






WATCHTOWER     The main doctrinal magazine of the Jehovah’s Witnesses spread in the millions in numerous languages, like their Awake! It is a leading paper in peddling the Anne Frank Drug Culture.

       Jehovah’s Witnesses act as indirect-Scofieldites, that is, they do not preach like the Pentecostals the Jews return to Palestine as prophetic, but compensate that with a strong Martyrology-Exterminationist belief perhaps due to them being located at Brooklyn, New York, where most so called ”Jews” live outside USA. Jews have frequently acted violently against them, forcing some to obtain medical treatment.




WEISS  Peter  Auhor. Lived together with the sister of Hans Palmstierna.


WEITMAN-SUNDBERG Brita  One of the few that seems to ponder upon what the autopsy certificate of Olof Palme has to do with pornography as Leif G W Persson suggests.




WIG   Due to the frequent terrorist attacks against peace-loving people in Sweden and where its corrupt courts will find you guilty for defending yourself, and state that your death was your fault because of your views, the following precaution is worth taking note of.

         After the Mossad Lillehamer, Murder, Genocide Jews and their agents have altered a bit their strategy. The risk of being found with a pistol tucked inside in good Sicarii terrorist fashion is often frowned upon.  Instead they go for your brain and veins by hitting you with a strong object, often  a feather-steel baton which can be bought at some countries, such as a hardware store.

       They will stalk you, and if it is night you open yourself for real problems. Wearing a helmet, such as a motorcycle helmet will cause the vicious strike to bounce back, perhaps hitting the Genocide Jew himself in the head or his agent, and if this happens Swedish court will find you guilty of wearing a protective hat so hat the Genocide Jew couldn’t hit you. Sweden has loads of career seeking pseudo-prosecutors ready to take their case and successfully prove in court that you committed a grave crime by them not being allowed to hit and kill you.  Be that Helga Rossipal, Torsten Jonson, Agneta Isborn Lind, Tora Holst, or some other corrupt bureaucratic law enforcer, enforcing the Mighty Zion’s rule over the country, they stand all there fit and ready to declare you a Terrorist for not allowing them to murder you.

        Try this instead, for in this case the baton won’t bounce back onto the poor victim trying to kill you and you get the blame for injuring the poor assassin and thus cause problems with ready revenues coming to the bureaucrat law breakers. Get hold of a Wig.  The wig should have thick hair so when the Genocide Jew or his agent strikes your head, it will soften the blow. They are cowards, so they are careful not to come in from the front.

        The wig should moreover have long hair, sufficiently thick going down to your shoulders, as their thirst for blood veins will result in that they hit you in your neck going for your veins.  By having thick hair, and it going down your neck, the vicious Davidian blow will be softer.

         Today there are wigs on the market which have special material underneath the hair, causing an iron object little chance to penetrate.  The thick hair, plus the protection, vacuums up the blow, making it possible harmless.  The wig you should look for should preferably have not only a support under the skull part, but going back all along the hair to your neck.  Here is a good chance of  inventing and patent a special wig called the Genocide Jew Protection Wig which has this material, and they needn’t be costly.  

           Holocaust Survivor Ditlieb Felderer, has often worn a Wig along with big eye-glasses  which have protected him from the vicious intended blows from the Genocide Jews and their agents.  If those murdered people, victims of  Zion’s Vengeance, have used a wig, they may be alive today.  Mossad and Israel’s motto is: YOUR EYE MUST NOT FEEL SORRY FOR THEM — as they commit their terrorist acts and violence.  They take this maxim directly from their manual of terror, their Holy Bible and it is found in Deuteronomy, Judges, and other places.—Deut. 7:16.

By protecting yourself, their hate, terror, and vengeance will be more difficult to fulfill.


WILLIUS  Hans   History Professor who is supposed to have helped in getting ”Palme Hater Alf Enerstrom” out of custody at his separation with wife.


WINBERG  Margareta  See Jorn Svensson.


WISEBERG  Laurie S    Signatory of the racist agitator, fomenting  Antisemitic attacks against Peace Activator and Holocaust Survivor, Ditlieb Felderer, in Human Rights Internet (HRI), memorandum of May 1983.


