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                         AUSCHWITZ OLYMPIC SWIMMING POOL

Corrected and added material, August 12, 2012

Starting July 7, 2012 an expanded edition on the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool is worked on, greatly helping researchers and investigators on the history of construction of Swimming Pools, Swim and Wars, Moral of Swimming and Dress, Competition, Religious objections to; Health, Sport, Nutrition, etc. It will also deal on the Censorship of the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool, Google search, Objections raised, and lots of beautiful photos. So watch for it!

This pioneer work dealing on the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool was Censored by Google and its and was published at

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“The Holocaust lie has been both the spiritual and financial wellspring of modern Jewish power, and for this reason it is clear why the Jewish Establishment holds onto this lie with a tenacity bordering on insanity.” -John “Birdman” Bryant

by Ditlieb Felderer


It was my first visit to Auschwitz and the year was 1978. I had published my ANNE FRANK DIARY A HOAX, and my next step was to investigate each crack and corner in order to find out whether my faith in Exterminationism, the Commercial Holocaust Cult had support by its Material Evidence. The first time I begun to have some real doubts about the veracity of the modern Martyrologist cult of Exterminationism, and of whom I was a faithful Disciple, was, when someone anonymously mailed me the booklet DID SIX MILLION REALLY DIE. That booklet upset my cherished ex cathedra indoctrination. It disturbed me and made me get real literary and forensic interest in my Cult and to find out what was behind it all.

But perhaps few things gave me more interest than Stefan Szende, his statements and alleged book he wrote. Stefan Szende IS the Father and Dean of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult. He is the FIRST one to recognize that in killing that many people; he claims Hitler killed 5 million, required special sophisticated tools and technique.

Stefan Szende also had an explanation of the standing recurrent vexing question: If Hitler set out to kill all Jews why were there so many Survivors? They were all around. All surviving the unbelievable. All miraculously surviving, so to speak. To solve this nasty question, Stefan Szende, and his friends, came up with an answer that would not only explain it, but, also stop further inquiries out of sheer embarrassment of pursuing the subject. And for hiding the fact that all of these Survivors could be said were collaborating with the Nazis, be that as workers inside the Brothel, Jewish Sonderkommando, Kapos, Kitchen, Maternity, Football Coach, Orchestra, Theatre, etc. They now invented the Stefan Szende New Foreskin on Circumcised Penis Doctrine of which you can read more below. Let me say here from the start: I don’t deny the Doctrine. I have given it consideration. I have yet to find evidence for it. Something of this sort is also mentioned in the Bible.

Szende had claimed with full Gospel Truth, that Hitler used some sort of sophisticated swim water tank to kill thousand of people in. Hence, not a Gas Chamber, but a huge water tank. I now became specially interested to find rests of the huge water tank or tanks, at Belzec, and then compare this with what I would find at Auschwitz. If they were that huge at Belzec, I reasoned, they be even bigger and more sophisticated at Auschwitz. At this time Auschwitz was still THE CENTRAL part of the Holocaust Commercial Cult. Birkenau came afterwards. After the Cult got thoroughly exposed as run by a bunch of quacks in the Erns Zundel trial which Canada brought against the publisher.

It was precisely, much on account of the fact that Auschwitz DID HAVE a Swimming Pool, that focus of the Exterminationist Cultists begun to shift to Birkenau. Stalin’s claim of 4 million, mostly gassed to death at Auschwitz, Crematory 1, simply was to weak a Doctrine to hold onto. And so one begun to shift the killing place to Birkenau more and more.

For this reason for mass killing, described by Stefan Szende, Felicidad whom they believed to be my Vietnamese wife; her and I decided to get to Belzec FIRST, before coming to Auschwitz. In that way we would have a good picture of this complex issue of killing that many people, of which not one example of human corpse had been found until then. Where did they all go? How was it done? I was determined to find out, even risking my life if I had to.

In discovering a swim water tank at Auschwitz I reasoned, that here was the REAL killing place. Not that silly alleged Gas Chamber with its ovens and huge chimney that couldn’t work. But it didn’t take long for me in investigating that what I discovered was just perhaps the first Olympic Swimming Pool ever made in Poland, and that by Hitler! Those rests of former Diving places, with the Diving Boards gone, gave it all away. What were the reason for these if this Swimming Pool was the REAL killer place?

Hitler had ordered that Swimming Pools be built all over Poland. And he set the example by building the first  real one right there at Auschwitz!



And what could be the reason for all this silence? All this secrecy? This joint work of conspiracy of silencing facts and applauding people when they are persecuted and jailed for having a different opinion and facts to tell?

The reason is obvious. If it is admitted they have been conned,  and most thoroughly at that, more questions will be asked about the vast corpus of Doctrines which have been built upon this Martyrology Cult. For there are hundres of other Doctrines which now have to be investigated and revised. That is, why no Establishment writer dares take up the issue. For then the falling house of cards are upon them. Upon all of them.

There were good reasons why the Auschwitz Vomitorium wanted to keep the Auschwitz Swimming Pool so secret. Had it been known and openly disclosed, Stalin could never have embarked to create the Holocaust Commercial Cult. It was essential for Stalin to keep it  secret.

How Stalin now must laugh in his grave at those stupid Capitalists. Just think of this one. He managed to keep the huge Auschwitz Kitchen secret even though it stood there with 12 chimneys right before your nose even before you entered through the Main Gate. He now simply had it painted over to black from its original white color, meaning sanitation. It had flush toilets inside it and was the most modern Kitchen of Poland for the time. Stalin’s soldiers thought the toilets were places to wash your vegetables, so they had their vegetables washed inside the toilet bowls. Good appetite, I take it!

Another early cause giving me suspicion that there was something radically fishy about the Commercial Holocaust cult, was, that when I asked supposed ”witnesses,” and ”Holocaust Survivors” about their PERSONAL knowledge of ”Gas Chambers” I never could get a straight answer. It was always they didn’t know, or some person had told it to them. Never that they themselves had seen, heard, or smelt anything unusual.

With me on my trip I had the latest types of cameras, films, and tools to assist me in my findings. I had already been at Dachau and other places and from all my visits and investigations I realized Auschwitz was the place to go and I prepared myself for extensive stay and research, including the possibility of spending time in prison for my research work. I was determined not being yet another easy sucker for any system, come what may.

Via tools I could charge my very powerful Metz main flash using my car battery and thus be as independent from outside sources as much as I could. Cameras of the most modern types of the day were used in photographing. Measuring tapes, height meter, and other such tools were also with me, including a bore to bore into trees to find out by its rings the age of the tree.

Once I found out that there was witness of, that the Genocide Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando were using bicycles to keep fit in between their gassings, I lugged a bike with me also just to try it out and which I placed on top of the roof of my camper.

When I came to the Auschwitz Camp, one of the first signs I noticed were the signs stating it was prohibited to photograph. Such signs were found in many places in Poland so they weren’t the first ones I saw as I came to Auschwitz. Just near to Auschwitz, at Monowitz, other such signs were posted. This I found out was, because, far from the Camp having being abandoned as a military center, once the Germans were gotten rid of, the Poles with their Soviet friends moved in instead and the military was stationed there. In fact, at every important center of work I discovered the military had stationed itself. I got the ugly feeling it wasn’t to protect the workers but rather served as a deterrent for the workers to rebel.

Even before you got into the Camp, they had placed on the wall to keep quiet and calm. Certainly yet another method to make people feel obliged not to use their curiosity in delving into the place. It was like entering a Cathedral, and once inside you saw flowers, wreaths, and candles inside the alleged ”Gas Chamber,” and at the Polish, Stalin, Soviet Communist Wailing Wall, the so called ”Death Wall,” between Maternity Block 10 and Block 11. Inside Block 11 it was also decorated like you entered into a Church. It was as if Soviet Communism finally had found their religious Church right inside the Auschwitz Camp.

Well inside, signs indicated to you where to walk. My first task was to follow the rules and obey the signs. Having done this, using much time, taking endless of photos, and making assurance of getting the hang of the geography of the place, I decided the time was now to move on and make my own ways around. Come what may. Here we come! My mother often told me she had given birth to a rebel. But perhaps a rebel of a different type. Of one who was getting sick and tired of all the political yarns constantly being hammered into our heads only for us to be suckers and easy tools for a continuous horde of warmongers and political scam men.

During all this time I continued to meticulously take photos. And I noticed I was constantly followed by what seemed to me to be a police in civilian clothes who had interest in my picture taking.

I tried to ignore him, even when he told me to get back to my place and stop walking around and photographing. The matter became so annoyed as he kept pestering me, I halted, looked at him straight in the face and told him to stop pestering me, and with a loud voice I made motions of calling for the police. Evidently realizing it was getting a bit difficult to stop my investigations, and evidently seeing I was quite prepared to go to jail for my photographing, and possibly surprised at my bold step to get the police to stop him from molesting me, he quit. Possible having seen my wife whom they took to be a Communist Vietnamese, they also decided to cool down.

From then on I only had the worry of one more vicious appearing man, who also seemed to me to belong inside the secret police circle and who kept preventing me from taking pictures. This one used to follow tourists on the busses to Auschwitz, mostly tourists coming from a variety of Communist countries or people from Poland itself.

Most of the tourists came from Soviet Union, but there were also those from DDR, Bulgaria, Hungary, and other places. Almost none had cameras. One could hardly see anyone taking pictures. A West German film team was there. This was unusual. They were unhappy over the weather. It was full sunshine making Auschwitz an idyllic place. Their only interest seemed to have been in photographing the Main Gate with its sign. The weather didn’t fit in with their filmmaking. They wanted clouds and a lot of gray atmosphere to give the ugly feeling of Auschwitz.

Being much involved with nature photography I made my own clothes and arranged belts so I could with ease use my various cameras and powerful hand held flash. I must have looked like a military with all my stuff but it enabled me to climb and move around with all my equipment.

I could not let be but notice the reverence. A silent ugly fear of the tourists. Questions were almost never asked. All would just listen to the guides, stare blank ahead, or on the ground. It was like a religious procession. They seemed to be drugged. Hypnotized. One just couldn’t miss seeing the manipulation that was going on. Throngs of people, meekly being lead and who all had to follow the steps of the guides. It was like the stories of George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM and his 1984, and Huxley’s ”brave new world” all come true. At times I felt that the people were silently doubting inside but just followed the routine. Any sign of open doubt would have dismissed them at once from the crowd.

An enemy of the State.

Today the situation is not much better. Most people visiting Auschwitz are not much different from those one could see when the Stalin Soviets run the show. Perhaps the difference is, that most of them seem to be at the souvenir shop. But then, that hopefully brings in money for the Cult place. People want to have some memorial Relics to take with them home just to tell their friends what awful things they had seen.


None are as blind as those who do not want to see.

I may have been the first person in Poland freely using a camper to move around. I had been told this was prohibited and one had to overnight at some legal place. But I had already told the authorities I could not follow that rule or my things would be robbed and they would be responsible for it. They seemed to know what robbing meant and they let me alone together with my Philippine wife, Felicidad, who faithfully was with me and helped me along.

While traveling through, a civilian, whom I hunched was a secret police agent, reminded me again of the rules for foreigners to stay at some legal place. I told them my wife and I preferred to be as close to nature we could. Also, we didn’t want to get robbed from our stuff. That was the end of it and they let you alone. As closer you came to the Soviet border, the more you were watched. At Sobibor we had a hole contingent of military police jumping over us. They seemed to come from everywhere. But I remained cool and with my wife we got out of that one. By that time she realized being Vietnamese wasn’t so bad if you wanted to learn and enjoy the time.

At one place we overnighted we learned a German was killed and robbed. He had come to Poland in a car. Had picked up a prostitute and been at the very place we were staying. A Polish family warned us and told us to instead stay at some other place.

Felicidad was a true life saver for me I found out. Partly because she became the talk of the town. They all wanted to take a look at her, and with her charm and elegance she won the people over. For most, it was the first time they could see Chinese looking eyes, which many of the Philippines have. At times away from my chores of investigation, the Poles would come and talked to us. We were invited to their homes, and the hospitality of the people was astounding. Communism had maintained a certain amount of respect amongst the people, and greed was rarely seen. I could tell of many hospitality gestures of the Poles done out of sheer spontaneity. Some have already been told. Others will come. I came to love the Poles and love Poland. I always was for the simple things. The man of the earth. This I found over and over again when I was in Poland.

I loved to see the Poles with their horses. It was simply incredible what they could do with these animals. Walking in the forests I saw the Polish forests were not scarred like ours in Sweden with its trucks moving through the woods leaving deep clefts for mosquitos to thrive. Working with horses left the forest in beautiful shape. I myself had gone through a riding school and had learned to handle a horse to the level of jumping with it. A Pole without a horse simply wasn’t a Pole. I love horses and horse riding. And the Poles were masters of the working horse. There was no question about that.



Going back to Auschwitz. By this time I begun to walk all on my own. If the arrows told me to go a certain way, I would go a different way. I was curious why they were so concerned that people followed a certain path, and to me it was obvious it must be because they didn’t want people to see certain things. I had to partake of the forbidden fruit, come what may.

