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The Origin of Censorship

Today people believe Censorship concerns only published material, pictures, prints, etc. But that is not how it begun. It begun with SPOKEN words. That is why Free SPEECH is apt for this. Printed material, inscribed material, etc., came afterward.

There were no books as we have them today. No paper, pens, ink, glue to keep pages together either as we have them today. The printing press had not yet been invented. For the infinitesimal few who knew how to write he also had to know how to work with clay and stone onto which the script was put. When papyrus and such came around there still were no books but the script was put onto rolls which then had to be rolled out to be read. As a matter of fact, it was a task of rolling out and up as you would roll up the script you had rolled out and read.

Censorship crept into Europe and then to USA and other places via the Church, and of course the Synagogues, which stood behind it all. In their turn, taking it directly from the Old Testament. There does not exist one Church on record which did not approve of Censorship. To do so would deny the very Bible they claimed to support.

The Church includes all Christian sects, cults, established religions etc. The SOURCE of it is the Bible, its Old Testament. The New Testament also contains Censorship. The classic example is Paul where in Acts 19:19 we are informed he  is involved with a huge fire to burn ”books,” depending on translation. Here we have a true Fahrenheit 451.

In the Old and New Testament, people were warned against using the Jewish tribal God Jehovah in the wrong way. The word Jehovah means, THE MIGHTY AND ERECT PENIS IN THE SKY. To deny his Lordship for his length was a crime. That was via speech.

Few people could write in those days, and those who did were ruling the masses. Jews were warned not to speak against their  Bishops, Older Men, Deacons, Presbyters. This was equated with Blasphemy, Heresy, and an attack on Jehovah. For such a rebel stoning was the answer. Apostle Paul went so far as giving a warning hope he would cut off the entire genitals of his detractors (Galatians 5:12). There is a hint of that he was engaged in selling dildos. Such dildos could be those of both man and animal. Inside the Most Holy of the Temple there ware placed such dildos, possible an ass, donkey, or ape, monkey, or both.

When the Jews were able to convert the Pagans by using Sorcery and Magic tricks, Censorship automatically came with it; becoming the main weapon by which to steer the members of the Synagogues which adopted Christianity. The Jews at the time were heavily involved with Slave Trade, and it is from these the first Gentile members came. Most were coerced to join the Church at whose head always was a Circumcised Judaic or Jews.

To make sure that the power to steer was with the Jewish Christians one used Circumcision, as just stated. Thus only Circumcised Jews having removed their Foreskin were in fact running the Churches. Circumcision became like todays Identity Card. No leading Church member could have a Foreskin. The Jews equated a Foreskin to the Devil. Thus Apostle Paul cut away the Foreskin of Timothy who had one, in order for him to become a leader in the Church.

Duly inspection was done to all male members who sought leadership. If he was Circumcised he was one of the initiated. Not Circumcised, he did not belong to the Twelve Tribes, and hence; impure, filthy. Possessed by Satan and his forces of evil.

Anyone who spoke against these Circumcised leaders were classified evil and thrown out of the Church by Excommunication, Disfellowshipping, banned from the community. It was blasphemy, Heresy, and often lead to death of such a person, usually clandestinely by Avenging Angels, with Zealot, Sicarii cut-throat precision. The Jewish historian Josephus tells of horrible things going on in and around the Jerusalem Temple of his time.

So from start Libel was the issue, not written, inscribed text. It is significant that USA which is the only country with a Free Print law, Libel is not included under this provision, although it should have priority rights of freedom. Censorship started with the spoken word, not the other way around. There does not exist one Western country which does not approve of Libel, thereby making their citizens slaves and puppets.

Well up to the 20th Century Censorship and Libel crime was mandatory all over Western world and still is. And just this year alone, attempts are frequently made to restrict Free Speech further under various guises. Take a good look at the illustrations and photographs presented here to get a hang of what all this involves.

Preview of “ChristianCircumcision”

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