WILLIAMSON  Richard    A Roman Catholic who belongs to a group of believers who practice the older rituals.  He came recently in the news as the Pope is deciding to lift the excommunication against the group, an excommunication certainly provoked by the Pope.  Williamson is called a ”Holocaust Denier” but there is no proof he has denied anything that is not denied by the Genocide Jews themselves.  

         He is claimed to have said he wants to re-examine the question but before then Auschwitz ”experts” have themselves become ”Holocaust Deniers” by admitting the stones inscribed with the 4 million figures and also painted on the walls, is wrong, and so have had the stones changed.  

          They have also admitted about the Auschwitz Brothel, Swimming Pool, etc., and that the huge chimney at the alleged ”Gas Chamber” is a fake.  What more can we want?


WOLFFSOHN  Michael   An education impostor and Martyrology-Exterminationism using corrupt politicians to persecute innocent people, for then to be abused and tortured.  Operates his criminal activities in Southern Germany where he acts as yet another pseudo-professor.


WOOD   Of Sweden’s export to Nazi Germany some 40 percent consisted of wood.

Curiously enough it was at a lumber yard run by an industrialist who had exported wood to Nazi Germany,  that sacks of  body parts of Levitical Slaughtered, Judith Jewess da Costa was found.  Either as retaliation or to blame him, or both, this typical Mossad operation was done. That the Israeli Mossad operations at its Stockholm Embassy was involved seems highly likely. 




ZETTERLING  Leif  Cartoonist in god Swedish standing.  He depicted Olof Palme as Weapons Handler, Peace Talker, Media Charmer, and Movie Star. 


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Preview+of+“FORESKINS”.jpg ¬


According to Martyrologist Holocaust Survivor, Stefan Szende, he, and/or, Adolf Folkmann, had their Circumcised Penises put onto a new Foreskin.  In investigating the matter it becomes greatly suspicious whether Adolf Folkmann, in fact, was not Stefan Szende himself.


Such operations according to Stefan Szende and others were frequent.  Such claimed surgical operations were done to avoid detection.  Even women are supposed to have donned onto themselves complete Penis with Foreskin to avoid detection.


Stefan Szende’s famous book about this came out in at least three translations. In order to avoid detection, perhaps, the American edition had a different title. 


We have obtained further claims that such operations of Penis with a new Foreskin were frequent.  Apparently the Foreskins were taken from other persons, who then in turn were without a Foreskin, and now forced to look for a Foreskin to put on their  Penis to escape detection.  


This sort of snowballing affair seems most suspicious.  But so called ”Holocaust Survivors” swear by its correctness.  In fact, Szende’s own book claims everything is ”gospel truth.” 


This matter has to be investigated thoroughly.  A close look at the Penis above clearly shows the difficulties of such an operation.  It is one thing to say it, another thing is to prove it.  Have the Holocaust Survivors proven their case?  The proof is in the eating of the pudding. All proof they have given so far, isn’t even a Penis, just words.  And words even monkeys have been trained to make.









Considering that so many healthy books for children could be read, why waste time with a book that is responsible for so much violence, hate, and drug abuse?


The Anne Frank culture is replete with drug abuse.  In fact when the whole gimmick started in the 1960   and 1970’s one could not let be but observe that wherever the Anne Frank culture spread, there was also a start of drug abuse.  How many boys and girls have died in this abuse is not know.


At a time when Sweden was heavily involved with spreading the Anne Frank ruse, in the same places where this was organized, often against Ditlieb Felderer and the Bible Researcher outlet, heavy use of drugs started and became the norm.  In fact, the very contact which the anti-Spinoza Jews at Stockholm started their violent campaign against Ditlieb Felderer and Bible Researcher, the SKOLOVERSTYRELSEN  of Sweden, had themselves infested with drugs whereby suicide was the end result.


Moreover, the Anne Frank Diary ruse has been used by Israel in justifying every sort of cruelties against the Palestinians, Islamists or Christians. Probably few books has been engaged in violence and terror more than this scam book that was concocted by the father of Anne Frank, Otto Frank, and his few friends at the time.


Hence, there are thousands of books for children.  As for ourselves, the Anne Frank would be the last book, not for the least: why hand this fake and swindle outfit, the Anne Frank House, any more of our hard-earned money?  Instead, they should pay back the money they have stolen through this fraud where they have blackmailed Roman Catholics, yes all Christians as a whole, along with all of humankind not disposed to their perpetual hoaxes through perpetual frauds.


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