And so I came face to face with a structure behind Block 6 that struck me as very familiar, but I couldn’t believe my eyes for this seemed totally out of line with Exterminationist Doctrine. The structure was evidently a Swimming Pool with parts missing, such as water in the pool and the wooden diving boards. There were possible three of these, two absolutely certain. One at one end. Two more, or one, at the opposite side. In both cases they were located at the short ends of the pool.

My first thought was, that it belonged to a water reservoir used for fetching water such as for firefighting. None of the guide books I had bought mentioned about them. The guides would never of course walk there. But a Swimming Pool INSIDE an alleged Extermination Camp, that was too much to swallow. I now decided to spend some real time with it. Take plenty of photographs and take measurements.


What is it that strikes one first that this is a bona fide Swimming Pool? The initial visual sight shows basically three things:

1. The lack of the Trampolines.

2. The four stairways of the pool, two at each side, and situated two at each side of the short ends.

3. The starting blocks for competition swimming.

When I first saw the Swimming Pool it lacked water. So I could climb down to the bottom, using the stairs going down, and measure the floor.

The stairs are found between the starting blocks and lead all the way down the pool where the cleaners of an empty pool can clean the bottom of the pool or repair it if needed. The Swimming Pool is located at the Birch Alley, or Birkenallee which had birch trees. The larger the trees would grow the more leaves and other residues would fall into the pool. This meant the pool had to be cleaned from the bottom at times, and not just the surface water area. This, beside the regular cleaning for hygiene reasons.

When the pool is filled with water the stairs are used for getting in and out of the pool if you don’t want to dive or jump into the water. This is especially important here as the Swimming Pool was also intended for rehabilitation of patients who were in the various Blocks for treatments. So the pool just wasn’t used for sports, but also for rehab.

Such stairs should indicate to any rational person that this is a Swimming Pool and not some special water tank to fetch water for a fire brigade. But seeing we are here dealing with irrational cranks, scatterbrains, and crackpots of a variety of levels, they have dishonestly dished out to the public via BBC, Simon Wiesenthal Centers, Israel, Yad Vashem, Israeli Holocaust Centers in various places, Auschwitz For War Museum propaganda, books, universities, and Internet; that this is not a Swimming Pool. If you think it is, it is only your imagination.

Don’t forget: for the lengthiest times they even denied such a swimming pool was there, claiming it was an invention by Ditlieb Felderer, or that he had doctored photos to prove his point. Or, they have used the next fabrication to it. And that newfangled Doctrine, was, that it was reservoir for the fire brigade. The exact date when that sign was put up by the Stalin Auschwitz Soviet Communist inspired officials we still have to find an answer for. This sign never existed as long as the Stalin Soviet Communists run the place. To the credit of Kazimierz Smolen and Tadeusz Szymanski. Putting up a sign like that would only bring attention to the place and cause uncomfortable questions. Besides, as has been said, they had no interest of you wondering around on your own. If you did, you were reminded to get back to your place. That is, unless you were a rebel prepared to take what may come.

As I noticed fire hydrant there I asked Tadeusz Szymanski if all these things were original, stemming from when the Soviets took over the place. He answered a categorical yes to that. So, if all things worked well, in a fire, the hydrant operations would be used, and if that was failing the other places could be used, as the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, and ordinary  water reservoirs which were there.

A good question is: In doing their various stratagems by the Exterminationist Hollywood propagandists, are they deliberately pulling the wool over the eyes of the public or do they really believe this is not a Swimming Pool? Or, do they lack the mental capacity of thinking in spite of what they see in front of their very nose? Or, could it be, seeing many still are unfamiliar with a Swimming Pool, to call it a water reservoir is the easiest way out of the identification of the place?

Using such bald-faced fabrication to distort material evidence tells a lot to the extent some people venture to line their own pockets and feather their own nests, for out of such fabrications, all sorts of TV shows, books, films, exhibits, travel ventures, are constantly made to haul in revenues outdoing anything the Roman Catholics ever did in selling their Relics to maintain the finances of the Church.

No less horrible is the fact that such information dished out by the Exterminationist foundry line has put people in jail with the full agreement of course, of those who peddle the hoax.

So to conclude: The 4 stairs of the Swimming Pool should indicate to an honest person that we here have in front of us a bona fide Swimming Pool and not some water reservoir for a fire brigade. All Swimming Pools are used by fire brigades in emergency. One early argument to overcome objections from building a Swimming Pool, was, to draw attention to that it could be used for fighting fires in emergencies. The correct sign should have said it was a swimming pool, which at emergencies could be used in fire fighting. As all swimming pools were.

The best way to fill a fire brigade truck with water is via a high water tower where the water automatically and at even pressure runs into the tanks, and don’t need special pumps to do the job. Back in 1940’s many areas still did not have high water tanks, often called Water Towers, or their capacity were insufficient in case of a high water volume was needed. By the time the Auschwitz Swimming Pool was built, Auschwitz had an elaborate high water tank, Water Tower, arrangement. Without proper high water tanks, such a swimming pool does not make sense. There has to be pressured water. Carrying buckets of water to a Swimming Pool, or, use a hose, seems thoroughly out of line with German know how.

All this discussion is contrary to the Death At Once Doctrine, Death At Three Months Doctrine, Left And Right Doctrine and other treasured Doctrines the Exterminationists, the Commercial Holocaust Cult adherents can come up with.



The Auschwitz Swimming Pool has 6 starting blocks. Three at each side of the short end. As the Trampoline, diving board, or springboard would make the middle starting block impossible to use, it probably had a flip arrangement by which the board, likely made of wood, flipped up so one could use the middle starting block.

Today many springboards are commonly fixed by a hinge at one end, so they can be flipped up when not in use. Possible at Auschwitz this was an innovation used at this Swimming Pool.

The starting blocks are made with part cement, not much different from the ones used today.


Don’t forget those were the days when synthetics still were not around. Cork was often used when synthetic material was not around, or rarely found. The life vests or belts which one trained swimming with were all made of cork. It is not known what the cover or mat of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool springboards were made of. Such is necessary in order for you not to slip. Today the springboards mostly come without a mat as the board itself contains some slip-free material. As stated, cork was used for cork belts in training for swimming. Cork is good as it floats in water and does not attract water to it. Cork was also introduced for lane dividers in competitive swimming. As cover for the Auschwitz Swimming Pool Trampolines, even human hair could have been used by braiding them into a mat. Human hair was used all over Europe in various ways, such as strengthening belt rims for motors.


Studying the Auschwitz Swimming Pool one comes to the interesting conclusion it was better made than the alleged ”Gas Chambers.” Evidently the Germans were more concerned in making a proper Olympic Swimming Pool than workable ”Gas Chambers.”

The Auschwitz Swimming Pool was perfectly operate-able. The so called ”Gas Chambers” couldn’t even have cremated a little mouse, so that means the four million corpses of the victims are still waiting to be cremated. Maybe that is why Stalin decided to hide the entire Swimming Pool and take away the Trampolines.


The pool I trained in that summer I took up serious swimming had special staff maintaining the function of the pool. Caring for the water conduits, water pressure, etc. This included caring for the surrounding grass, shrubs, flowers, etc. It included the cleaning of the water from various debris falling into it. At certain times the whole pool was emptied, which required a lot of work, and scrubbed clean. The floor of the pool was thoroughly cleaned before new water was put in. Any damage to the pool was noted down. The pool I trained in was chlorinated, causing trouble with eyes and lips if you stayed in it for lengthy times.

The public toilets had to be maintained, and the changing rooms for the bathers.

The same was with the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. There was a special team who volunteered for the assignment and they were both Jews and other religions, nationality, and politic. The whole area was decorated with flowers, and there were even arrangement for keeping the bird cages in order which were located around the area.

The Trampolines had to be kept in working order and the mats covering the springboards repaired if damaged. All Trampolines, or diving boards, had a mats in order not to slip. A Trampoline without a cover was useless for diving. After use of the diving board for the day, the mat for the diving board was removed in order to make the wood get back to shape.

As all the Trampolines of Auschwitz are gone, we don’t know what they were made of, but unless the Germans had invented some special material for them, wooden planks seem to be the material they were made of. Modern springboards are made out of a single-piece extrusion of aircraft-grade aluminum and yield a tremendous strength.

These modern springboards have a slip-resistant surface using modern epoxy resins. We don’t know what the springboards at Auschwitz were covered with in order to prevent slipping. A variety of material had been used: Cork, same material mats were made of, horse hair, and human hair. Human hair was never discarded and women could sell their hair braids for money. That explains the heaps of hair found at Auschwitz and elsewhere. Human hair was also used for motor rims which could have a mixture of human hair. Use of nature’s product was the norm. That’s before our time with chemistry and oil catastrophes such as the present one in the Gulf of Mexico where BP are having problems, a problem some claim if not attended to will pollute the earth’s entire water supply.

A special inauguration ceremony of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool was made in which Jews and others participated. Little reason why the trouble with Auschwitz was not inmates escaping, but people who tried to sneak into the Camp to get some benefits found inside.


My task was now to determine via quick measurements and sight if it was a true Olympic swimming pool in order to know what questions I now should ask people and what documents to look for.


I could determine three, or two, Trampolines. One at the short end of the Swimming Pool, and two others at the opposite side. At the end where the two were found one was a high dive. The height for wood springboards was 1 meter and for high dive, 3 meter. Such Trampolines also needed sufficient depth or the divers would get injured. The depth I found was about 3 meters. By now i realized it was a bona fide Olympic Swimming pool.

In this respect it is interesting to note that at an incident in Washington state in 1993, a 14-year-old boy, Shawn Meneely, made a ”suicide dive,” his hands at his sides. He hit his head at the bottom of the pool and became tetraplegic. The depth of the pool was 2.55m. In my time such dives were definitely frowned upon, and I strongly warn of doing such. Diving can kill you, like any other sport or cause permanently injury. The Auschwitz Swimming Pool is about 3 meter deep. That depth would likely not have caused Meneely’s problem so apparently the German pool makers knew the risk of high dive. It depends of course on what height you dive into the water, how you do it, and your weight. By keeping your hands forward you can avoid injuries of that type. Best is: always test the pool by getting into it and carefully inspect the bottom for debris. This you have to do every day and carefully see if someone else is tampering with it while you are there.

An additional problem has started with high dive. At Stockholm where I live, someone, probably kids have put sharp objects in the bottom with obvious intention to injure the diver. Here on the African coast islands, kids throw push carts into the water. Civilization has reached us, and the result are visible. Again reason to be cautious. Such things were unheard of when I was a kid. With all these Wall Street wars, man is becoming more and more violent.

I have met people who got injured from the pool or coastal swimming. One young doctor I met was invalid. He had dived into the sea head first and struck the stones. Another invalid person I met had dived into a pool with empty water at night, probably in drunk condition. There are no reports of injuries at the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. Inmates were special taught to serve as instructors and as guards against undue injuries.

Further investigations told me that this was not a water reservoir but a true Olympic swimming pool. For instance, I discovered real water reservoirs. None of them in the form of a Swimming Pool. My talk with people later confirmed my finding of it being a Swimming Pool and not some water container.

The inclination of the walls of the Swimming Pool also told me it was a Swimming Pool and not a tank for water. Like the Olympic Swimming Pool I had trained in which had inclined walls at all sides, so did this one, making it have shorter distance at the bottom than at the top.

The length of the pool was 25 meters. By swimming two lengths that would fulfill the 50 meter Olympic length, the same length that I was trained in by Arne Borg. I prefer training in a 25m pool, before a 50m pool. The 25m pool gives you more training with the kick off and turn around. For Olympic swimming today, the 50m pool is used. In many places today the 50m pool isn’t available, so the 25m pool is used, the preferable training pool for me.

In other words, I was here faced with a true training Olympic Swimming Pool which were used by all those who wanted to train for competition swimming.

Numerous photos were taken at all angels and of each object. Having completed my work I was certain this was a swimming pool.

In 1979, in one of my information flyers number RH 149 I published my findings. This flyer along with others have gone unchallenged to this date. In fact Exterminationists are so fearful of them the Cult members never mention them.

Of course I wondered all along where the trampolines, the diving boards, or springboards had gone as they were not there. I got the suspicion that this was purposely done. That they had removed them in order to hide that it was a swimming pool.

As for water reservoirs I discovered real such ones both at Auschwitz and Birkenau. At Auschwitz they, except for one, were outside the camp. One was apparently inside, close to commandant Hoess’ house. None of them were built like a swimming pool. This silly invention by Exterminationists claiming the Germans had made a water reservoir look like a Swimming Pool only goes to show how far the Exterminationists, the Commercial Holocaust Cult fanatics venture in order to avoid studying up on facts which destroy their preconceived ideas. Garbage in, garbage out!

The Poles could of course have removed the diving boards after the Soviets had gone, but that was a risky move as nothing was allowed unless Stalin approved of it.

Later I discovered that in a real emergency, provisions were made for lengthy hoses to take the water from River Sola should there be a fire in the camp. As the war was getting closer, there was risk of fire bombings like Churchill had done in targeting civilians, such as at Dresden, Hamburg, and other places. The reason of the terror bombings was to strike the civilians with death and terror. You can read about it already in the Bible.

Today certain English politicians, the same who today strike mayhem and terror in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, take pride in such terror acts. Just as they take pride for the terror acts they committed in Africa, India, Australia, USA (against the natives), and elsewhere. With might everything is lawful.

In fact, prior to this, I had discovered documents while I was in Sweden, in which the Churchill people recommended the bombing of the fabric in Dessau where Zyklon B was made. It was argued therein that by bombing this fabric epidemics would spread and for so and so many sick people so and so many nurses and medical assistants would be needed. Thus getting people sick was better than to kill them it was argued. I got horror stricken when I read it. Afterwards I have learned that such tactics were already used by the British in Arab countries by using poison gas against civilians. Similar methods and reasoning have been used by the Israelis in their Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing wars against the Palestinians. But they can be found already in the Jewish Bible of long ago. The Old Testament. One only needs to read Moses and his Pharaoh.

I also discovered that causing arson inside the camp carried a death sentence with it. People who were under suspicion of arson also landed in the Camp, and they were especially watched. Any arson , or attempts would bring death. A Sonderkommando of fire fighters were organized who would at quick moment attend to any fire inside the Auschwitz Relief Camp and outside. You hardly ever hear of this in Exterminationist Faithfuls talks or writings.

Another Sonderkommado consisted of chimney sweepers who attended to the chimneys to prevent chimney fires to erupt. As a child I had seen such just close to where I was living. A chimney fire if not attended to, could in all probability cause the whole house to burn down. So fire fighting was a job taken seriously. Fires could cause the death of inmates of the camp. Some were there with ailments making them unable to walk so they couldn’t run away from the fire. Any fire could mean their death.

As I moved along with my research I of course begun to wonder more and more how these findings harmonized with my belief that Exterminationism was true. The more I investigated, the more holes I found in the Cult I was brought up with, until finally discovering my Cult; which I had planned to make films about, had so many holes in it, as there are holes in a sponge.

Today some of this can be found on Internet. In spite of so many people seeing my research papers; and many of them I gather to be of the Commercial Holocaust Cult, none have shown me any errors in them although I have for years given my address, email, and phone numbers, and asked for corrections. If any errors, I had to find them on my own. The flyers simply scare the wits out of the Martyrologists of the Exterminationist Cult.

None of the Exterminationists involved with making money out of this racket such as Raul Hilberg, Christopher Browning, Laurence Rees, Wolfgang Scheffler or any other of the Commercial Holocaust Cult racketeering luminaries have ever gone in contact with me for a debate or just general discussion. All what concerned them was to make money on the racket and put a feather in their hat so that the Establishment could keep them well fed and in the focus of attention as extraordinary great historians. Yet none of them have ever had interest in serious investigation.

Everything to them is just show business. Like the great Shoah business. To protest, make, and extort money has been the central modus operandi of the establishment Jews and their ready stooges riding on them for fame and money. They all seem to get some special sexual joy in seeing Revisionists in jail. They are all for imprisonment of other opinions than their own. None ever got in contact with me for defending free speech regardless of view. Condemning and calling for police is what all of them are for, although they are of course careful to remind at times how much they RESPECT free speech. Hypocrites is what they all truly are.

And why is this so? Evidently because they are mere parrots, parroting what the System demands from them in order to line their own pockets and feather their own nests. And those of their friends and relatives of course. These prostitutes of a corrupt society then award them with all sorts of praise and prizes. And some, like Elie Wiesel, and Obama, even end up with Nobel peace prizes although they should be accounted for the War Crimes activities they have engendered and support.


Why I realized so soon I was here faced with a real Swimming Pool, was, that as a youth I had been trained for a summer by once Sweden’s Olympic champion, Arne Borg (1901-1987). He held numerous swim records to his credit, so here I was being trained by the very best. Hatha Yoga was my youth interest in sport and soon swimming and gymnastics joined in with it.

Arne Borg became a kind of a father to me as he would introduce me to master in my youth one technique after another. My father had died when I was still very young, and I appreciated the interest Arne Borg took in me to learn the art of swimming. Under his training were also older boys and men who were active with the Swedish Olympic swim team.

I became so interested in swimming I later wanted to try my own things. Something of my very own. That made me eventually master a swirl in the water. The trick here is breathing and motion. If you don’t breath right and have lot of muscles in your whole body you can’t make it. I have tried to teach others to do it but never was able to. Some felt it was so easy. But in trying it they realized they just couldn’t do it. Today I am too old for it. It takes a lot of strength from you and I may die with its secret in how to master it.

What fascinated me were the spring boards, two of which I found at the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, but without the wooden boards. All that was there were the foundations. But having used them as youth in Sweden I could see at once that I was faced with a real Swimming Pool, and not a water reservoir as I had at first thought, thinking it absolutely impossible that the Germans would set to build a Swimming Pool what we were so solemnly told was not only an Extermination Camp, but the worst one around. The worst one ever constructed by humans. And that one had an Olympic Swimming Pool!

At the Arne Borg training camp, the older boys, skilled in using the Diving Board, would at long stretches jump on the board. The Diving Board was covered with a mat in order to avoid slipping, but even then you could fall off which could give you a nasty burn as you struck against the board with its mat. So it took a while to learn the art of jumping on such a board.

With training you would hit the board at the right moment and it would swing you up higher and higher. The real technique, if you didn’t jump off the board, was, to abruptly stop it, and see to it you wouldn’t lose your balance. That took you some time to learn and here was the moment you could fall off the board and into the water, only to give it a next try.


My curiosity became increased and I decided to try and find out what happened to the three, or two, covered with a mat diving boards. All diving boards were covered with a mat to avoid slipping and injury. Without the diving boards it just became a bit more difficult, to see, that before your very nose was a real size Swimming Pool, used for water sports, and just not a water reservoir. Had the diving boards been left it would have been so much more difficult to disguise the place, as the boards would give the place away.

Did the Germans take the diving boards with them, or did the Soviets as they made the Camp over to a so called ‘’museum?’’ But that first after they had used it for themselves to put inside their ‘’capitalist criminals?’’ It is the same old music all being played over again.

The Germans had used the camp to put inside their Communists, thieves, extortionists, Bernard Madoff type gamblers and speculators, embezzlers, arsonists, rapists, murderers, along with throngs of people intended to be moved eastward if they were so called ‘’Jews’’ as their intention was to build a State for the Jews, or move them to Madagaskar, or some other place.

Inside the Camp were also Jehovah’s Witnesses considered unwanted due to their pacifism, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Child Molesters, money falsifiers, and host of others. The cleric Maximilian Kolbe, for instance, apparently got inside to protect him against the Freemasons who were seeking to cut his throat for having revealed their innermost secrets. Some suggested to me that that didn’t help very much, and that Maximilian Kolbe was murdered by the Freemasons inside the Camp. Murders did happen inside the Camp but they were rare. It was the Jewish Kapos who virtually run the place, and a special group was selected at times for special action who were called the Sonderkommando.

In my discussion with people, the local Auschwitz population, and others, the Swimming Pool often came up. My findings indicated the diving boards were there when the Soviets took over the Camp. Stalin then decided to get rid of the diving boards as they simply would reveal the place to be what it truly was, namely a Swimming Pool. And that didn’t fit into the doctrine of Communism which preached Capitalists were all in there to kill their workers. At times, far too true. One can only think of the sweat fabrics in New York, most owned by Jews, or the Italians who were demanded to work at risky jobs and often got killed. The Japanese in USA faired a better chance of survival due to their laundries. Better wash clothes then fall off a bridge. But even that didn’t help the Japanese much and so USA put them also inside their Concentration Camps along with the Italians, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and others.

The Germans evidently had let the diving boards there. There was nothing unusual about this material evidence alterations and taking away the trampolines. It was but regular Soviet Hollywood face lifting of the place to make it fit in with Exterminationism, which has under Capitalism become the ‘’secular’’ Martyrology worship which today is the Commercial Holocaust Cult.

The Communists used Auschwitz to show the crimes of Capitalism. Today it is used for the Auschwitz Is War Doctrine and that Israel is always right and a State run by Divine Right. This is the central Doctrine of American Evangelism, the warmongering Pentecostal movement of which every President is depended upon. At the voting in of Bush, the Pentecostal Scofieldites bragged it was thanks to them he got the power. They are the most enthusiastic group for perpetual wars for perpetual peace. As George Orwell put it: WAR IS PEACE!

A similar Hollywood special action (Sonderaktion), was done to the huge Auschwitz Kitchen, the largest building inside the Auschwitz Relief Camp. Stalin with his Communist fundamental teaching, taught, that Capitalists used people as Slaves, got them killed for no reason, and starved them to death. A huge serving Kitchen just didn’t fit into that propaganda, and so one was left with two choices. Either burn it down as later was done to many incriminating buildings at Birkenau, or simply try and hide it best one could. The possible fist time of intentional burning was when the Gestapo building at Auschwitz, just beside the fake ”gas chamber”, got burned down. Possibly burned up by the former Stalin Auschwitz Museum, former Nazi collaborator, Kazimierz Smolen and his friends.

One decided for the latter, and so had the building painted over from white to black to obscure it. Inside modern kitchen items were carted off. If one asked about the building, one was told it was used by the Nazis to put garbage into. That solved that incriminating building for a long time from being scrutinized, and is still so today. To my knowledge I was the first one to bring it up in my discourses and writings.


To construct such a huge Olympic Swimming Pool a gigantic work for running sweet water is necessary. Not only the construction of such a huge pool necessitates great know how, but also the pipe work to get the water to the pool and to assemble water before it gets there. That means that water towers are necessary and proper pipes leading to the pool. It is indeed astounding that until now, in the year of 2010, neither the sweet water work, nor the sewage work of the Auschwitz Relief Camp have been studied. Obviously as such trashes the whole Exterminationist, Martyrologist Cult.

The very construction of building such a pool needs people with know how or the pool will soon fall to pieces by caving walls and crumbling floors.

It is evident it was the culmination work of the Auschwitz Relief Camp as it would have been the culmination of any resort area or school complex that which Auschwitz so much reminds one about were it not for the electric fence surrounding it. In fact, most visitors to the place get astounded over the beauty of the place and don’t expect it to look like that. When we then consider that there was extensive flower decoration going on throughout the camp and also work with decorating the tiles one was to walk on one begins to get a true picture of what this Camp really looked like at one time.

The very construction of such an Olympic Swimming Pool with all its necessary connections to make it function indicates this was never an Extermination Camp at all but a Resort Camp. Exterminationists have all skipped these facts and don’t intend to venture into them as they obviously cause their Commercial Holocaust Cult to collapse. What they tell people is but a continuation of basic Stalin Communist propaganda refurbished into Wall Street Capitalist propaganda.


A short while ago, the sign in German at the Main Gate entrance, ‘’ARBEIT MACHT FREI’’ got stolen. There was a big stink about it as if something extraordinary and criminal had taken place.

But why all this rigmarole? Why worry about that Sign as if it was to show the ‘’murders’’ going on at the Auschwitz Relief Camp, when one evidently already had removed the diving boards in order to hide that there was a modern functional, huge swimming pool inside the Camp? And what about all the modern equipments inside the huge Auschwitz Kitchen building. The laundery, the cinema, the hospital equipments, etc.?

Up to today none of course of the Exterminationists, the Cultists of the Commercial Holocaust Doctrine, have brought up this highly suspect case of destroying the material evidence by ridding and carting off the Auschwitz Swimming Pool diving boards.


The Auschwitz Swimming Pool is one of the strong proofs of that the Martyrology Cult of Exterminationism is a fabrication. Unquestionable the biggest hoax ever perpetrated by man. It continues to be kept in darkness, just as the Auschwitz huge Kitchen is kept in darkness even through it stares right in the face of every visitor as they enter the Main Gate, yes even before they get there.

The diving boards were taken away for specific reasons. By putting up directional walking signs the Communists hoped for that visitors would not see it was a swimming pool. Guards in turn would see to it to stop people from getting that far. It would never have gotten into print in Poland under the Soviets. And is there much difference today?

If any picture was ever taken by a Soviet visitor, which is very unlikely, they were either stolen or surreptitiously taken away from the person. I myself not only had a nasty confrontation with the Secret police in walking around, put also inside the Auschwitz cinema where I took pictures. fortunately my Philippine wife helped me from getting into a real mess here. They thought she was a Vietnamese and by that let us off the hook.


The argument was used that already before coming to Auschwitz Germans did everything to weaken the people in order to avoid resistance once there. This was the Death At Once Docrine, an essential Doctrine at the biggining the scaffold of Exterminationism got built up.This is glaringly contradicted by the Auschwitz Swimming Pool.

Swimming can be a dangerous sport even for sporty people. I hear of deaths, or almost of, virtually every day. One place I was at, 4 people died, one after the other. The first was shouting for help. A person jumped in, but soon he also yelled for help. So in jumped the third person, in turn he also shouting for help. So in went the fourth person trying to help and he along with the other perished.

To build a Swimming Pool inside a Camp clearly shows the Nazis wanted healthy, robust, strong people, and a Swimming Pool, with its dangers, makes just that. If the Germans wanted to kill people the Auschwitz Swimming Pool makes no sense unless it is used for the Stefan Szende Doctrine which argues that a sort of a Swimming Pool tank was used to mass extermine people in.

And so the Auschwitz Swimming Pool was used to strengthen health, mind, and body of the inmates. If you were weak, here was your chance to work on it. There was nothing American instant about it. Instant hamburger. Instant falling on the ground at the preacher’s hand claiming you were sticken by Jehovah God. Then once you are back you feel even worse than before, making you go to the preacher once more and he gets all your money.

The health concern was confirmed to me with all the inmates I have spoken to. If you were weak, here was a chance for you to improve on that. The Germans were light years ahead of the thinking of the day of prison keeping, health, leasure, sport, and work. It simply is a fact. We can’t deny by being Holocaust Deniers. THOSE DAMN GERMANS!

The Auschwitz Swimming Pool remains as a real sore tooth amongst the Faithfuls of the Commercial Holocaust Cult, the modern Martyrologists of Exterminationism. In reality Stalinism with a new face. It doesn’t fit into their Dogma. But as this is the time for unfrocking all dogmas and hoaxes set up by man to make suckers of us all, the Auschwitz Swimming Pool is yet another nail hammered into the rotten funeral casket of the Commercial Holocaust Cult and to learn about the art how man gets fooled over and over again. The American Historian, Henry Adams, put it right. You can trust nobody and nothing.

Its faithful Cultists will weep and wail over its revelation and all there is for them is to head for the Wailing Wall and shed their bitter tears over that yet another hoax has fallen to the ground and its idol been shredded to dust. As Abraham Lincoln stated. You can fool all the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

Those finding interest in the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool should follow up on sequel articles posted here.

Because of the interest that swimming has to many of us working on this Blog we intend to move the whole Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool part over to a Blog of its own. At the same time we send our greetings to all swimmers around the world and share with them our joy in this most marvelous of man’s enjoyments.


Bathing suit



Bikini briefs

Body stocking

Body wear



Man’s brief swimsuit


One-peace bathing suit

Reard Louis, often claimed modern Bikini inventor

Scanty brief

String bikini

Swimming costume


String bikini

Swimming shorts

Swimming trunks




Tank suit




Two-piece bathingsuit

Two-piece swimsuit



schwimmen, to swim in German

simma, to swim in Swedish

svomme, to swim in Danish

zwemmen, to swim in Dutch

LEADING HOLOCAUST DENIERS OF THE ”HOLOCAUST COMMERCIAL CULT”, ALSO CALLED ”EXTERMINATIONISM” AND ”MARTYROLOGIST MODERN” where some were Nazi collaborators and Kapos, along with Swimming Pool history and its connection with Auschwitz Vomitorium

Anne Frank Drug Cult, head seat in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is the leading Exterminationist, Holocaust Commercial Cult merchant in the world, often used for recruiting spies in various countries. In later times it has been used to infiltrate the Islamic world. It has been a central propaganda outlet for the Bilderberg group. The Anne Frank House has been altered at least twice so its worth of investigation has diminished considerable. It has been riddled with internal strife and the huge money it has been given hasn’t helped it much. The Anne Frank Chestnut Tree battle continues, and seems to be a continuation of the fights the group constantly had inside the house with its alleged ”Secret Annex”. The house was used by Otto Frank, a notorious woman chaser, for Prostitution and Drug sales. It has been influential in introducing drugs to European youth. They tried to ban Ditlieb Felderer’s book on the Anne Frank hoax in Sweden, but lost the case.

Anne Frank Drug Cult on Twitter Go to it and search Anne Frank and you have a good example how the Internet is manipulated, in this case with huge amount of Mantra appearing. This constant flow of  trash material makes it that the accounts are nothing else but propaganda outlets for a Cult set bent to rule the world.

Auschwitz Erotolygy Doctrine Love and Sex going on at Auschwitz and Birkenau. Consult further the words ”Holocaust” and ”Olah”. Jewish Temple rites, Penis and its Olah movements. Stefan Szende and his Stefan Szende’s New Foreskin on Circumcised Penis Doctrine. Brothel at Auschwitz and Block 24. Sales of condoms at Auschwitz for the inmates. Nudism at Auschwitz and Birkenau. Nudist Club at Auschwitz and Birkenau. Nude photography at Auschwitz and Birkenau. Sauna bathing. Child births at Auschwitz. Block 10. Prostitution. Also see: Sex, Szende

Auschwitz Vomitorium A term invented by Ditlieb Felderer to counteract the misnomer Auschwitz ”Museum”Real name for euphemistic Auschwitz MuseumA place where new Doctrines are vomited out to supplement or replace old Cult Doctrines, but where the basic Stalinist doctrinal scaffold is left untouched. A vomitorium was a place where kings and knights, wealthy and rich, set aside where its princely followers inside their opulent domains could vomit out their excellent dishes to make place for new food. Auschwitz Vomitorium is the Stalin constructed scaffold around which all new Doctrines must circle.

Bathhouse  See: Bierkenau Bathhouse

Bauer Fritz

BBC The Royal Queenly media propaganda outlet George Orwell once got cemented in before he discovered what it was really all about: Conning the public. It was used by the Exterminationists as a vehicle to spread the Holocaust Commercial Cult, in which Laurence Rees struck his gold mine and became a wealthy man, by declaring, amongst other bizzare tales, that the Auschwitz Swimming Pool was indeed not what you would see, and that you just imagined it if you thought it may be such. To line your own pockets and feather your own nest is the name of the game here. BBC still remain formidable Holocaust Deniers for their continued denial of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool.

Becker Minna A pillar of the Anne Frank Drug Cult. A Crystal Ball Gazer and Fortuneteller the father of Anne Frank, Otto, enlisted to get his forged dairy Kosher so all he needed to say was that the court had proved his hoax purged from doubts. How much money Otto Frank gave to Minna Becker is still not known. Some claim he cheated her from it. The ruse however worked and all now that Otto Frank needed to say to any question of fraud, was, the Court has said it was genuine.

BILDERBERG GROUP The New World Order group that used, and has protected the Otto Frank, Anne Frank Drug Cult empire from insight.

Birkenau Bathouse A huge bath house used in Birkenau for cleaning inmates up before entering their various Camps. It is here where the lines of inmates could be seen waiting their turn to get deloused. It was burned down along with the hospital buidlings after it was decided a shift to Birkeanu should be made as the Auschwitz Vomitorium was questioned, not at least by the local pupulation. Further details see: Die At Once Doctrine, Jewish Sonderkommando Doctrine, Dog Doctrine, Left and Right Doctrine, Ramp Doctrine, Selection Doctrine, Starve Doctrine, Three Months Doctrine, Thumb Doctrine,

Brandhuber Jerzy Adam

Brandt Willy

Browning Christopher, USA. A pathetic case of a longish man who represented the former Kapo and Nazi collaboration Kahal responsible for the false charges against Ernst Zundel. He jumped in for Raul Hilberg who refused to come as he would be drilled on his perjury from the first trial. By that time, Raul Hilberg, seems to get serious about Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult. As I often sat behind him he was totally unapproachable for interview or even a little hallo, which even the Prosecutor didn’t deny. A debate on the subject was of course totally taboo, because the Exterminationist jargon was, such a thing must not be debated. Faith is Faith, we all know that. Here, right before me, was a walking robot.  As soon as his testimony was over, repeatedly answering the cross-examiner with: one more thing to consider, he run away to USA, with plenty of money for his ”work’ of denying Free Speech’; being protected from all heretical thoughts by the First Amendment on Censorship and Free Speech. He of course denies the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, if for no other reason, than by his silence and deflection to less important issues, such as Hitler’s Order, which still hasn’t been found, for even if it was, you can’t make 4 million people walk through a concrete wall, or swim Stefan Szende like to death inside a swim water tank.

Burns John  Fisher, a teleprompter working for The New York Times office in Britain. For good reasons he has been accused of journalistic malpractice and here are some reasons. This was long before New York Times was discovered with the Iraq war to manufacture fake stories.  In 1988 Canada decided to redo its Censorship trial against Ernst Zundel at the behest of a group of former Nazi collaborators and Kapos. Their vindictive Censorship showed their Nazi leaning past had not changed.

The first trial against Ernst Zundel was declared by a higher court wrongly done by the Judge. One of the reason was his denial of letting Ditlieb Felderer show his slides which included photos of the Auschwitz  Olympic Swimming Pool. Globe and Mail had a photo of it in its 1 March 1985 newspaper. The yarn was then spread that this was a fake photo manipulated by Ditlieb Felderer.

At an extreme delicate time John Burns came out with his diversionary article published in New York Times 30 March 1988:7 making it out that the Auschwitz Swimming Pool is an invention, a fiction. It did not exist. The article makes it out as if reporter John Burns had actually visited Auschwitz and seen nothing  of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. To make a categorical statement such as this without having visited the place is journalistic malpractice.

This article prejudiced the jury and the Canadian public who viewed up till then New York Times for its serious writing, and just not a paper making it out its reporters are on the spot and not in an office writing far away.

The provable misleading information about the Auschwitz Swimming  Pool has later helped  in putting Ditlieb Felderer in jail. Udo Walendy was jailed in Germany. Ernst Zundel was again jailed in Germany. David Irving was jailed in Austria. And on and on it goes.

At the time of 1988 people came up to Ditlieb Felderer telling him this proves what a liar he is. Very few people had up to this time visited Auschwitz which was still under Soviet Communist rule. And as for John Burns himself he has never admitted his damage to justice and he regrets as the Auschwitz Swimming Pool is for  real, and not a fiction.

Since then John Burns  has been accused of further journalistic malpractice. And the public has  been confronted with the fact articles are written by invention at the order of a Newspaper.  And New York Times isn’t  the only one.

Cheney Dick

CLINTON HILLARY visits Auschwitz Vomitorium on July 2, 1996. This Hillary thing gets quite hilarious because she is seen standing just before the Main Gate facing direction of the largest building in the camp, the super huge kitchen which Stalin painted black in order to hide it, and if people asked, they were told it was to put garbage into. It was later reverted to white, its original color. Right at the back of her was the Nazi Brothel, Block 24. She is together with polish first lady Jolanta Kwasniewska. If she had gone the road straight up she would have come to the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool. Hillary Clinton was of course denied seeing the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool.

Crematory 1 Stalin made Crematory 1 of Auschwitz his most Holy Shrine and where most of the 4 million were martyred. To do this Stalin altered the whole building. He burned down the Gestapo building, added a huge chimney and four ovens that can not work as they have no connection to the chimney, chiselled out openings on the roof, put in new outer door, the Corpse Door, and more. Stalin never considered Birkenau. It wasn’t even mentioned. All that the Soviet War Crimes Commission was interested in was Auschwitz, and Stalin was worried how best he could get the Poles to join him. They were still treating the sick people at Birkenau modern hospital. It was next to the what they later called ”gas chambers” after they had the Birkenau Hospital burned down. By that time Stalin was dead. If Stalin said 1 million got exterminated, that wouldn’t do, so he opted for 4 million. One million less than Stefan Szende.

For some 60 years visitors were told most of these 4 million went  to their death through the Gallows Door, the door with the Peephole facing the Gallows where Rudolf Hoess is claimed to have been hung. The problem is, that Stalin in his eager to save Poland for his Lordship, there was no door there to go through. So literally most of these 4 million went into the ”gas chamber” through a concrete wall.

Most of us oldsters who have visited Auschwitz Vomitorium have gone through the Gallows Door. This Cult has now                                                                                         become yet another big lie, as present officials of the Auschwitz Vomitorium claim the victims, no longer 4 million, went through the Corpse  Door. In fact, at times the claim gets presented, Auschwitz Crematory 1, the Holy Shrine, wasn’t the place of execution. They now with equal holy sacrilege tell that the Holy Shrine was Crematory 2 at Birkenau. So there goes Crematory 1. Who knows what these manipulating magicians come up with next. Maybe they will tell us the place was the huge Sauna. They, the 4 million, all went up in vapor. And there will the Capitalists with their New World Order all shout in unison with their holy Amen.

Cywinski Piotr M A, the young man who took over the Stalinist Auschwitz Hollywood Museum after Jerzy Wroblewski, on September 1, 2006, after having received the nomination in June 12, 2006. Jerzy Wroblewski had been Director of Auschwitz Vomitorium from 1990 to 2006 when he replaced the former Nazi Collaborator, and then Stalinist, Kazimierz Smolen. During the harsh Stalin Communist time he lived outside of Poland. Since his take over he has constantly manipulated artifacts and carried out doctrinal changes of the Holocaust Commercial Cult, Exterminationism. Although some of his contacts died on the air crasch to Katyn, the Auschwitz Vomitorium still holds the secret lid on Katyn just as under Stalin Communism. He introduced secret changes to the original and authentic Stalin Doctrines. The former Gospel True, authentic Corpse Door was secretly removed and had a new one put in. He closed off the former Gospel True entrance to the fake ”gas chamber” where victims were told by the guides and officials would enter, the Gallows Door. It was now no longer the entrance, but the Corpse Door. The former 4 million assured dead, certified by supposed witnesses accounts, material evidence, photos, court cases, and confessions, now dwindled down to about a million without explaining why the former 4 million was no longer right. Seeing Exterminationism came into being because of the 4 million claimed exterminated, what does this now make to the whole doctrinal structure? Had a lower number been given, Exterminationism would never be born. New stones to that effect had been put in at Birkenau, which now became the REAL killing center. An information board is set up at the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool describing it to be used for fire. Formerly, on some maps given out by the Stalin officials it was described as a Swimming Pool. This now became taboo. No Polish paper seems to have noticed all these summersaults and new Doctrines trying to explain the sunk ship of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult. Latly prominent rags of the society visiting the Holy Shrine of Crematory 1, receive their ceremonial memories at Block 10 and 11. Evidently due to potent Revisionist criticism. The end is yet not in sight and we may experience the day when it is claimed the 4 million victims actually went through the 4 false vents on the roof, or the 8 meter high Chimney just as Santa Klaus comes to us at Christmas time. Piotr Cywinski is supposed to be a devout Roman Catholic which makes one wonder how all this Stalinist dogma fits into the picture. With his entry Auschwitz Vomitorium has become nothing more than an Israel Zionist propaganda center.

Czech Danuta, a chain smoker and the Dean and Head Historian at Auschwitz Museum where she tried her best to harmonize reality with Stalin Communist propaganda. Without perhaps noticing it she altered main Doctrines at times, even going so far as to state all gassings had ceased by the time the Crematories at Birkenau were ready for use. In talking with her Ditlieb Felderer could not let be but notice that her most depended source was the Nazi collaborator, Miklos Nyiszli, under whose name a ”true” story, just like Stefan Szende, had been fabricated. Her book looked truly worn out of use, and was a basic source for fabricating Exterminationist Doctrines. Her father was involved with building the four fake crematory ovens and fake chimney at the fraudulent Auschwitz ”Gas Chamber”. In many respect Czech was one of the most knowledgeable persons of Auschwitz and best historian the Holocaust Commercial Cult has known though hampered by Stalin Communist propaganda. I miss her as a friend who sought to understand the system she was caught up in.

Dahlmann, Barbara-Just Dalhmann  2 March 1922—2005 July 27. A Scofieldite, Dispensational German, State judge, who worked with purging all the crimes from mass murderer, Genocide Serial Killing, Sicarii, Jewish Sonderkommando, Filip Muller. Being a Scofieldite makes her even more Zionist than the Chosen People. She belonged to the secret cortege of Willi Brandt favored mid-night ladies. She concocted up a yarn that Ditlieb Felderer had falsified a Swedish postage stamp, which, according to her expert opinion, belonged  to Jews being sent to their extermination. Her naivety was cosmic but so typical of al those Thougt Terrorists (TT) being employed by the corrupt German politicians, right, left, and center.

Ditlieb Auschwitz Vomitorium Kitchen Sink Doctrine Your kitchen sink with its holes, is just as much proof of four million dead as Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult.

Ditlieb Birkenau Doctrine There is just as much proof that Birkenau is the place for the 4 million dead and not Auschwitz Crematory One. This Doctrine put ironical forth was later taken up by Auschwitz Vomitorium, Jean-Claude Pressac, and the Three Stooges. There is not a mention by the Three Stooges that it was Ditlieb Felderer who initiated Birkenau as killing place and not Auschwitz.

Erotology. See: Auschwitz Erotology Doctrine, Sex, Szende

Evans Richard England. A devoted, covert Stalinist and pseudo professor. The bogus ”expert” of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult, who recently was awarded a silly, childish, Knighthood, for his playacting and playing along with Exterminationism and State payed Big Brother propaganda. His tenacious holding onto the maggot  ridden Stalinist Cult, makes it, he still effectively denies the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, evidently  covering himself in an old fashion swim trunk that even covers his head and eyes lest he sees something that would make filthy lucre less common. He has been used by the New World Order to refurbish Stalin Doctrines and the Holocaust Commercial Cult. In all reality, what he has produced on the subject, is nothing but Stalin with a new face. He and his other stooges of the Exterminationist Cult, of course rarely mention Stalin, nor of Stalin’s first Director of the Auschwitz Vomitorium, Mr Tadeusz Wasowicz, or any othe other Stalinist hang-ons of the time. He is included as one of the three in the Three Stooges of David Irving Trial.

Four Million Doctrine Stalin claimed that 4 million were systematically executed at Auschwitz, mostly in Crematory 1. Birkenau was not even included in that figure. When Ditlieb Felderer asked for proof of that huge number of exterminated people he was told the figure was based on witness testimoney, court cases, inestigation by Soviet War Crime Commission, photos, documents, etc. All these we were told conclusively proved 4 million had died at Auschwitz. It was the Gospel Truth. When Ditlieb Felderer asked what would happen if a guide gave another figure, he was told such a guide would be dismissed. The four million was an absolute fact, the real Auschwitz Truth.

After Communism fell in Poland, Auschwitz Vomitorium gets a new Director. The Nazi collaborator, and then Stalinist, Kazimierz Smolen, was no longer good for the job. In comes Jerzy Wroblewski who served as Director between 1990 to 2006. He now changes the number to a much lower one and the 4 million is, in Animal Farm, pig Napoleon way obliterated.

This becomes all the more ludicrous as Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult, was created by that huge number of 4 million. Stalin wanted to out matyr the Christians and the very number made that the Cult got going. Had a lower number been given it would never become much of a Cult.

If documents, court cases and trials, maps, photos, witness testimonies clearly proved 4 million had been exterminated at Auschwitz, mostly in Crematory 1, why is this former Gospel Truth now discarded? If all these ”proofs” were no ”proofs” what shall we think of the new ones, if there ever were such around? And why is not the very foundation of the Cult being examined now when it is claimed by Exterminationists themselves all prior ”evidence” was just garbage? Is ”truth” and ”facts” so easily bandied around? To fit every new political system that props up and to please them?

Frank Otto A Nazi collaborator and conductor of the Anne Frank Drug Cult hoax and the REAL culprit behind the forgery. Prior to his coming to Auschwitz, where he obtained a privileged position, he dealt in Drugs and Prostitution. His house and Prinsengracht was used as a drug and prostitution center for SS men, Royalty, and others, until it was found out. He continued to collaborate further with the Nazis in coming to Auschwitz, Poland, where he became a frequent user of the Auschwitz Brothel. His criminal private life past got an early protection much like Sonderkommando self-confessed Zealot, Sicarii killer, Filip Muller, who was secretly aided by the West German Government. Using chutzpah he never claimed the Anne Frank Diary was not a forgery, but he had to say it was genuine because a German court had stated so. Without telling he lost his case in Sweden against Ditlieb Felderer. His Survivor Fraud record was much the thanks of Fortune Teller and Crystal Ball Gazer Minna Becker whom he payed to fabricate an expert court testimony, and not the least for the Jewish document swindler and manipulator Loe de Jong of the Dutch Institute for War Documentation; who, gave him full protection from insight through the Bilderberg group. He himself put the Auschwitz Holocaust Cult in a low key no doubt out of fear that he himself would be investigated as a Nazi collaborator. The Anne Frank Diary is mainly about a boring, unhappy, constant fighting Jewish group assembled inside a house to be nasty to each other, yelling and screaming at each other all day long, and of a girl in need of drugs to cure her from Suicide. The constant screaming and yelling were however not without a reason. In that way the group could cover up the brothel prostitution acts going on in the house and selling of Drugs. The getting of mail by the fighting occupants was also a good way to distract as people would take less notice of what was really going on in the house. See: for further details.

Globe and Mail After the Canadian, Toronto, judge, refused Ditlieb Felderer from showing his slides to the jury, Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail approached Ditlieb Felderer to be allowed to show a picture of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. Being granted, the Globe and Mail became the FIRST establishment media outlet to show a picture of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. It may also be the first establishment media, Communist or Capitalist, to ever show a picture of it and thus be a historical first. The picture was published in Globe and Mail, March 1, 1985, page 7.

Hilberg Raul, USA, deceased. The unquestionable intellectual dean of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult. He became more an more a Revisionist and some claim he was murdered for this, as perhaps Andrew Breitbart was for his alleged exposing of Obama.

Hoffman Michael The first one to publish a picture of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool in a book. It was published in The Great Holocaust Trial, 1985, ISBN 0 939484 22 6 Michael Hoffman himself attended the so called ”trial”, and came out with his book at an incredible speed.

Index A General Index will soon be published and there you will find a wealth of material on Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult and Auschwitz Vomitorium.

Jong Loe de

Katyn Massacre  April-May 1940.  Stalin had put the blame of massacring some 22,000 Polish soldiers and others on Germany. It was a preposterous claim but he counted on that the West will help him out, which they also did, by either condemning Germans to death for it, or simply hiding it. Auschwitz had been a former Polish military camp. Some of its people were on that massacre list. Jan Sehn had been involved with trying to find the whereabouts of these lost persons. His life was now in danger, either risking being executed by Stalin like all the others, or sent to Gulags. Auschwitz now became THE main outlet whereby Stalin sought to gain a kosher image. The main ones to help him out in the West were the Jews, who had themselves collaborated with the Nazis. The collaboration became compact when Jewish Judge Fritz Bauer likely was assassinated for his reluctance to make a money business out of the Frankfurt Show Trials. Many Jews on the other hand administrated the massacring of the Poles. Auschwitz was needed as Stalin portrayed himself of being the Savior of Poland. He conjured up his Doctrine, that if it was not for him, all Poles, Slavs, would be gassed and go up the chimney. Thus the Death to Slavs Doctrine got in motion like a rolling snow ball getting bigger and bigger. In discussion with Jan Urbaniak, guard of Birkenau, Urbaniak recognized Stalin was the killer, but felt it was OK as the people killed at Katyn were Capitalists. For this reason Katyn was never mentioned at Auschwitz. Not even to the effect that the Germans had done the massacre. All information on this was sliced out, censored by the fabricators of Auschwitz Vomitorium. Brandhuber, Smolen, Szymanski, Wasowicz, and others were all in on the deception, as was the father of Auschwitz main historian, Danuta Czech, and Czech herself. It was a requisite by all fabricators of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult, to obediently follow Stalin’s requests. Once joining the Cult, they had to carry through the orders or risk themselves killed by a bullet or sent to the Gulags. For that reason you could not find any mention at Auschwitz Vomitorium about Katyn. Not even a hint to it. It was successfully censored out at the Stalin Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials running from 1963 to 1965. In fact, it was so thoroughly censored that not even Wilhelm Staeglich mentions it in his excellent book, Auschwitz: A Judge Looks At The Evidence, 1990. The fact that the Three Stooges at the David Irving trial hides this censorship by Auschwitz Vomitorium indicates them clearly as clandestine Stalinists. If they had been in any way factual, they would have stayed away from their bias and bigotry. Instead they nurtured it just like those Stalin collaborators at the Auschwitz Vomitorium helped in keeping Katyn out of official Poland for decades.

Langbein Hermann A Nazi collaborator who ended up at Auschwitz as a head Kapo, book-keeping and Organizing the Auschwitz Brothel, Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool, Cinema and Theatre, Sport activities, along with other entertainments. Like Jan Urbaniak he was involved with the Spanish Civil War and its International Brigades working against Franco who beat them to the Dictatorship. Langbein was intensely disliked by his fellow prisoners and I have heard follow inmates telling all sorts of vile things against him. Contacts with Langbein gave out that he had never witnessed gassings, nor could he explain coherent views on the supposed belching smoke, screams, odor, dog bitings, etc. Much less about his personal activities with the Brothel, Theatre, and Swimming Pool, etc. As a privileged person he had special inmates catering to him from the huge Auschwitz Kitchen with warm food, and other goodies. Something went on with the  Stalinist Kangaroo Frankfurt Auschwitz Trials purge, and the group surrounding Jewish judge Fritz Bauer who seemingly wanted to isolate him. And that for more than one reason. A basic reason was that Langbein himself should be in the dock for the accused, and not as an accusor. And so should the judge himself, Fritz Bauer. Langbein later wrote books about Auschwitz and was inquired about his letting out details of so many important things, not only, including his own personal activities in the camp, but perhaps even more interesting, about the alleged ”gas chambers.” Seeing he was so close to them, he should know. He died October 24, 1995 and became remembered in stone by the Yad Vashem and its propaganda ploy, Righteous Among the Nations.

Lipstadt  Deborah, USA, a leading Holocaust Denier who hijacked the term Holocaust Denier / Denial, and who David Irving carried on a silly libel suit against. David Irving does not seem to have known that the terms Holocaust Denial  and Holocaust Denier were invented by Ditlieb Felderer. And so he made a fool of himself by falling right into the Exterminationists’ trap. It was mainly through David Irving, that this mediocre teleprompter who knows no German got to be known. Lipstadt is never to have seen the Swimming Pool in visiting Auschwitz Vomitorium, and probably had no interest as that would spoil her Exterminationist Faith. She is seen on a visit to Auschwitz Vomitorium with Dick Cheney, January 28, 2005. They are observed leaving the court which was used as a football ground for the inmates with goal posts, which for a time Stalin tried to make out people were hung on. To their right is Maternity Ward, Block 10, where huge amount of kids were born  and headed by maternity Doctor, Carl Clauberg, assisted by Jewish and Polish doctors. Straight ahead of them is the Camp’s largest building, its huge kitchen which Stalin painted black to obscure it for this Starve Doctrine, or Capitalism Means Starvation Doctrine. The children inside Block 10 could look straight out to the Birch Alley and Auschwitz Swimming Pool. It was here, and other places, where Doctor Mengele brought his toys for the kids. Dick Cheney and his Neo-cons used Auschwitz Vomitorium for their Auschwitz Is War Doctrine. It was for bringing out contradictions of the Holocaust Commercial Cult to the Auschwitz Vomitorium authorities that major Revisionist material got produced. Her ”defence” of the Extermination Cult was totally demolised at but got the material censored from Google and their Google then came out with that these names were now open for use, eradicating all memory of them like those of George Orwell 1984. It was as if these never had been there.

Longerich Peter, A German Stalinist. One of the Three Stooges of Exterminationism who appeared at the childish David Irving trial against Deborah Lipstadt, apparently mostly for calling David Irving a ”Holocuast Denier”, a term Ditlieb Felderer invented to describe Nazi collaboration and related Doctrinal themes. Longerich testified in the trial and makes it out as he had contact with Ditlieb Felderer and therefore knew about him. Longerich never contacted Ditlieb Felderer and it is sheer invention on his part. This payaso and Stalinist educator was declared ”expert on the holocaust” although he never spent one second in investigation there. Peter Longerich is a typical example of a State witness mercenary who looks around to line his own pockets and feather his own nests. He is one in the clan of the Three Stooges. He has taken over the German lie machine from Wolfgang Scheffler who made a mess out of himself in appearing in Canada. He, like all the others, is most unwilling to disclose how much money he is making out of the Holocaust Commercial Cult hoax.

Machiavellianism Rulers must always be prepared to do evil if they judge good will come of it. It follows faithful in line with Bible Romans 13:1-7, speaking of the Superior or Higher Authorities Christians must explicitly obey and be submissive to.

Muller Filip, a Jewish Nazi collaborator who was made into a ”VICTIM” instead of perpetrator, who then became a Stalin supporter. Under secret West German and DDR collaboration he was clandestinely brought to West Germany, where this self-alleged mass exterminator got a flush apartment all payed for and a huge pension, right there in the West German Jewish center of Mannheim. He now got all the corrupt judges and police to protect him, especially from any claim of being a mass murderer, in fact, the biggest mass murderer in all history. Four million of them right before his nose and he even brags about it. Orthodox Exterminationism make him out as responsible for 4 million deaths at Auschwitz. A ghost written book was made up on his fiction escapades, at times mingled with some facts.

New York Times In the midst of an on-going Censorship trial brought against Ernst Zundel by former Kapo and Nazi collaborators, New York Times published an article by John F Burns, 30 March 1988:7. The article appears authoritative. The scandal reporting of this paper had still not been brought to light, by its invented well payed journalists. The scandal paper did a tremendous damage to the Ernst Zundel case as it prejudiced the court and public with that the Swimming Pool was but an invention. Zundel ended up with 7 years isolation jail thanks to this paper and other intentional harm writings. One is lead to believe John F Burns had examined Auschwitz Vomitorium to find out about it. But it is clear now that up to then John F Burns had never been at Auschwitz and so he wrote purely to suit his Zionist masters. The material influenced other cases. Ditlieb Felderer was jailed in Sweden on false charges. David Irving was jailed in Austria. And endless of other damage was caused for the prevention of setting matters straight. To set matters straight Ditlieb Felderer later reproduced the entire article to impede further jailing and torture of authors. It should be remembered that the Canadian Globe and Mail of 1 March 1985, was the FIRST establishment paper to publish a photo of the Swimming Pool. Partly for this, New York Times published their article, which would lead the public to think this photo was faked, and just an invention.

Pelt Robert Van

Penis Holocaust is an ancient Phallic Fertility Cult. In Jewish religion Jehovah God was to have the largest, most strong, and beautiful penis. The name Jehovah means: the Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky. See further in: Brothel, Block 24, Jehovah, Red House, Phallicism, Prostitution, Sex, Szende

Phallicism The Holocaust Commercial Cult is a continuation of the Phallic Hebrew, Israel, penis cult with its worshipping of a huge penis, repesenting Jehovah, the Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky, inside the Temple. Anyone denying that Jehovah God had the biggest and most potent and beautiful penis was exterminated by Aaron and Moses. That was the downfall of Korah who bragged of equal length and strength of penis member. The Cult existed also in Greece, like all other countries where the rite was celebrated with music, joy festivals, peace, dances, and frolicks in the meadows. It was an occasion of perfect harmony, joy and peace. Also see: Szende

PILICHOWSKI CZESLAW Once head of Glowna Komisja Badania Zbrodni Hitlerowskich (Central Commission (Central Office) for the Investigation of German Crimes  in Poland) Al. Ujazdowski 11, Warszawa. A Communist Commissar  handling the finances and propaganda of Auschwitz Vomitorium and other places. He also was in with those handling Reparation money from West Germany, which according to claimants never got to them but were stolen by the Communist officials. Under him stood Auschwitz Vomitorium Director, Kazimierz Smolen, who was accused of mishandling Reparation claims and money. Tadeusz Iwaszko had to get Pilichowski’s OK for any copies of the Auschwitz Vomitorium archive. There existed no photocopier in the whole of Auschwitz so all documents had to be photographed. It is not clear whether Jean-Claude Pressac obtained his documents; those he had not gotten from Ditlieb Felderer, but from the Auschwitz Vomitorium, if they  were gotten from Tadeusz Iwaszko, then head of the archives at Auschwitz Vomitorium, and whether Iwaszko contacted Czeslaw Pilichowski for his OK. If he did it on his own, and perhaps not even getting permission from Kazimierz Smolen, then Iwaszko could have been in real problem as the suspicion was that Pressac was a Ditlieb Felderer mole, an infiltrator trying to wreck Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult. Tadeusz Iwaszko died in a mysterious car crash in Legnicia in 1988. When Ditlieb Felderer visited Pilichowski’s office at Warszawa he was at first met by his secretary who was taken directly out of a Hollywood Wild West movie, only lacking her pistols. A whole cadre of Poland Communist officials held themselves with their own mistresses. A good reason to be a Communist, was, that you could have as many mistresses you wanted as the Church was not there to stop it. The officials were renowned to frequent the night life sex outlets of Warszawa. Czeslaw Pilichowski’s work was to safeguard Stalinism in Poland, preach the Slav Doctrine that Stalin came  as a Savior to Poland, and thanks to Stalin not all Poles had been exterminated. Such doctrinal duties also included total taboo over Katyn or any atrocity Stalin had committed inside Poland. And of course, it was imperative to maintain continuation of the various Stalinist Doctrines and censor any modification not approved by the State apparatus. Mossad agent and Martyrologist seller, Exterminationist Simon Wiesenthal, was in constant battle with Pilichowski who accused Wiesenthal to be a Nazi collaborator and making up stories to hide it. Simon Wiesenthal then turned around, making  his own charges, accusing Pilichowski to be a former Nazi collaborator. In 1980 it still was not quite sure what to do with Brzczinka or Birkenau. There existed a variety of Doctrinal confusion, such as the claim that in Auschwitz 4 million were exterminated, and the claim that at Birkenau also 4 million got exterminated. Birkenau had never been claimed a Memorial Site. When Stalin took over there still was a thriving Hospital at Birkenau attended to by Poles and Jews. Stalin also needed the Blocks at Auschwitz for his soldiers and new prisoners which were now filling the Blocks, be they Trotskyites, or what have you. Mathematic would make it that 8 million died, not 6 million, or 4 million. Due to Stalin’s mishandling it is not quite clear yet how many inmates died under his hand at Auschwitz and Birkenau. Head historian of Auschwitz Vomitorium, Danuta Czech, was under taboo to discuss the matter. It is remarkable how it got passed the Censors when Danuta Czech came out with her Revisionist views that all extermination had ceased

Piper Franciszek

Popes visit Auschwitz  Two Popes have visited Auschwitz both of them were denied to see the Auschwitz Swimming Pool.

Pressac Jean-Claude  l944-1003 July 23 A plagiarist and purloiner of material from Ditlieb Felderer. Making contact with Ditlieb Felderer, Pressac requested for documents, writings, maps, photos, of Auschwitz, to which Ditlieb Felderer obliged hoping further exposure of the Exterminationist Cult will be the result. Especially hope was put on the material evidence Ditlieb Felderer had brought with him for chemical tests.

Jean-Claude Pressac now starts plagiarizing Ditlieb Felderer giving no credit where he had obtained the information. His information on the Swimming Pool were all taken from Ditlieb Felderer as a swimming pool’s use in firefighting, as a reserve water tank. Whereas Ditlieb Had  made the claim in asking a question at the Auschwitz Vomitorium: ”But  the swimming pool was used for the SS! Right?”, Pressac now takes this and changes it to that the Swimming Pool was reserved for the German SS.

In 1995, Pressac, reverses his position and turns back to Revisionist Ditlieb Felderer and Robert Faurisson, claiming witnesses’  testimonies were all worthless. Rumor now was that Pressac would come out with yet another book, documenting his errors, but he suddenly died. Suspicion still rest that Jean-Claude Pressac was assassinated for his change of mind having ”double-crossed the Jews” and for the planned new book.

The history of purloiner Jean-Claude Pressac who never gave thanks to Ditlieb Felderer for the help he gave him, continued on with the David Irving libel suit against Holocaust Denier, Deborah Lipstadt. They now in turn purloin Jean-Claude Pressac who in turn had purloined it from Ditlieb Felderer. Robert Van Pelt, one of the Three Stooges of the silly David Irving libel suit, presented his ”expert” opinion, which is nothing but a rehash of Jean-Claude Pressac. Nothing was mentioned in that court case as far as one can detect, that Pressac had himself denounced Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult as a hoax, a swindling for sake of money, etc.

Rees Laurence, England. A BBC employed State teleprompter who like all the rest have not until this time bothered to check up at Auschwitz and about all those Doctrinal changes done there. He is much respected by Big Brother State enforced propaganda peddling Stalinism and for denying the Auschwitz Swimming Pool.

Reitlinger Gerald, one of the early Mythomaniacs fabricating stories and shaping the Holocaust Commercial Cult. He stems from a family of Bankers, which may explain something about him. In spite of his interest in art he apparently never considered to go to Auschwitz and take photos at the spot in support of his claims.

Scheffler Wolfgang, A German Stalinist, deceased. A bull dog and Thought Terrorist (TT) used by the West German and then German government to support Censorship with its European Limited Censorship law. He acted for the German government as a mercenary and had a luxurious life thanks to it. Was once supposed to be Germany’s foremost ”expert” on Auschwitz Vomitorum although he never once spent one second of research there.

Sehn Jan A Pole trained in law who was involved with investigating the missing Polish soldiers who were active in the former Auschwitz military camp before the German took it over. These soldiers were killed by the Soviets in the Katyn forrest but the blame was put onto the Germans after the war. He managed somehow to make his way over to West Germany to work on the Polish side for the Stalinist Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials purge where he got into a clash with its Jewish Judge and Nazi collaborator, Fritz Bauer, who was connected with the Stefan Szende – Willy Brandt gang. Stalling his time to go back to Poland he was likely assassinated in West Germany either by Mossad or KGB. Prior in Poland, to please the Stalinists, lest he himself be shipped over to the Gulags, he did his best with the help of Tadeusz Wasowicz, Kazimierz Smolen, Szymanski and the father of Danuta Czech to save his skin and to hide he had collaboraed with the Nazis in helping to detect the slaughter of Polish soldiers at Katyn area. Some  20,000 were massacred by Stalin in Katyn forest in 1940. Stalin put the blame on the Germans. He may have something to do with the burning down of the Gestapo building just close to the Gallows Door of the fake Gas Chamber. By this time the modern hospital buildings and huge Bathing House just by the later alleged  ”gas chambers” at Birkenau had NOT been burned down. That came later as one discovered the shift over to Birkenau  of some of the faked killing activities would not make sense with hospital buildings just by the fabricated ”gas chambers.” It is interesting to see how they shifted the crime center from one place to another in trying to explain it to the locals who of course had observed nothing of this sort. It is interesting that in the major Frankfurt Show Trials none of the locals were inquired with as this was dreaded as the pest.

Sex See: Auschwitz Erotology Doctrine, Birkenau Sex, Brothel, Block 24, Condom, Erotology, Fertility Cult, Leisure, Nudism, Nudist Club,  Phallicism, Red House, Sauna

Shirer William Lawrence His describing the killing fabrics and means to have been done are truly hilarious and I have digressed them in Auschwitz Exit and other writings, along with illustrations. Here                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    we have a true fiction writer who was enlisted by the Big Corporations to come up with something really big. And indeed he did. Just marvel over the way he describes the doors which weren’t there

Smolen Kazimierz

Stalinism This Blog is not about attacking Stalinism as unique evil. They were, and are, all involved with the production of evil. Much of the evil put on Stalin could equally well be put on other leaders. Our quest is to find out what really happened. If it happened, it did happen. If not, it did not.

Stefan Szende’s New Foreskin on Circumcised Penis Doctrine This important Doctrine trying to explain away the collaborations with the Nazis will have a special section. A few pictures describing the Doctrine can be seen on this Site.

Szende Stefan, Hungarian Jew living in Sweden, deceased. The unquestionable Father, Dean, and originator of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult, and the scaffold builder of Auschwitz Vomitorium. He is the FIRST one to recognize that to kill so many people, 5 million he claims, necessitates sophisticated machinery, and so he came up with his water-swim-tank.

Stefan Szende is also the FIRST to make some coherent answer to how to explain Hitler’s supposed aim to kill all Jews why there were so many of them still around. The constant talk was about all the Survivors who were now meeting in caffees and groups each one telling he was a Hitler Survivor. The suspicion of being a Nazi collaborator was rampant with all these ”miraculous” Survivors.  Szende and his friends like Willy Brandt now came up with the answer that it was because they had donned onto them new Foreskins onto their Circumcised Penis. Seeing Szende knew quite well that no one would want to check in on that claim, he was sure of getting rid of that nasty and vexing ”collaboration” question, along with the question of constant accusations of having been Nazi collaborators, and that was the reason for their SURVIVAL. We can with full trueness call them SURVIVAL REASONS.

This Stefan Szende Fresh New Foreskin on Circumcised Penis Doctrine didn’t of course answer about all those women Survivors. And so the invention came up they had donned onto them complete penises with Foreskins. From time to time, people use various pictures of what appears to be women with Penises. All I can say, I don’t believe it. I have difficulties to believe such surgical operations could be done in those days. But because these claims never end it is about time we investigate the claims to see what merit they have. Seeing we are supposed to accept Miracles, who can say that all of them aren’t miraculous gifts from Jehovah God which he promised his people in surviving. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if some Cult will arise telling us that THEY have such Foreskins, and had them for a long time and that they are part of the collection David cut off from his enemies by order of the Jewish tribal God Jehovah.

Stefan Szende worked together with German Stalinist Willy Brandt and others to concoct the Cult for world consumption. He claimed Jews were killed in some form of a tank Swimming Pool at Belzek, Poland, and, as stated, that Jews donned fresh new Foreskins onto their Circumcised Sex penises. Where these Foeskins were taken from he did not tell, when asked. His contact with Ditlieb Felderer made him determined to visit Poland to investigate the Cult claims of Exterminationism. All the above, either tacitly or openly, deny the existence of a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz, Poland. His death is obscure and he may have been assassinated. His talk with Ditlieb Felderer revealed him to be a changed man when it concerned the originator or originators of the book which carries his name.

Szymanski Tadeusz

Three Stooges of David Irving Libel Suit against Holocaust Denier Deborah Lipstadt. As David Urving launched on a most childish Libel suit against Holocaust Denier, Deborah Lipstadt, and of course lost, which he should have known; there were three hardcore Stalinists and principal mercenaries of the lunatic fringe helping her out in her ruse of using term she had purloined from Ditlieb Felderer. The three Exterminationist mercenary agents, a nest of confused scatterbrains and literary kleptomaniacs, were: Richard Evans, Peter Longerich, and Robert Jan Van Pelt. Reading through the trial material one gets the feel; neither the Three Stooges, nor David Irving, had schooled themselves about Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult and its chief place, the Auschwitz Vomitorium. What is being peddled forth as Capitalist Facts, are in fact nothing else by Stalin Doctrines, which Stalin launched from beginning of making Auschwitz Vomitorium into a Pilgrim place and World Shrine. The three Stalin Cult mercenaries, each a bigot in his own right, are called the Three Stooges for their covering up Stalin Doctrines and their work in pulling the wool over the eyes of the public. For their purloining material originally from Ditlieb Felderer, such as that Birkenau may be the killing place and SS use of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. For their hanging onto the skirt of Jean-Claude Pressac for information, which Info in turn, Jean-Claude Pressac had gotten from Ditlieb Felderer. For their abysmal bigotry and Denial of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. For their refusal to examine the material evidence which exist such as the case of the fire  hydrant. For their refusal of examining the word ”holocaust”, which actually refers to a Greek, sex Fertility Cult. A phallic Cult, used by Jews in their Temple, and the Greeks for joyful celebration of fruitfulness, peace, joy, and plenty of nourishments. ”Holocaust”, in fact, means, the penis moving up into an erection to fulfill the job it was meant to do. For their Denial of open debate on Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult, and for their not spending one second investigating the Auschwitz Vomitorium, yet make themselves out as ”experts”. Justifiable hence for being called the Three Stooges. Clowns in the hand of State who pay their fame and wages. George Orwell in his Animal Farm, page 23, wrote the following of the pork, swine, pig stooges: ”But the pigs were so clever that they could think of a way round every difficulty”. But such piggish attempts of swindling the public can only go that far until it is detected, which now has happened to Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult. It is easy to tell lies but hard to hold onto them once told. A sunken ship where no repair work is longer possible and therefore ever more buried in its memorial tomb. All three bigots are used by States to imprison and torture dissidents. Peter Longerich never condemned Sweden for its imprisoning and  torturing Ditlieb Felderer. When David Irving was arrested on 11 November 2005 in Austria under a 1989 warrant all Three Stooges of course applauded the assault on Human Rights and none protested except perhaps by some hypocritical lip service. It is Napoleon all the way and will be so from the cradle to the grave.

Urbaniak Jan A Stalin Communist guard of Birkenau, German for Brzezinka, near Auschwitz, who had been engaged in the Spanish Civil War against Franco. He fled (some say gave himself in) to France after Franco’s victory, and got incarcerated. Jan Urbaniak was a periodic alcoholic who underwent cures but to no effect. Urbaniak hinted and disclosed incredible things to Ditlieb Felderer, such as playing of sports as football and Volley Ball, Circus, Kindergarten, Saunas, Boxing, Wrestling, Tennis, Theatre, a nudist club, singing lessons, huge modern hospitals, huge bathhouse at Birkenau. They were giving literature and  lectures of all kinds right at Birkenau. He was disturbed over the fact that the farmers there had not seen any gassing going on but only the best. The farmers all denied ‘’gassing’’ for why should people intended to get exterminated have food brought to them which the farmers did? And the farmers were getting  payed. More so than they got from the Jews at Auschwitz who were cheating the citizens all the time. They evidently knew their Bible well and had read Deuteronomy 6:10,11 and Isaiah 60. Instead of gassing  going on, they were watching football. Perplexing was the fact that the German SS played against the Jewish Sonderkommando, and the Jewish Sonderkommando won! Maybe they did so because they were doing their bicycling inside the ”gas chambers” to keep fit. Urbaniak was bewildered and could not explain all the  contradictions. He was never there in Nazi time, and was for a time incarcerated in France by the Vichy Regime who continued his Concentration Camp experience and  where he continued learning his French. He could not explain why he was so well treated by the Vichy Regime. There was also the vexing problem in explaining the huge Sauna at Birkenau and other Saunas, its big bathhouse, its nudist club activities, its electrical work, its spent water and pure water supply, its toilet facilities, its getting food direct from the farmers, its huge hospitals, the baiting of  domestic animals at Birkenau, and the silly construction of what was political shown as ”gas chambers”.  And not the least, the burning down of the hospitals and bathhouse. Ditlieb Felderer could never got out of him whether he himself had participated in the arson of Birkenau hospitals along with other buildings. When asked about Katyn; ‘’Who  killed the Polish soldiers?’’ Urbaniak answered the Soviets, but that it was reasonable as the Polish soldiers and others Poles were Capitalists. Urbaniak could not read so he had his wife helping him out in reading. He would constantly with the help of his wife point out the newspaper articles, make reference to articles where this was written. He was most unwilling to talk about the alleged gassings taken place at Crematory 2 and  3. It  was as if he did not believe them, and afraid of being questioned about them, and so he diverted  attention to Stalin’s most liked subject: the willful starvation of workers in the West.  At Auschwitz the people were starving before the Germans took over the camp. Although being fully concentrated on the Capitalists and their starvation programs, he never once mentioned people at Auschwitz or Birkenau starved.  And how could he? He knew the  farmers all around were bringing in food for which they were well payed. The Jews had helped in starving Poles and that is why Stalin got rid of them in his purge. Stalin was a Savior for Poland.  In coming to Poland he was put in charge of the Auschwitz cinema but due to him not being able to count he had to be dismissed as money was missing. Had he been at Auschwitz he would have had the chance to learn how to read.  A friendly person and one of the few Stalin Communists Felderer met in Poland.

Wasowicz Tadeusz A Nazi Collaborator who then turned Communist  Stalinist supporter and who was put in by Stalin to justify Poland’s occupation by Stalin. For Auschwitz was not only used to ”prove” the evils and diablerie of Capitalism, but also as justification of Soviet occupation. Poles should be happy to have Stalin as their Savior because Germans were bent hell to exterminate all Slavs, and the Poles were supposed to be Slavs. Tadeusz Wasowicz may be the most important of all Auschwitz Vomitorium Directors as he and his Stalin friends built up Auschwitz as head propaganda center for Stalin. Brzezinka or as it is called in German, Birkenau, did not enter the picture. There people were still in hospital being treated by Jewish and Polish doctors. Stalin’s propaganda workers knew you  can not claim 4 million got gassed while close to it was a Hospital to save life. Beside, 4 million were exterminated at Auschwitz. They would have to rig up another number to include Birkenau as well. So one  skipped making Birkenau out as anything but a place for farmers and was  not even included as a Memorial. Today the Holocaust Commercial Cult circulates around the scaffold of Exterminationism that Tadeusz Wasowicz and his friends built. He was the first Director of Auschwitz Vomitorium, handed over to Kazimierz Smolen in l955. He was a close worker with another former Nazi collaborator, who likewise had turned Stalinist, Jerzy Adam Brandhuber. Brandhuber was much responsible for helping Stalin out in his artistic propaganda  work. Later on, Adam Brandhuber also got tired of being a Stalinist puppet and instead concentrated on painting nude and related art. It is interesting to see that virtual total silence is kept today by the Auschwitz Vomitorium of its first Stalinist Director, and those people around him. It is as if they never existed. They seemingly do everything to forget about their mentor and constructor of the Auschwitz Vomitorium. When will they come out with their skeletons? There was not one bit of information given out by the officials of the Auschwitz Vomitorium about its early history and leaders. Everything was just set in order magically like Moses  got his   10 Commandments upon the mountain. It was a full Monty George Orwell Animal Farm paint job going on ‘’day and night’’ like the obedient slaves of pig Napoleon. When Ditlieb Felderer asked about the proof for 4 million dead at Auschwitz, not Birkenau, he just got that: It was painted in huge letters inside Block 4, Room 1. What could be the latest Napoleon art work here? Likely Tadeusz Wasowicz was briefed while in East Germany by Stalinist loyal Communists in how to build up the propaganda work.

Both Christopher Browning and Raul Hilberg testified as ”expert witnesses” against Ernst Zundel, involved in a Censorship trial, orchestrated by seemingly formerly Jewish Kapos and Nazi Collaborators in Canada, but who now found a financial gold mine in huge West German and other pensions. Richard Evans and Peter Longerich appeared as ”expert witnesses” though not spending one second of research at Auschwitz in the silly Libel Suit David Irving brought in England against Holocaust Denier Deborah Lipstadt.




The whispers and rumors went around that at Birkenau there were some kinky stuff going on, inside some abandoned farm houses, which were called the ”RED HOUSES” IN THE ”RED DISTRICT”.

Where were these kinky, mysterious, sometimes secret, Red Houses? And what was going on there and in the woods where claimed nude people frolicked?

In 1978 Ditlieb Felderer decided to investigate, search for them, and find out; for the Soviets had declared them to be the first      experimental ”gas chambers”. But how could this kinky Sex stuff harmonize with ”gas chambers”. Something was evidently at odd here and so interest was reinforced. The mystery and contradictiton had to be dealt with. Sex and gassing people to death simply did not make sense.

Intensifying his search while walking around Birkenau, interviewing people, and finding possible location of the places of the Red Houses, Ditlieb Felderer discovered these Red Houses, converted barns, had been converted into Saunas, one for Finnish and one Russian Sauna, and the location of a Nudist Club, the first one in Poland. The Soviets then took these places, after destroying them, as the places of first experiments with gas. The Saunas and Nudist Center was hocuc-pocus turned into Gas Chambers. And from these places for Sex, joy, sport and cleanliness stem to large extent the fable of Birkenau ”Gas Chambers”. A few small houses called Red Houses, like those you find at Amsterdam and elsewhere, became the part origin of the Birkenau ”Gas Chambers”!


You can read about it in the Bible texts which you see in the picture of swines hurling themselves into the water. All sorts of places have throughout the years been explained where this hurling from cliff into water did happen without much support as a reasonable place. Likewise have all sorts of words been spent on why Jews would have herds of swine when its religion declared them evil and loathsome. Ditlieb Felderer has further ciritized the thing by pointing out Jesus as Savior was to go to the Jews not Gentiles if it was argued the swine belonged to loathsome uncircumcised Gentiles. He further brought attention to the fact that such an argument would question the whole notion of Jesus Christ not bothering  with Gentile salvation if the owners we Gentiles, whom, Jesus by this miraculous act of pig slaughter, sought to convince by force, to either join me or get less pork chops on your dinner table.

Those who have observed swine swim will tell that they are excellent swimmers as their body makes them float on the water with ease. And that would mean that the unfortunate critters being hurled by Jesus Christ and the Demons into the lake; all they needed to do was to find the shortest way to get up and then resume their porky nuff nuff activities.

PORKY IN WATER GIVES SWINE FLUE HEADACH. Besides excuse arguments found in the picture, Christian theologians defend the massive porky killing with Matthew 12:12 which says that a man is worth more than a herd of swine. Noah’s Flood would indicate that they got a point. But that now brings up the Christian argument of PRIVATE PROPERTY. The farmers were now desolate being deprived of their livelyhood, endangering their survival. If killing swine is accepted for that reason, chances are the farmers would now starve to death. So what would that do to the argument a man is worth more than a herd of swine?

And it is clear that it is FAITH that matters. Blind faith at that. At Matthew 19:12 Jesus Christ admonishes Castration for the sake of entering the Kingdom of the Heavens. And some did just that, and still do it because of demand from Jesus for man’s Salvation.

Also, the whole neighborhood would now be deprived of food. And the question of PRIVATE PROPERTY is vexing. Evidently Jesus Christ didn’t give a damn of private property and his interest was that people put faith in him. Of Capernaum; near the town where this cliff hurling swine incident happened, Jesus said: ”You shall be brought down to Hell (Hades)”, Matthew 11:23. All Jesus was concerned about was FAITH, and faith in him. He had no interest whether you had pork chops on your table or not.

While on the subject, it is GUESSED, that Capernaum has been found. Of course, Franciskan archaeologists soon discovered Peter’s house there, if for no other reason, it would bring in hefty tourist money just like Auschwitz. Another question is, is, if Jesus was denied for his porky smell which raged around the area where he supposedly lived. He didn’t wash himself for 3 1/2 years. And would not the Pharisees have good reason to reject him knowing he was living in a swine ridden area, and therefore it wasn’t because they rejected his Savior claim, but because he was transgressing fundamental Jewish laws?

Moreover, having that many swine would be very noticeable in the surrounding area with swine odor from urine and excrements. Furthermore: the contamination would pollute the water and River Jordan which was just below.

Also, swine have to be herded. Who did that? That is never mentioned in the Bible. Was Jesus a swine herder, or was? That’s why there is so little mention about it? Did the residues of swine excrements and urine enter into Lake Gennesareth? Causing pollution? Would such fish caught there be acceptable according to Jewish Law? Not only that, should such water be drunk? Should clothes be washed in it? There are endless of unanswered questions.


Judith is a sexual verile and a beautiful and wealthy widow who, in defense of God and country, first captivates and then decapitates Holofernes head, the Assyrian general besieging her hometown, Bethulia of Samaria.

The moral conduct of the pin-up sex heroine, consist in her dealings with Holofernes, showed herself to be a shameless flatterer (11:7-8), a bold-faced liar (11:12-14, 18-19), and a ruthless assassin (13:7-8), who follows two highly popular axioms: ”all’s fair in love and war’ and ‘the end justifies the means.”

Both before and after her murderous (and salvific) act, Judith is regarded by her people as a Saint, totally devoted to the Lord. She is the ideal Jewish woman, as her name, which is simply the feminine form of the word for ”Jewish,” suggests.

As Jehovah, the Jewish tribal God, commanded Saul to get Foreskins from his enemies, and which David succeeded in doing, it has been suggested Holofernes after having his head cut, Judith and her companion cut off his Foreskin, or complete Penis, to comply with Jehovistic ordinance of cutting Foreskins from enemies.

This highly interesting and important book has been Censored from Protestant Bibles. Water was an important ingredient in the act of the ruthless assassin. Before cutting off part, or parts, it states in Chapter 10, she ”bathed her body  with water, and anointed herself with precious ointment.” Sounds very modernistic this. So watch out chaps, and hold onto what you got, or you be next in line.

Judith, more Bible importance than Virgin Mary


Stefan Szende is the first who in a book mentions about some sort of a Swimming Pool tank into which thousands of victims were submerged inside a highly sophisticated death machine reminding one of King David’s  cruelties in killing his victims.

  1. Seeing Stefan Szende’s  ‘’true s tory’’ is the most sophisticated operation described by Exterminationists, the Holocaust Commercial Cult, one would expect even more sophisticated methods at Auschwitz.
  2. I spent plenty of time examining the Swimming Pool to see if it was, or could be used in such a way Stefan Szende described. This was of special interest  to me at it was apparent the alleged Gas Chamber was a fake. Proof of which can be seen its huge Chimney to impress is a total fraud. The Chimney along with the Crematory ovens were built after the war in which the father of Danuta Czech participated.
  3. Two Popes have visited Auschwitz Vomitorium. None were taken, or, allowed to see the Swimming Pool. Why were they refused to see it?
  4. Bush junior visited Auschwitz Vomitorium. He was not allowed to see the Swimming Pool. Why?
  5. Dick Cheney visited Auschwitz Vomitorium. He was not allowed to see the Swimming Pool. Why?
  6. Holocaust Denier, Deborah Lipstadt, visited Auschwitz Vomitorium. She was not allowed, and evidently did not care about seeing the Swimming Pool. Why?
  7. Canadian President Stephen Harper visited Auschwitz Vomitorium. He was not allowed to see the Swimming Pool. Why? Globe and Mail had previously published photo of it. Would it not be of interest to see the Swimming Pool? If it existed or not?
  8. Britain’s Gordon Brown with wife visited Auschwitz Vomitorium. They were not allowed to see the Swimming Pool.
  9. Prominent Auschwitz people as Szymanski, Smolen, and others took swim lesson Doctor Mengele and others arranged for.
  10. Some claim Otto Frank, the father of Anne Frank, used the Swimming Pool. If so, why did he never mention about it?
  11. Filip Muller is to have taken swim lessons and used the Swimming Pool. His ghost written book mentions nothing about it.
  12. When the new Wall Street, New World Order, Auschwitz Vomitorium team took over the Auschwitz  Stalin doctrines to re-launder them into Capitalist selling goods a sign was put up at the Swimming Pool as now visitors could get to it, having been described by Revisionists. There was no mention on the sign when it was put up and visitors are lead to believe it was always there.
  13. India’s first Woman President, Pratibha Devisingh Patil, visits Auschwitz Vomitorum, April 26, 2009. She is seen leaving the fake ”gas chamber” through the faked Corpse Door. The Gallows Door had by that time been secreted from entry. Where the, ORIGINAL AUTHENTIC Gallows Door has been garbaged, the world has still to be let known. The Gallows Door was formerly with Gospel Truth hypocrisy declared as the genuine entry door for the gassed victims, 4 million of them in this place alone. Info tells that she was denied access to the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool for obvious reasons we would think. Piotr Cywinski, who was now in charge, just carried on his ordinary manipulations by denial and manipulation of inspecting visible artifacts.
  14. Judith, the ideal Jewish woman. The most influential of Israel Jewish women, and a perfect butcher at that. With full Chuzpah hypocrisy,  Chapter 10 of Judith says prior to her cutting off head, and perhaps also Foreskin, just as David had done, that she: ”bathed her body with water, and anointed herself with precious ointment”. So while it mentions of Judith bathing with water, Jesus Christ, is never mentioned of having done so. What would he smell?  


  1. Italian football team visits Auschwitz Vomitorium on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 and are denied access to the Brothel and view of the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool.
  2. England footballers visit Auschwitz Vomitorium and are denied access to the Brothel and view of the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool on June 8 2012
  3. German footballers visit Auschwitz  Vomitorium and are denied access to the Brothel, and a view of the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool, on Friday, June 8, 2012
  4. The French team refuse to be taken in by the propaganda ruse having been informed of Revisionism, and so do not visit Auschwitz Vomitorium.



Back dive


Bathing cap

Belly flop






Ditlieb Felderer Wave Counter Move

Ditlieb Felderer Water Swirl


Diving board, also Trampoline


Dolphin kick flip turn



Flutter kick

Frog kick

Full gainer


Half gainer


High Diving Board

Individual medly


Kick lap

Kick turn

Medley relay




Pike position

Platform diving



Scissors kick

Scuba dive

Scull stroke


Skin dive




Springboard diving

Starting block


Suicide dive

Swan dive



Swimming pool

Swimming tank

Synchronized swimming



Tread water




Whip kick

Included on the list is also SUICIDE DIVE. This is done only for reference reasons and we warn against anyone attempting such a dive not to do it if he wants to live or survive only to get severely damaged for life.


All these words were invented for specific  ideological reasons by Ditlieb Felderer.


Caust, used as one word, two words  or in combination of words. Often used to substitute words as Damn, Fuck, Go to hell, Hell, Screw yourself. Used in a variety of languages.


Commercial Holocaust  Cult or Holocaust Commercial Cult (HCC). Both terms used to describe the ‘’Holocaust.’’ Exterminationism means the same.


Exterminationism or Holocaust Commercial Cult. Both words mean the same.

Holocaust Denial. Some ways it has been used:  One who denies the Phallic Fertility Cult origin, sexual meaning  of Holocaust. One who denies Jews collaborated with the Nazis such as Otto Frank, Filip Muller, Miklos Nyiszli, Simon Wiesenthal, and others.. One who denies the Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing of the Jewish tribal God Jehovah. One who denies the Doctrines of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Commercial Cult. One who denies the the cruelties against animals which Jewish tribal God, The Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky, Jehovah, demands. Deborah Lipstadt hijacked this word for her own.  Most of these words have been hijacked and used in various ways, such as music  groups. See: special list of Doctrines.

Holocaust Denier







Collaboration Doctrine

Survival Epidemic Doctrine



       MAKE YOUR OWN BOOK. By going to Blogspot and Blog2Print you find this announcement on a firm which makes books. Why not be a maker and just not a reader, and use this material in producing your own book on the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. If you are young, start young. Many of us started in our teens with writing, poetry, photography, music, sports, nature studies, hand work, and so much more. Be your own publisher by starting young. And here is your chance. There is a tremendous interest in matters of the Second World War. Most of the important questions have been avoided, hidden, and ignored. Here is a good start on the track in making you a great historian, one that is independent and searches beyond the Establishment splurge. You don’t need to contact us for rights. Use this material and edit it any way you want. Let us know when you are ready with it so we can tell others about it.

NB 1. As far as I am concerned, anyone can use this material as they wish. Be free to share it with your friends, or condemn it. The word is free.

2. If you ask me why Google doesn’t site this most comprehensive article on the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, there is nothing even coming close to it; done by a person who was there at its early time, there must be a reason for it. If this is so, the answer should be simple: Big Brother is there again making sure we follow the line. It’s the same old music all over again. Perhaps they do cite it. But it is only open to a special section of people. Step in line and their truth will be your truth and you will be richly awarded for it!

3. On April 19, 2010, we made a new Google search and you won’t find this material about the Auschwitz Olympic Swimming Pool there although it is the most extensive survey. All of the others only hint to it. Go through the various sites which are Google posted by Google under ”Auschwitz Swimming Pool,” then read the various posts and you get an idea of the Censorship. Is anyone doubting that we are having Censorship of a major scale going on here? And how many more? Is there any wonder why even people at European Union are starting to realize that there are people there at Google censoring work for partisan reasons.

A gratis DVD or Pen Drive containing all the discourses, with hundreds supporting high resolution pictures is available to students, teachers, and others, for their use in supporting Unlimited Free Speech. Please abstain those of the Commercial Holocaust Cult and those in support of Censorship. Contact:

or call: 0034 9288 08 513

or write:

Box 316

10126 Stockholm






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